Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As a white man of privilege what has transpired, what I see, what I hear is … #ChooseToChallenge is the theme for International Women's Day 2021. That’s how long a police officer kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck. “American police simply were not prepared for the challenge that they faced in terms of planning, logistics, training and police command-and-control supervision,” said Chuck Wexler, the executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit that advises departments on management and tactics. The Black Lives Matter struggle is no longer confined to the national borders of the United States. A … U. Reneé Hall, who resigned as the chief of the Dallas Police Department in the aftermath of protests, said the recent assessments have provided a learning opportunity for departments nationwide. The arrest cards inside the kits were sometimes outdated; the plastic handcuffs in many kits were decayed or broken, a senior police officer later told investigators. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. More than a dozen after-action evaluations have been completed, looking at how police departments responded to the demonstrations — some of them chaotic and violent, most peaceful — that broke out in hundreds of cities between late May and the end of August. Black Lives Matter, the Killing of George Floyd, and the Long Fight for Racial Justice. “What we’ve been doing needs to be acknowledged as a failure,” said Norm Stamper, a former police chief in Seattle, who said he made some of the same missteps while trying to contain the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999, when tear gas unleashed by officers triggered an escalating backlash. But this time was different. Let me begin by saying, I am a white man of privilege. From midsize departments like the one in Indianapolis to big-city forces like New York City’s, from top commanders to officers on the beat, police officers nationwide were unprepared to calm the summer’s unrest, and their approaches consistently did the opposite. In Los Angeles, police did not have enough buses to transport arrested people — a problem the department has had for a decade — and did not plan appropriately for field jails. The Global Legacy Of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protests : Rough Translation Five personal stories from five continents on the global impact of George Floyd. And until there are no more — the battle continues. At some protests, marchers stood in silence for the amount of time Floyd struggled to … The scene outside the courthouse as the first week of the trial comes to a close. Eight minutes, 46 seconds — a father, a brother, a friend, an unarmed Black man was murdered on the street, in broad daylight. Inquiries into law enforcement’s handling of the George Floyd protests last summer found insufficient training and militarized responses — a widespread failure in policing nationwide. Mario Tama/Getty Image By Kim Barker, Mike Baker and Ali Watkins. News|Black Lives Matter ... Floyd was Black. The authors are not currently officers, directors, or board members of any organization with a financial or political interest in this article. Eight minutes, 46 seconds. The authors did not receive financial support from any firm or person for this article or from any firm or person with a financial or political interest in this article. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and numerous others, plus the Black Lives Matter protests, confirmed what my students of color had told me for years. Those first days of protest after Mr. Floyd’s killing presented an extraordinary law enforcement challenge, experts say, one that few departments were prepared to tackle. Now we must turn protest to policy. At some protests, marchers stood in silence for the amount of time Floyd struggled to … But the new training lasted only two hours. George Floyd: ¿qué es y cómo surge el movimiento Black Lives Matter? This time Floyd’s murder ignited a wave of national and then global protest, a wave that is leading to changes in symbols of racism – from flags to statues – in stances of corporations, in hopes of real police reform, and of overdue reparations to Black Americans. George Floyd struggled, pleading for his life: “I can’t breathe,” until he drew his final breaths, calling for his mother. Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune, via Associated Press. In Denver, officers used similar “less lethal” weapons against people who yelled about officers’ behavior. Giant Black Lives Matter mural painted across from George Floyd’s high school. “The accounts of senior leadership on this point were sharply conflicting and profoundly confused,” the report said. A week into the protests, The Washington Post stated that the current situation suggests that the status quo was undergoing a shock, with the article stating "the past days have suggested that something is changing. News|Black Lives Matter ... Floyd was Black. The Twitter traffic shows that protest-related tweets, initially strongly centered on George Floyd, quickly widened to be about Black Lives Matter more generally: At the same time that the protests broadened from the specific case to the general cause, the movement spread out geographically, from an initial concentration in Minneapolis to other U.S. cities and other nations. Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis was one that may have been added to the long tally of Black Americans who have died at the hands of police officers. No matter who we are, no matter where we’re from, no matter what we do — we matter. All told, the reports suggest the likelihood of problems in the event of future protests. On May 29, Indianapolis police showed up with helmets, face shields, reinforced vests and batons. In Raleigh, N.C., a consulting firm that reviewed body cameras and other footage said videos appeared to show officers using pepper spray indiscriminately. At least six people were killed; hundreds were injured; thousands were arrested. In Raleigh, N.C., officers said they were supposed to be trained to manage crowds annually, but those trainings were often canceled. In many ways, the problems highlighted in the reports are fundamental to modern American policing, a demonstration of the aggressive tactics that had infuriated many of the protesters to begin with. “We’ll be doing this time and time again in the years ahead, unless we are ready for a hard assessment.”, In City After City, Police Mishandled Black Lives Matter Protests, police also did not understand how angry people were. Senior law enforcement officers in Cleveland developed plans to manage a large protest but did not share the details with patrol supervisors. Departments also were criticized for not planning for protests, despite evidence that they would be large. The New York Times reviewed reports by outside investigators, watchdogs and consultants analyzing the police response to protests in nine major cities, including four of the nation’s largest. Now we must turn protest to policy. . The protests, some peaceful and some violent, began after a black man named George Floyd died after a police officer held him down in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US on Monday, May 25. The Times also reviewed after-action examinations by police departments in five other major cities. Here's what you should know. The department deployed officers in ordinary uniforms and encouraged them “to calmly engage in discussion” with protesters, the report said. How many Black lives have to be taken before something is done? George Floyd, a survivor’s guilt and a global Black Lives Matter. Protests continue across the US and elsewhere around the world over police treatment of black people. Officers need more training to manage their emotions and aggressions as part of de-escalation strategies. In more than 580 cities and towns across the United States, hundreds of thousands of Americans have gathered together to protest the police killing of an African American man named George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Protesters clashing with members of the Chicago Police Department in August. Using Twitter locations and location hashtags, we can see how on May 28th Minneapolis was the epicenter: But by June 2nd, the protest movement (as measured in Twitter location hashtags) had spread across the nation and around the world: The sense that “this time is different” is palpable in our institutions and our communities, and our analysis here shows how quickly the movement grew. In Chicago, officers were given arrest kits so old that the plastic handcuffs were decayed or broken. Naming. A confrontation between protesters and the police in Brooklyn in May. Race gaps in COVID-19 deaths are even bigger than they appear, Race gaps in SAT scores highlight inequality and hinder upward mobility. In part, the reports acknowledged, that was because of the chaos. The police were supposed to have “mass arrest” kits to take large numbers of people into custody, but many kits were from 2012, the report found. Now, months after the demonstrations that followed the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police in May, the full scope of the country’s policing response is becoming clearer. Senior police officials in Chicago, when interviewed after the protests ended, still did not know who was in charge of responding to the demonstrations that day. From the neighborhoods of Sanford to the streets of Minneapolis and everywhere in between. For the analyses presented here, we focus on the following information: time when the tweets was created, location of the user, the full text of the tweet or retweet, and hashtags used (which were extracted from the full text of the tweets). The recent Black Lives Matter protests peaked on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States. The George Floyd uprising has brought us hope. The Minneapolis Police Department has a history of conflict with the Black community. Chicago police also did not have enough computers to process large numbers of arrestees. #ChooseToChallenge is the theme for International Women's Day 2021. Every single Black life matters. Black Lives Matter, the Killing of George Floyd, and the Long Fight for Racial Justice. “They were dressed in riot gear,” the protester said. Many held signs that read "Black Lives Matter," while others kneeled. ITV daytime show This Morning briefly went dark, showing a black screen with the words “Black Lives Matter”. First, topic bundles that pertained to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Regis Korvhinski, and more general hashtags that started with #justicefor*name*. Reports in some cities, such as Oakland and Seattle, are not yet completed. An examination of the police response to protests in Los Angeles noted a lack of command-level training for such events. The Black Lives Matter protests peaked on … A police officer involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, has been … “We did the same things and made a lot of the same mistakes,” Ms. Hall said. “We continue to make the same mistakes,” Mr. Stamper said. A Black Lives Matter mural painted on the street outside George Floyd's alma mater, Jack Yates High School, in Houston. The police killing of George Floyd has sparked a worldwide reckoning. Protestors’ calls for justice, police accountability, and for an end to the systemic racism deeply … All found that police wearing so-called “riot gear” or deploying military-style weapons and tear gas led to the same kind of violence police were supposed to prevent.