[97][98], Under the leadership of Thomas Middelhoff,[99] Bertelsmann increased its involvement in the Internet,[100] whereby above all the investment in Napster received major media attention. in 2017. Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA is managed by the Bertelsmann Management SE. [72] In 1993, Reinhard Mohn transferred the majority of capital shares to the Bertelsmann Stiftung and assumed its chairmanship. [59][60], Mark Wössner brought the subsidiaries closer to headquarters in Gütersloh. [136][137] In 2012, Bertelsmann went from being an AG to its current incorporation as a partnership limited by shares ("Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien" or "KGaA"), with the general partner being a European stock corporation ("Societas Europaea" or "SE"). December 8, 2017. [199], Penguin Random House is the world's largest book publishing company. Their high degree of relevance is particularly evident at present during the coronavirus crisis, when many people are looking for knowledge and entertainment – and are finding it in books.”. [153][154] In 2016, the printing business was bundled in the Bertelsmann Printing Group. 1968                Eleven separate Bertelsmann publishing companies are organizationally grouped into Verlagsgruppe Bertelsmann (from 2001: Verlagsgruppe Random House). The publishing program was gradually expanded to include philology, history, and youth literature, as well as mission literature. Bertelsmann is a media, services and education company that operates in about 50 countries. Its centerpiece was AOL Europe,[75] a joint venture of America Online and Bertelsmann. Bertelsmann’s Thomas Rabe Hosts Lunch for Salman Rushdie in Berlin. [291] In India, Bertelsmann is focused on growth in the e-commerce sector, among others.[292][293]. [239] The business has been under pressure for years due to declining print editions. [79] In 1997, UFA merged with Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion (CLT) to become a joint entertainment group based in Luxembourg. Bertelsmann, dont une infime partie du capital est cotée en Bourse, possède 53% de Penguin Random House, éditeur de livres à succès tels que la série "Cinquante nuances de Grey". Its success marks the beginning of a new era in the company’s history and creates the foundation for the company's rise to become the global media, services and education group it is today. 1933-1945      The publishing house’s conservative Christian tradition is increasingly linked with Nationalist Socialist ideology in its program and corporate culture. Thomas Rabe welcomed Salman Rushdie, one of Penguin Random House’s most renowned authors, to Bertelsmann Unter den Linden 1 in Berlin last Friday, December 1. [255] The media commented the change of the legal structure "the turn of an era",[256] as it essentially also enables the company to go public. [207] In 2019, the company achieved sales of €3.636 billion. Markus Harbaum Începând din 2013 face parte din grupul editorial Penguin Random House, care este deținut în comun de conglomeratul media german Bertelsmann … The subsequent purchase of approximately fifty per cent of Penguin Random House in two separate deals of 2017 and 2019, after Penguin Random House had only recently achieved record revenue and sales (more than twice as much as 2011, [304]), must be called into question. The full acquisition of Penguin Random House announced in December 2019 was approved by the European Union by way of a simplified procedure in mid-March, and subsequently also by the Austrian competition authorities. Read it Forward Read it first. [6] After World War II, Bertelsmann, under the leadership of Reinhard Mohn, went from being a medium-sized enterprise to a major conglomerate, offering not only books but also television, radio, music, magazines and services. [303] In October 2002 the Bertelsmann conglomerate publicly expressed regret for its "conduct under the Nazis, and for later efforts to cover it up". Verlagsgruppe Random House becomes part of Penguin Random House; Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe: “A milestone for Bertelsmann” The international media, services, and education company Bertelsmann is to become the sole owner of Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade publishing group. Their publishing independence remains unaffected. . Pass it on! [294] It was precipitated by a speech given by the chairman and chief executive officer, Thomas Middelhoff, on the occasion of his receiving the Vernon A. Walters Award 1998 in New York City. [226][227] Since the 1950s, Bertelsmann has been an active service provider,[228] delivering books for other publishing companies, for example. [90] In 1999, Bertelsmann acquired the publisher Springer Science+Business Media, which, among other things, was the market leader for mathematics and physics. [199], From 1971 to 2012, Bertelsmann was a joint stock company under German law (Aktiengesellschaft). [37] With the Kommissionshaus Buch & Ton (book and audio commissioning company), from which the Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung (VVA) emerged, Bertelsmann laid the cornerstone for its service business. John Fallon prepares to retire next year. In 2013, the company’s businesses, with their more than 111,000 employees, generated revenues of €16.4 billion. 