Self Emily Höfer Katarina Rostova (Blacklister No. Beschreib dich in vier Worten: faul. When Aram discovers this, he regrets how he treated Samar after learning she did love him. Staatsanwalt (1 episode, 1997-2001), Herbert Schüttler Rolf unferfert / Self René Hennig von Lange (2 episodes, 1998) Michael Baderschneider. Despite Garvey shooting first, Red fires back and shoots him. (76 episodes, 1996-2005), Sandra Ergün (unknown episodes), Nicole Marschner (1993) 10) have been the subject of multi-episode story arcs, suggesting that lower numbers are more significant figures in the show's mythology. When she tried to refuse, Red tells her that unless she wants to be held accountable for both the Task Force's downfall and the murder of Wright, she better uphold her end of the bargain and end the indictment on the Task Force. 14), born Constantin Rostov, is a powerful billionaire businessman who made his fortune buying up Russian companies after the fall of the Soviet Union. In "Smokey Putnum" upon discovering Ressler's true identity, Prescott blackmails him for favors if he wants his secret to remain under wraps. Once they have the Director, Red demands Laurel Hitchin exonerate Liz in exchange for Red not taking the Director to the Hague and sends in Gerard to discuss the terms of the deal with Laurel. During this time, Katarina was forced to kill a Soviet agent in self-defense; Kaplan disposed of the body. In "Alexander Kirk", Solomon and Tom are forced to work together in an operation to take down Blacklister Alexander Kirk who had orchestrated the attack on Liz. Tochter : ''Heey Daddy ! Donald Ressler is a senior FBI agent who is a stickler for procedure. He realizes that she wasn't right for him and ends their relationship for good. Aram manages to find Samar in time to save her life; however, she is left on life support. Self Tied to a chair, Liz meets with Kirk who reveals he is in fact her father. Karl Freund (1,419 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article Karl W. Freund, A.S.C. He calls Liz to warn Red about Kirk's plans to kill him. Minutes later the police enter to find a pool of blood but no sign of Solomon himself. / When she confronts him, she declares that the two of them can't coexist. (2 episodes, 2020), David Carstensen / (991 episodes, 1993-2021), Emily Badak In "The Architect", Aram is sent undercover to bring down a blacklister known as The Architect. (47 episodes, 2006-2009), Andy Lehmann After Reddington escapes to Dom's house, Katarina makes an unsuccessful attempt to recapture him. Tom Roloff is on Facebook. / She is the only person with whom Reddington is willing to work. Liz is later taken before a judge where she faces multiple charges that each come with a death sentence, including sixteen counts of murder. Recognizing that more people will die if the Architect escapes and shaken by what he has witnessed, Aram kills the Architect with his own portable coilgun without hesitation. Upon encountering this ex-boyfriend on her return to Anchorage, Alina chooses not to kill him and allows the police to arrest him instead. In "Anna Gracia-Duerte", Garvey attempts to take Liz and Aram hostage, both are looking for the witness' whereabouts. They stop Ressler just in time from killing Hitchin and Liz revealing he was under the influence of propofol and manipulated to kill Hitchin by Kaplan and Krilov. After being beaten up by a man who thought she was a traitor, she is hospitalized and discovers she is pregnant. After watching Liz die in his arms Dembe convinces Red to leave the van containing her body and Ressler places his FBI windbreaker around Red's shoulders and leads him over to the car with Dembe. Discover new music on MTV. / / Posing as a hostage, he was reunited with his sister, claiming he had gone into hiding to avoid persecution. Rolf Unferfert He also learns that Susan had faked Howard's death and had an ulterior motive for Halycon. Cooper tells Reddington about the situation, and the two attempt to use Cooper's connection to Connolly against the Cabal. While attempting to smuggle Xiaoping Li back to China, they were killed at McKendrick Pier. She also learned that she was the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Fulcrum and that she had unknowingly had the Fulcrum itself in her possession since childhood. Samy Tieg is on Facebook. / Raymond "Red" Reddington is a former government agent, presumed to be a member of the United States Navy, and number 4 on the FBI's Most Wanted List. (unknown episodes), Maria Paiva (1997-1998) The last thing he needed is Gale causing him more problems with his life. In "Gaia", she and Aram fought over her plans to transfer, with the latter admitting that he only congratulated her out of respect for both Ressler and Cooper. / (2 episodes, 2017), Prof.Dr. He went on to serve as prosecutor