I smoked probably a couple hits two days before that. If I took the cetro at 4:30 am and my drug test is at 8:15am do u think I would still pass it?? I have tested on dipsticks tests as well and failed. are there different types of sure jell? Take a couple of charco-caps. Eat. Then fill the bottle again and shake to get the residue. (Which means my piss was brewing for 45 min between The nice thing about WI and snow I suppose.. It’s been only 2 days since I last smoked, and Ive definitely been a heavy smoker over the past 2 months. Will peeing more make it last less long? The next morning I started drinking ice water at 9am. I drink tons of water by the way. You’ll have to wait and see, Certo is always a bit of a gamble, and yeah Certo can upset ones stomach sometimes. I have a drug test in 3 days. This is a PO test by the way. Two packets of sure he’ll, two 32oz Gatorade and 2gal water) will it increase chances of getting clean? I used certo liquid fruit pectin first attempt failed due to the light urine dilute. One of the main ways to beat a drug test is for the user to cleanse their body of … (QCarbo32). Drink Plenty of Water. Here is EXACTLY what I did (without a bunch of worthless details). Those who use cannabis are discriminated against when far more lethal and dangerous substances are freely available – alcohol, tobacco and OTC drugs. Keep in mind these are just estimates and opinions though, can’t really know for sure. Key is to dilute plus certo. Keep in mind though that when drinking lots of water, a test in close proximity to this, may show as negative simply because you’ve diluted your urine a lot. My friend purchased the 7 day toxin rid & is on day two. Between 7am-8am I fixed myself up another sure gel + 32 oz Gatorade. I have increased my water (sadly not to the 72 oz recommendation) and fiber intake. The instructions for the Certo method are described in the post. I drank a glass full of water with the gelatin mixed in. Moreover, Certo has been marketed by Kraft Foods in the US since 1912, but not for the specific reason of passing the drug test. So I said why not try it on top of the goldenseal… My test is on the 16th, I ordered a 10 pck of marijuana drug test from Amazon that will be here tomorrow(the 13th).I will keep you updated on everything just for sh*ts and giggles. I just found out I passed…..this method does work!! Not sure if it’s relevant but I took 4 asprin around 7:30am. It was good weed, but fairly low in THC because I requested it that way at the dispensary. After all, drinking juice by the litres daily has it’s own drawbacks! Going from testing positive, to testing negative, through dilution as well as well as through the fibers binding fat which has THC bound.. I’m here to tell you I just got back from my ua at my probation office and this method truly does work! Add certo on to that and I do think you’ll pass. (Which doesn’t usually drug test. First one, passed with evening pee However, this method does not work the way people claim. Although this is good, the problem is … Certo Read More » It often does, and it sometimes doesn’t. In my view better not to take the test than fail it. One brother did fail once because this girl made him believe that golden seal was all he needed, the other brother did his regular certo cleanse and he passed. It does help detox a bit with all the fiber so no harm, and then you’ll know what to expect when it comes to color. Hey Alex, your test will be done by now but, as for vape vs regular smoking, it will depend on amount and purity etc as always, it’s true that a larger % of the smoke in a vape contains the active THC, but if you use the same amount for vaping/smoking, imo the difference between what it takes to detox is negligible. Certo and qcarbo I need help please. With both things the control line is clear and the negative line is faint. But generally, if worried about what color yor urine might have, one could try certo in advance, without having a test. So, please, lets find more proofs. Test done by now but since it sounds like you’re a heavy user, I’d personally very much prefer synthetic urine to pass. Smoking now :). pros and cons here. I had smoked 4 days prior and tested the night before the appointment and was still positive. They’re going to take another at home test in two hours. Which is better to color your pee B2 or B12 and do you recommend taking a high dose asprin before the test or no? So if it did not work, why would they test for the ingredients (chemicals) found in bleach…. Imo, granted your test is unsupervised, the hands down best option here would be a good synthetic urine, which allows you to completely bypass all the THC that’s built up in your system over time. Fast acting detoxes such as Sure Jell or Ultimate Gold (which is pectin based) do not detox you permenantly. 