183 talking about this. [184], In January 2021, Bertelsmann began to explore selling its controlling stake in the French television channel M6. [278], Since the 1970s, the Bertelsmann headquarters have been in the Gütersloh district of Avenwedde, and its layout encompasses some 26,100 square meters. The transaction is in line with Pearson’s simplification strategy. Part of Bertelsmann. Comme je vous l’expliquais ici, Simon & Schuster est à vendre car la maison d’édition ne correspond plus au plan de la maison mère, ViacomCBS, qui a fait un gros pari sur la vidéo numérique. Its publications include Brigitte, Geo and Stern,[208] and the company also has a majority stake in Motor Presse Stuttgart and Dresdner Druck- und Verlagshaus. [91][92] In the year 2000, Bertelsmann dissolved its joint venture with AOL Europe. [17] Heinrich Mohn belonged to the patrons' circle of the SS and sought to turn his company into a National Socialist model enterprise. Over the course of 20 months, I had the opportunity to work on data projects in different divisions of Bertelsmann such as Gruner + Jahr, RTL Group, Penguin Random House and Arvato, working from offices in Cologne, Amsterdam, New York, London and Toronto. [241] It was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in New York City. [210] The businesses in the United States have been sold in the meantime,[211] and in terms of revenue, Germany and France are the most important markets. [118] In the 2003 financial year, Bertelsmann announced that it was investing its music business in a joint venture with Sony. The Random House Publishing Group is seeking an experienced, creative, and enthusiastic senior publicist/publicity manager to join the Convergent imprint. The C. Bertelsmann Verlag, originally specialized in theological literature, expanded its publications to include school and textbooks, and in the 1920s and 1930s increasingly entered into the field of light fiction. The privately held company is co-owner of Penguin Random House… [48] Larger acquisitions became practically impossible. Bertelsmann now owns 100 percent of the shares in the world’s biggest trade publishing group, Penguin Random House, headquartered in New York. Penguin Random House, the first truly global consumer book publishing company was created on 1st July 2013 in a transaction accounted for as the sale by Pearson of Penguin to Bertelsmann and the simultaneous purchase of a 47% stake in the Penguin Random House … Random House este o editură americană de carte, una dintre cele mai mari edituri de cărți de interes general din lume. market. [214] In 1976, Bertelsmann held 74.9% of Gruner + Jahr. After it became known that erroneous, or at least inadequate, statements had been made, Heinrich Mohn stepped down as the head of the publishing house. The C. Bertelsmann Verlag focused on nonfiction books, in particular dictionaries, guidebooks, reference books and journals. 281 talking about this. [24] Another essential reason for this was criminal paper racketeering by some publisher's employees,[25] which led to a trial in 1944. [121] With this transaction, the stakeholders sought to respond to declining sales in the music market. [35] In the 1950s and 1960s, Bertelsmann expanded its activities into new business areas. [185], Bertelsmann is a decentralized organization. [16] In particular, war adventure books such as Werner von Langsdorff's "Fliegerbuch" on aviation were a commercial success. Pearson and Bertelsmann intend that the combined organisation’s level of organic investment in authors and new product models will exceed the total investment of Penguin and Random House … Last year, 496 of the publishing group’s titles made the “New York Times” bestseller lists; more than 80 Penguin Random House authors are Nobel laureates. [31] Under these conditions, in 1950 Bertelsmann launched the Lesering (book club) to stimulate sales. Die Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe GmbH gehört zu Penguin Random House, der größten Publikumsverlagsgruppe der Welt und einer Division des Medien-, Dienstleistungs- und Bildungsunternehmens Bertelsmann. Ties to National Socialist organizations were initially denied. [22][23] In 1944, the Reichsschrifttumskammer (Reich Chamber of Literature) closed the publishing house to "mobilize all powers for victory". [187] In 2016, Bertelsmann introduced a new structure of eight divisions:[188] RTL Group (television and radio), Penguin Random House (book publishing), Gruner + Jahr (magazines), BMG (music rights), Arvato (services), Bertelsmann Education Group (education), Bertelsmann Printing Group (printing) and Bertelsmann Investments (investments). × Become a Member Start earning points for buying books! Random House, filiale d'édition du groupe Bertelsmann, annonce un chiffre d'affaires de 947 millions