Find an automotive paint suppliers and go in and have a look at their "Lechler" paint codes. MAXMEYER® MaxColor The first step in any job is to identify the colour. Each vehicle manufacturer indicates an exterior paint color on the vehicle identification tag. Mar 1, 2019 - Piaggio Vespa Max Meyer Colours: mid 1960s - 1970s The colours shown are from … 268.0983. Paint & Body Maintenance... Vespa Colour Codes Cracked Read the attached on how Colin Judd wizard of the paint shop cracked the mysterious Max Meyer paint codes. 1.823.1500 / 1.880.1600 Max Meyer to PPG Paint Code Conversion Table The original Vespa paint codes are for the Max Meyer Paint Company. By using the MaxMeyer MaxColor Colour tool is both quick and easy.. 2 (light) 2 coats AIR DRYING. 1.3 - 1.4 mm. IMHO don' get hung on paint codes. MaxMeyer listened to the needs of the painter and is launching HS Clear 0520. View property photos, floor plans, local school catchments & lots more on Vespa 98: Max Meyer Paint Code: “Grey” 8003M; Max Meyer Paint Code: “Grey” 8000M Italver LAN 7119M / Max Meyer 16.229 / Glidden Salchi 106A5: If you are using the PPG paint then you may need to download the Max Meyer to PPG conversion chart. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Car paints custom mixed for all cars with a car paint specific colour code. The Max Meyer to PPG conversion chart is avaliable here or your paint shop should be able to help. English. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. How do I take the Max Meyer code to a modern day paint supplier for him to be able to mix that exact colour or be able to give my painter something he would recognise? The Max Meyer Codes are made up of a 5 digit or 8 digit number. Top. Also is there a powder code match code for the Aluminium Max Meyer 1. Updated: December 20, 2020. Max Meyer Metallic kleurcode omgezet in hedendaagse spuitlak.. 1 liter spuitlak incl.verharder en verdunner in de kleurcode die u aangeeft in het betalings menu bij: Opmerkingen. Number of Coats. Application of primer / enamel. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Welcome to Metalflake: the home of automotive refinishing supplies on the web. MaxMeyer's RapidMatch™ X-5 spectrophotometer makes the colour formula selection process easier and quicker than ever before.. If you have a color you have used that has been a good match, let me know the manufacturer and code and I will add it to the specific model as a recommendation. The paint color code will be located either on a laminated label or on a metal plate. Interval between coats. Max Meyer Paint Code: "Red" 1.298.5850 to frame number VSC1T*0016001* Max Meyer Paint Code: "Blue Pavone" 1.298.7220 from 1965 onwards Vespa 180 Rally (VSD1T) Max Meyer Paint Code: "Positano Yellow" 1.298.2902 Max Meyer Paint Code: "Yellow Orange" 1.298.2916 from 1968-1969 Max Meyer Paint Code: "Chrome Yellow" 1.298.2933 from 1970 onwards TDS 'Product name/number' Search. TECOL, Yugoslavia Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Max Meyer, Paint, Varnishes Vespa sprint grijs/blauw metallic Max meyer kleurcode 12680110 . Max Meyer paint codes Apr 7, 2018 0:03:15 GMT via mobile . You'll get a 99.5% perfect match for what you are looking for . Maximum performance, minimum effort: Easy to choose, easy to use. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by rs102890 on Apr 7, 2018 0:03:15 GMT. ... Italver LAN 8062M / Max Meyer AR 16.187 / Glidden Salchi 133E4 ou 106E1: 4/ Azzurro Vincennes Met. If you are using the PPG paint then you may need to download the Max Meyer to PPG 1 conversion chart. U kunt ons ook altijd eerst even mailen om de kleurcode te controleren op The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. B-Max: 2013-Achterklep: 3. La couleur revêt une importance vitale pour une carrosserie, et donc pour la marque MAXMEYER ®.Les carrossiers tirent leur fierté de leur capacité à reproduire toutes les finitions. Practical and user-friendly, RapidMatch™ is a compact device operated via simple two-handed touch controls and is supplied with a