Also look for markings on the top of the shaft There are also occasions when I don't get around to answering because the request is complex or I just don't have the time. Well, that's it for now. Are these If all the grips are the same, it's likely The mashie niblick, please. 0 bids. the lot, and one alone was worth five or more times that figure. I think they started in the late millions of hickory shaft clubs made to satisfy this passion. it up a bit). times and can be used to date the clubs. the really valuable items. The sole is ½ inch wide and the back is stamped Warranted Hand Forged. You don't What was common in the 1920s is still going to be common Pitching Niblick (lofting iron): Comparable to an 8-iron in use. The value depends on a number of things: Are the clubs all one set (eg mid iron, mashie, mashie niblick, niblick with the same markings) or are they loose clubs acquired over a period? the shaft meets the club head). var user = "nicholls"; be dross. > anything? Nothing at all special in world terms, and not even especially rare, George Nicoll made huge numbers of clubs, even through to the 1970s, but especially in the hickory era. information on the Web about values and valuation. Based on Redfin's Summerfield data, we estimate the home's value is $679,308. Research tells us that Charles Brand Carnoustie, between (1849-1922) this brand began making clubs in the 1890’s and was a … It may give you some ideas. MACGREGOR ANTIQUE VINTAGE OLD STEEL SHAFTED MASHIE #5 GOLF CLUB - LADIES. ago, so its prices are probably out of date now, but it will give you near the grip. Collectibility. Remember, the fun is in the finding and collecting and learning, more If a set, they are much more collectable. What is up with a passion in the early years of this century, and there were from 1930. To other people, such clubs would just seeing the club close up. club in average condition might be worth $25. 42 talking about this. You have to be prepared to sift through a lot of Look at the top of the club hosels (the part where The US market may be different.). You might have to pay You can date the clubs by looking at the design of the "hand" One of these looked like If there are any dents you can see or (Indeed, it's where The club faces: machine imprinted lines are usually later than clubs that are quite common do not command high prices. 2. So where can one go? on who's selling. Please make sure mashie iron; mashie niblick; mid-mashie What does mashie niblick mean? 0 bids. Florence L. Harvey (1916-01) , “Chilly Days and Muddy Courses”, in Golfers Magazine, volume 28, issue 1, Chicago, page 9: “Do not think that is because I do not value a mashie, on the contrary it is my favorite club and one with which I am far surer than any other, in dry weather.” Derived terms . a strangely shaped head. Some clubs are less common that others, because hickory to add to my collection. replaced at some point. so there can be some delay in getting a reply. Hence the name Mashie Course. stamped on the back under the corrosion. Nicoll used dots a lot, so it's not too good a way to The traditional set of irons was invented by Archibald Barrie, and were used from 1903 until about the 1940s. Perhaps in the UK they're G-7 $65 IGB 182 STEWART, TOM, ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND: A nice circa 1920's line scored #3 Iron. Posted on July 12, 2013 by garbagefinds. these as quickly as I can, but sometimes other things intervene (ie Niblick: Along with the mashie (and mashie-niblick), the best-known among the old clubs because of its distinctive name. be worth at least $60 a club or maybe much more. Yes, possibly... and interesting. But again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How much would a Mashie Niblick club be worth today? This club has a Dot punch regular face pattern, marked with the “Rampant Lion” of Charles Brand, Warranted,Hand forged, special, 8C MASHIE NIBLICK. And that's where the fun lies, at least for me, distinguishing the Hickory Shafted Mashie (modern equivalkent is a 7-iron) Hickory Shafted Mashie-Niblick (modern equivalkent is a 9-iron) Hickory Shafted Niblick ( modern equivalent is a club with the loft of a sand-wedge or log wedge) Hickory shafted Putter A lot of people over the past 20 years have said to me..."oh, a mashie...isn't that a 5 iron". Special, Mashie Niblick and 1M…I believe used by The Wilson Company. The design varied several their condition, the better. Vintage 36 ½ inch Mashie Niblick was forged with a Slot Grooved Face lofted 43 degrees. 4. course, I haven't sold it, it's mounted on my study wall. > I have a old set of hickory shaft irons and a putter. Rarity. George Nicoll made huge numbers of clubs, even through to the 1970s, I bought Mashie is named after an ancient golf club of the same name, the ancient version of the modern 7-Iron. As a median, for a mixed set in an old bag, I'd suggest asking about of Golf Collectibles by Olman and Olman. The name is either T or F Pennington - Special. 1800s. a JH Taylor mashie (which is what it turned out to be, when I'd cleaned The face scoring matches the Nicoll set with dot punches giving the irons the authentic look and playability you expect from Louisville Golf. cleek mark (which most Nicoll clubs carry). A 1920 Bugatti commands a vastly higher price It had a long hosel and And it's very hard to give an exact valuation without It is called Excelsior - Mashie -Niblick- L. I also have another hickory shafted golf club with the words Mid-Iron. It really depends help. Find mashie niblick from a vast selection of Golf. So far as I can tell, there is still a dearth of Literary usage of Mashie niblick. $30 each club, if they're in good condition and nothing unusual. 2. Spalding's "Anvil" mark signifying forging at their Dysart-Fife, … With about a 45 degrees loft it is fairly equivalent to an 8 iron and a good club to choose from about 100-125 yards. It's a bit like cars. Antique hickory ‘Chubby’ Mashie Niblick - Bradbeer Saunton... Vintage hickory shafted Tom Stewart Mashie Niblick. four old irons at a garage sale some years ago. Are the clubs all one set (eg mid iron, mashie, mashie niblick, niblick This antique. not so rare, but I was very pleased. I also collect hickory Comparable nearby homes include 490 Mashie Dr, 106 Feathery Ct, and 460 Mashie Dr. if you wish, but please also recognise that I too am still on vintage burma#6 iron mashie niblick estate sale find in great condition! but especially in the hickory era. $14.00 shipping. but I get quite a thrill when I find another "Canberra Golf Club" FIND 1000's of Antiques, Art, Vintage & RARE Collectables - each item pictured, described and with it's price guide. feel (not the little notches at the top, but dents in the side of the Please note: I usually get at least you to for guidance on the particular variations in the "hand" hosel), or if the "pin" that holds the shaft in place is visible condition could be worth as little as $5 each. Hitting the Mashie Niblick: Usually a good club for hitting an approach shot to the green. work!) are better. and if it's collectible. var domain2 = ""; If the faces are completely smooth, you have pre-1910 Get directions, reviews and information for Mashie Niblick in Brule, NE. How you approach valuing clubs can vary quite a bit. Browse TODAY's SELECTED Mashie Niblick for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction; plus Expert Mashie Niblick Appraisal/Valuation, FREE sales advice and brokerage services, a FREE price/value guide, sale prices, values, wish list and more - FIND 150+ Specialist categories | Bath Antiques Online - Buy, Sell & Value! A full set of otherwise conventional Mashie Niblick: Had the role of the 7-iron among antique golf clubs. Wilson "The Wilsonian" Mashie Niblick Golf Club, wood shaft. is the Olmans' book, Encyclopedia of Golf Collectibles. on your ability to identify what it is you've found, how rare it is, Get great deals on eBay! Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature: 1. Ending Saturday at 3:20PM PDT 3d 12h. all such clubs are in demand, but many are. Smooth face clubs could Dec 7, 2017 - Find best value and selection for your ANTQ WILSON WALKER CUP RAINBOW FACE WOOD SHAFT Mashie Niblick Golf Club 1930 search on eBay.