The MTRC's fourth proposal was given in February 2005. The consultancy is scheduled to be completed within the year 2019. The expansion of our Hong Kong railway network contributes to our goals by enhancing connectivity and ensuring we meet future transport needs. It was refined and merged into what is today known as the East West Corridor without crossing the harbour to Sheung Wan. On 21 January 2003, the Executive Council of Hong Kong granted MTR Corporation Limited permission to proceed with further planning on two proposed lines: West Island line and South Island line. The completion of the project is already deferred because the Express Rail Link is absorbed into the High-Speed Rail Link. In this planning stage a feasibility study was conducted to optimize the new lines in terms of cost-effectiveness, external benefits and the effect on other modes of transport. 3D ‘Sim-City’-Style Map of Hong Kong. The Environmentally Friendly Linkage System, abbreviated to EFLS and commonly called the Kai Tak Monorail, is a government-proposed monorail system in the Kai Tak Development area, Hong Kong[5] with 12 stations. The system's construction was estimated to start in 2018 for completion in 2023. However, protests and riots have broken out inHong Kong since June 2019 over a now-aborted extradition treaty. As a result of the violence and heavy damage sus… Diagrams of Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers in Height Order. Tuen Ma Line is the longest railway line in Hong Kong, connecting the West Rail Line and the former Ma On Shan Line, running some 56 km through 27 stations. The plan was eventually turned down by the government in favour of constructing highways in late March 2004. The public transport operator has already initiated procurement of the preliminary design. 2018-04-04T10:58:14+08:00 Hong Kong's MTR Corp. is taking its high standards abroad, bidding to run subways in Europe, Asia and Australia. New trains are delivered to the system by … These new lines are suggested in the Second Railway Development Study (RDS-2) to provide direct links between the residential areas of Wah Fu and Ap Lei Chau in Southern District and the CBD of Hong Kong. It announced that the Initial System would be reduced to Template:Convert, and renamed it the "Modified Initial System". Go to the very top and cross the road to Hong Kong Park and follow the signs through Hong Kong … Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has secured approval from the government to carry out detailed planning and design of the Tung Chung Line Extension project. ����p;&Ǒ?�%�&�B.�阰H�a�e#�Wd^�M�[�)%Y=���]6PQ��P�Ɇe/9����?k����,��J*�R�^���j�R gV�+!Az����R��9���źb:5M�1��Oj����)ŗ�����8�Ar渺�J��ٚ/�]^�&K��pW��?#�I�f�cUJq?e`E����S}�Zd6�0�IK#)����#!�][~�e-rVSvݱ�sU����q��%��L�f���(Qc��rQ��B�|b>\���+$��b��'�JQ��:Y��Oz�Tb[d���z���-�H�Z�I�we_@(Xαe>7xe�i| .�M�f�5(�ʦ����XNT=�(�ù�=t��A�BRFR�B�-B(v�n�� P ���|�1s,����`Y�c�C�����{�_aY�B&�H�B=�Ƥ꧂�?YN��d��#aݨFL���-��*�!s�k]1Auǫ�Ή��T"�-�v%���kI���%O��a���*������ܽ�� �5{�Ć�l��. It’s been just over 105 years since the very first passenger train debuted in Hong Kong. Here are some of the real and the more fanciful proposals Around 100 employees will be arranged to work at the Disneyland Resort line and the AsiaWorld–Expo station. The section of the Sha Tin to Central link between Tai Wai and Hung Hom is expected to fully open by 2021, and the remaining cross-harbour section in 2022.[3]. Pingback: Asians Taking Pictures of Their Food | Hong Wrong Hong Kong Expat Blog. This would link the Tung Chung line (Hong Kong station) and the Tseung Kwan O line (at North Point). [8], The Lantau Tomorrow Vision plan involves creating direct railway links from Kau Yi Chau artificial islands to Hong Kong Island West, North Lantau and coastal areas of Tuen Mun.[9]. Pingback: Photos of The Hong Kong MTR When It Was New | Hong Wrong Hong Kong Expat Blog. �W�*_xU�x���|�Xp��Z��4��z�"=�3Q@R�Z����IBS��R��e;p��#����q�_+λ��� �)q̅��U�P� ��b�j$���)Z�յ(�����q���zH ... "Hong Kong MTR is one of the few metro systems in the world that generates net operational income strictly from its railway business," says Murakami. New World Development Co., one of Hong Kong’s biggest real estate companies, is accelerating its expansion into areas such as health care and insurance as it … The train depot is located at the eastern end of the original APM network beyond the main passenger terminal, but with the expansion of the airport it is now located directly below the coach station at Terminal 2. Through its tailor-made training curriculum, the MTR Academy will develop railway executives and professionals in Hong Kong, the Mainland of China and around the world to drive excellence for existing railway operations, railway expansion and major infrastructure projects in the decades to come. MTR’sbusiness has generally remained resilient as the rail operator has a monopolyof the rail system in Hong Kong, while its property portfolio generates stablerental income for the group. The system is expected to cost $12 billion Hong Kong dollars. This proposal was suggested to be run by Hong Kong MTR. Adobe InDesign CC 13.1 (Macintosh) Cool (and accurate!) This is the first project within the MTR that serves the Southern District. Awesome 3D Maps of the Hong Kong Overground. The Tung Chung Line is one of the eleven rapid transit lines of the MTR system in Hong Kong. International expansion. The 2014 railway development strategy recommended the new line would begin construction in 2019 and be finished in 2025. 