Montreux, Switzerland (30/06/2005). Maybe around 1968 or 1969? gave myself and all my friends so much over the years. All I recall was regular "...hit parade.." Powerplays galore; Ich hatte deswegen öfter Ärger mit dem "Dorfsherriff", aber Gott sei Dank, verbieten ließ ich es mir nicht. Used to listen to 208 when I was in Dublin. Excellent station. 834. I used to write the Top 20 down in a notebook, religiously, between 1962 and 1965. task in our area: the signal was poor, it 407. Bernd Thiel Kazan, Russia (11/01/2010). Fantastic and very interesting! 165. Australia (22/07/2006). I thought the output power was 1.6 MWatts! Great memory,s. For nearly 20 years, Radio Luxembourg was the nr: 1 station For your information, Top Twenty couldn´t have started on autumn 1948, most likely is autumn 1949. when I was a teenager.Once they sold a tape in England with many of the jingles. 208 is probably most famous, among the general British public, for its naff (even by 60s standards) commercials and, in particular, for one advertising a company called - as the ad said, ten times a night - "Horace Batchelor, of Keynsham, spelt K E Y N S H A M, Bristol. Frank Allen Although I can`t compete with this great site I hope that some of you are interested- you can tell me where I am wrong if I have not got it all right. Paolo Cannito Vancouver, Canada (31/03/2003). Shipley, West Yorkshire, England (11/05/2002). Jochen Flasche till closing time at three o'clock. At 61 I am still in Radio, with Malta’s number one radio station 89.7 Bay Thanks. Chris Naylor Todd Slaughter - A real legend for the famous magazine FAB 208, still available on ebay. 833. For some reason the song, Telstar, is the one I most identify with Radio Luxembourg. I remember Radio Luxembourg was in another language before switching to the English service. There is still good stuff on the radio today but nothing to compare with the thrill of listening in the 50s and 60s. There was a DJ by the name Ralph Moffat (known as Muffit Moffat) who had a late nite show "Midnight in Munich". 67. But today more than 50 years after I started Listening to Lucky Luxemburg I happened to buy an LP of Steve Conway (not the Caroline guy:) ) in a second hand shop with two tracks with the Hasting Girls choir and orchestra conducted by Peter Green. Best Regards Peace , Battle of the Giants, Jimmy Young Show, Just found your site, its great to see it. Mike Grant 654. Born in 1947, I can remember lots of transmissions specially during the sunday afternoons a kind of a top twenty or top of the pops in Dutch.The progam started at 1300 or 1400 with a tune from a song of Cliff Richard (was it move it?? 670. Ben Healy Slavko Dekovic 16 The Little white bull Tommy Steele Decca Radio Luxembourg was the main raison for what i'm doing since 1979: working as a radio-dj! All very sad. I was a luxemburg listener from the late 70s untill 1990 I started Siddis radio In 1982, and Radio Scandinavia In 1989 as an satelite radio, before Radio Luxembourg. Happy memories! 836. I could go on forever about how radio I loved it deadly! In Leningrad R.Lux in the night receiver took the wave well. Nice site! How time flies. There was some noise and some drop outs indeed, but I enjoyed it. Use our service to find it! I visited Tony Prince in the UK studios long time ago and got a cassette recording of the top 40. Calgary, AB, Canada (11/01/2003). Back in 1969 we could hear this welcome every night on 208: Every night is a happy night with Tony Prince, Dave Christian, Kid Jensen, Paul Burnett and Bob Stewart. Station Of The 80s by Old Radio Jingles from desktop or your mobile device. So nostalgic, I feel like crying with joy ! 565. Nov 29 2001 with the winter coming on! I would be grateful if you could send me any information you have This Page Is For People Who Have A Passion For Old Radio Jingles That Are Not In Use On Todays Radio. Box 115, Farley, Iowa 52046, U.S.A. (16/03/1999). 810. Best regards Later in the 80's thay played 502. 15 High hopes Frank Sinatra Capitol If you like you let your viewers know that I'm on the air every Saturday and Sunday on - Saturday: 7:00 AM to noon Pacific Standard Time and Sunday: 9:00 AM to noon Pacific Standard Time. :-( Very good website! Accrington,Lancashire, UK (13/12/2009). It was a dream for me. 837. THE DAY? " THANKS FOR THIS WEBSITE,ITS FANTASTIC. 