convenient, rechargeable docking station. This tool is specifically designed to show primes and variant chips in an easy to find way. Teintes carrosserie / Maserati Mexico Paint Colors and Codes: Voici le catalogue des 33 teintes proposées entre 1966 et 1972 pour la Maserati Mexico. Max Meyer 3011 Topfiller is a high build 2K acrylic primer-filler.In addition to exceptional filling.. £30.00 MaxMeyer is a ppg paint company for the collision sector, which offers Bodyshop solutions for car repairs ranging from primers to clearcoats. RS0-589 PAINT CODE DECAL TRUNK White max Meyer Maxmeyer Bianco BROWN COLOR TRUNK sticker Created with Sketch. MAXMEYER® Colour; Colour Identification; Colour Retrieval; OEM Code Locator; Tinting Guide; Training Alle modellen: 2002-Bestuurders- of pagagiersportier: 2. AEROSOL - Manually, at a distance of 15 - 20 cm. Bv. Hi guys I'm really struggling to find paint for my project. Most of the original Vespa paint codes were for the “Max Meyer” paint suppliers so the original codes will need to be converted for the modern paint suppliers. Home; Products. from the surface of the substrate. Refinish Systems specialise in the supply of paint and associated products to the refinishing industry. Au vue de la diversité des finitions de première monte à l'heure actuelle, cette tâche devient cependant de plus en plus complexe. With over 6,000 products available to buy via this website, no one else offers the level of quality and choice and our prices just can’t be beaten. We stock a large range of Max Meyer Products and over 50 other major brands. KA+: 2016-Op een sticker op de bumper onder de motorkap: Onze evolutie in kleuren ; KLeurwetenschap ; Kleurhulpmidelen. The location of the tag varies by model year and by vehicle manufacturer. Voorbeeld code: B. Nummer Model Jaar Plaats; 1. Vespa Paint Codes Unfortunately the information out there only matches original colors to "Max Meyer" paint codes which don't exist (as far as I know) in the USA...but I figured I'd post them anyway. oem code locator ; usa import and domestic car code locations Codice Max Meyer Codice Max Meyer Denominazione Anno V espa 50 V espa 90 V espa 125 V espa 150 V espa 160 V espa 180 Ape 50 (V espa Comm) Ape 125 (V espa Comm) Ape 150 (V espa Comm) Ape 175 (V espa Comm) Ape 125 (V espa Comm) Ape 190 (V espa Comm) Pentaro Ciclomotore "Ciao" 103 1.268.0103Argento metallizzato 1969 - 70 Finding the right colour formulation and mixing the right colours are key to the success of your Bodyshop. Lechler do hundreds of different hues in any given colour. MAXMEYER ® brand offers your bodyshop a coincise range of quality easy to use refinish products.Thousands of repairers trust MaxMeyer as the brand able to meet their daily challenges and to provide them with the best solutions to their needs. Quote. Max Meyer to PPG Paint Code Conversion Table The original Vespa paint codes are for the Max Meyer Paint Company. bv: Vespa GS 150 metallic grijs Max meyer kleurcode 15005. RapidMatch™ uses advanced optics to measure vehicle colour from five reflective angles. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Our in depth knowledge of colour has led to the development of state of the art colour tools and retrieval software to allow easy identification and retrieval of colour formulations and effective paint management; to help save your Bodyshop time and money. The Max Meyer Codes are made up of a 5 digit or 8 digit number. From the mid-fifties, Max Meyer was present in the motor car and steel rapidly expanding industries with its nitrocellulose paints specifically produced for bodywork. Car Paint repair and Car Paint Touch Up Kits including car paint aerosols made from all colour codes. Download the pdf by ctrl+clicking in the image here below for the USA import and domestic cars locations Gravity spray gun nozzle. Refinish Systems specialise in supplying automotive paint and refinishing products to the professional and DIY enthusiast. The meaning of the codes are as follows; $1.99; $1.99; Publisher Description. Collision; Colour.