d'euros pour le premier semestre 2012, contre 787 millions d'euros pour la même période de 2011, et [133] In 2008, Bertelsmann acquired the rights to the Brockhaus Encyclopedia,[134] and from that time on, this reference work was published by the Wissen Media Verlag. From 2001, Random House is the shared name of Bertelsmann… Random House Struik (with New Holland Publishers) | RH Mondadori | Verlagsgruppe Random House | Grupo Companhia das Letras (70%) V • T • E RTL Group. [39][40] In 1969, Bertelsmann acquired shares in the magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr. [29] In 1947, the Allies finally granted the company a publishing license. Our dedicated team of publishing professionals is committed to helping authors realize their very best work and to finding innovative new ways of bringing stories and ideas to audiences worldwide. The IHC presented an interim report in the year 2000 and issued a final report in 2002. [66] With Doubleday, another well-known publishing house was acquired. Information about the international media enterprise and it's corporate divisions RTL Group, Penguin Random House, Gruner + Jahr, Arvato; detailed information for journalists in the Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA's Press Center as well as everything about Corporate Responsibility activities at Bertelsmann. [119][120] Bertelsmann and Sony each owned half the shares. [94] In the same year, Bertelsmann and Pearson formed the RTL Group from their TV subsidiaries. [279] In addition to the typical facilities, the headquarters in Gütersloh also feature the Bertelsmann University, an academic institution for Bertelsmann executives. [168], The growing education business was strengthened in 2018 through the acquisition of the U.S. provider OnCourse Learning,[169] one of the Group's biggest deals in the U.S. Following the acquisition of the remaining 25% from Penguin Random House, Bertelsmann will become the sole owner of the world's largest publishing group in the new year. Outre-Rhin, les hypothèses fusent quant au rachat de Penguin Random House par Bertelsmann, copropriétaire du groupe international à 53 % avec Pearson, qui en détient 47 %. [176] The marketing arms of the Spiegel publishing house, Axel Springer, and Funke Mediengruppe have since joined the Ad Alliance as well;[177] its portfolio reaches over 99 percent of the German population. Bertelsmann stands for creativity and entrepreneurship. Lors de la fusion, en 2012, entre la filiale Penguin de Pearson et l'éditeur Random House, propriété de Bertelsmann, Pearson avait acquis 47% des parts, tandis que Bertelsmann détenait 53% des actions. [236] The corporate group is located in Gütersloh. The German media giant reported a 2.7% rise in 2014 profit, generated by Bertelsmann’s book publishing and music businesses. The chairman of the executive board of Bertelsmann Management SE is Thomas Rabe. [68], In the financial year of 1990/1991, Bertelsmann had over 45,000 employees and reached sales of 14.5 billion Deutsche Mark annually. Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments is based in Gütersloh and since 2014 has concentrated mainly on the United States. . Bertelsmann and Pearson originally combined their respective Random House and Penguin Group book-publishing businesses in 2013 and Bertelsmann increased its stake to 75 per cent. [73] The foundation itself was financed by profits of the company. For Bertelsmann, the transaction, valued at approximately $675 million, is economically attractive, as the share of Bertelsmann’s shareholders in group profit will increase by more than €70 million per year. [240] In 2019, the Bertelsmann Printing Group achieved sales of €1.568 billion. [57] Mark Wössner became Fischer's successor as chairman and chief executive officer of Bertelsmann in 1983. [18] During World War II, the C. Bertelsmann Verlag became a leading supplier to the Wehrmacht,[19] even surpassing the central publishing house of the NSDAP Franz Eher. [282] The Berlin representative office was opened in 2003 in the Kommandantenhaus in the historic center of Berlin. from 1950      Bertelsmann founds the Lesering book club. Press Release | Gütersloh / New York, 04/01/2020. A merger with Axel Springer, also planned at the time, for which a loan for millions had been taken out temporarily from Westdeutsche Landesbank,[41] failed in 1970. Bertelsmann disposera désormais de 75% des parts de Penguin Random House, entreprise anglo-saxonne - dont ne fait pas partie Random House Allemagne - qui regroupe 250 maisons d'édition, publiant plus de 15.000 nouveautés chaque année et générant 3,4 milliards de dollars (3 milliards d'euros) de chiffre d'affaires. [77][78] The multimedia division also included mediaWays and Pixelpark. [13] Carl Bertelsmann was a representative of the "Minden-Ravensberger Erweckungsbewegung", a Protestant revival movement, whose writings he published. [8], Bertelsmann is an unlisted and capital market-oriented company,[9] which remains primarily controlled by the Mohn family. Penguin Random House LLC is the world's