Our mission is amplification and accountability within the travel industry. You grew up in Orlando and your dad was a chef at DisneyWorld. Jeff Jenkins dreamed of becoming a travel blogger. View this post on Instagram Welcome to Black Travel Alliance. We discuss the current look of world travel, how we are all working to change it, how we can work together, where Jeff’s favorite places to travel are, and much much more. Creative. It happened when my wife and I were on an airplane. There’s something about New York’s energy and the bright lights and the people. How have you been received as a Black travel blogger? But she’s a super introvert, so me getting out of the house sometimes is great (to her). Jeff Jenkins, from Chubby Diaries, is conquering the world one flight at a time. Positive. But international travel has just ceased at this time. They also see Black. Live life now. I can’t get enough of it. I believe that grounds me for my day and brings me focus on the task at hand. We recently chatted with him about everything from his life as influencer to his love for Austin to what post-pandemic travel could look like. Favorite hobby?I love singing and going to the movies. I definitely have been stared at at times. Award Winning Content Creator Seen in: Forbes, T+L, Lonely Planet, NYT, Google, more : jeff@chubbydiaries.com linktr.ee/chubbydiaries__ I wanted to be able to set my own hours and get into entrepreneurship. Photo courtesy Jeff Jenkins, graphic by RTC. A meet-cute of friends! It gets people off their couches when they see other plus-size people in media and on Instagram and in magazines and newspapers. Favorite spot in your home?The living room it is where I work and relax after work. A meet-cute of friends! I think me being able to do what I’m doing in the field that I’m in still helps with representation as a whole. I feel like they have some of the best tacos in Austin. Do you think there is a misconception that plus-size people can’t be active? Favorite neighborhood restaurant?Asia Cafe is by far my favorite restaurant in Austin. I love to pray and mediate every morning. Did you travel much as a child? We did this big road trip — North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and up to Montana. “I’m not here to promote obesity, but I want people to live life now. Jeff Jenkins is an award-winning content creator and founder of Chubby Diaries. Along with the Coucheys is Jeff Jenkins, travel extraordinaire behind Chubby Diaries, a site dedicated to helping plus-size people travel the world. Being there, the culture and tradition and the food is just incredible. Staying in that and learning more about business, about pivoting, that actually helped me out a lot. I loved it so much because as a child they would show the movie at least twice in elementary school a year and it was like it took me to another world where I could dream big! I let the discount dictate when I go somewhere. Jeff Jenkins dreamed of becoming a travel blogger. And Charm Korean barbecue. In 2012, it was one of those exploding years, and I’ve gotten to see it grow so much even in the past eight years. I love the culture, I love the food, the different activities. My first trip was back in July. There’s thousands of people that actually think like this. Writer. He’s doing his thing in the travel world as Chubby Diaries and I’m super excited he said he’d share a little about himself with us. Posted 03/01/21 by Jeff Jenkins in America's Trails, Trail Use. If you’re a globe-trotting travel bug, getting your traditional wander-lust fix may have been challenging this past year. He was walking and filming and I was pushing my chair away from the table. Jeff Jenkins has triumphantly established a platform that positively strives to showcase these experiences through inclusivity. I definitely went on some trips, but it wasn’t until I was 20 and out of the house that I went on my first airplane. Disclosure \ Privacy \ Subscribe ©2021 Townie Tourist, https://www.instagram.com/chubbydiaries__/, https://www.facebook.com/Chubbydiariestravel/. I want people to get out there and be able to experience it as well. That’s sparked everything and I’ve been traveling since. It's quite literally redefining what it LOOKS like to travel! Through this platform, he aims to help plus-size, big, and curvy... travelnoire.com Have you taken any domestic or local trips during the pandemic? In this episode, we are joined by fellow plus size world traveler, Jeff Jenkins. What’s it like to see the success of ChubbyDiaries.com? When it’s safe to travel again, what would you say to someone who has been putting off a big trip due to their size? Best gift recently received?I am very blessed already and to be honest I don’t think I’ve gotten anything recently. Do your research, follow me, and let’s live life now. I love Rosita’s Al Pastor on Riverside. My favorite city is New York City out of the