Battlestar Galactica Theme song from the album Greatest Sci-fi Themes is released on May 2017 . Report for duty and experience an … [14], Officially known as The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra and directed by Bear McCreary, the group performed three concerts in late July 2009 at the House of Blues in San Diego. Finally, Baltar is corrupt enough to disastrously mislead the Fleet into settling on New Caprica because this would allow him to become President (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II). At Baltar's trial, Doyle Franks expresses the sentiment that mankind's flaws are what separate it from the Cylons and might make it a species worth saving (Crossroads, Part II). The song Battlestar Galactica Theme was written by Stu Phillips and Glen Larson and was first released by The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Stu Phillips in 1978. In the third season soundtrack, it features in the tracks "Violence and Variations", where it is interwoven with the Opera House (Passacaglia) theme, and "Under the Wing.". "While the accompanimental figures come from Prelude, the melody is wholly original to this theme. We present you our collection of desktop wallpaper theme: Battlestar Galactica Wallpapers and Screensavers.You will definitely choose from a huge number of pictures that option that will suit you exactly! I thought to myself: we’d never had a discussion that said it was okay for me to start writing a Boomer Theme, but I happened to have done it, and they noticed it, and from that point on I started exploring other possibilities once I realized that this show could develop. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica The Office Tv Show Merchandise,Surprise Gift,Whtie Premium Hard Shell Accessories Compatible with Apple AirPods 4.5 out of 5 stars 70 $9.99 $ 9 . Watch later. The inhabitants that lived on it before it 'died' are often referred to as the 'Lords of Kobol' or the 'Gods of Kobol.' Battlestar Galactica is an American science fiction television series created by Glen A. Larson that began the Battlestar Galactica franchise.Starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, and Dirk Benedict, it follows the surviving humans as they flee in Battlestar Galactica and other ships in search for a new home while being pursued by the Cylons. Many of the cues from the Miniseries soundtrack have been re-used as incidental or background music in the regular series beginning in 2004. The North American cue was a modification of the instrumental cue used for Zak Adama's funeral in "Act of Contrition", followed by a segment played on taiko drums that played over a montage of scenes from the upcoming episode. colonies originally departed. McCreary is again credited as the primary composer for the Season 2 soundtrack; Gibbs retains his credit for the series' main title music. Usage in "Are You Alive? Of chief importance for a leitmotif is that it must be recognizable enough for a listener to latch onto while being flexible enough to undergo variation and development. Far across the universe, with tribes of humans, who may have been the forefathers of … Now, the Cylons are attempting to create a new race of Cylon-Human hybrids (such as Hera), and they are concerned about being good "parents" to this new race. Bear McCreary then developed the theme for Baltar's experiences on the Basestar from this starting point, incorporating Baltar's theme into the piano performance. It is likely derived from the works of Erich von Däniken, who is well known for his belief in the ancient astronaut theory. Fight for survival in Battlestar Galactica Online - the online game based on the hit TV show Battlestar Galactica! Towards the end of the first season one of the producers turned to me during one of the playbacks and said, "Can we get some of that Boomer theme right there? Battlestar Operatica. MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. When Baltar finds out that he had unwittingly betrayed all of humanity, he is more concerned with contacting his attorney for his own legal defense. This theme is related to the ideas of personal responsibility and karma. "[3] The Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan praises McCreary's work on the series as "sensational" and "innovative. Caprica-Six says that the thing she loves best about Baltar is that he's "a survivor". [6] The theme plays again in "Blood & Chrome", when Adama arrives at the Colonial Fleet and sees the Galactica for the first time. This later lead to a prolonged conflict, which brought humanity to its knees. This theme, usually used for heartfelt moments involving William and/or Lee Adama, uses an uilleann pipe and Irish flute in a heavily Celtic style, with lyrics in Irish Gaelic. C'è