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Pingback: A New Kowloon Walled City 15-min Documentary & Book | Hong Wrong Hong Kong Expat Blog And as Hong Kong expands its network to the Southside and introduces new high-speed rails to China, it’s only going to get more impressive. The passenger terminal now hosts ticket offices, waiting areas, shops and restaurants. The Sha Tin to Central Link expansion of the MTR rapid transit system currently under construction in Hong Kong is due to reach a milestone in mid-2020. There is currently no schedule for construction. Several weeks later, in early 1975, a government agency known as the Mass Transport Provisional Authority was established to oversee the project. FROM ADMIRALTY MTR STATION take exit C1 and cross the bridge over Queensway to Pacific Place. A Peek Inside the New LEGCO Building. These new lines are suggested in the Second Railway Development Study (RDS-2) to provide direct links between the residential areas of Wah Fu and Ap Lei Chau in Southern District and the CBD of Hong Kong. The SCL is a 17km-long railway line expansion in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. A Luxury Treehouse for Hong Kong. After decades of being the terminus station of the East Rail Line, Hung Hom temporarily became an intermediate station when the East … %PDF-1.6 %���� Several future projects on the MTR have been put forward by the MTR Corporation to the Hong Kong Government, with some already under construction. The scheme was an immediate success – leading to the MTR being extended in following years. 3 Future Maps of the MTR. The Operator’s Story: Hong Kong Case Study 5 Transit Map Growth in Passenger Journeys and Key Events in Hong Kong SAR, China The following graph demonstrates MTR’s growth in passenger journeys from 1981 – 2015 and includes selected key surrounding events that took place in Hong Kong SAR, China, and selected events in the history of MTR. In March 2019, CEDD released an executive study outlining an option of the proposed Cable Car extending from Ngong Ping village to Tai O. The contract for the extension was recently awarded to British engineering companies Arup and Atkins. ޲qlZ�Db��2)zr{U'�]�24ck���1�0�O�1Lӊ��~K��khb0��Ʀ��s�Ę\�<3}8=Xm�q���X$�OE}�{�k�^��M~D�?u��n�+l�ؖ�o�J��nX��Â����?-�&���\|���,���uC��-���rmL-4bX&`k�7�� v��m oˍ���{����5|������r�.����������Η?�� �n��j���9�����޻C ڲbZ�g� �����jd�S�K���y�oY� On 21 January 2003, the Executive Council of Hong Kong granted MTR Corporation Limited permission to proceed with further planning on two proposed lines: West Island line and South Island line. Cool Photos of Hong Kong in Miniature. Cable Car System from Ngong Ping to Tai O, Hong Kong–Shenzhen Western Express Railway, "Economy revival fears over major delays to Hong Kong rail projects", "Siu Ho Wan Station and Siu Ho Wan Depot Replanning Works – Executive Summary", CRRC Sifang EMU (Urban Lines Vision Train),, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from June 2018, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, All Wikipedia articles written in Hong Kong English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A new station on the West Rail line called, An additional station on the Lok Ma Chau spur line at, This page was last edited on 10 April 2021, at 15:45. inflation rate on housing prices in Hong Kong. With 15 stations, it ran from Charter station on Hong Kong island to Kwun Tong station on the mainland. Plans for the South Island line (West) were mentioned and revised in the 2014 governmental railway strategy report and an "implementation window" of 2021 to 2026 was identified. This consisted of West Island line extending the Island line to Kennedy Town, South Island line (East) from Admiralty to Ap Lei Chau and South Island line (West) that connects the previous two lines. MTR is carrying out the construction of the Shatin – Central Link . Through this system, MTR has managed to build subways and elevated rail lines throughout the islands that make up Hong Kong, largely paying its own way. The project now belongs to the MTR after the 2007 rail merger. It then develops the land and uses the profits to pay for system expansion. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. application/pdf Services centres on the new stations of Tseung Kwan O line had already been outsourced when it started its service. In a value capture scheme, MTR is granted low-cost land around its future stations. In 2014, another railway scheme of the same name was unveiled by the government which would provide metro service in the opposite direction to Po Lam station, HKUST Station, via Sau Mau Ping. All new railway projects owned by MTR and those entrusted to MTR by Government take years of careful planning and diligent execution to ensure they meet the community’s expectations for safety, West Island line and Kwun Tong line extension use 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 ⁄2 in) MTR said that the establishment of the team follows the completion of the Report of the Investigation Panel review into the launch delay of the EAL new signalling system in mid-September 2020. There is currently no schedule for construction. Plans for a single contract were abando… Visit its website to … The railway now covers 212km and has 159 stations on 11 lines. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam ‘not really satisfied’ with slow progress on MTR expansion City chief says recent crash and construction controversies stymie work on new lines and extensions Understanding Hong Kong's MTR System Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway, or MTR as it is commonly called, is one of the most efficient (trains every two minutes at peak times, seven to ten minutes non-peak), convenient, and heavily-traveled metropolitan rail transportation systems in the world. The first three steel bars inspected at the scandal-ridden MTR Hung Hom Station expansion have all registered as substandard, the government confirmed on Wednesday. The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation won the bid to build and operate the Sha Tin to Central link in 2002. [1] In April 2020, Carrie Lam and the Executive Council approved the detailed planning and design of the Tung Chung Line Extension project. MTR Corporation, the operator of the mass transit rail system in Hong Kong, awarded contracts 810B and 811A to Laing O’Rourke – in joint venture – for the underground construction of the Southern and Northern sections of the massive interchange. Pingback: Art of Kowloon Walled City | Hong Wrong Hong Kong Expat Blog. As the light rail runs on overhead lines, it will have a light environmental footprint.[4]. As an elaboration on the pre-existing findings, my paper focuses on one of the key factors that drive housing prices in Hong Kong: transportation. The Tai Wai to Hung Hom section, known as Tuen Ma Line, was opened in February 2020 and is expected to be fully operational 2021. Since December of 2017, CEDD has hired a consultant who has been studying the possibility of a light rail link between Tung Chung station and Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island. uuid:f219335c-d2ac-4390-bb44-27139e50bd58 Hong Kong’s hyper-efficient MTR. [6][7] The new links are expected to account for 15 percent of public transportation in the Kowloon East Development. This is the first project within the MTR that serves the Southern District. [1] However, construction has yet to begin and there is no schedule for construction. Committed and future railway projects will increase the network to over 270 kilometres (170 mi) by 2019 and 98 stations while the rest of the projects may further increase it to over 540 kilometres (340 mi). Hong Kong’s MTR network is set for massive expansion. It is scheduled to begin construction in three years, while the cost of the two new stations, Tung Chung East and Tung Chung West, are expected to cost HK$18.7 billion. Meanwhile, an underground tunnel, around 0.5 km long, will be built Eastwards of Hong Kong station to allow Tung Chung line and Airport Express trains to turn around, allowing the trains to easily switch directions, enhancing the potential frequency of operation. The project is expected to extend the line by an additional 1.5 kilometers. The West Island line was finally approved by the HKSAR Government on 30 June 2005. Adobe PDF Library 15.0 Other studied areas for expansion include: The MTR Corporation is planning to outsource its services centres of 14 stations on the Island line. Hong Kong Plans for HK$110b expansion of Hong Kong rail network unveiled New and extended routes planned by 2026 to better serve existing communities and provide communication links for … 1 0 obj <> endobj 4 0 obj <>stream The expansion was completed in 1998. The Northern Link may not now be viable without substantial housing developments in the New Territories to assist in building costs, but with the extension to Ping Che/Ta Kwu Ling, these were examined under the RDS 2013. Legislative Councillors support an earlier completion of West Island line. The original scheme of the East Kowloon line would connect Diamond Hill station via Hung Hom station to Sheung Wan station. To facilitate the construction of the Shatin to Central Link project, MTR has been carrying out a series of expansion and modification works at Diamond Hill Station in phases since 2013. The Northern Link will provide a cross-boundary link for the West Rail line and create a new railway corridor between the West Rail line and the East Rail line in northern New Territories. The Shatin to Central Link strategic railway project comprises Tuen Ma Line and the Hung Hom to Admiralty cross-harbour section. Specifically, I look at how the expansion and development of the Mass Transit Railway (“MTR”) has affected housing prices in Hong Kong. The KCRC announced modification to the proposal. The MTR System The planning and development of Hong Kong's MTR system dated back to the 1960's when the first Mass Transit Railway Study for Hong Kong was carried out. With the rail merger with the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation in 2007, the combined network increased to 211.6 kilometres (131.5 mi) and 84 stations. Three proposals were previously submitted, each addressing the drawbacks of the prior plan. South Island line is still under planning as of 2020.[2]. The light rail will go around Tung Chung, the airport and the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge and will take only 15 minutes to make the trip, opposed to the 45 minute bus ride along a small, winding road from Tung Chung or Mui Wo. Construct Your Own Paper ‘Pop-Up’ Hong Kong.

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