for the state of New York for 3 years, after which he made a partner at his father-in-law's criminal defense firm. (unknown episodes), Katharina "Juli" Turm (2001) He later helped Liz go on the run after she assassinated Attorney General Tom Connolly, a member of the Cabal. (2 episodes, 2010-2014), Jenny Kaiser (Groupie of Kurt le Roy) Solomon can disable Red's vehicle and pins him and his men down. Susan "Scottie" Hargrave (Blacklister No. In "Zarak Mosadek", Garvey meets at a bar with a woman who is revealed to be Jennifer Reddington and works as a bartender. / Dante Nero as Samuel Aleko a.k.a. Portrayed by Susan Blommaert and Joanna P. Adler (young Kaplan). At some point, he raided a CIA black site in the Bering Sea to exfiltrate a man named Mahmoud al-Azok. (1 episode, 1997), Albert Sprandelli di Montalban At some point, he and Raymond Reddington worked together, though the alliance ended in 2008 when Garrick gave the FBI his train number and itinerary for a stop at Waterloo station in Brussels. He eventually went so far as to kidnap Timothy to keep him away from his mother, for which he was disbarred and sentenced to 7–10 years at Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland. During the mission, Tom and Solomon rob a pharmacy together and Tom shoots Solomon in the gut in revenge for the attempt on Liz's life. The suitcase was later retrieved by Tom Keen and opened to discover skeletal remains that apparently belong to the real Raymond Reddington. Reddington deliberately sets out to disgust Alina, causing her to turn down the job. Only then, Jennifer confronts Red for what he's done and the fact that Ian saved her and Naomi's life from their disappointment when they learned of his criminal career. (unknown episodes), Kommissar Únete a Facebook para conectar con Tim Kupke y otras personas que tal vez conozcas. She often played important supporting roles, portraying cooks and other household personnel, and dazzled her fans with her cunningly sharp tongue. Self When she is nearly discovered by the harbormaster, Tom saves her by strangling him to death; as a token of gratitude, she lets Tom escape. (uncredited) When Frankie takes Reddington, hostage, Alina pursues her and nearly stabs her to death. She tells Liz that she was her nanny, and warns Liz not to get involved in the fight between her and Reddington. Back at his apartment, Ressler is heartbroken when he discovers a pregnancy test and learns that Audrey was pregnant with his child. / She was mistrusted by Ressler and Samar who believe she is a spy for Alexander Kirk. / If she is found to be a match, they will prepare her for surgery and do a blood transfusion. 7), originally from Couva, is Elizabeth's husband, an elementary school teacher who turns out to be a covert operative working for Berlin. Katarina explained that Dom and Ilya tried to kill her to get a group called the Townsend Directive to believe she died, as Dom told Townsend that Katarina was supposedly a secret agent code-named N-13 who had blackmail information on multiple countries called the Sikorsky Archive. Marshal who is running a drug distribution ring. (4 episodes, 2001-2019), Chris Ruben In "The Artax Network", Samar visits Tom in the hospital who has been having a hard time raising Agnes alone, and offers to help him. While taking Agnes to the park, she inadvertently allows Agnes to see the dead body of an assailant she killed. (4 episodes, 1998), Kurt Kiesow (770 episodes, 2011-2021), Alexander Cöster Samar Navabi is a Mossad agent from Iran. Liz is reunited with Tom and Agnes in Cuba, but is captured by Alexander Kirk's men. He discovers the skeletal remains of an undisclosed person and closes the suitcase. She had a previous romantic connection with Reddington, which he broke off. Reddington believes she is connected with a terrorist group called the Third Estate, but this turns out to be a red herring planted by McMahon to divert the Task Force's attention. Her once-idyllic marriage to Tom Keen unraveled as she discovered evidence that he was not the man he appeared to be. (4 episodes, 2018-2021), Dr. Dirk Langmann / / Hello hello, auf der offiziellen Facebookseite von Tim Oliver Schultz Für die INSTAGRAMMER neu und frisch: ~~~< timolischu >~~~ is the name;) With the help of his friend, Attorney General Connolly, he entered an experimental drug trial. The bones in the duffle bag may belong to the real Reddington and the man known as Reddington is possibly an imposter who murdered everyone who tried to reveal the truth to Liz.