International Soccer Showcase. Euro Soccer With such an avenue, footballers from all over the world stand a chance to play European football. Many people are interested in becoming pro, but the opportunities are scarce. Our Kaptiva Sports Academy residential camp is a 2-week summer program that allows players to play and live in the KSA Barcelona facilities. Football Academies looking for players. Get registered for your January 2019 Football Trial … Professional Soccer Tryouts in Europe, Football Tryouts in Europe, Football Tryouts in Italy, Under 18 & Under 21 Soccer Tryout in Italy – AC Perugia ISM Internationale Scouting Center was created from the experience gained by its managers from 1998 to 2005 at the AC Perugia Youth Academy. Soccer scholarships in Europe are available to college, undergraduate, and postgraduate students with a passion for soccer. Dibba Al-Hisn Sports Club, United Arab Emirates is open for overseas During the past 5 years we have built up an extensive scouting network which covers a huge spectrum of Professional & Semi Professional Scouts and contacts in the UK and throughout Europe… A PLATFORM FOR PLAYERS AGED 16-29 SHOWCASING THEIR TALENTS TO EARN A PROFESSIONAL CONTRACT IN ONE OF THE MAJOR EUROPEAN LEAGUES. Come and study at our Soccer Schools in Spain. PEST is providing players a chance to get selected for MULTIPLE EUROPEAN TEAMS. THE ACADEMY Train like a pro, to be a pro with Ex La Liga Coach. Football trials in Europe for international players allow aspiring professional footballers a chance to exhibit their talent to scouts. Not only with double training sessions a day, but also cultural and team building activities, the players receive a fully integrated football program. You will need to employ an agent to represent you, or learn enough about contract law, and how clubs operate so you can represent yourself. Play football with one of Europe's top international soccer camps - Come and play soccer in Spain! Beats basic football trials! Soccer Talent Identification – Soccer Academy in Italy. To start you will need to be playing at a level high enough to get noticed by a European club. They have been conned. 2018 European Showcases Michigan Pro Tryout March 2021 from $ 500.00 Dallas Pro Tryout May 7-9 2021 from $ 500.00 Giving you the best chance to become a Pro player in Spain. Therefore, studying in Europe is an international student with a soccer interest best option. Every year, thousands of young Africans pay men masquerading as football scouts for aeroplane tickets, passports and visas after being promised trials at European clubs. IFX Soccer is a unique soccer agent providing football trials in Europe to qualified players, organizing both semi pro soccer tryouts and pro soccer tryouts. When they land, there is no one to meet them and no sign of a trial. You will train in the mornings with the other international players and our UEFA Pro licensed coaches.. Straight away after joining us, you will train with Professional Spanish Clubs as a football trial in the evenings and weekends. WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE SEEN BY A MINIMUM OF 10 EUROPEAN CLUBS, MLS and USL. Football Trials in Dubai, India, USA, Australia, Egypt & Africa. Also, the student will find studying in Europe all the more profitable with the availability of soccer scholarships for them. Football trials is a period of training during which sports agents (football agents) or clubs organize training sessions and friendly matches allowing them to detect new young talents to join their club that’s for clubs or to be sold during the transfer period for football agents.