4 tests all came up positive. The night before your test, mix your first packet of fruit pectin (could be generic, could be Sure Jell, could be Certo, it doesn’t really matter) with a 32 fluid ounce sports drink. The chef used about 13g for two trays. Depends on your body type and it does work up to even same day… Give yourself at least 4 hours… Use multivitamins and fast… Like don’t eat… The unclean per will be clear and urinate 3 to 5 time before… Also do a clean catch… It worked for me and I’m 5 ft 11in 146 pounds… Also take any meds you are already taking during that time too…. This Certo method has actually been around for years, but it’s only started getting traction. I have a job offer (promotion) that requires a urine test. (it I have a pre-employment test on Tues which would be day 52. If it’s very clear however, that may rise some suspicions. I went to Safeway and got a box, the blue one. That takes the margin of error away. It would give you a great detox over time that’s for sure. Then there would be ammonia in your waste. As for b12 or b2, either one works fine. My only pRoblem is i cant exactly during Gatorade and a gallon of water right in front of my boss. As for whether it would hurt you, nothing is healthy when overdoing it, and thus you could try it but make sure to listen to your body. I’ll report back with the results. You’re awesome lol…I have a couple questions myself. Does this pectin work similarly to the fiber powder that’s included with the Toxin Rid program? Hey Aaron, I avoid giving advice specifically about probational tests due to legal reasons so can’t be of much help here. I probably smoked 10-12 times at least in the previous 2 months. DONT PEE AFTER YOU TAKE IT UNTIL ITS TEST TIME. If I’m a light smoker..like once or twice every few months if I drink certo right now would I still be clean in a week if I don’t smoke anymore. IS YOUR PHONE PROTECTED? Hard to know how much on and off habitual smoking means in your case, but if it’s daily or most days of the week, a few days is not enough to get clean. So as you can see, that’s far more certain to work than a thrown together detox drink made from Certo and Gatorade. The fruit pectin, however, is a more controversial thing when it comes to explaining what it does. The very first urine of the day will have built up toxins over night and isn’t very accurate. Thanks for sharing :). I was told not to flush the toilet or run the sink. Can never answer with that short of a notice nowadays since I get so many comments and reply to them in the order they were submitted. It’s still useful, especially since a lot of the effects come from dilution. I hadn’t for years and years. However, I purchased a pack of SureJell at Walmart that day along with the Gatorade. But it is being sent to a lab. Moderate smoker (1 or 2 rips from a bubbler or pipe per day or every other day). At Certo, mobile security is not an afterthought, it’s what we do. I’ve used this method almost a decade ago when I had to take a urine test to get a job for the USPS; and it worked. I decided to test myself and sure enough I had a dark control line and a faint test line. I took one day pill kept urinating came out clear but with somewhat yellow. But as always, Certo works through dilution, so it would depend on how they analyze the test in your hospital. A magnesium supplement also could be useful, though you may need to experiment to get the proper dose. I urinated 3 or so times before testing. If still positive a few days in I will try to take the certo without consuming more water than usual. The Certo drug test method is used to pass a urine (and blood) drug test. be safe… BTW what is the name of the trucking company… I may need to work there! (Note: I am prescribed xanax from the VA so this kinda needed to test positive. I have a d.o.t. in an hour or so he call me and I passed everytime he did. I drank another 10 more oz of Since a big way this method works in is through dilution, it will certainly reduce the amount of other stuff in your urine as well, such as medications. Certo helps the detox a little yes, through help moving THC out with your faeces, so using it several times definitely wouldn’t hurt, but don’t expect wonders. How much water or juice do you prefer? We both are everyday tokers. But when using Certo to pass drug tests, you will also be drinking a lot of water, which will inevitably dilute your urine a bit and improve your chances. i justed wanted to put in my on experience with the infamous certo method. How to Pass a Drug Test with Certo – Step By Step Instructions. I have mostly heard about it for marijuana so I don’t know how well it would do with other stuff, but the dilution part is always going to work to some extent no matter the drug. I have not smoked for 3weeks and 2days and weigh 110lbs. I don’t give specific advise regarding probational tests due to legal reasons. I did certo/Gatorade and drank over gallon of water with alot of b vitamins. Besides, few other things stay for as long in urine as weed does, so other stuff should be easier to pass for anyway. I actually almost got in trouble at my pain mgmnt dr office once because it also removed medications, which