[4]. (96 episodes, 2002-2009), Nico A. Weimershaus Liz convinces Ressler to stand down as Jonica kills himself with the knife. After she leaves, he comes across a tablet and uses the password on it. 119–122) were four Serbian relatives who specialized in snatch and grab operations. / 5 Piano Pieces, MWV U 136, MWV U 150, MWV U 178, MWV 187, MWV U 82 In "Robert Diaz" Katarina is revealed to be alive and living in Paris. Reddington finds Alina bureaucratic and by-the-book, preferring Frankie instead. (401 episodes, 2017-2020), Nihat Güney (unknown episodes), Bettina Reim Later she tried to kill herself but was stopped by Ilya. / Diese … Join Facebook to connect with Tom Roloff and others you may know. (7 episodes, 1992-2019), Dr.Hans-Georg Meerhaus However, Liz is not happy as the answers he possessed died along with him. Tom is later recruited again by Cooper to keep an eye on Cynthia Panabaker and he discovers more that confirms Cooper's suspicion. He also claimed that she was a former lover of Tom Keen. (5 episodes, 1993-1995), Winfried Sommer Kirk trades Liz for Red though the person he sends to release Liz safely tries to kill her, saying that Kirk used to be a good man until he saw her on TV on the run from the Cabal and became obsessed with her. The Director indicates there is a close personal connection between Liz and Red but refuses to tell her what it is. Gerard continued doing legal work behind bars, serving as shadow counsel to politicians, CEOs, and high-profile criminals, including Reddington, who apparently consulted with Gerard before he turned himself into the FBI against Gerard's strong objections. In "The Apothecary", Red is poisoned and needs the FBI to find Asa Hightower, the man who poisoned him. He moves into the apartment across from Liz to protect her per Reddington's orders. She confronts him on the phone with the belief he has plans to kill Bloom. Thomas Schmidt Janine Jost is on Facebook. He later calls Prescott to help similarly hide Hitchin's body to Wright's, under the pseudonym Red gave Ressler, Frank Sturgeon. While searching Judge Sonia Fisher's apartment, Ressler asks Samar to search the bedroom. / / He and his men infiltrated a Mossad compound, seeking a list that contained the names of the members of the task force. He seems relieved by this until Prescott visits him in his van. She vehemently opposes staying Reddington's execution but is overruled by the President when Cooper threatens to go public about Ziegler's assassination. Ressler interrogates him to determine his complicity in Connolly's murder but eventually decides to release him. Aram tells Samar that he's very angry at her because he wished she had told him about her plans to transfer and slams the door in her face. Peter then reprimands him for trying to revolt and forces Solomon's cooperation. Italienische, Mafia After Liz is released, Samar rejoins the task force. Alena Torres He kills Bastien Moreau to prevent the truth about her plot from being revealed. Samar secretly helps Liz locate Reddington after he is kidnapped. Tom warns Liz to be careful due to how resourceful the imposter is. Eismann (unknown episodes), Self - Fußballspieler The imposter knew that the Cabal would work to discredit Reddington and his evidence against them contained in the Fulcrum, so he became Reddington using multiple plastic surgeries and forgers, ostensibly to prevent the Cabal from learning the truth and to protect Katarina. (8 episodes, 2018-2020), Yanis Kiriakis She helps her former partner Levi destroy important documents, but she is captured by her brother and taken to the harbor, where Reddington intercepts them, freeing Samar and capturing Shahin. However, Liz and Samar suspect he was being manipulated by Kaplan after Krilov confesses. On their way there, Red's men block the attempt and despite Kaplan's warning not to leave the car, Liz does. Saved by Bruno Schulz. Using the alias Shubie Hartwell, she entered the United States. (306 episodes, 2018-2021), Clemens Richter Thomas Michaelis He faked his own death after carrying out his very first bomb attack, adopted the pseudonym "Zal Bin Hasaan", and began a career as a feared and vicious terrorist. Ayla Höfer María García Lorca / Elizabeth Scott Keen is an FBI profiler. / (uncredited) Odette confronted Liz about her parentage during their fight in "Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion". / / His services were used by Red to help the Task Force get them Reven Wright's body as evidence to strengthen Donald Ressler's case against Hitchin and forced her to help whitewash the Grand Jury to throw off Kaplan and Julian Gale. Self He then confronts her at gunpoint and demands that she persuade the Major to let him walk away from their organization, and she agrees. A mercenary who works for Susan Hargrave. He is friends with Elizabeth Keen. When Reddington foils this plan, Kaplan agrees to testify about Reddington's crimes to a grand jury. 4), born Kathryn "Kathya" Nemec, is Reddington's personal "cleaner" who comes in to scrub crime scenes. In "Leonard Caul", Nik accepts payment for helping save Red's life. (2 episodes, 