576. I began listening to Luxembourg when I was young in the Mid Raúl. Stumbled on your site while looking for old playlists and charts. Mick Brown Geof Jones remembering how we would sing with the music and have such a good time. Keep an eye on the Caroline website, for news of a collaboration with Caroline, as announced on the station this morning by station boss, Peter Moore. Ernie Sigley) who worked at Luxembourg in those early days. Well gang! 847. 13. 684. Boy those where the days the late 50s and most of 60s when real music whas created it sure makes me feel Good I am from Czech republic and I am sorry for my English. 5 Mary´s boy child Nina and Frederik Columbia GranvilleHolmes Excellent site. Fun website. 315. Yes like millions of others my life was changed by this station. Peter Roberts My wish is that R. Luxy will come back on air soon - as Radio Caroline. I remember how depressing it was to come home to the States (South Florida) at the end of every summer and have nothing to listen to but the increasingly homogenized dreck on the local stations. Wayne Utley They had to Perth, Australia (12/7/1999). 187. Great work! Nice Radio Luxembourg page! Jól érzem magam, mikor ezen a site-on járok. Hong Kong (17/01/2006). Radio Luxemburg has become a part of my life and even today I do enjoy playing some of the tapes of Radio Luxemburg. radio shows from 38 Hertford Street, as many as 14 a week. Great to relive the memories from the early 1970s when stationed with the Great US Army in Germany. Bob Haines Luxembourg was so important to our career but also to my youth when I was first being turned on to rock and roll and had to listen under the bedclothes to hear my favourite discs. I remember the German transmissions, too. 246. Some of the other stations I listened to on medium wave were AFN-Frankfurt and AFN-Heidelberg, and of course the Dutch locals. Just to let you all know that Radio Luxembourg was know in Portugal too. Thank you where ever you are for Ho scoperto casualmente il tuo sito che mi ha fatto rivivere fortissime emozioni! By the way your site didn't mention Ernie Williams (known in Australia as Especially as I was struggling with only basic French at the time. Lynnette Newman I found a closedown recording by Bob Stewart. Anyway, RTL is Golden Age Radio, so I can't cope with the idea of that rap crap being played from you. Dad is still writing and doing the occasional gig for Beeb. 2 years have gone since I visited this page and I´m glad again to read the words from all the people still having 208 in their hearts. Ap Hak Dick, mocht je belangstelling hebben voor wat copieen van Best Radio Luxembourg site. k. laustsen Does anybody know WHEN they started using this chart? Hope you'll enjoy it. By the way I have the original Steve Conway at the end of the day in my song collection. 751. THANKS. 40. 536. Great Station! Just to let You know. My compliments! It brings back many memories. Once again congrats! Jennifer Venville Nicol Vancouver, Canada (29/08/2004). We zonden dat programma toen live uit op Radio 3. When I saw this I was very surprised. Fed up with interference I changed to Radio London. I was wondering if it would be possible to obtain improved quality audio tapes or preferably CD All were sufficient to tune in Radio Luxembourg after dark--and this was my introduction to Rock'n'Roll! I was stationed in Germany in 1962 through 1964. I used to listen to Street Heat in the late 1970s. Jan Helmond (11/10/2003). Greetings from Poland to You, all people from R. Luxy and all fans of that incredible radiostation. This last one had a fantastic music signal, which I ve been chasing ever since. Alexandria VA USA (03/05/2001). Hi Dick, I was surfing for some info on Radio Normandie in the 1950s and came across your greatsite by accident. 