whole world. I ended up getting a job as a teacher in Manor at Manor High School. In America alone, there are 128 million people considered overweight and obese,” said Jenkins, now 34 years old. ! • • Keep all the “you got bigger” • • “Dang that’s your plate?” Chubby. I heard how there’s no noise pollution there and the silence is so loud you can hear your heartbeat. It is so on top of that list now. Jeff Jenkins is an award winning content creator and Founder of Chubby Diaries. It was between Nashville and Chicago and I really could not make up my mind about it. And I love Spain, I love Italy and Indonesia. Favorite neighborhood shop?HEB is a grocery store that I love so dearly. What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited now? How did you decide that plus-size travel should be your focus? Chubby Diaries, el blog para los viajeros de talla grande. It’s mind-blowing and mind-boggling at the same time. First I had to commit to it, that was the main thing. Jeff Jenkins is Chubby Diaries . I know I can swim circles around people. Make that decision today. He took photos of my friend Sita Sarna and I while we finished lunch and we started chatting. How has the pandemic impacted your career? One such traveler is Jeff Jenkins, a launching member of the BTA and the founder of online travel resource Chubby Diaries. Prior to the pandemic, how often were you traveling? He was walking and filming and I was pushing my chair away from the table. Black American. Learning how to produce I video is amazing and getting better at the skill. Best gift recently given?I bought my friend 2 You Are Here coffee mugs from China. Even in two years, I’m finally in a place of knowing how I can consistently make money from what I’m doing. That happened in Thailand and it bothered me so much; I had three or four older men come and grab my love handles. JEFF JENKINS is an award-winning content creator and founder of the travel community, Chubby Diaries. I think I came at a great time. Also help people overcome their fears of traveling. Black Travel Alliance is a professional non-profit organization [501(c)(3)], created in 2020 to encourage, educate, equip and excel black travel professionals in education, media, and corporate positions. Chubby Diaries Presents #Inspire202‪1‬ Jeff Jenkins Entrepreneurship This podcast is for the dreamers, hustlers, and entrepreneurs that want to get ahead in their industry! ! Also, because I do budget travel, I don’t let dates dictate when I travel. Do it today. Most inspiring book you’ve read?The 10x Rule, The thing you most love about your city?I love the energy of Austin. With there being that large of a market and brands still not making things accessible, I feel like there is a gap in the industry.”, RELATED: Texas beach escape: 5 ideas for fun while social distancing in Port Aransas. Folks, he’s an ORLANDOAN living in Austin, Texas and a graduate of Edgewater High School. I feel like an old hand, like I’m an Austin native almost because of how many people are moving here now. Jeff Jenkins, as a prolific travel-blogger and the creator of Chubby Diaries—an “online community for plus-size travelers who are passionate about seeing the world, experiencing new foods and learning clever hacks along the way”—shares his Trail Moment. My field or my sector of that is plus-size travel. That’s where that initial thought came from. Get slow travel tips, packing lists, and stories from the road. Kind. I advocate for Black creators and I’m also one of the founding members of the Black Travel Alliance. That’s usually my main thing I always tell people. Have you ever felt discriminated against as a plus-size traveler? I go by the discounts. Chubby Diaries encourages groups, meetups, offers tons of vides and articles, and is the peak of honest storytelling. Jeff Jenkins and I literally ran into each other at the New York Times Travel Show in January. They don’t want to be uncomfortable and they don’t want to make other people uncomfortable. Japan hands down is my favorite international country. “My mission is to redefine what it looks like to travel, and what that means is marginalized groups being represented in the travel space. Yo, that is crazy.” In the back of my mind, I’m always thinking about that. What brought you here? Other work projects?I am doing series of restaurants in Austin. Jeff Jenkins, the creator of Chubby Diaries, is just about the sweetest and authentic person you’ll ever see. Our thick hosts have a great conversation with Jeff on traveling, relationships and confidence. Hilarious. Jeff Jenkins is an award-winning content creator and Founder of Chubby Diaries. Jeffrey JenkinsCEO, Chubby Diaries407-484-6061  | jeff@chubbydiaries.comwww.chubbydiaries.