“The Affiliate program offers just what I was looking for: carefully crafted exercises for deepening our practice, and the company of warm, dedicated, and insightful friends. Don’t undervalue them and always know exactly how long you have to make a sale or the duration of the return days. We look forward to partnering with you. Check out the latest meditation affiliate programs and browse hundreds of affiliate … And secondly, in terms of money-making potential, you get paid $19.37 per sale. Just don’t expect an affiliate superstar with this one. It is the average for a reason. Each year our Affiliate Program focuses on three monthly themes to help the earnest aspirant take next steps that are incremental and practical. There are plenty of great affiliates related to the meditation niche. Commission rate: 15%. There’s nothing to buy and lots to learn. Which could equal substantial payouts for you. To help you get started, we put together a free video training that will give you all the tools and tactics you will need to get started even if you don’t have any prior experience. I … You’ve got some awesome list of meditation affiliate program down here. You’ll earn 7% in affiliate commission for each sale you refer to this meditation affiliate program. They have hundreds of different products ranging from books on how to meditate to living your life with peace and love in your heart. And people who meditate just love the types of essential oils sold by Plant Therapy. Are you building a mediation/mindfulness blog and looking to monetize? Some of the best commissions and tracking cookies, as well as fantastic products, await you in the partner programs. Interesting and unique products are enough to recommend this partner. MindPlace Affiliate Program Information We've been designing and building Light and Sound Systems and other tools for personal growth since 1988, and are the leader in the field of Light and Sound – AKA “Mind Machines”. And once you’re approved for that affiliate network you can start earning 10% on all sales. You will most likely receive a commission on the upsells as well but they are a major turn off for a lot of people. ISSA also has a solid EPC – affiliates tend to earn $170+ for every 100 clicks they generate. Meditation and the idea of “finding yourself” have become incredibly popular in Western countries over the last decade or two. 11 Meditation Affiliate Programs For Zen Commissions. Okay, so Yankee Candles might smell great…but what have they got to do with meditation? Affiliates are paid commissions for each referral they send. Hundreds of thousands of them, according to his website. Pages on this site may include affiliate links to Amazon and its affiliate sites on which the owner of this website will make a referral commission. We’ve even had people say our free class is better than some paid courses they’ve bought. The commission structure for Generation Mindful is a scaling one. You have the first three covered, so let me help you with the last one. about us. Truly a wonderful opportunity!” Adam, Alameda, California Your visitors are going to buy candles somewhere, so they might as well buy this element of their meditation supplies through your website. Another great set of affiliate terms for the meditation niche. It looks great on the surface but their sales metrics fell short when compared to other meditation affiliate programs. Set up in 2012, they obviously do specialize in yoga supplies, clothing, mats, etc. The words “high commissions” and “candles” usually aren’t found in the same sentence when discussing affiliate programs. So let’s assume that she has the noblest of intentions. Full spectrum brainwave meditation (multiple technologies employed - isochronic, binaural, monaural, panning, psychoacoustic, etc.) We have come to the end of this little journey through some of the best affiliate programs for any meditation niche blog. Affiliates receive 50 percent … Thanks for stopping by and, as always, have a wonderful day. about headspace about andy puddicombe andy's books press & … The cookie information was not available for this particular affiliate program. And pro affiliates who can move more than 25 courses per month will receive a whopping 40% commission on each sale. Meditation isn’t an event so much as it is a lifestyle. Step 1- Sign up for all three Christian Meditation affiliate programs and record your affiliate Ids in a place you will remember. Make sure you accurately gauge your reader’s tolerance for the Seven Minute Mindfulness to be sure it won’t hurt your credibility if it is not well received. This gives you an opportunity to promote items that parents can buy for their kids and really create content that is going to be extremely helpful for the parents. This program offers a 45-day cookie duration. It is a series of books on how you can transform your thinking and attract more wealth. And now for the not-so-good side of this affiliate program – the crappy 1% commission rate on sales. They also offer a 14-day meditation program that is suitable for both experienced and new practitioners and is very reasonably priced. Whether it’s weight loss, smoking, addictions, meditation, etc. But there’s also the opportunity to earn recurring affiliate commissions here. If so they might just enjoy this digital product. Thanks for the compliment I am glad you liked the article. Anything above 30-days is good and 45-days makes it that much easier to promote these audio products. It's just as simple as that. They also sell ‘Discovery Kits’ which is a selection of small candles to see which ones your visitors might most like. This is a digital product that teaches you how to meditate and become more mindful of those around you. These audio recordings include quite a selection of audiobooks written by the field’s most popular authors. The books themselves range in price from about 10 or so dollars for paperbacks and increasing as you get into the hardback books. It has a great informative but friendly open feel that encourages interaction. But your visitors can also attend any of several dozen meditation classes streamed to the comfort of their home. We have something for you! MindPlace only has a couple of products, but … Payments go through PayPal. And each of their training courses costs several thousand dollars and takes several months to