1996-1999), Sieglinde Brettschneider She is later assigned to be the Justice Department's liaison with the Task Force. She has evaded the SEC twice. (unknown episodes), Patrick "Duke" Hanssen (2005-) 7, Berlin, No. However, when Ressler and Samar appear, rather than let themselves be arrested, Odette commits suicide by jumping in the water. (3 episodes, 2020), Stefanie Kaya Tina Zimmermann In "Dembe Zuma" Red finds out that Dembe left his side to find the traitor in his syndicate. (unknown episodes), Bar Guest He claims he could have kept her safe as he always had but she needed answers and now they've destroyed her. With Aram's help, he discovers that Mr. Kaplan was alive and was responsible. Elizabeth has a mysterious and traumatic past: her wrist bears a large scar from a fire she was trapped in as a child, and her only memory of her biological father is of him rescuing her from the fire. Claire Latour After Liz and Ressler retrieve Ziegler's file, McMahon has the entire Task Force arrested, framing them for conspiring against the President. Nicknamed "the concierge of crime", Reddington is known for brokering deals between criminals. Sonja Wiebe (25 episodes, 1998-2002) ... Davis Schulz. Cooper berates Red for this, but Red simply tells him that Kirk is gone and won't be coming back and insists they move on. (62 episodes, 1992-1997), Nataly Jäger He was captured by Red and Samar disowns Shahin, believing that he died with their parents. / After being captured, she was allowed a plea bargain since the bomb had not devastated the port. Man pushed over Over several months, he was sent several body parts and was led to believe that they were hers and that Reddington was behind it. One of his star operatives was Jacob Phelps, who posed as "Tom Keen", Elizabeth Keen's husband, for several years. / Believing Red had sent false transcripts of the DNA test, she calls him to confront him only to discover that Kirk had lied to her the whole time and the DNA transcript that Tom gave her was falsified. He is shocked when she decided to jump to her own death. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The Blacklist Season 5 Finale Recap: Whose Bones Are in That Bag? Later, Solomon leads an assault team to kill Karakurt, who is being held by Tom Keen, Cooper, and Ressler. She takes temporary custody of Agnes while Liz deals with her anger and grief. In "The Director: Conclusion", Liz spends the night in a cell protected by Ressler which keeps the Cabal from reaching her, but Laurel plots to have her assassinated as she's moved. Schauspieler und Musiker. When Samar revealed the knowledge that she and Ressler investigated her being an operative working for Kirk to gain FBI files, Aram regretted how he treated her. Self He points out to Gale that he was on another assignment by looking into Wright's murder and had no time to deal with Red's shenanigans. (8 episodes, 1997-1999), Xenia di Montalban Timothy hung himself a year later. The show also stars Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold and Harry Lennix. Despite this, Liz mentions that she can't let Red deny the fact that she's just like him and anger, despair and love is part of a normal family. (3 episodes, 2018-2019), Andi Heinersdorf Stanley R. Kornish (Blacklister No. At a diner, she confronts Red for preventing her asylum until she learns he did this to save her life from being killed by the Cabal. (2 episodes, 2019-2020), Jan Martinek She has an emotional reunion with her brother, Shahin, who was believed to have died years earlier in a bombing. (139 episodes, 2020-2021), Jule Vogt Liz has difficulty adjusting to no longer being an FBI agent. / Her father was named Dom. Johanna Flemming (63 episodes, 1992-1996), Elke Opitz Tom Keen photographed her meeting with Cynthia Panabaker. Haz tu selección entre imágenes premium sobre Seiner de la más alta calidad. / He attempts to kill First Lady Miriam Diaz to prevent her from telling the truth about President Diaz's hit and run accident but fails. In "The Lindquist Concern" Tom suspects Kirk is manipulating Liz and seeks out Ressler's help for previous files from the FBI. Names on the list are criminals that the FBI does not have overwhelming evidence against, hence why they have never been caught. (892 episodes, 2000-2021), John Bachmann (3 episodes, 2015-2019), Jochen Krebs He uses his arrangement with the FBI to pursue his own secret agenda; it was revealed that he needed their help to find Berlin, a mysterious nemesis who had been attacking his organization. / The identities of many of the lowest numbers on the Blacklist remain unrevealed to date. (58 episodes, 2007-2017), Vanessa Moreno In "Mr. Kaplan", Aram is about to go speed walking with Janet until he is ordered by a man to appear before an inquiry involving the Task Force. Susie und Freundin in Luftpolster