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/chubbydiaries__/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chubbydiariestravel/. We had the chance to chat with Jeff to learn more about his brand and some of his tips for the plus-size traveler. Favorite place visited in the last year?Belize! Facebook: Chubby Diaries. BLACK TRAVEL ALLIANCE. A true renaissance man, this musically gifted travel influencer is also a speaker and philanthropist. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Don’t get caught up in where you’re going to be later. I love the vibes and the food, its the cool part of Texas. I went to DisneyWorld in Orlando to visit family and also to see what DisneyWorld was doing and how they are keeping people safe. My wife was able to go on some of the trips with me, but not all of them. What’s one place you’d still like to visit? Antarctica. It’s home. Even getting on the airplane, the anxiety that a lot of plus-sized people have felt comes from making other people uncomfortable. Chubby Diaries is an online community for plus-size travelers who want to see the world, experience new foods, and learn travel hacks. Don’t wait until you get to your ideal weight. Jeff Jenkins and I literally ran into each other at the New York Times Travel Show in January. Chubby Diaries | Helping Chubby, Plus Size, Curvy, Fat, and Big People TRAVEL THE WORLD! So I'm trying and reviewing food from some of the most iconic to the new must try restaurants, On your bedside table?iPhone, Apple Watch and remote to my sleep number bed. Oneika Traveller Along with the Coucheys is Jeff Jenkins, travel extraordinaire behind Chubby Diaries, a site dedicated to helping plus-size people travel the world. I try with Chubby Diaries to help eliminate those feelings of isolation and embarrassment by … Current obsession?Video editing! Trail Moments with Jeff Jenkins of Chubby Diaries. What are some of your favorite Austin spots? The Victorian chief health officer, Brett Sutton, has confirmed that two of the three new cases linked to the Australian Open are players. He helps people travel the world no matter their size through community, branded content, and motivational talks. Credit: Courtesy of Skylar Kearney "To travel the world is a privilege. Austin-based Jenkins founded the website ChubbyDiaries.com and quickly attracted a nationwide following of people eager for his candid and upbeat perspective. I always love looking at people’s blogs and looking at their itineraries and making my itineraries from there. We got to go to Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Grand Tetons. Social media strategist Skylar Kearney. There were times where I felt embarrassed and isolated because everybody else could get on (a ride) and I could not. And I’ve had people come touch me, like try to touch my stomach. I started doing courses just to learn. I was gone three weeks out of the month. A true renaissance man, this travelpreneur is also a speaker and philanthropist. Orlando native Jeff Jenkins is the face behind the popular brand Chubby Diaries. You can expect 100% authenticity, transparency, and lots of fun. You don’t think about the weight restrictions, the size restrictions? That’s my go-to barbecue spot. Even during this pandemic I’ve grown in audience and in recognition and in being a thought leader, but that was because I had to pivot and I pivoted more to food blogging compared to in the past. I’ve been a big guy almost all of my whole life, so I only know how to move and operate as such. Jeff has been featured in several notable publications such as Forbes, Travel Noire, Essence, The Matador Network, and Facebook. We were talking about window or aisle seats and then the seatbelt extensions and I was like, “You don’t think about this? Recent acquisition for your home?I haven’t bought anything for our house in months lol. Jeff Jenkins is the honest, hilarious, fun-loving storyteller you need in your life if you’re a plus size traveler. And I’ve been to Louisville and Memphis. It continues to grow so I am making new friends consistently. For plus-size people, Southwest is one of the friendliest airlines for plus-size travelers. I try with Chubby Diaries to help eliminate those feelings of isolation and embarrassment by just teaching people the tools and tricks they need to know ahead of time to determine if they can do something or if they can’t. Jeff Jenkins, Chubby Diaries I help Chubby People travel the world! Low prices and friendly staff. I was being transparent in my thoughts. He now has more than 20,000 followers on his Instagram account, @chubbydiaries__, and been featured in articles from The New York Times to Travel + Leisure. So two years ago, he decided to pave his own road by building a brand that would give advice and a voice to other plus-size people who may be hesitant to travel because of their weight. Words by Jeff Jenkins. This is my city. Chubby Diaries Presents #Inspire2021; By: Jeff Jenkins Original Recording Overall 0 out of 5 stars 0 Performance 0 out of 5 stars 0 Story 0 out of 5 stars 0 ... Few