However per the December 1976 Weights and Measures Amendment Act, all foodstuffs must be retailed using the metric system. This research started with Orsman's 1951 thesis and continued with his editing this dictionary. [28] Though requiring a completely “English only” workplace, without a justifiable reason, could be seen as discriminatory. Auckland is the largest city, with around 1 million people. Because of this, there are many plants and animals that only live in New Zealand. The largest city on the South Island is Christchurch. Humans arrived in New Zealand about a thousand years ago, when many moa were living, especially on the South Island. [22], The New Zealand accent appeared first in towns with mixed populations of immigrants from Australia, England, Ireland, and Scotland. (2005). New Zealand was one of the last places in the world that humans discovered, because it is a long way away from most of the world. Mär 2008 10:00. The phonology in this section is of an educated speaker of New Zealand English, and uses a transcription system designed by Bauer et al. Although the first Chinese migrants had been invited by the Otago Provincial government they quickly became a target of hostility from settlers and laws were enacted specifically to discourage them from coming to New Zealand thereafter. )2.1% (2009 est. The word spud for potato, now common throughout the English-speaking world, is first recorded in New Zealand English.[40]. Captain James Cook’s explorations of Australia and New Zealand after 1770 were in part an exercise in private enterprise and scientific inquiry. New Zealand English (NZE) is the variant of the English language spoken and written by most English-speaking New Zealanders. Wellington is in the middle of New Zealand, at the south end of the North Island. This is true only for the two main islands; for smaller islands, the usual preposition "on" is used – for example, "on Stewart Island" (the third largest), or "on Waiheke Island" (the third most populous). Wellington is the second largest city in New Zealand. This page was last edited on 5 April 2021, at 01:56. Some examples of such words in New Zealand English are bobby pin for the British hair pin[citation needed], muffler for silencer, truck for lorry, station wagon for estate car, stove for cooker, creek[41] over brook or stream, hope chest for bottom drawer,[citation needed] eggplant for aubergine, median strip for central reservation, stroller for pushchair[citation needed], pushup for press-up, potato chip for potato crisp, cellphone or cell over the British mobile phone or mobile. A second edition was published in 1990. They are always (except on maps) referred to as "the North Island" and "the South Island". When the tower zoo closed down in 1835, all the animals where moved to the new London Zoo in Regent’s Park. [39] In general, the knowledge of non-metric units is lessening. Steckbrief David. Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen. Apr 2012 16:57. It has been the capital since 1865. Before Fame. David Laxon from Mt Albert Grammar School and Samantha Romijn from Wellington Girls’ College will represent New Zealand at the IDO 2020 (International German Olympics) in Dresden. Gained notoriety for his role as Archie Andrews on the CW series Riverdale, he also portrayed Kane Jenkins on New Zealand's popular TV2 soap opera Shortland Street. They belong to the same taxonomic family as kangaroos and sometimes the same genus, but kangaroos are specifically categorised into the four largest species of the family. New Zealand English has a number of dialectal words and phrases. The Prime Minister is Jacinda Ardern, leader of the Labour Party. [2] Its language code in ISO and Internet standards is en-NZ. 9) In August 2019, Greta travelled on a wind and solar-powered boat from Plymouth, UK, to New York, USA – the journey took 15 days! New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. When that split (End-Triassic/early Jurassic), New Zealand became part of the southern supercontinent Gondwana. Doona is an Australian trade mark for a brand of duvet/quilt. Bob Marley was one of the few reggae legends in the music history. This colourful history of unofficial and official settlement of peoples from all over Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Asia and the intermingling of the people with the indigenous Māori brought about what would eventually evolve into a "New Zealand accent" and a unique regional English lexicon. The Influence of Maori on the New Zealand English Lexicon. health and education), where legislation requires that proceedings and documents be translated into Māori (under certain circumstances, and when requested). The English language was established in New Zealand by colonists during the 19th century. Several words and phrases common in Scots or Scottish English persist there: examples include the use of wee for "small", and phrases such as to do the messages meaning "to go shopping". Recognisable regional variations are slight, except for Southland and the southern part of neighbouring Otago, with its "Southland burr." Close Search. The moa became extinct about five hundred years ago. To assist with and maintain this work, the New Zealand Dictionary Centre was founded in 1997. This often has the effect of making their statement sound like another question. James Cook was a naval captain, navigator and explorer who, in 1770, charted New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia on his ship HMB Endeavour. Americanization of New Zealand society and language has subtly and gradually been taking place since World War II and especially since the 1970s,[26] as has happened also in neighbouring Australia. Explore. It is made up of two large islands (the North Island and the South Island) and many smaller islands. Get the latest BBC World News: international news, features and analysis from Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States and Canada. