Silas Wamangituka has surely scored the most disrespectful goal of the year. January 2021 by . Presented with an open goal, Wamangituka stopped on the line, only thumping in when Pavlenka got nearby. That annoyed several Werder players, most notably Davie Selke, and earned him a booking from Frank Willenborg for unsporting behaviour. Silas Wmangituka scored a great solo goal. The match pitted VfB Stuttgart against SV Werder Bremen, in the 10th match day of the league’s 34-day bracket, in which the former won 2 … Der VfB Stuttgart muss lange auf Silas Wamangituka verzichten. A good lead for Stuttgart, who are bound to win this match. During their away trip to Werder Bremen, Wamangituka gave his side a first half lead from the penalty spot. ICYMI: Stuttgart's Silas Wamangituka finished off Werder Bremen with the simplest of finishes… Stuttgart is winning with a 2-0 score against Mainz. Wamangituka and his young teammates provided us with some great Bundesliga moments, so it´s time to enjoy the best of those. Passes completed Silas Wamangituka Fundu is 73 percent. Der Offensivspieler zog sich gegen die Bayern einen Kreuzbandriss zu. In the current season for VfB Stuttgart Silas Wamangituka Fundu gave a total of 31 shots, of which 14 were shots on goal. Last season his average was 0.24 goals per game, he scored 8 goals in 34 club matches. Watch as Stuttgart forward Silas Wamangituka finds himself standing in front of a wide-open goal- and the way he chose to score left some viewers outraged. Watch: Silas scores wonder-goal in 2-0 win over Mainz Plays a bit like: Timo Werner There are few players as direct as Silas, who plays as if there is a magnet drawing him toward the opposition goal. Silas Wamangituka has explained himself following VfB Stuttgart's 2-1 victory over Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga on Saturday, which saw the Congolese forward booked for unsportsmanlike conduct after his second goal. Given football is all about passion, players are no strangers to receiving booking for over-zealous goal celebrations these days - but Silas Wamangituka took things to the next level on Sunday. He ran across half the pitch and evaded two Mainz's players to score a great goal. Skip to content. He's already scored 7 goals, 6 of them in away games - no Bundesliga player has struck more often away from home. He always manages to create space and danger. silas wamangituka youtube That was what Silas Wamangituka did for Stuttgart on Sunday afternoon. Silas Wamangituka is just 21 years old and the key player among the Young Guns from Stuttgart. Silas Wamangituka great solo goal vs Mainz! "Silas [Wamangituka] brings a lot of enthusiasm, physical strength and pace. Silas Wamangituka Fundu shots an average of 0.46 goals per game in club competitions. Posted on 22.