people love the Lord and the church as much as Jeff Jenkins. I started looking up any and everything on blogging. He took photos of my friend Sita Sarna and I … YouTube: ChubbyDiaries. Hear how Jeff Jenkins, founder of Chubby Diaries is encouraging people like himself to explore the world and his tips for plus size travel. When people see me a lot of times, they don’t just see my size. The first time ever going on a plane was actually to go to Japan. lol, Best thing about what you do?I get to help people live life now. © 2021 JJ Commerce,LLC| Chubby Diaries | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Privacy Policy | Photos by Roderick Walker. I just did a post the other day and I got people all through my DMs like, “This is exactly how I feel!” I didn’t actually know how many people felt the same way until I started posting about these things that I was feeling as a travel blogger and influencer. I didn’t know how water came out of the ground, but learning how to do that and being in Rwanda is when I had the thought that I would like to go around the world, help people and get paid to do it. But as he scanned social media, magazines and websites for inspiration, Jenkins noticed there were very few bloggers who looked like him. A film that holds a special place in your heart?Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory! Excuse My Thickness hosts Sloane Ivy and Whitley Nicole interview Jeff Jenkins of Chubby Diaries. — Jeff Jenkins, CEO of Chubby Diaries, an online community. Through this platform, he aims to help plus-size, big, and curvy people travel the world. Activist. I mentioned something about the seat. ChubbyDiaries.com is an online community for plus size travelers who are passionate about seeing the world, experiencing new foods, and learning clever hacks along the way. And Stiles Switch. I did a water well project with friends in Rwanda and I’m not an engineer. There’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes down to being my size that I can’t go climb mountains, I can’t go swim with sharks. Jeff founded the site in 2018 as a digital space that provides a community to plus size travelers looking to build friendships, discover travel tips, and redefine the world that has been trying to exclude them. I love it. Orlando native Jeff Jenkins is the face behind the popular brand Chubby Diaries. Google is your friend. © 2021 JJ Commerce,LLC| Chubby Diaries | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Privacy Policy | At first I thought it was on the brink of ending, but luckily I did a business accelerator called DivInc for minority- and women-owned businesses. And it’s happening faster than I thought. DivInc Spring 2020 accelerator cohort member ChubbyDiaries is an online community for plus size travelers who are passionate about seeing the world, experiencing new … Favorite way to focus on wellness? I should move to Austin.” It was that simple. At the top of your to-do list?Create Marketing from our Group tours that we are offering later this year! 498 Likes, 23 Comments - Jeff Jenkins, Chubby Diaries (@chubbydiaries__) on Instagram: “NO SHAME on Thanksgiving! By far one of my favorite places to travel to in Central America. I was very naive to think I was the only one that was thinking like this. I’m a good swimmer. Community Winner, Community Immersion: Faroe Islands. You moved to Austin from Orlando eight years ago. I ended up talking to one of my friends who was trying to help me decide and he was like, “You should just move to Austin.” I said, “You know what? Inclusieve Storyteller: Jeff Jenkins, Chubby Diaries Redactie Lonely Planet In een wereld van slanke influencers en krimpende vliegtuigstoelen zijn Jeff Jenkins en zijn Chubby Diaries er om praktische informatie te verstrekken aan plus-size reizigers, en tegelijkertijd hun vertegenwoordiging te versterken. Have you met people who felt like they can’t or shouldn’t travel until they are a certain weight? I don’t mind climbing. Chubby Diaries is a Plus size Travel Blog that showcases Jeff Jenkins travels. Always on you - watch, memento, etc?I have two rubber bands that I wear on my right wrist that I never take off. I was a school teacher before this and I’m constantly in this place of, “You can’t have this, this is somebody else’s life.” To know that I made goals, I set out and dreamed really big and to see the dreams and these goals being fulfilled, it’s all a blessing. Jeff has been featured in several notable publications such as Forbes, New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Google, Travel Noire, Essence, The Matador Network, and Facebook. En un mundo de estrellas de Instagram delgadísimas y asientos de avión cada vez más estrechos, Jeff Jenkins ha creado Chubby Diaries para aportar información práctica a los viajeros de talla grande, y también para darles visibilidad.

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