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Zeeland is a province of the Netherlands. Jun 2009 14:38 Muttersprache: griechisch Hat sich bedankt: 0 Danksagung erhalten: 0. From the beginning of the haphazard Australian and European settlements and latter official British migrations, a new dialect began to form by adopting Māori words to describe the different flora and fauna of New Zealand, for which English did not have words of its own. This name is derived from the kiwi, a flightless native bird that is considered the country's national bird. Juli - 08. After Christmas in England she and the duke set out in January 1952 for a tour of Australia and New Zealand, but en route, at Sagana, Kenya, news reached them of the king’s death on February 6, 1952. The proportion of New Zealand's area (excluding estuaries) covered by rivers, lakes and ponds, based on figures from the New Zealand Land Cover Database, "Protocol for using New Zealand's National Anthems", "QuickStats About Culture and Identity: Languages spoken", "Understanding and Working with Ethnicity Data", "National Population Estimates: September 2011 quarter", "QuickStats About New Zealand's Population and Dwellings: Population counts", "NZ eighth happiest country in the world", "Place Summaries | New Zealand | Stats NZ", "QuickStats About Culture and Identity - Statistics New Zealand", "NZ seventh-worst on emissions of 41 nations", "Dairy farming is polluting New Zealand's water", St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,, Pages using infobox country with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, 11 December 1931 (adopted 25 November 1947), New Zealand, like many other small nations, has a strong local media. – Jennie lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 years. These included the militia towns of the North Island and the gold-mining towns of the South Island. 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Other cities in the North Island include Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier/Hastings, New Plymouth, Whanganui, and Palmerston North. "Mobile" and "mobile phone" are predominantly British. For the lizards, especially important is the Tuatara, the only living member of a whole order of reptiles. A device for preventing cattle wandering onto country roads, A raised section of road used to deter excessive speed, Swimwear, swimming costumes, or other clothes designed to be worn in water, Although the greeting "G'day" is as common in New Zealand as it is in Australia, the term "Howdy" can be heard throughout New Zealand, Travel through open or (more often) forested areas on foot, Where there is a difference between British and US spelling (such as, New Zealand English retains the distinctions between, It is usual to form past tenses and past participles of certain verbs with, In words that may be spelt with either an, All abbreviations of words where the last letter of the abbreviation corresponds to the last letter of the full-length word are abbreviated without a full stop in New Zealand English. It includes a one-page list of the approximate date of entry into common parlance of the many terms found in New Zealand English but not elsewhere, such as "haka" (1827), "Boohai" (1920), and "bach" (1905). (2007) specifically to faithfully represent the New Zealand accent. New Zealand was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time. One of the best known is the 2010-2011 group of earthquakes that hit the Christchurch area. This page was last changed on 15 March 2021, at 02:22. Beitrag von xecole » 12. Explore. Just over 2 million New Zealanders are Christian. [44] Regarding grammar, since about 2000 the American gotten has been increasingly commonly used as the past participle of "get"[45] – instead of the standard British English got. [4] The varieties of English that had the biggest influence on the development of New Zealand English were Australian English and Southern England English, with lesser influences from Irish English, Scottish English and the British prestige accent Received Pronunciation (RP). In Englisch bin ich gut, keine Frage! Political discussion and analysis of issues of sovereignty, environmental management, health, and social well-being thus rely on Māori at least in part. Referat verbessern. The European population of New Zealand grew explosively from fewer than 1000 in 1831 to 500,000 by 1881. Language percentages add to more than 100% because some people speak more than one language. It borders on the north of Colorado and Kansas, on the east of Missouri and Arkansas, on the south and the west of Texas and on the west of New Mexico. Australia uses the terms "mobile" and "mobile phone" exclusively. [79], It is commonly held that New Zealand English is spoken very quickly. New Zealand sits at the boundary between the Australian and Pacific continental plates. The most common use of this is in the phrase "She'll be right" meaning either "It will be okay" or "It is close enough to what is required". It has published several more dictionaries of New Zealand English, including The New Zealand Oxford Paperback Dictionary, edited by New Zealand lexicographer Tony Deverson in 1998, culminating in the 1,374-page The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary in 2004, by Tony Deverson and Graeme Kennedy. Apr 2012 16:51 Muttersprache: deutsch Hat sich bedankt: 0 Danksagung erhalten: 0. Despite this, several imperial measures are still widely encountered and usually understood, such as feet and inches for a person's height, pounds and ounces for an infant's birth weight, and in colloquial terms such as referring to drinks in pints. The first Highland Games in New York were in 1836, the most northern games are in Norway and the most southern games are in New Zealand. Thus the abbreviation of. Steckbrief. While both the Māori language and New Zealand Sign Language have official status, as detailed in legislation, this is mostly limited to the right to use these languages in legal proceedings and other limited circumstances. [7] Edited by Harry Orsman (1928–2002), it is a 1,337-page book, with information relating to the usage and pronunciation of terms that were widely accepted throughout the English-speaking world, and those peculiar to New Zealand. Sailors, explorers and traders from Australia and other parts of Europe also settled. (“Knowing Brother”) – She studied in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College. She became Queen when her father, King George VI, died on 6 February 1952. A second edition was published in 1989 with the cover subtitle "the first dictionary of New Zealand English and New Zealand pronunciation". [75], Taranaki has been said to have a minor regional accent, possibly due to the high number of immigrants from the South-West of England. [83], Click on a coloured area to see an article about English in that country or region, "NZE" redirects here. Retrieved 3 September 2012 from, Kennedy, Graham & Shinji Yamazaki 1999. Read UK: Scotland – text sheep. In the Māori language, the country is called Aotearoa, which means "Land of the Long White Cloud". This slim volume lists many of the potentially confusing and/or misleading terms for Americans visiting or emigrating to New Zealand.