Play your favorite music at the touch of a button! Artikel auf Twitter teilen. At recent try, when I clicked on a song, the app just go to a blank player and get stuck. Setting up your Bose SoundLink Air system to work with your Wi Fi® network and Apple device 2 - Duration: 3:44. The products cannot be grouped together through a Bose app. Supports Bose Soundtouch. They cannot work together on different networks. Dienste wie YouTube, die nicht in die SoundTouch App integriert sind, können Sie über eine Bluetooth®-Verbindung streamen. Replace your broken remote control with this app. Bose, which has previously released AirPlay 2 speakers, has now begun a firmware update that will bring the feature to its SoundTouch systems. Last but not least is the Soundbar 700, which runs $799. Via Bluetooth wird WLAN abgestellt ( über WLAN funktioniert AirPlay 2 ). SoundTouch 10. label.custom.product.value. thanks Reset your Bose system; If using iTunes 12.2 or newer, open iTunes and select iTunes > Preferences > Advanced. This last 2 days spotify connect fails to connect to either my SoundTouch 10 or Soundtouch 300. WIRELESS SPEAKER. SoundTouch 10. label.custom.product.value. Bose has announced the launch of AirPlay 2 support for many of its SoundTouch and Lifestyle speakers. Re: Bose SoundTouch AirPlay issues Hi, I operate 5 x Bose Soundtouch 10’s around my house. Bose are cheeky offering a discount on a separate rechargeable battery, for what you are already paying they can throw it in for free. I liked it so much I bought two more . Make sure both the AirPlay device and the SoundTouch system are connected to the same network. So haben Sie noch mehr Auswahlmöglichkeiten. Artikel auf Facebook teilen. Look for the Update.stu file in the footer or header of your browser’s window or in your Downloads folder. I believe this problem likely started 1-2 weeks ago. Firmware update 24.0.7 works with the following models: SoundTouch 10 Apple AirPlay 2 requires a Wi-Fi … Both were working OK before. After the last update the speakers got the airplay 2 compatibility . I have been using my Bose Soundtouch system to play Spotify for years. The other reasons I've read about for it not working is that your SoundTouch speaker has the same name as another AirPlay 2 device on your network - if so, try renaming one of them. Add recognizable labels to your Rooms, Inputs and Scenarios, so that buttons are familiar. Find out which Bose SoundTouch speakers support Apple AirPlay and how to use AirPlay with those speakers. Make sure you have one of the following systems that support either AirPlay 1 or AirPlay 2: Systems with AirPlay 1 SoundTouch 20 ; SoundTouch 20 II; SoundTouch 30; SoundTouch 30 II; SoundTouch Portable; SoundTouch Portable II; SoundTouch SA-4 amplifier; SoundTouch Stereo JC; SoundTouch Stereo JC II; Wave SoundTouch music system; … Just blue. If you are not sure whether your Bose SoundTouch devices support AirPlay, you could do as the above steps do to check the result. No sounds, no information of the song or artist. I have a Bose SoundTouch which I can control from my iPhone or iPad using its SoundTouch app. But one more problem came out . Since the old Apple Airport express A1392 can be updated to firmware 7.8 it now has Airplay 2 compatibility. I finally made it and updated the Bose SoundTouch 10. MyURemote is the ideal replacement when the original lifestyle remote does not work anymore. Even if smaller one . At the prompt, click SAVE to save the Update.stu file to your desktop (do not rename the file). Also funktioniert weiterhin meine Bose Soundtouch mit Airplay „1“ zusammen mit meinem iPhone? Bose has taken to its community support forums to confirm that it will roll out AirPlay 2 support for its SoundTouch speakers by the end of February 2020. Even though the SoundTouch 10, 20 and 30 all offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility and effortless one-touch presets to access your favourite music-streaming services, they each provide different levels of performance to suit different-sized rooms in your home. Same thing for me. If you do not see the prompt, the file may have downloaded automatically. If you do not see the prompt, the file may have been downloaded automatically. However, Apple device owners can use Apple AirPlay 2 to group the Wave SoundTouch music system with Bose Home Speaker family products for multi-room synchronized playback. Three home entertainment systems – the 550, 600 and 650 – complete the list of lucky recipients. Bose AirPlay 2 support continues for existing speaker owners. AirPlay 2 auf der Soundtouch und alle Lautsprecher sind in einem Zeitfenster. As for users of Bose’s SoundTouch speakers, the company says it is still working on AirPlay 2 functionality. It’s the only music service that doesn’t work and Bose customer service says it’s 100% a Spotify issue. The Bose Skill is compatible with all current generation SoundTouch speakers (SoundTouch 10, SoundTouch 20 Series III, SoundTouch 30 Series III, the