una tostapane nella tua testa. There have been several live concerts featuring the music of both Battlestar Galactica and Caprica. On the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Battlestar Galactica's "Prelude to War" was used in a segment showcasing "the Year in Drama". It is sung by Brendan McCreary (aka Bt4) and features Oingo Boingo's Steve Bartek playing guitar. boxing or to be boxed - originally a Cylon term. For example, the track "Starbuck's Recon" plays over the final scene on Caprica in "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down". This rendition of the theme was accompanied with Latin lyrics sung by a boy soprano; the lyrics are made up of two of the show's recurring verbal motifs, "All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again," and "So say we all.". Outlander: Season 1, Vol. The humanoid Cylon Simon says this (verbatim) to Starbuck (The Farm), and it comes up many times in the series. The official soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica's third season was released October 23, 2007. The cue is always performed on a Chinese erhu or zhonghu, a two-stringed instrument similar to a violin in timbre. © 2007 Drew\'s Entertainment. While not codified in the run of the Re-imagined Series, this theme is derived from the Original Series. In the 2003 Battlestar Galactica miniseries and 2004 TV series, Gaius Baltar is a brilliant scientist and key player in the Twelve Colonies' defense research. 1" (from "Someone to Watch Over Me") [5:35], "Diaspora Oratorio" (from "Revelations") [4:52], "Apocalypse" (Theme from "The Plan") [4:06], featuring Vocals by Raya Yarbrough & Guitars by, "Arriving at Pegasus" (from "Razor") [2:27], "The Plan Main Title" (from "The Plan") [4:33], "Attack on the Scorpion Shipyards" (from "Razor") [3:37], "Apocalypse, Pt. . The total running time of the album is 1:18:53. Despite finding Earth being the main theme of the series, this is coincidental, as the original Battlestar Galactica series was … The total running time of the album is 1:18:19. Mankind created the Cylons as servants to fight humanity's petty wars and to address social needs that people didn't care to attend to personally. The soundtrack for the 2003 Battlestar Galactica Miniseries was largely scored by Richard Gibbs. As the show went on I started developing motific ideas that started coming into the texture that represented certain characters. Roslin's theme was set to lyrics a second time for the third season premiere "Occupation", this time in Armenian. The tune is written in Lydian mode and performed using the bottom register of an alto flute. The duration of song is 01:29. From episode "Secrets and Lies" Music and Lyrics by Bear McCreary. Beyond that conceptual premise, the reality is that orchestral bombast in the score would ruin the carefully constructed sense of realism in the writing and production. I only had a handful of instruments that could play anything melodic. Each major variation of this theme is in a different meter: "Passacaglia" is in 3/4, "The Shape of Things to Come" is in 6/8 and "Allegro" is in 4/4. [15] Earlier in a live performance on June 13, 2009, McCreary was joined onstage at the piano by Katee Sackhoff performing the intro to "All Along the Watchtower" as a reenactment of the scene in "Someone to Watch Over Me". The theme became a general theme for the Cylons and Cylon Raiders in particular, a development that is highly prominent in "Scar". The Cylon theme was first introduced when Karl "Helo" Agathon ran from the Cylon centurions in "33", then later throughout the first season as the Cylons pursued Helo and Sharon. Battlestar Galactica is an American science fiction television series, created by Glen A. Larson, that began the Battlestar Galactica franchise. Lesen Sie Rezensionen und Empfehlungen und informieren Sie sich über Tracklisten, beteiligte Personen und Weiteres. This aspect in particular is an allegory on contemporary politics in light of the War on Terror, where civil liberties are curbed in favor of security; especially in America, but also in Europe. With Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Herbert Jefferson Jr.. After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Mankind, the last major fighter carrier leads a makeshift fugitive fleet in a desperate search for the legendary planet Earth. back to the barn - Back to base. Numero Sei ti chiama. Later, Thrace attempts to bury the hatchet with Tigh, only to have Tigh similarly reject her offer (Bastille Day). This page (like all pages on this wiki) was imported from the original English-language Battlestar Wiki based on what was available in the Wayback Machine in early 2017. So when I started the series, I had an extremely limited palette – a