446. Swansea, South Wales (30/012003). I listened faithfully while stationed in Germany from November 1968 through March 1971. Maastricht (20/09/2003). Mrs Linda Saul Many thanks. Antony e.t.c. day!! Do you know the name of the tune and the orchestra playing it? Great sight. Sadly, he resigned on 20 April 1980, handing over in a joined show to his Mi Amigo mate Peter van Dam. Richard Neuman, Austin, TX (02/06/2005). An incredible sights. I one very inportant question for you: When do you broadcast your english version of Radio Luxembourg? Aubrey McKibben 181. Grover Keith It was a sad day when Luxembourg disappeared but it left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Luxembourg to this day still gives me some of my best childhood memories. I'm sorry to say that all my recordings are Stargard Szczecinski,-western Poland (24/02/2000). I was 49,2 in the short wave band. Frank Roge Travelled past the transmitter site about 1974. Gothenburg, Sweden (30/01/2006). Mic Ham Perth, Downunder (14/03/2004). Started: "Maybe tomorrow will find the sun shining, warming the hearts of our children again." I hear now from the satellite astra 19 degrees aest in the german talk. After listning to Radio Luxembourg for three years, the D.J. PUSTELNIK Maz, Poland (22/10/2008). Could anyone tell me the title of the song and artist, please? It looks as if the whole project is about to crumble. Keith Fordyce Great Radio Station 208 RTL and all who sailed in her were legendary! Is it possible to install a link to this website on your site? Jeff Vagg, London (25/08/2000). 90429 nuernberg germany (14/07/2000). all the time, but I've yet never ONCE heard the DJ actually READ out anything at all. If interested please email me for details. I remember Jimmy Saville with the TTDC and Pete Murray and also Radio Bingo. 9 (-) Tears Of A Clown (S.Robinson & Mir.) I'm enjoying this great site! Wojciech Grochowski, Wroclaw, Poland (25/12/2011). I used to listen a lot to 208 in the late 60's and I'm still looking for recordings from that time. Incredible to hear again all the DJs that became familiar as friends over the years. I found two old brown tapes with original Top Twenty's. Can anyone help? I would retire to bed at night 10 years old (1969) and listen to a little transistor radio tucked under my Pillow. And Dick: BIG THANX AGAIN!! Czech (25/08/2006). Joe Costin Tony Prince Regards to all. REGARDS, I do not however have a photo budget so it would have to be a no-fee situation. remember the closedown tune that started with the words " AT THE END OF It certainly brings back memories for me. Colindale (London) (22/09/2005). I was living in Bucharest, Romania in the mid-sixties, the signal was poor(fading, interference), but I enjoyed it so much! 402. I was looking for a picture of big Jimmy but I see you don't have any. it's good to revive the 208 feeling again! Peter Ross UK (06/02/2001). Georgia, USA (5/5/1999). As a teenager in the 50's I used to listen whilst doing homework to R.L. Trevor Broderick But one was Jimmy Edwards (handlebar moustache). Please mail me back if there is any chance to get more info. Doc Holliday It was great to listen to the offspring of the great 208 on-line but it seems to be permanently down for maintenance. 725. O much time has passed. Sorry to hear you had to closedown due to reasons I don`t know. Es war ja nicht einfach in dem Regime, diesen Sender zu hören. P.O. Great site, spent much time here! I WISH HIM WELL.REGARDS Memories from a Swede boy. 8 The Village of St. Bernadette Anne Shelton Philips Only capitalizing on the legendary brand name. It just doesnt seem 'special'. In the summer of 1963, RL played a song with a lyric line of "come on be my girl" every night. Hi, I was always listen to the Cliff and Ik werk bij de TROS en heb in juli en augustus 1988 twee keer kunnen en mogen werken in de 208 studio! your website is very intresting and really sends me on a great nostalgic trip. 208m was the best radiostation when I was young. Benidorm - España (05/10/2006). And i do remember you the best when you GREAT SITE ! Hello Dick, 229. jim briggs You can open this: and click on "country" and you`ll be able to see some pictures of mine with some legendary Opry stars and more. warmest wishes to all Luxy guys .. Mooie site van mijn grote voorbeeld Luxy. Used to wait for 7.45 when Tony Prince started the Englsh service. Words fail me - just listened to Steve Conway singing 'At The End Of The Day' 174. The memories came back.I have not heard this tune for 40 years but' it was always going round in my head. in the 1960's, are holding a high school reunion in the summer of 2003 in Toronto, Canada. The dutch service of Luxembourg was even more boring (Jos Brink brrr). excellent site. Ballina, Ireland (02/10/2011). Belgium (24/08/2002). Bad Bentheim, Germany (26/05/2002). Janet Bailey Me and and some friends made notes on the charts and could sell or change them for other thinks like records, tapes e.t.c. Now enjoying the sunshine on the Algarve in Portugal. How exciting to find your website. Was wondering if we might be related in some way. I was living in Geneva Switzerland 1961 thru 1964 age 11 to 15. Pabianice, Poland (06/01/2013). Studio Anorakwebsite my mum would have a fit! 546. Pino Florence, Italy (11/08/2004). His words still echo in my ears when he said that "I was the future - and that meant the music would always live on!" Keith Skues( Cardboard Tubes!!!) Hello Barry, This brings memories back from the sixtys! I remember a lot of the names of the jocks so it was a real pleasure to be able I am very sad to find that the 208 has closed again. 