ended up being really good to know!! Thread starter Typwms; Start date Jun 12, 2016; Tags certo drug test certo qcarbo found out test Jun 12, 2016 #1 T. Typwms New Member. I do not smoke like that only ( moderate ) I have been taking Waterpills and excersising lately. Hey, I don’t give advice for probational tests in specific due to regulations. But I wasn’t worried if it didn’t show up because it’s taken as needed). I need to take a urine test, yesterday, and have been delaying my new employer due to home THC tests coming up positive . The Certo drug test method is one of the more talked about ways of passing a drug test using non-specialist products. Unless you’re a fish or bird. At 4:55, I could tell that the test line was starting to fade…..my urine maintained the yellow tint. If I were to go back in time I would intentionally dip the cup in the toilet and get a quarter full of water so it can detect nothing then pee the rest so obviously it seems like piss and it’s warm. I mixed 1 packet with a gallon of water the night before And then the morning of drinking as much of another gallon mixed with another packet as I could before the test I succeeded However now I come to that moment in time where I have to try it again I stopped smoking on the 31st of October And have a test Tomorrow possibly So I’m trying in the certo method one more time i smoked about a few hits of alaska weed resin every day for 4 days in a row before I stopped So I guess it’ll be about 11 or 12 days clean im male 140 pounds in my 30’s Hopefully I don’t have to take a test but if I do and I pass I will come back to the site to let you know how it turned out Otherwise I might be gone for a while. From what I can tell from researching certo/sure Jell for drug tests, it does seem to be at least equally reliable to just drinking a same-day detox drink before your urine test (which you know by now isn’t too reliable if you’ve read my guide to detoxing from THC). Drink this first mixture. Drank plenty or water leading up and took a few 500mg niacins a day. Yeah that’s what dilution does. Not really. If I used the certo method and then took qcarbo32 would it … I took one pack of certo in the morning with a gatorade (blue, cant stomach the lemon lime) and it goes down fairly easily. Sophie, By diluting your urine as much as possible, you will make it harder to pick up THC metabolites. I bought my box of surejell yesterday and the test is at 2pm tomorrow. I’m hoping I pass this one tomorrow. You’ll see a variety of different instructions online; ignore them! What’s chances for instant vs lab test? But dilution can often be detected on urine tests today, so not always ideal. A few hours later I got an e-mail saying “Welcome to the company”!!! I’ve continued to flush my body will the chances of passing be higher ? warm water on the way to PB appt. It will speed up the detox yes, mainly by preventing as much THC from being re-absorbed from the intestines, and thus letting it leave the body. Hello, I have a test tomorrow at 830 am. Another option would be to check yourself with a cheap home test kit, if clean on that one, a small detox drink should do as a safety net to pass. My question is if the thc exits through the back door and the theory of the surejel is that it forces thc to the colon….why can’t one just take a laxitive prior to detox would this work after say two or three days for complete or mostly detoxing the system. So it’s pulling things out through the bowels, rather than flushing them out through the bladder. Then about 40oz of water with apple cider vinegar. Many detox products are partly laxative, but that’s not the whole picture. Not too surprising imo though, I mean, that is the point of it right? I have no other choice but to try this because The clock is ticking. Thanks for sharing Jahman, interesting read. Also if the test is supervised, what would you recommend? thanks a ton bobby! But new lab technologies are now detecting drugs in samples that were altered and untestable before. So if you can get them to be drawn out through the creation of bile, and then taken out through the bowels more readily, then you will have fewer cannabis metabolites in your body. 9:00am. Does this work for saliva tests? My name is Sophie and I decided to put this website up after realizing how hard it is to find accurate information about detoxing from THC and passing drug tests. You’ll also have to submit it within the correct temperature range, between 90°F and 100°F, which is tough to do if you have poor quality heatpads to try and keep it warm for an hour or more as you head off to the lab. FYI….many employers consider a dilute specimen a fail (especially on pre-employment) and will not allow a re-test. For blood tests this seems a great method on paper, although very few have tested it. Hey the certo comes in a box with two pouches. Since I’m not a heavy smoker, do you think it’s already out of my system or should I try the certo?

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