PVC Regenmänteln. Antal Szabó (unknown episodes), Wilfried Richter (1993) Solomon is then released. Liz also realizes that Red wanted her to grow more like an FBI profiler and embraces him. Leader of a female elite heist crew called "The Harem". Moments later, Susan enters and tells him about her son, how he disappeared twenty-eight years earlier when he was three years old and she always hopes to see him again. The Blacklist is an American crime drama television series that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. Using knowledge gleaned from her surveillance, she finds and kidnaps "Frank Bloom", addressing him as Ilya Koslov and torturing him for information on an attempt on her life he helped engineer years ago in Belgrade. 29.12.2020 - Davis Schulz Synchron asdf Cyanide Happiness Disney Zoomania In "Marvin Gerard", Tom appears before Ressler, wishing to help assist him in saving Liz, suspecting the tides are against Red's favor. In "Brothers", it's revealed that as a teenager Ressler shot and apparently killed his father's former partner Tommy Markin after overhearing a phone call in which Markin revealed the truth during Ressler's father's funeral. Kirk tortures Red who confesses to being Liz's father and brings Kirk a cure. He is killed by Ressler in a shootout. Laurel tries to have Liz assassinated but is forced to call off her attempt by Red who captures the Director and threatens to turn him over to the World Court. Join Facebook to connect with Sehmuz Temiz and others you may know. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. When confronting the man who housed her and shot Dembe, Red and Baz discovered he wired a bomb and escaped as he died in his house. [3] A U.S. / Reddington is tailing Katarina when a car runs into her vehicle and two assassins shoot her and drag away the body. Karin Becker Self Elizabeth chooses her mother over Raymond and betrays her FBI colleagues and kidnaps her grandfather Dom. After the task force finds out the truth, Cooper upbraids her for deceiving him and tells her to figure out whether her loyalties lie with Mossad or the FBI. Dembe rarely speaks and does not converse without being close to Reddington. Indeed, according to the latest UK vehicle registrations figures, cars that can be described as SUVs now occupy a significant portion of new vehicle market share. / Auf dem YouTube Kanal Davis Schulzwerden Comedy-Sketche, Kurzfilme mit philosophischen und musikalischen Einschlägen, humorvoll neuvertonte Parodien von Hollywood-Filmen, komödiantische Cartoons und selbstproduzierte Musik hochgeladen. / Joselin Reyes as Romina, a woman working together with Mato kidnapping Agnes in Cuba, later to be arrested at the end of "The Thrushes". Katarina calls to meet a member of Townsend only to have been beaten by Raymond to the meet. (853 episodes, 2001-2021), Lilly Seefeld A Special Agent with the FBI whom Liz interviews for a place on the Task Force. Later on, Red is confronted by Liz who tells him that she now knows he's her father. (5 episodes, 2017), Werner Neteler / Janet even points out that she is doing a poor job hiding it behind a disinterest and tough façade. / Red later tells Liz that Kirk is "gone" but doesn't elaborate further and doesn't tell her that he's her father. In "Kings of the Highway", Aram reveals his knowledge of what he has learned from the laptop in exchange for Ressler telling him of the protocols. Rosamunde Pilcher (TV Series 1993– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Baby Raincoat Yellow Raincoat Hooded Raincoat Plastic Raincoat Plastic Pants Long Leather Coat Leather Jacket Sexy Legs And Heels Rain Wear. Plus, celebrity past relationships and dating histories. Afterward, Samar and Ressler become intimate. Aram later joins Red's team to kidnap the Director and exonerate Liz by using his computer skills to hack an elevator's controls to make it go to the wrong floor. / / / She then agreed to his proposal to assume Raymond Reddington's identity and gain access to his accounts, to protect her and her daughter Masha from the Cabal, and to stop Reddington from being discredited as she knew he would be. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. He later apologizes to Ressler upon learning what happened to him. (1 episode, 2004), Polnischer Krankenpfleger Join Facebook to connect with Janine Jost and others you may know. Reddington then proposes a temporary alliance with her. She also disposes of the bodies of Lucy Brooks and the Cowboy once they are found by Reddington's people. Despite Garvey agreeing to it, he also warns that if Red kills him, the truth in how Katarina died will be exposed. Tim Kupke está en Facebook. It's there, Ressler discovers the names of Prescott's clients, including his own name on the list.

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