535. het zenden van een e-mail bericht, echt Thank you for your excellent 208 website. It was wonderful to be Gerrit Oslo, Norway (15/01/2004). (Photo: Juul Geleick). 275. Thank you for interesting article I remained awake at nights only to capture his voice and swinging music on the air. 575. RL the REAL nr 1 radio at the world. I have enjoyed so much reading the comments on the Radio Lux. Thanks, and kindly ask you to advise if any recorded (LP,CD, DVD) material available to buy. March 2001 and now that Radio Caroline are losing their Astra analogue outlet I wonder if digital radio will ever cojur up the magic of Medium Wave. 125. Australia, my place of origin, is so far away. hoogte van de RTL activiteiten, alhoewel I would be verry greatfull for any help. i came upon it in a search for info on peter aldersley. Two were for the programmes; one was for the commercials. 70's and early 80's.Brings back a lot ( i'm 56 years old today ) Hi, Listened to 208 and 873 AFN Frankfurt, then came the pirates. 436. Andy Green These memories are still on my mind and I will never forget them. I had been trying, for some time, to find out the title/artist of the 'end tune' played in the 60's. I wasn't born in the 60's to remember all these great clips, but it does show me how much my Dad told me was true about how good when he were a young lad listening to the fresh, spontaneous style of Radio Luxembourg. from Really interesting reading through the comments. Koos de Ruijter CLT/UFA HAVE STARTED TESTING DRM--DIGITAL RADIO MONDIALE ON SHORT WAVE---6090(THE OLD 49.26 FREQUENCY)---I AM VOICING ONE HOUR OF THE TEST PROGRAMMES IN. If you're keeping email contacts with the old Luxy crew, can you please send me Benny Brown's and Tony Prince's email adresses? Didn't hear it for more than 30 years. S£UCHAM WAS JU¯ OD 1976 ROKU . Michael Jay etc. Magic memories of listening to it drifting in an out on crystal sets and trannies. Why? 675. and followed the Top Twenty charts every week, although reception conditions Tuned in frequently though out the Most 'Aussie's' probably haven't heard of RL however I have been aware of '208' since being a 'teen' way back in 1968 when I had the pleasure of listening to 208 on my uncle's car radio whilst visiting family in Northern Ireland. I remember a friend and I phoning up dag uit,bestaat die fantastiche zender nog......?? It's been great reading about Radio Luxembourg and the comments of people all over the world who loved the station as well. I was one listeners from the early years 1952 until the beginning of the 70th. As a teenager I listened to Radio Luxembourg The best station there ever was in Europe. de buurt op 6.085 kHz. secretly. What was the closing song sung by Bing Crosby during the 60's? So wonderful you have this site to stir our heartstrings with wonderful memories. from eight o' clock in the evening till almost four o' clock at night. Arlon, Belgium (03/05/2012). I also am a bid fan of Radio Lux. Me pareció excelente. Humpolec , Czech republic (02/11/2002). the first time I heard 208 was on a PYE radio, my dad was in the forces and cam home and tuned it in. Pieter Meulendijks In the day time and in the summer evenings before dark I listened on short vawe 49.26 meters. Very nice site! Pity, but life goes on and hopefuly, I will be able to listen "1440" on Internet someday. Frank D Kelley I must of been 11 years old; I am 46 now. Russia (14/09/2005). 208 used to be my favorite station until the pirates came. 767. My first song recorded on my first brand new tape recorder was Rolling Stones' song "Paint it Black" from Radio Luxembourg. I will not get paid for the article in the paper. Here in Vienna we had big fading problems, but it really doesn't matter, cause the music and all the DJs was so good. Poznan, Poland (19/11/2011). of Boston, Under the Moon Of Love of Showaddywaddy; Love Is Like Oxygen of Sweet; Without You of Used to listen to Radio Luxemburg when I was a kid in Leeds, UK. Excellent site! And still is. If possible I'd like to put a link there to this great site. Perth, Western Australia (02/10/2005). Spent many hours listening and have some very fond memories. 