The two often use excessive force in non-violent circumstances. In the conclusion of the episode, Coilette undergoes surgery to become a Manbot again, and Calculon makes a film in tribute to Coilette. He says that despite writing a book about it, he has no idea what it is, although he has already cashed the check he got for writing it. Almost identical in appearance, voice and personality, except he has a small triangular beard. Despite their nature, other beings find their small stature to be extremely adorable. Was die Namen der Kinder über Ihre Eltern aussagen, Befristeter Artbeitsvertrag Schwangerschaft. In "The Prisoner of Benda", he becomes a Duke. [7], Amy's personality was initially different; her voice actress Lauren Tom has stated that she was originally supposed to be "a car mechanic, really tough lesbian sort of character". [51], Boxy is a crude robot only able to communicate by beeping. Linda van Schoonhoven (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is the co-anchor of √2 News with Morbo. Cubert wants to do something 'better' with his life and does not accept the responsibility Hubert gives to him. A race of flying telepathic brains, who feed off knowledge and wish to destroy other sentient lifeforms. Billy West has commented that he is not impersonating Richard Nixon for the role; he is impersonating Anthony Hopkins in Nixon (with "a little bit of werewolf", his Nixon has a tendency to inject a sound similar to "aroo" into his sentences), and that he, instead of trying to cultivate a good impersonation, cultivates the flaws in his impersonation. Former girlfriend of Fry, from the 20th century. Towards the end of the film it is discovered that he is really the desert muck leech that lived on Mars, and that Leela welcomed as a pet to prevent his death. Carol "Mom" Miller (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is an aggressive, threatening and Machiavellian bully, reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West. "—either to unveil his latest invention or describe the company's latest delivery assignment, which is usually a suicide mission; he acknowledges this in The Beast with a Billion Backs. Tinny Tim (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is an ill-fated orphan-bot with a crutch for an arm and one shortened leg, a reference to Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Businessman, owner of various sporting enterprises. Bender and Fry decide to revive Calculon after deciding that they do not care for his replacement on All My Circuits, Vaxtron. [37] Nixon's head was included in TV Squad's list of the five best television appearances by Presidents in animated or puppet form. Yancy Fry, Jr. (voiced by Tom Kenny) is Fry's older brother in the 20th and 21st centuries. In a deleted scene from Into the Wild Green Yonder, he is named Matcluck. However, he is cloned, which leads Nixon to call him the "Headless Clone of Agnew". In "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" she seems entirely unconcerned by Lrrr's infidelity with another Omicronian woman (actually a human trans-species cross-dresser), but is deeply upset by him listening to Leela's nagging over her own. Many of these characters were created for one-time gags, background scenes or other functions in the Futurama universe. He plays a role in Futurama: Bender's Big Score,[49] where he appears in multiple scenes that take place in the past and during the space battle in the future. Famous acting robot. The Professor often makes mutually contradictory statements just moments apart; this happens especially often when briefing his employees, with the prevailing second statement canceling a much more reassuring first sentence. Enjoys watching Earthican TV, which arrives 1000 years after its broadcast on Earth. Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening and David X. Cohen for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Patrick Fabian, Actor: The Last Exorcism. Poses as Leela's adorable pet while manipulating events behind the scenes to avoid cosmic catastrophes. In "The Route of All Evil", the Horrible Gelatinous Blob has a son named Brett Blob, who regularly bullies Cubert and Dwight. They believe Fry is the only hope of the universe in that he can stop the Brainspawn due to his lack of the Delta brainwave. He lived there for twelve years, during which he spent time with his family and befriended the narwhal Leelu, until an assassination attempt by another brainwashed Bender burned away his hair and damaged his larynx. In the commentary for "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", Castellaneta says the voice is based on a "bad impression of Hans Conried". An unstable member of the Robot Mafia, obsessed with using the clamps that form his hands. Petunia later joins the Feministas in Into the Wild Green Yonder. In the episode "The Silence of the Clamps" he is shown as one of the wedding guests. [56] He reappeared in Bender's Big Score and Into the Wild Green Yonder, where it was revealed he was the Grand Curator of the Legion of Mad Fellows. However, after Hartman was murdered on May 28, 1998, West was given the role. Lars Fillmore (voiced by Billy West) is a technician at the Head Museum in Bender's Big Score, where he met Leela and briefly dated her. She has three sons, Walt, Larry and Igner, whom she terrorizes and often employs to do her dirty work. He played from the year 1980 to 1999. Their arch-enemy is the Brainspawn. Impressum. He was formerly married to LaBarbara Conrad, who still refers to him as a "mahogany god". Wife of Hermes Conrad, mother of Dwight Conrad. "[38], Roberto (voiced by David Herman) is a criminally insane, psychotic robot who often carries a knife with which he is