lot of percussion. The theme was further developed as a "destiny" cue in "Maelstrom", in which Starbuck, before her own apparent demise, appears to commune with Leoben and her deceased mother. It affects every character in the series, but particular examples are noted below. Tens of thousands of light-years from our Earth, a race of sentient mammalian bipeds became the dominant life form on an Earth-like planet named Kobol. Note: The Gaelic lyrics are printed in the Season 1 soundtrack. Themes in Battlestar Galactica (RDM) This page (like all pages on this wiki) was imported from the original English-language Battlestar Wiki based on what was available in the Wayback Machine in early 2017. The "Worthy of Survival" theme was developed as a melancholy variation of the "Prelude to War" cue used to score the combat scenes in "Pegasus" and "Resurrection Ship, Parts 1 and 2". – Tauron is the official language on Tauron, it shows great resemblance to ancient Greek – It suffered through colonization from both Virgon and Leonis – During the Tauron Civil War (occurred 93 years Before Cylon Holocaust) a lot of Taurons relocated to Caprica to escape from a … To download a Cylon's consciousness into a storage device instead of a new body. Vervollständigen Sie … Lee "Apollo" Adama's theme is a slow, sad piece that is rarely heard on the show: McCreary attributes this to the inflexibility of Apollo's theme, as opposed to Starbuck's, which has spawned many variations. Some of the sections of the theme have connections to the Colonial theme, each being a primary theme in the Miniseries, and some parts are frequently interwoven, stemming from both usage in the first track "Are You Alive? Om God bhur bhuvah svaha Giver of all life, remover of all pain and suffering, giver of all happiness. In the Miniseries, Tigh attempts to make peace with Thrace, only to have the offer thrown back in his face. In the prequel show Caprica, the original theme is heard relatively unaltered before the beginning of a professional Pyramid [8] game, giving the impression that it is the National Anthem of either the Colony of Caprica or, given that Caprica is the capital of the Colonies, the Twelve Colonies as a whole. They are forced to flee under the protection of their one remaining warship, the outdated Battlestar Galactica. Theme appears in different variations as "Are You Alive? 14 ("Moonlight" Sonata). It plays again as Roslin decides to concede the presidential election to Doctor Gaius Baltar in "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2". The classic adventure of a ragtag fleet of humans, the sole survivors of a devastating nuclear attack by the robot cylons. It is almost always performed on a gamelan. Also known as the "Cylon overlord theme", this simple 9-note motif was composed by Richard Gibbs for the Miniseries. He is informed by his internal Number Six that the mysterious infant he sees within — apparently Hera Agathon — is "the first of a new generation of God's children" and "the face of the shape of things to come." For the first season, a different cue was used in North America than for broadcasts taking place in other regions. This is called Apocalypse (Theme From the Plan) A cursory search revealed this Wiki (2004_TV_series) That and the comments in the you tube link you posted suggest that is is The Gayatri mantra in sanskrit. One has to be worthy of surviving." The audience can easily view him as less worthy of life than a Cylon. When Adama calls off the planned assassination of Admiral Cain, he says verbatim "It's not enough to survive. Starbuck's relationship with her mother was a criminally abusive one: her mother beat her regularly and broke many of her bones when she was a child (The Farm). It appears in the pilot episode and again in the episode "There is Another Sky". Bear McCreary changed so… líadan Like. In April 2008, more than 1,000 fans attended two sold-out shows at L.A.'s Roxy on Sunset Boulevard, with some fans flying in from as far as Britain and Australia. Tigh's theme is inspired by present-day military hymns, and, along with Kat's theme from "The Passage", represents almost the only use of orchestral brass in the entire score. Proofreading requested. The Battlestar Galactica: Season Two soundtrack will be available in stores or from on June 20, 2006. Soon after, however, he risks Chief Tyrol's life by injecting him with a toxin to acquire information from Galactica-Sharon (Resistance). Exploration/Theme From Battlestar Galactica (Album Version) by Los Angeles Philharmonic. "[10] Cinefantastique finds it "richly textural" and "drawing deeply from ethnic and world beat music. The planet where all life started. Directed by Richard A. Colla, Alan J. Levi. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. In the beginning, producers preferred other sounds: They didn't want an orchestral sound. Or $0.89 to buy MP3. Several previously established themes are re-visited: for example, the Adama family theme ("Admiral and Commander"), Starbuck's theme (in the cues taken from "Maelstrom") and the "Worthy of Survival" theme ("Gentle Execution"). The character of Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace has acquired two distinct themes over the course of the series. This article notes and summarizes them. Jump to: navigation, search. Maledetto sia tuo cuore Cylone Caprica-Sharon's ambivalent treatment, whether she is a machine and thing or a human being with feelings, is a running question until the beginning of Season 3 when she is given a commission as an officer. Battlestar Galactica. We4akeas-agiyen the idea.thatjmeJ3adjtiQnalspace opera, with its stocky characters, techno-double-talk, bumpy-headed aliens, thespian histrionics, and Featuring artist: Raya Yarbrough. The final version serves as the outro to "An Easterly View", which plays as Admiral Adama sits next to Laura Roslin's grave in the series finale. Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger states that Bear McCreary on Battlestar Galactica as well as Lost's Michael Giacchino do "transcendent work in an area [composing for television] that's too often underappreciated. Commander Adama launches a coup d'état to overthrow the civilian government ( TRS: " Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II "), but becomes convinced that it was an error ( TRS: " Home, Part II "). So it ultimately benefited the show, because I started writing for non-traditional instruments and I still had to find ways for those instruments to speak musically the same way that an orchestral score would – meaning that the drama still had to be there; I just couldn’t use twenty-four horns and sixty strings – I had a couple of frame drums and a duduk! Time: 02:36. The show will be headed by “Mr Robot” Exec. E porta tachi a spillo. Tyrol's theme was first devised as a love theme for Tyrol and Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, but was shelved after its first use because the two characters ended their relationship immediately thereafter. Language (s) : English. 1 Dialect 2 Slang and nicknames 3 Acronyms 4 Measurements 5 External links 2-alpha - Voluntary Mission. For this Assignment i had to compose a short opening theme. According to McCreary's blog, a future international tour and a possible concert CD and DVD is currently in the works. The episode was written by series creator Ronald D. Moore, and the television directoral debut of Michael Rymer.Moore and executive producer David Eick made the decision to slot this episode as the first of the season because of its potential impact on the audience. The anthem is actually the main theme music of the original Battlestar Galactica series, originally composed by Stu Phillips. The track listing for the fourth season soundtrack was announced by Bear McCreary on his blog on 19 June 2009. "Worthy of Survival" returned in its most tragic and melancholy statement as the cue playing over Saul Tigh's uxoricide of Ellen Tigh. Battlestar Galactica Main Title (Gayatri Mantra) (English translation) Artist: Bear McCreary. The North American DVD and Blu-Ray releases have used the theme music that was used for the broadcast of the respective episodes. This resulted in her abandoning her own civilian fleet after stripping them for parts, shooting her own Executive Officer for failure to order an ill-advised attack, torturing enemy prisoners of war, having no regard for the civilian government, and ordering summary executions of crewmen. Battlestar Galactica - Main Theme. In her own words, "I'm a screw-up... try and keep that in mind" (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I). Finally, in July of 1995, Maximum Press (a Rob Liefeld imprint) published a miniseries that continued the Galactica mythos, and ignored the storyline from Galactica 1980.This miniseries is also known as the War of Eden.. Many of the leitmotifs of the show were introduced in this opus, including the Adama family theme, Boomer's theme, the Cylon theme and Starbuck's theme. Share. In the third season soundtrack, it features in the track "Violence and Variations", where it is interwoven with Lee and Kara's love theme, and "Under the Wing." / Battlestar Galactica Main Title.". [16], Music of Battlestar Galactica (reimagining), "The Themes of Battlestar Galactica, Part III", "The Score: Bear McCreary - From "Battlestar Galactica" to "Terminator, "Sepinwall on TV: Michael Giacchino and Bear McCreary, score keepers", "SoundtrackNet: Battlestar Galactica: Season Four Soundtrack", Scoring Sessions Photo Gallery at, Of