2. Authentication/Password for MeetMe Conference For an MARS Meet-Me Password enabled Cisco Meet Me Conference, a user needs to authenticate himself before he can join the Meet Me conference. ephone-dn 2 octo-line number 1111 conference meetme unlocked ! Press the More soft key, which will provide additional soft keys. Configuring Meet-Me Conference in Cisco CME with PIN requirement Configuring Meet-Me Conference in Cisco CME. MEET ME CONFERENCE via Cisco IP Phone . To start the Meet Me Conference Call: Pick up the handset and push the MORE button on your phone. This document describes the steps used to set up a Meet-Me Conference and the details of how to use it in Cisco CallManager 3.x and 4.x. Prerequisites Requirements. MEET ME. … Open a line on your Cisco phone; A conference cannot be started from an external phone. 1. ephone-dn 1 octo-line number 1111 conference meetme unlocked ! Dear all my Masters, I need Your guidance, how to configure Meet-Me video conference with PIN ? The phone will beep as people join your call Dial the assigned MeetMe conference number Participants can now join conference by dialing in. A screen will appear that says Conference. To join a MeetMe call: 1. figure: CUCM7(SCCP)---CUVA CUCM7(H.323)---Tandberg_MXP6000 CUCM7(SCCP)---Cisco_MCU_3515 Meet-Me number = 1990. ! In meet-me conference you can have maximum participants up to 20. Situation: -CUVA can join Meet-Me video conference, but Meet-Me not ask PIN. 2. So the official Cisco courses are taught on 10.5, or 10.X code, while Call Manager has already shifted up to 11.5. The meet-me number is PIN enabled whereas the host or the leader has to enter the Admin PIN after dialing the meet-me number and the participants also has to dial User PIN after dialing the meet-me number. The phone will beep once indicating that you have been connected. Press MeetMe soft key 3. Open a line on your CallTower phone. Dial the preassigned Meet-Me conference extension: Usually 1600. ! Push the button that says MEETME. After the two beeps, dial the extension that was given to you for this call. Cisco recommends you have knowledge of these topics: If you use a Cisco 7910 IP Phone, make sure that you have configured the Meet-Me Conference feature on the phone template. The Meet Me conference can be started from any PSTN number or from any Cisco IP Phone registered to the enterprise CUCM. There is the ad-hoc conference which can support upto 3 participants and there is the Meet-me conference … For internal callers, a. Cisco supports two types of conferences. For off-premise callers, a. After the MeetMe conference is established other callers may begin to join the conference. Then press the MeetMe soft key. Thanks in advance . telephony-service sdspfarm units 1 sdspfarm tag 1 MEETME_CFB conference hardware max-ephones 10 max-dn 10 ip source-address port 2000 transfer-system full-consult ! b. These ad-hoc MEET ME CONFERENCE bridges are non-secure, non-password protected ... • Host dials into conference, enters Meeting ID followed the * key, then enters Host PIN • All other parties dial into conference enters the scheduled Meeting ID then the # sign. Starting a Conference . This is a kind of authentication feature in meet-me conference. The conference will beep twice prompting you to enter the 4-digit MeetMe room ID in order to establish the conference. Hello All, I am looking for enable PIN protection in our Meet me Conference , Can any 1 help me to implement this ?

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