prone to stabbing. DiMaggio changed the voice and therefore the character. Turanga Morris (voiced by David Herman) and Turanga Munda (voiced by Tress MacNeille) are Leela's father and mother and later on Fry's parents-in-law. Der Schutz Ihrer persönlichen Daten und die Gewährleistung Ihres Rechtes auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung sind uns sehr wichtig. Eventually, he reunites with Anglelyne. [3] Fry meets Bender at a suicide booth (which he mistakes for a telephone booth) after exploring the city following his escape from the cryogenics facility he was frozen at. Sein Spitzname ist lalle. Gets hims outta heres!" The Professor teaches at Mars University and has worked for Momcorp on several occasions but spends most of his time inventing ridiculous devices and sending the Planet Express delivery crew on suicide missions. He never passes up an opportunity to milk money from his customers and fans. Leela, who opposed Calculon's return to acting, now wants to help him return to All My Circuits. Star of the TV drama. Februar, 21. [54] He wears a bindi on his forehead (Hinduism), wears a mitre and clerical collar (Catholicism) with a taijitu (or yin-yang) symbol on the peak (Taoism), payot (Judaism), an orange wrap (Buddhism) with a shoulder scarf adorned with stars and moons (spiritism). Obsessed with stabbing people in different places with different objects. for 647 years, with little effect. Petunia states she can do better than a slot-player when Fry reveals he controls only one arm. Zoidberg is named after an Apple II game that series writer David X. Cohen created in high school called Zoid, similar to the game Qix. When he lands the part, Calculon returns to his former ways. Hier kannst du den Vornamen oder die Namenskombinationen kommentieren! As the official website of Falcon Studios, we offer a huge library of 3800 videos and hundreds of full-length XXX DVDs from the Falcon family of brands. Various celebrities and historical figures are kept alive as heads in jars of liquids. ", proceeding to link Hermes' disembodied head to the ship's computer. Kwanzaabot and Chanukah Zombie are Robot Santa's Kwanzaa and Hanukkah analogues. Zoidberg is voiced by Billy West, who performs the character with a Yiddish-inflected accent inspired by actors George Jessel and Lou Jacobi.[22]. At one point in "The Lost Adventure", it is implied that it is intentional, when he says "I gots an idea. Leonardo "Leo" Wong (voiced by Billy West) and Inez Wong (voiced by Lauren Tom) are the very wealthy parents of Amy Wong. Stefan Kuntz. His speech patterns, accent, and mannerisms are modeled on those of stereotypical African-American Evangelical preachers (specifically, black churches).[58]. Kif is a short and thin green-skinned alien from the planet Amphibios 9. He says to Bender, "You ever kill a man with a sock? In the subtitles of "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV", he is called "Tiny Tim-Bot". Many times great-nephew of Fry. After Calculon is brought back to life he returns to acting. It ain't so hard.". [36] The Robot Devil is available as a build-a-figure from the first three series of Futurama action figures by Toynami. Although she is not ready for total commitment, Amy is sure that one day she will be. Amy's stereotypically Asian meddling mother and father frequently pressure her to get married and give them grandchildren, which she is not eager to do. She has been married twice, surviving both of them, and often dates. Though he is headless, Agnew can still make growling noises. He resides in a death fortress on Neptune along with a number of Neptunians that act as slave labor for the toy factory. Blob (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a three-eyed, green, translucent, ill-tempered alien. He is a Decapodian, a crustacean-like species of alien. The Hyper-Chicken Lawyer (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a large blue/green rooster-like chicken with southern mannerisms and a pince-nez perched on his beak. Fry later sends the Brainspawn and their space station, the Infosphere, into another dimension with a bomb given to him by the Nibblonians. In “That's Lobstertainment!”, his uncle, the silent hologram star Harold Zoid (a parody of Harold Lloyd), advises him to give up on comedy and finance a film whose script Zoid is writing. Crustacean-like alien from Decapod 10. Amy Wong works as an intern at Planet Express (supposedly kept around because she shares Professor Farnsworth's blood type, and doesn't notice the Professor's tendency to send his crews on suicide missions). The Crushinator (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is the robot daughter of a farmer on the moon. Biographie. [14], Despite his disdain and attitude towards most of his coworkers, he has more recently been portrayed as one of the most compassionate characters in the series, and seems to have a soft spot for Bender. It is revealed in Bender's Game that the Professor is the biological father of Mom's youngest son Igner — the one whom Mom despises the most. He is shown with the Planet Express crew on both Xmases, and appears to be friends with Dwight and Cubert. [20] However, in the "Action Delivery Force" segment of "Reincarnation", the Professor is voiced by David Herman. When Mom takes control of all the world's robots to cause an uprising, her sons Walt, Larry, and Igner attempt to get the Professor to seduce Mom and retrieve the remote for the robots. He was originally an old man in a mob, with his name in the script for "I, Roommate" literally "Man in Mob". Mom has a romantic history with Hubert J. Farnsworth, who worked at MomCorp when he was younger, and she was previously married to Dr. Ogden Wernstrom. You'll