SoundTouch 300 soundbar, Wave SoundTouch IV, the SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier, the SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter, and the Lifestyle 600 and 650 home entertainment systems) and previous SoundTouch speakers/systems that … If the system or AirPlay device is not connected or has poor connectivity to the network, move it closer to the router (Note: The distance between system and device is not … 36 Kommentare 36. AirPlay is not supported by all SoundTouch systems. Please let me know what would be the next steps. Jedes SoundTouch System erhält zukünftig automatisch Software-Aktualisierungen, um neue Musikdienste und Funktionen hinzuzufügen, sobald sie verfügbar sind. Choose a preset directly from your Bose® SoundTouch unit, or from the optional SoundTouch™ app. Bose SoundTouch: Update bringt AirPlay 2-Unterstützung. When I initially purchased the first two, I had problems with the Soundtouch app not being able to find the speakers and had to reconfigure them quite regularly. Not cheap but the sound is good the interface to both my PC running itunes and my iphone is straightforward and easy. I don't do that often but I do. My soundtouch 30 units are all connected through my home via airplay 2. bewahren Sie sie auf. Which is great for those customers that are completely satisfied with what they currently have, and horrible for customers who want their investments to grow with new products and features. Please be assured that we are still working very hard to bring Airplay 2 to SoundTouch … I’ve never had an issue until a few days ago. Antworten Rainer 14.12.2018, 11:10 Uhr The SoundTouch system’s Wi-Fi® indicator glows solid white with a successful network connection. But only two out of the three i have . Alos remeber that the portable aspect is only as far as your wifi signal reaches. In the post Bose said: Hey everyone, We had every intention to release Airplay 2 in 2019 and we apologize it was not launched in this timeframe. At the prompt, click SAVE to save the Update.stu file to your desktop (do not rename the file). Mai 2018 um 13:53 Uhr. Three Bose speaker systems got the AirPlay 2 update last year, and now the audio maker is spreading the love to six more SoundTouch products: SoundTouch 10, 20 Series III, 30 Series II, SA-5 Amplifier, Music System IV and 300 Soundbar. Note: A guest network is considered a different network, even if it’s transmitted by the same router or access point) Make sure VPN, remote desktop or other virtual software is not in use. In January, Bose apologized to customers over the delay to support for AirPlay 2 stating: We had every intention to release Airplay 2 in 2019 and we apologize it was not launched in this timeframe. I noticed I can't find my Cinemate from the Spotify app in "Device Available" tab as well. I have restarted both speakers and the wifi, but issue is still there. SoundTouch products use the SoundTouch app; while the Bose Home Speaker family uses the Bose Music app. Learn how to set up the Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adaptor. Part 4: How to Play Apple Music on Bose SoundTouch via Bluetooth If your SoundTouch system supports Bluetooth, you can easily play Apple Music songs from smartphones or tablets wirelessly on Bose SoundTouch devices over Bluetooth. 2 - DEUTSCH CHTE SCHEHETSHESE Bitte lesen Sie alle Sicherheitshinweise und Gebrauchsanleitungen durch und . Also, WANN KOMMT BOSE IN DIE PÖTTE !!! It does not matter if I use the Android Spotify App, or Windows client, its the same result. I can still play other web base service using my Soundtouch App. Whenever I select a song, it just stays on the blue screen and nothing happens. Oliver Posselt says: 30. Die mit diesem Produkt mitgelieferte Fernbedienungsbatterie enthält eine … Look for the Update.stu file in the footer or header of your browser’s window, or in your Downloads folder . -Every other music system (Radio Paradise, Radio-Classique, etc) I use on my Bose Soundtouch 10 via Soundtouch works perfectly.-I don’t have a problem to play music coming from other systems (Apple Music) via Bluetooth. WARNUNGEN/VORSICHTSMASSNAHMEN Die Batterie darf nicht verschluckt werden. As promised, Bose has begun rolling out a firmware update providing AirPlay 2 support for its range of Bose SoundTouch speakers. SOUNDTOUCH® 10. Es besteht die Gefahr von Verätzungen. Bose hat nur für die Soundtouch Serie 2 Updates zugesagt, die neuere Serie 3 kann überhaupt kein AirPlay. Using AirPlay with your SoundTouch speaker By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies and other online technology to send you targeted advertisements, for social media, for data analytics and to better understand your use of our website. Three Bose speaker systems got the upgrade last year, and the company has just announced that nine more will … Bose doesn't worry about old devices working with new devices, as they are just declared to be within different product lines not designed to work together.