largest English-language general trade book publisher. [69] After the German reunification and the end of the Cold War, Bertelsmann also expanded to East Germany, as well as into Central and Eastern Europe. [212] Bertelsmann has had a stake in Gruner + Jahr since 1969. The nucleus of the corporation is the C. Bertelsmann Verlag, a publishing house established in 1835 by Carl Bertelsmann in Gütersloh. [174][175] One such example is the Ad Alliance, launched in 2017, in which Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and Gruner + Jahr bundled the marketing of their advertising platforms. [250] Bertelsmann Investments holds equity positions in a total of over 100 startup companies, almost all from the digital economy. Bertelsmann combined its Random House book-publishing business with Pearson's Penguin Group in 2013, with the German company initially holding 53% of the resulting company and Pearson holding 47%. × Become a Member Start earning points for buying books! [191][192] In 2015, with the RTL Digital Hub, the company launched a dedicated unit for web videos. In 2018, Bertelsmann’s book division generated total revenues of €3.4 billion and an operating profit of €528 million. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}51°54′29″N 8°25′09″E / 51.90806°N 8.41917°E / 51.90806; 8.41917, German multinational media, services and education company, It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion, International Financial Reporting Standards, "Thomas Rabe, Bertelsmann CEO: from punk rock to family values", "The World's Largest Media Corporations, 2015", Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research, "Gütersloh Head Office Moves to New Premises", "Chronologie: Die Bertelsmann-Geschichte", "Chronik: Das rasante Wachstum des Bertelsmann-Verlags", Institute for Media and Communication Policy, "Die reichsten Deutschen: Der asketische Revolutionär", "Minderheitsbeteiligung und Joint-venture beschlossen", "Bertelsmann: Kein Groll wegen Time Warner + AOL", "Bertelsmann And America Online Announce Launch Of Strategic Global Alliance And Plan To Restructure Joint Ventures", "Bertelsmann will mit Multimedia Milliarden umsetzen", "Bertelsmann kauft die US-Verlagsgruppe Random House", "So Why Did Newhouse Sell Random House to Bertelsmann Boys? European media giant Bertelsmann is looking for a private equity partner to help it buy the rest of publisher Penguin Random House should … Carl Bertelsmann was a representative of the "Minden-Ravensberger Erweckungsbewegung", a Protestant revival movement, whose writings he published. [58] The affair concerning the forged Hitler diaries occurred at the beginning of his tenure, which damaged the reputation of Gruner + Jahr and Bertelsmann as a whole. Part of Bertelsmann. [233] In 2019, sales of Arvato reached a volume of €4.175 billion. The publisher's main office in the United States is located at 1745 Broadway in Manhattan, in the 684-foot - 210 m Penguin Random House Tower, completed in 2009 and spanning the entire west side of the block between West 55th Street and West 56th. Luxembourg Television channels RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg (HD) | RTL Zwee Television newscast RTL De Journal . [202] 250 publishing houses on five continents are part of the company, including Random House and Penguin Books, but also Doubleday, Knopf and Viking. Information about the international media enterprise and it's corporate divisions RTL Group, Penguin Random House, Gruner + Jahr, Arvato; detailed information for journalists in the Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA's Press Center as well as everything about Corporate Responsibility activities at Bertelsmann. Visit other sites in the Penguin Random House Network. [80] With CLT-UFA, Bertelsmann was able to decisively diversify its business. Prior to the 2020 Bertelsmann deal, Pearson still owned a 25 percent stake of Penguin Random House. Thomas Rabe, Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Penguin Random House, said: “The completion of this transaction has a historic dimension for Bertelsmann. [155], Bertelsmann diversified its base in 2016 by introducing a structure consisting of eight divisions. [190] The company runs a commercial private television and radio channels in several countries, including RTL and VOX in Germany. [74], In 1994, Gruner + Jahr acquired the magazines of The New York Times, whereby Bertelsmann was once again able to expand its presence in foreign markets. [15], During the Third Reich, the publishing house gained a prominent position with its affordable "Bertelsmann Volksausgaben" ("people's editions"). [32] Customers ordered books via subscription and in return received discounted prices. [181] The Bertelsmann Content Alliance develops joint formats and delivers a full range of products and services for creative professionals. [122][123] In addition, Gunter Thielen initiated the buyback of the shares from Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, so that the Mohn family regained complete control of Bertelsmann from 2006. Profits plummeted after 2006, and declined further over 2007 and 2008; 2009 was a loss making year. Bertelsmann is a media, services and education company that operates in about 50 countries. 