363. I've been with this station for six years and I am happy to have many celebrity listeners like Barry Manilow, Keely Smith, Jack Jones, and others. 65. I try to get a recording of that programme if possible as an avid Presley fan and Luxembourg fan. Eileen Byrne Well I listened to all the top twenty Alasdair Macleod Is it possible to put something from Radio Luxemburg in the 80s on this site? However I had listened to Johnny Ray in the 1950's as well as "Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future" Groetjes aan alle zeezender fans. charts und ich versuchte an einem sonntag nachmittag das deutsche On the night in question, the technician suddenly started behaving strangely just after the opening of the programme and then went into some sort of shock. 753. I have spent ages trying to find out who sang the closing theme "End of the Day". I was with the station throughout the '70's as Managing Director and had the privilege of working with a great team of highly talented enthusiasts. Sometimes it was not easy to find Luxembourg because its signal would fade and start fighting with a Russian station for supremacy and the little AM radio I was using had a fiddley tuning control. Richard Anscombe Mike Tobin Haifa, Israël (22/04/2006). 159. Fanastic. I'm so greatfull that i found you, i was listening to you in Poland in 1967, 68, 69 i left poland toward the end of 1969, so many years later... it almost brought me to tears, just amazing - i am back at 17 years old! 362. stationcall. Later I lost communication with Chris and the years gone ... What happens with him? Fab 208 played a very important role for British POP music and I used to listen to it in the early seventies before commercial radio started in our area. 433. Un afecto grande desde estos lejanos lugares. Hi Dick! 15 (6) Love Like A Man (10 Years After) shows It was also very nice to find your pages concerning Radio Veronica and RNI. I used to listen on a radio my brother made up. Bahar ic Caghaq, Malta (11/03/2010). All The Best To You, Such marvelous times with such wonderful friends, Bob Stewart (we shared a house and enjoyed much laughter together), Stuart and Ollie Henry (those nights when I stayed til' the early hours - where exactly did all those bottles of wine go?, Mike Hollis, Peter Antony, Dave Christian, Mike Knight and a few others. Pinerolo, Italy (18/12/2010). 501. and kept them in a folder. 340. Oldenburg, North West Germany (23/03/2002). Great Article We all listened to Luxemburg after "lights out". Beautiful memories of the long gone past with RTL. 8 (1) Neandertal Man (Hotlegs) Im looking for tapes or cds with old 208 radioshows end50/60th? 710. We was talking about the future, and satelite radio. It is in the very near future. Peter Wakefield Had it something to do with business alliances and the set up of ATLANTIC 252? Juha Poikela Finland / Helsinki (06/03/2004). When I think of 208 and hear Barry in my head I feel like I have an anvil sitting over my heart, what days nothing will ever replace it then or him God bless .. 444. The Revival must happen, and I'm sure it will be a huge success. Was a member of TTDC etc. Roger Kaushagen Timothy Garvey Damir Vadas Zagreb, Croatia (02/06/1998). Freeman also continued to present shows on Radio Luxembourg for many years (probably leaving around the time of Peel's brief involvement with that station in 1971/2) and became a regular presenter of Top of the Pops from its launch in 1964 until the end of the decade, though Jimmy Savile was the main presenter on the one edition of TOTP that Peel presented in that era. Great web site, its given me lots of happy memories! Ik hep geverked bey de wereldomroop in Hilversum voor twai yarren {before} de tait called Emperor Rosko on the station or was he with one of the offshore stations? Tongeren (17/09/2003). What a great journey into the past. Max Mayer Western Australia (13/11/2003). Was wondering if any one had information on the famous disc jockey Keith Fordyce. Later that night I met Mark Wesley. These were happy days. toch....anders ! Why not include more details about Carol Deene ? That was GREAT. 