find gay anal sex shot in gorgeous locations starring the top stars of the industry from today, yesterday and tomorrow. The crew are often disgusted by his foul habits, such as squirting ink or eating from trash cans, though he is mostly oblivious to their true feelings about him, having referred to Hermes Conrad and Bender as friends. Hast Du Verbesserungsvorschläge, Kritik oder andere Anmerkungen?Wir freuen uns auf Deine Nachricht! Despite this, Kif seemingly has some loyalty to Brannigan, even continuing to associate with him after Brannigan caused him to be court-martialed along with him in "Brannigan, Begin Again". Grade 135 Bureaucrat, warden of the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium where Leela grew up. She is a one-eyed mutant who Fry meets after waking up 1000 years in the future. Amy tends to wear rather provocative outfits. She uses Martian slang, which is simply American slang with altered consonants, such as "Guh" (duh) or "Shman" (man). They do seem happy when he and Amy have children. She is the ex-wife of Barbados Slim, the rival of Hermes, who she refers to as "a human Adonis" and "a mahogany god". He is voiced by David Herman and is a cameo character appearing in the first and second production seasons of Futurama. Dwight Conrad (voiced by Bumper Robinson in the TV series, Phil LaMarr in the films) is the son of Hermes Conrad and LaBarbara Conrad. He appears in "Proposition Infinity" in the same asylum, this time with a sock instead of his usual knife. The Grand Midwife (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is an Amphibosian who first appears in the fourth-season episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch". Barbados Slim (voiced by John DiMaggio) is Hermes' arch-rival. Criminally insane, psychotic robot. Calculon decides the only way to win the award is to actually drink the food coloring and die. The Professor has the crew perform a series of ritualistic "scientific" tasks to put the soul of Calculon back in his body. They are a group formed by the leader, Nudar (voiced by David Herman), and his brothers, Fleb (voiced by Frank Welker) and Schlump (voiced by Maurice LaMarche). Fry is a goofy, dim-witted, slovenly but well-meaning individual. Later episodes show them building an uneasy rapport, with Hermes slowly softening to Zoidberg. Another is his exclamation, "Sweet zombie Jesus!" Critics have called Flexo's appearance in this episode one of the "Great Moments" in Futurama. On the very few occasions he has actual good news, he often opens with "Bad news, everyone!" Unfortunately, food coloring is fatal to robots. Peu après sa naissance, il va s'installer avec toute sa famille en Tanzanie où ils vivent dans une ferme qui avait servi au décor pour le film Hatari ! Groening was interested in exploring the idea of using slapstick comedy and physical humor with a female character, since most of this humor was done by male characters in his previous work, The Simpsons. Injuries to key defensive players such as Lars and Sven Bender, Lukas Hradecky, and Julian Baumgartlinger made life difficult for Bosz. In Simpsonorama, she is eaten alive by one of the rabbit-shaped creatures that breaks into the studio. Has one eye, tentacles instead of arms and hands, and a tail. He first appears as a customer at the pizzeria where Fry mistakenly believes him to have invented gravity for which Hawking accepts credit ("Yeah, sure. Built in. Throughout the later seasons, he is seen having a rather open affair with the Queen of Yonkers. Randy Munchnik (voiced by John DiMaggio) is a stereotypically gay man dressed in pink, who speaks in an effeminate voice. They then surreptitiously follow Leela from the sewers, and protect her from harm. As he takes a bow, once again thinking that his life is worth living, a massive lighting fixture falls, crushing him. He is currently married to Ndnd, his second wife, with whom he has one son, Jrrr (/dʒɜːr/, voiced by Lauren Tom). Leela is voiced by Katey Sagal. She dumps Fry shortly before he is frozen on New Year's Eve for a man named Constantine (called Charles in "The Cryonic Woman", whom she later marries). Suffers frequent misfortune. Der Namenstag für Lars ist am 8. Fry believes Flexo to be an "evil twin" of Bender, though it turns out that Flexo attempts to stop Bender from stealing the expensive crown from the Miss Universe pageant. The two often use excessive force in peaceful situations, and make use of various features built into URL, such as a siren, megaphone and violations printer. In the Season 6 episode "Lethal Inspection," it is revealed that Hermes used to work for Mom's Robot Factory in Tijuana, Mexico as Inspector #5, checking robots for defects as they came off the production line. Elzar is rude, crass, and unpleasant, and has a very high opinion of himself. As a relative of Fry, Professor Farnsworth is also voiced by Billy West, using a combination of impressions of Burgess Meredith and Frank Morgan. He often says "Eh Wha?" In the episode "The Honking", it is revealed that his first job was as a motorised service arm building the most evil car in existence, Project Satan. The gypsy-bot appears earlier in "The Honking", telling Bender he is a werecar; and in "Ghost in the Machines", performing a séance in which Bender's ghost possesses her and causes her head to explode. Robot minister of the Temple of Robotology. His character refers to the real life electronics chain Crazy Eddie, and its mascot of the same name. [41] In Bender's Big Score, he assisted the Earth's population in reclaiming their planet after it was purchased by the devious Scammers, forcing his Neptunian elves to build weapons for an assault and participating personally in the ensuing battle.