Coronavirus spreads in Middle East and beyond: Live updates. Only America’s is larger. Middle East airlines are still waiting to see a rebound from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as the region saw a drop in passenger demand of nearly 87 percent in October, new figures have revealed. Many airlines across the UK are keeping a watchful eye on the rising tensions across the Middle East, following a US airstrike which targeted and killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Middle East airlines lost $100 million due to corona An official of the IATA confirmed that governments should help the carriers through this "difficult period". You’re allowed to change your origin and destination cities as part of this offer. Live pictures of aircraft in the Middle East. Airline … The WHO has sounded the alarm about a spike in corona cases across the Middle East, fifty-eight thousand cases reported. Shares in Turkish Airlines fell 5.6% on Monday, while Pegasus Airlines dropped 4.9%, in line with a slide in airline shares elsewhere over coronavirus worries. Red algae or 'red tide' may sometimes affect beaches. From first cancellation on Jan. 23 through April 30. Click for details. 71 people evacuated to Jordan amid corona virus outbreak in China - Airlines, Corona Virus, Coronavirus, Wuhan, Royal Jordanian Royal Jordanian plane evacuates Arabs and Palestinians in Wuhan - Airlines, Corona Virus, Coronavirus, Wuhan, Royal Jordanian - Aviation Business Middle East Translated මැදපෙරදිග ලංකාදීප / Middleeast Lankadeepa By Reuters. Print this page. A comprehensive guide to Aviation business news and industries in the Middle East, including, Airlines, Airports, Airfreight, Private Aviation, Aviation Services, Transportation, Interviews, Opinion, Lists, jobs in the UAE. Keep in mind: You may owe any difference in ticket price when you rebook your trip. Please support our ad-free, nonprofit news agency. Middle East's largest read Business Aviation News website. In Italy, authorities set up roadblocks, called off soccer matches and shuttered sites including the famed La Scala opera house. China) % of base revenues from International China % of base revenues from Domestic China Airlines' region of registration % 19 Base revenues: excluding revenues from ancillaries, baggage fees, etc. Saudi Arabian Airlines places the safety of its guests and crew as its highest priority and applies world class standards and procedures to ensure flights are safe … Airlines Halting Flights Due to Coronavirus Outbreak. New infections and deaths reported around the world, with Brazil confirming its first case in Latin America. Hundreds of pilots at American Airlines have accepted early retirements. Avoid contact with camels and products contaminated with camel secretions. March 02, 2020 11:36 AM Share on Facebook. How an Iranian Airline Tied to Terrorism Likely Spread the Virus (and Lied About It) Why is Iran the flaming epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the Middle East? Passengers below are exempt from the quarantine and PCR test fees. Know The Media Line to Know The Middle East! Draconian measures imposed by several European, Middle East, South American and African nations are likely to be felt more strongly by their national carriers and regional low-cost airlines. The airlines also need fewer pilots, flight attendants, and other employees. a) Army officers who have reappointed their mission in TRNC. RIYADH (AFP) - Saudi Arabia said on Saturday (March 14) it would suspend international flights for two weeks in response to the coronavirus outbreak.. Read more at Governments around the Middle East placed travel restrictions on Iran, with the UAE and Oman outright banning citizens from travelling to Iran. Across the Middle East, 2.4 million Chinese visitors traveled to the region last year, comprising 2.7% of the region's total of 91 million tourists, according to CEIC data. No sooner than one estimate is made of the economic damage the coronavirus epidemic is wreaking on the Middle East, a more dire forecast supercedes it. An investigation by BBC News Arabic has found how one Iranian airline contributed to the spread of coronavirus around the Middle East. Middle East State Media: Jordan Confirms First Case of Coronavirus. WHO expects that additional cases of MERS-CoV infection will be reported from the Middle East, and that cases will continue to be exported to other countries by individuals who might acquire the infection after exposure to dromedary camels, animal products (for example, consumption of camel’s raw milk), or humans (for example, in a health care setting). Data as March 13 2020, 8:00 AM EDT. You can access the current flight schedule of Turkish Airlines on this page and check out our flight network. (Image courtesy of FlightRadar24) Note that the FAA ban only applies to U.S. civil aviation operators, which the above airlines do not fall under the definition of. Related Stories COVID-19 Pandemic provides real time reports with focus on UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Gulf-Khaleej. Share via Email. Delta … Airline companies will not permit passengers on-board if they fail to present a receipt. Airlines everywhere are reeling from the impacts of COVID-19 and the Middle East carriers are no exception. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) … Middle East news in brief - The Ministry of Health says that 720 corona infected people have been reported in the last 24 hours in Kuwait. Share on Twitter. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that the recovery of passenger demand continued to be disappointingly slow during the month. North America. Few airlines, though, serve a vast domestic market like China’s. Waterborne, foodborne, parasitic and other infectious diseases sometimes occur. Our seasoned journalists reporting from the Middle East are working day and night during these challenging, yet defining times; and our student interns are honing their knowledge and skills, preparing to emerge as tomorrow’s journalists. VIDEO 5:01 05:01 ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Major travel disruptions due to the new coronavirus have already caused the equivalent of a roughly $100 million loss to airlines in the Middle East… Middle East Europe Africa North America Latin America % of base revenues from International Asia Pacific (excl. Middle East available: available: available: available: New Zealand available: available: available: available *Basic Economy fares on flights marketed by American Airlines. Coronavirus and travel - A hub for discussing the 2020 COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak as it relates to travel Get medical advice if you develop a fever or diarrhoea. The human cost of coronavirus has continued to mount, with more than 123.7m cases confirmed globally and more than 2.7m people known to have died. Stay on top of Middle East latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera’s fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps. Cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) are reported. Airlines face an unprecedented international crisis in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.