605. Schagerbrug (27/01/2005). In m'n tienerjaren was Radio Luxemburg het einde voor me! San Vito al Tagliamento ITALY 04/06/2003). Thank you Lord" I recall Pete or Peter as he prfered always wanted to be a serious actor haveinf played an airman in a film that I cannot recall - did he every do anymore acting ,and where is he now ? They go on and on about "send us an e-mail!" But I still love to hear it again. 282. 505. Iain Lackie Regards, Washington, DC, USA (05/06/2002). luisterden er zoveel mogelijk naar, voor zover mijn ouders niet ergens anders left for the US. Sweden (03/02/2002). What a goldmine your site is! Hallo Dick, het is fantastisch dit alles te lezen over radio Luxemburg. 104. 179. Thanks I understand that these progs, along with other shows like "Double Your Money" and "Take Your Pick", were recorded in the U.K. Station of The Star's. Can you send me some or show me where I can find those audio things.Thanks. Especially I was wondering what program The Hunters´ Teen Sceene was connected to. RTL were great times listening to short or medium wave on portable radio sitting behind the so called iron curtain in Eastern Germany. I'd be most grateful. Ook jij hebt radio-5 ontdekt merkte ik deze morgen, leuke muziek Thank you very much for the interesting photos and information. How I miss the sound of Radio as it used to be. 285. Verder vond ik Bennie Brown een uitstekende deejee. I look forword to get this great site Sir Jimmy’s body will be taken to the Queens Hotel in his home town of Leeds on Tuesday so well-wishers can say goodbye to him ahead of a Requiem Mass in the city the day after - Wednesday November 9. John Ivar Bjørkaas also. Jimmy Saville was the D.J. The last night of Luxembourg (1992) was also relayed on many U.K. commercial stations so we were able to listen in FM stereo. Houd me van harte aanbevolen. Great Site. Marshall Phillips Congratulations ! I will put a link to your site on my homepage. Piotr bt33ohp (03/08/2008). in 1983. I really enjoyed listening to the old chart! 734. Have the number one program "Don's On!" (05/10/2005). Then there was game shows like, 'Open the Box' with Carol Levis? Eindhoven (25/10/2006). This site brings back some great memories. On Sunday evenings in the early 1960's he had a request show around All the evenings were spent listening to the (then)only source of popular music available in the UK - Radio Luxembourg, I still have fond memories of "The Station of the Stars" and "208 metres." Follow Rob de Mink to never miss another show. - I had never heard an announcer on the I love it, and it brings back so many many memories. RB, London, UK (03/02/2009). Sweden (08/03/2006). Radio Luxembourg the one and only, sorry you had to go. Yvonne Waite Comments. Mladen Maggie Van Rooij 233. How can I get access? Chester le Street Co Durham UK (10/11/2003). I have still on my old tapes some programm of 208 recorded, i was young and was may night, fresh air from open window and allan freeman with slightly echoed sound.i have contract troat by memories. 482. 1966 - 1989 - The best years of my life. Francis Saliba Just found it today online and have been listening for the past few hours. This is Barry Alldis; in the studio of Radio Luxembourg (Villa Louvigny) on 18 th January 1977. 250. Nou Dick - kom weer es hier voorbij, maar gaaf deze pagina over Radio Luxemburg - het was inderdaad een gaaf station waar ik - na de zeezenders - in de zeventiger jaren 's avonds naar luisterde op een klein transistor radiootje. What of memories !!! Gunars I was born in '58 in Clacton and grew up in High Wycombe. Norfolk, United States (27/01/2010). 210. Tomek Tosik I do hope so! Great site! 255. met veel plezier naar luisterden. Good Luck! 20 (15) Long & Winding Road (Ray Morgan), August 23rd, 1970 Luxy's top 20 (the first to begin with the number 20), 20 (-) Apartment 21 (Bobbie Gentry) 862. Crawley, United Kingdom (23/09/2008). The station is in my opinion really a "phoney". site to remind us of it. Dear Dick, gordon mccreary Thank God for transistor radios. Can anyone help me to remember what band was playing? However, it was highly innaccurate of Noel, who should know better, to say that Tony Blackburn made his name on the station. Fabulous nostalgic site.

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