Duduks and Dylan: Negotiating Music and the Aural Space, Interview with Bear McCreary, March 23, 2009, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Original Television Soundtrack,, Articles to be expanded from September 2010, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Are You Alive? For the sequence of episodes dealing with Gaius Baltar's experiences on a Cylon Basestar, series creator Ronald D. Moore wished to use "unsettlingly familiar classical piano music": his initial idea was to use Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. The word “theme” was something that the producers wanted to avoid as they re-launched Galactica, I think because they felt that strong, orchestral fanfare had been done to death in science fiction. Listen to The Hit Crew Battlestar Galactica Theme MP3 song. Battlestar Galactica: Naturalistic Science Fiction or Taking the Opera out of Space Opera Our goal is nothing less than the reinvention of the science fiction television series. This theme is a simple waltz, inspired by traditional Celtic ballads, and serves as a "love theme" for Laura Roslin and William Adama. Below is a list of terms used in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica mythos. The music of Battlestar Galactica makes use of the technique called "leitmotif". Read 72 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. [12] A ballet based on McCreary's scores for Galactica premiered on March 7, 2009 for a 13-week run. Performances range from a full choral arrangement ("The Hand of God", "Home, Part 1") to a more subtle performance on an Irish whistle ("Resistance"). The theme in general is also shown in the prominent dichotomy between Commander Adama and Admiral Cain, who holds a "survival at any cost" philosophy. The music of the 2004 TV series Battlestar Galactica is a body of work largely credited to the composers Bear McCreary and Richard Gibbs. The human race is on the run. Battlestar Galactica at its end indicated that the value of a life lies in what choices the person makes with it, not in whether that person is human or cylon--not in how they were made or with what intention, but in whether they learn from their mistakes and try to be better than those who came before. However, a musical theme is more … These mammalian bipeds were indistinguishable from the humans of Earth right down to the cellular level. All seven albums have been released on the La-La Land Records label. (source: The Darkness in the Light by Dr. P Bradley Carey) GALACTICA- Kobol, the mother world of all humans. McCreary was interested in producing an organic sound using real instruments.[2]. In "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2", it plays as Baltar has a vision amid the ruins of the Opera House on Kobol of that structure as it was during Kobol's glory days. Translations: English, German. ", This page was last edited on 7 February 2021, at 22:38. The strings, when they come up, suddenly sound special and unique, and when those episodes come up, I think viewers are subconsciously drawn to them because it sounds bigger, whereas if we plastered every episode with strings that effect would be lost. This is one of the central themes of the series according to Ronald D. Moore and explored throughout the series. The "worldwide" cue followed the same structure, but with the funeral cue replaced by a vocal rendition of the Gayatri Mantra: A literal translation of the Gayatri verse proper can be given as: "May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the god: From the second season on, the North American broadcasts used the same Gayatri Mantra title theme as the rest of the world. The next soundtrack, consisting entirely of music from Razor and The Plan, neither of which had previously had music featured on a soundtrack, was released on February 23, 2010. "Wayward Soldier" and "Violence and Variations" develop the second season's use of strings, as exemplified by "Prelude to War". This song is sung by Stu Phillips. Duration : 01:32. boxing or to be boxed- originally a Cylon term. Themes in Battlestar Galactica (RDM) From Battlestar Wiki. Both Kara Thrace and Saul Tigh share an outward problem, alcoholism. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. In 1978, Battlestar Galactica appeared, an SF television series starring Lorne Greene of Bonanza fame and a cast of young actors. Introduced in season three's "Unfinished Business", this piece accompanies the tempestuous affair between pilots Lee Adama and Kara Thrace. . This mix includes several thematically related tracks, mainly from season 3. Theme from Battlestar Galactica: Stu Phillips & Glen Larson: 1:32: Theme From Battlestar Galactica: Stu Phillips & Glen Larson: 1:32: Theme From Battlestar Galactica: The Silver Screen Orchestra: 1:31: Theme From Battlestar Galactica: cover: Stu Phillips: 1:33: Theme From Battlestar Galactica: The Galaxy Sound Orchestra: 1:33: Theme From Battlestar Galactica (disco version) The duration of song is 01:32. Battlestar Galactica Theme song from the album Battlestar Galactica is released on Aug 2014 . Listen to The Hit Crew Battlestar Galactica Theme MP3 song. Variations of the theme can also be heard by Saul Tigh in "He That Believeth In Me", the four of the final cylons revealed thus far in "Revelations", and Samuel Anders (who remembers playing the song on guitar) in "Sometimes A Great Notion" . Laura Roslin's theme was first introduced in first season finale "Kobol's Last Gleaming" to help underscore the spiritual and mysterious discovery of Kobol. Stu Phillips (born September 9, 1929) is an American composer of film scores and television-series theme music, conductor and record producer. bhargo devasya dhimahi Remove my sins the light of all that is good and let us focus on this. Find Battlestar Galactica (1978) on and the NBC App. Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama) and Grace Park (Boomer/Athena) made appearances. In the Battlestar Galactica universe, in both 1978 and 2004 instances, Kobol is the birthplace of humanity - from which the twelve (13?) It was supposed to be explained in "Unfinished Business", but the relevant scenes were cut. Starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict, it ran for the 1978–79 season before being canceled. The duration of song is 01:29. Only 1 left ... Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. dhiyo yo nah prachodayat Guide my soul on the path of light. This song is sung by The Hit Crew. [2] To save on expenses McCreary typically works with 9-10 musicians. The circumstances which brought this about are unknown, however. McCreary is credited as sole composer for 26 of the 30 tracks on the Season 1 soundtrack. Ever since, Starbuck has been a wildcard, always finding it hard to settle down in a relationship. Orchestral music began to be introduced near the end of the first season. / Battlestar Galactica Main Title" [5:28], "Apollo Is Gone / Starbuck Returns" [2:19], "Two Funerals" (from "Act of Contrition") [3:26], "Starbuck Takes On All Eight" (from "Act of Contrition") [3:46], "The Card Game" (from "Act of Contrition") [3:04], "Starbuck On the Red Moon" (from "You Can't Go Home Again") [2:01], "Two Boomers" (from "Six Degrees of Separation") [1:48], "The Dinner Party" (from "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down") [3:14], "Baltar Panics" (from "Six Degrees of Separation") [1:46], "Flesh and Bone" (from "Flesh and Bone") [4:06], "Battle On the Asteroid" (from "The Hand of God") [6:53], "Wander My Friends" (from "The Hand of God") [2:58], "Kobol's Last Gleaming" (from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Parts I and II") [2:49], "Destiny" (from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II") [4:44], "The Shape of Things to Come" (from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II") [2:56], "Bloodshed" (from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II") [1:51], "Colonial Anthem" ("Theme from Battlestar Galactica") (from ", "A Promise to Return" (from "The Farm") [3:03], performed by the Supernova String Quartet, "Lords of Kobol" (from "Pegasus") [2:50], featuring Raya Yarbrough, vocals, "Gina Escapes" (from "Resurrection Ship, Part 2") [2:00], "Dark Unions" (from "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2") [2:53], "The Cylon Prisoner" (from "Pegasus") [3:51], featuring Bt4, vocals, "Prelude to War" (from "Pegasus" and "Resurrection Ship, Parts 1 and 2") [8:22], "Reuniting the Fleet" (from "Home, Parts 1 and 2") [2:45], "Roslin Confesses" (from "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2") [2:09], "One Year Later" (from "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2") [1:43], "Worthy of Survival" (from "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" and "Exodus Part 2") [3:35], "Black Market" (from "Black Market") [5:48], featuring Steve Bartek, guitar, "Storming New Caprica" (from "Exodus, Part 2") [7:48], "Refugees Return" (from "Exodus, Part 2") [3:43], "The Dance" (from "Unfinished Business") [2:33], "Adama Falls" (from "Unfinished Business") [1:46], "Fight Night" (from "Unfinished Business") [2:27], "Gentle Execution" (from "Exodus, Part 2") [3:28], "Mandala in the Clouds" (from "Maelstrom") [4:10], "Deathbed and Maelstrom" (from "Maelstrom" and "He That Believeth in Me") [5:53], "Funeral Pyre" (from "Sometimes a Great Notion") [3:57], featuring Kandyse McClure, "Roslin and Adama Reunited" (from "The Hub") [1:59], "Gaeta’s Lament" (Instrumental) (from "Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?")