185 years after C. Bertelsmann Verlag was founded by the printer and bookbinder Carl Bertelsmann, our company will become the sole owner of the undisputed global market leader in book publishing. It is one of the world's largest media conglomerates and also active in the service sector and education. 1928                Bertelsmann launches its fiction publishing program with “narrative literature” in Protestant magazines. Bertelsmann is the majority owner of the merged company Penguin Random House, with a 53-percent stake, while Pearson owns 47 percent. [286] Over the past years, the group has increasingly focused on the newly industrialized nations of Brazil, China and India. All of them are merged with the Bantam Doubleday Dell publishers, which already belong to Bertelsmann. [301] Historian Volker Ullrich proclaimed in the weekly Die Zeit that the notion of the company's being "a resistance publisher" was clearly baseless. [93] The sale of the shares in the joint venture to America Online yielded billions to Bertelsmann. [201] With the acquisition of Random House in 1998, Bertelsmann already became the largest book publisher in the English-speaking world. [88] Random House was merged with Bantam Doubleday Dell,[89] and the global headquarters of all Bertelsmann publishing houses were relocated to New York City. [266] In addition to social responsibility, tax considerations played a role in this. [261][262] Since 2001, the company has prepared its financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards.[263]. A lawsuit concerning illegal procurement of paper stocks, and the mobilization of the entire German economy, led to the closure of C. Bertelsmann Verlag in 1944. Mit der Übernahme von Random House war der Konzern bereits 1998 zum größten Buchverlag im … Its report on “Bertelsmann in the Third Reich” was published in 2002 by C. Bertelsmann Verlag. [101][102] The aim of the acquisition, among other things,[103] was to stem the illegal spread of copyrighted material. 183 talking about this. Bertelsmann possède à présent 75 % d'un des plus importants groupes d'édition au monde, Penguin Random House. [68] From 1995, there was a new business division of multimedia at Bertelsmann. [183] In December 2020, Bertelsmann entered talks to sell the French magazine publisher Prisma Media, a division of Gruner + Jahr, to Vivendi. [229] To this day, Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung (VVA) has belonged to Arvato. 2020                Bertelsmann increases its stake in Penguin Random House to 100 percent and becomes sole owner of the world's largest trade publishing group. [298] This was headed by Saul Friedländer, and additional members were Norbert Frei, Trutz Rendtorff and Reinhard Wittmann. [142][143] In the year 2013, Penguin Random House became the world's largest publishing company. [209] In 2015, Gruner + Jahr had a presence in 20 countries. Through acquisitions, Penguin Random House subsequently becomes the number one in the Spanish-language literature market, among others. In the 1990s, critical questions arose as to the role of Bertelsmann in the Third Reich. Bertelsmann is a media, services and education company that operates in about 50 countries. The Munich-based publishing group’s 45 imprints have already been fully owned by Bertelsmann, reporting to Markus Dohle, CEO of Penguin Random House; now they are fully part of the Penguin Random House family. In the United States, a location was established for Ariola and Arista Records was acquired. Das Unternehmen entstand 2013 durch Zusammenschluss der Buchsparten von Bertelsmann und Pearson. Penguin Random House comprises around 320 individual book publishing imprints on six continents, with more than 15,000 new publications and over 600 million books sold per year. [81] In 1998, Thomas Middelhoff succeeded Mark Wössner as Bertelsmann's chairman and chief executive officer. [198] In 2019, sales of the RTL Group were €6.651 billion. Penguin books are seen in a used bookshop in central London October 29, 2012. [47] Bertelsmann also encountered new regulatory rules in its home market, in particular through laws governing mergers. [243] The acquisition of Relias Learning in 2014 formed the cornerstone for the Bertelsmann Education Group and was the largest acquisition by Bertelsmann since the purchase of Random House. 2013                On July 1, Bertelsmann und Pearson combine their book publishing businesses – Random House and Penguin Group – into the world’s biggest trade publishing group. The group’s numerous bestsellers include: “50 Shades of Grey,” “The Girl on the Train,” and the “Game of Thrones” series. [200] The company was created in 2013 through the merger of the publishing businesses of Bertelsmann and Pearson. Bertelsmann acquired the remaining stake for a total of $675 million.

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