complete. It is important to be sure that this is something your audience will want to use before really making a huge promotional push. My name is Anmol Mehta, and I am the creator and director of the training program, which I believe is going to be instrumental in the evolution of humanity. They also have some courses on the subjects, but the books and e-books are the highlights of this partner program. Better Listen offers up a robust 20% commission for their affiliate partners. Give a try and see how it does for you. Next up is the rating for this affiliate program. So it makes sense to have it in your affiliate arsenal in case you want to craft some content around it. Anyways, if you’d like to reserve a seat, just tell us which email address you want us to send your invite to. Don't forget to visit my Clickbank Spotlight page for more news and updates. For starters, we typically don’t feature ClickBank products with a ‘Gravity’ score of less than 20, but we made an exception here. Amy Pattee Colvin is popular in the world of meditation and self-help. And with 11% growth expected for the foreseeable future. This partner is not technically an out and out meditation partner but it falls very close and is a good partner to have so I have included it on this list. I am glad you found the information useful. MindPlace though has been in the business of making and selling light and sound meditation devices since 1988. But many of their courses cost at least $200. And the products are ideally suited for meditation blog. The good news is that it is still a very good commission to start out with and if you can get the scaling commission up to its max it becomes one of the best for the entire niche. Several years before the Internet was even a thing. For More Information, Please Refer To Our Affiliate Disclosure. Let’s look at … As an affiliate you can earn 40% recurring commissions on initial sales and all further subscription renewals. And the commissions are great too! Johnson Health Tech. It is not just retail stores like Buhhda Grove, the meditation industry as a whole is over a billion-dollar industry (source) at this point. This is about as low as I like to see a cookie, as a general rule, and some programs with lower trackers are just fine. So how does this program compare to the other meditation affiliate programs in our roundup? You could conceivably use this affiliate program as your primary program for your website. Because when you’re running an affiliate business that’s where your focus needs to be – return on investment. Basically, they’re for the meditation practitioner who loves using candles but wants something more organic. A great cookie and commission are big reasons to look into this partner. The commission is solid and their products are pretty good as well. One of the most difficult aspects of entering a meditative state is getting your conscious brain to play along. This is for people in the mindfulness and meditation niche who are looking for affiliate programs. Based on their average order value you can expect to earn around $12 per affiliate transaction. The tracking cookie information was not available, but typically Clickbank products have a decent cookie duration. These cover everything from clearing your karma to self-hypnosis – making them ideal for an audience interested in meditation. subscribe redeem a code send a gift guided meditation meditation for work meditation for kids meditation on sleep meditation on focus meditation on stress meditation on anxiety. This is a pretty decent bolt-on affiliate program for an affiliate website in the meditation niche. Which is our way of saying you probably won’t make money online promoting their offers. So be prepared to promote other programs alongside this one. But with a 20% commission rate that still means you can earn around $19 per sale in affiliate commission on average sales. There's also Amazon and Offervault to look into for spiritual affiliate programs. Basically, the average person is going to spend several hundred dollars on cushions, Malas, incense, etc. Partner with us by joining our Affiliate Program for our virtual Live Stream Sound Bath events. Yet again we see another fantastic Commission in the meditation niche. So they take what they do very seriously. The good news for you is that you can earn up to 30% on all affiliate sales you refer through text links or banners. You need to be absolutely sure that the product is high-quality and above board. I think that probably applies here, but as mentioned be sure to check on it after you are accepted. To join their affiliate program Click Here. Be sure to ask when you join this program. URL: Brooklyn Candle Studio affiliate program. Search meditation affiliate programs and meditation affiliate offers using our meditation CPA offers search engine. Welcome to The Art Of Meditation Affiliate Program. The largest meditation retreat platform, BookMeditationRetreats by Tripaneer, offers a beneficial meditation affiliate program for bloggers, magazines, and content creators in the mindfulness, wellness, yoga, and travel industry. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started. We even offer a 2-hour, 100% free web class on the basics of getting your first affiliate marketing website up and running. In fact, the first examples of humans sitting in meditative poses date back to 5,000 BCE. Breathing techniques are taught as part of most forms of meditation, but maybe your visitors want to try alternative methods? You can check out my list of 10 great essential oil affiliate programs to find some more ideas that could work for a meditation blog. Just when you thought the commissions couldn’t get any better sounds true affiliate program comes in with an unbelievable 35% Commission on all qualifying sales for the affiliate partners. Anyone that works with people or creates content for people who can benefit from meditation and... Our Meditation Affiliate Program. The good news for you affiliate marketers is that they pay 14% commission on every sale referred through text links or banners on your website. In fact, scents like jasmine and ylang-ylang apparently have direct benefits for helping you achieve and stay in a “flow” state. These products can work great for many people and be useless for some.

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