This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. He had no plans to start a family of his own, but maybe if he’d had one to begin with, his life would have turned out a bit differently. For Simon Arthur Henry Fitzranulph Basset would not spend his life as Earl Clyvedon. The trip took much of the day, and it was late afternoon by the time their carriage rolled up to Basset House. “What do you have to say for yourself, boy? In this movie, there’s a family named The Bridgerton that has 8 children, 4 men and 4 women. Die Figurenkonstellation der Serie dreht sich um die wohlhabende und hoch angesehene Familie Bridgerton, bestehend aus der seit dem Tod ihres Gatten Edmund verwitweten Lady Violet und ihren acht Kindern, jeweils vier Söhne und Töchter, die alle noch unverheiratet sind. She and her husband are famous for naming their 8 children in alphabetical order starting with Anthony and finishing with Hyacinth. The babe was too young for lectures on land management and responsibility, so the duke left Simon in the care of his nurse and went to London, where his life continued much as it had before he’d been blessed by parenthood, except that he forced everyone —even the king— to gaze upon the miniature he’d had painted of his son shortly after his birth. Her nephew, you know.”, “Very well. Simon said nothing. The duke didn’t look convinced, but he handed Simon a toy soldier, patted him on the head, and left the house to go exercise the new mare he’d purchased from Lord Worth. “We’ll show him,” Nurse vowed. I’ve never heard of any Whistledowns. Anthony ist als ältester Sohn nach dem Tod des Vaters der neue Kopf der Familie und Träger des. If Lady Whistledown wanted to write about someone, she used his full name. “What did you say?” the duke whispered, tears forming in his eyes. The RITAs are awarded by Romance Writers of America and are the highest honor in romance writing. Today’s edition was typical Whistledown. The duke was simply going to have to reconcile himself to the fact that the dukedom would pass out of the Basset family. The Duke and I: Bridgerton (Bridgertons, 1, Band 1) | Quinn, Julia | ISBN: 9780062353597 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. “He’s two. The duke wanted to take the boy outside to prove to everyone that he had finally sired a healthy male child, but there was a slight chill in the early April air, so he allowed the midwife to take the babe back to his mother. The head appeared, then the shoulders. After the fifth pregnancy, which had ended with a bloody miscarriage in the fifth month, surgeons and physicians alike had warned their graces that they absolutely must not make another attempt to have a child. Meanwhile, the duchess, who had been bleeding steadily since the birth, slipped into unconsciousness, and then finally just slipped away. “Your grace!” Nurse exclaimed. modifier La Chronique des Bridgerton (Bridgerton) est une série télévisée américaine créée par Chris Van Dusen (en) , basée sur la série de livres du même titre de Julia Quinn , et diffusée depuis le 25 décembre 2020 sur Netflix . Set in the Regency London, Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth of eight siblings in a close-knit family and is ready to meet her suitors. “Did you?”, Daphne eyed the ball of paper, which now rested under a mahogany end table. In the ballrooms and drawing rooms of Regency London, rules abound. Church bells rang for hours, champagne flowed freely through the gargantuan castle that the newborn would call home, and the entire village of Clyvedon quit work to partake of the feast and holiday ordered by the young earl’s father. Everyone likes Daphne for her kindness and wit. Suddenly his throat closed up. But it was too much fun to tease her mother. Men, she thought with disgust, seemed interested only in those women who terrified them. Since she had already exhaled, Daphne cleared her throat and said, “I’m sure Lady Whistledown’s little column is not going to hurt my chances for a husband.”. “Everyone else is reading it. —Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, April 1813. “Eloise is due out next year, and Francesca the year after that, but then I’ve a bit of a reprieve before Hyacinth comes of age.”. Neither had ever visited Basset House before, and so Nurse didn’t know what to do when she reached the front door other than knock. Guaranteed to make certain no one forgets who you are.” Simon laughed. 1 History 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Romantic 3.1.1 Simon Basset 3.2 Familial 3.3 Friendships 3.4 Professional 4 Notes and Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Appearances 7 References At the start of the 1813 social season, Daphne made her debut in front of the queen. “She’s been a good sister to me. “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!” Violet Bridgerton crumpled the single-page newspaper into a ball and hurled it across the elegant drawing room. The Bridgerton Family Tree . Violet looked at her sharply. Simon chuckled. Many people have asked me where I got the idea to have Simon stutter, and the truth is, I'm not sure. “He should be able to talk.”, “He can write,” Nurse said quickly. “A goddamned, bloody little idiot!”, “Hastings is going to go to a half-wit,” the duke moaned. “I wouldn’t be surprised,” she said, cocking her head to the side, “if Lady Whistledown was one of your friends.”, “Bite your tongue, Daphne. But the duchess, God bless her, knew her role in life, and after a six-month recuperative period, she opened the connecting door between their bedrooms, and the duke once again commenced his quest for a son. Simon raked a hand through his dark hair. The duchess’s very life was in danger. “A perfect little son!”, And while the servants cheered and wept with relief, the duke looked down upon the tiny little earl and said, “You are perfect. “What else happened? Anthony was a good friend, just the sort a man would want by his side in a pinch. The fourth of eight siblings in her close-knit family, she has formed friendships with the most eligible young men in London. This, the baker said to the blacksmith, was no ordinary baby. As if Anthony were reading his thoughts, he laughed. Marina's wedlock scheme dismays Penelope. “If she weren’t a member of the ton, there is no way she’d privy to the sort of news she reports. “I’ll put my mother on her best behavior, and don’t worry about Daff. The way his father stared at him made him feel like an infant. And when they find you, you will find yourself trapped in conversation with a pale young lady all dressed in white who cannot converse on topics other than the weather, who received vouchers to Almacks, and hair ribbons.”, A look of amusement crossed Simon’s features. 1: The First Three Books, Stay in Touch! Bridgerton ist eine amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am 25.Dezember 2020 ihre Premiere beim Online-Streaming-Dienst Netflix hatte. When he stared at a person, clear and unwavering, men grew uncomfortable. He would have a son, and the dukedom would remain in Basset hands. The Duke and I was named one of the Ten Best Romances of 2000 by the editors at In fact, until Daphne had reached marriageable age, Violet had been positively the best of mothers. If you can control—”. Daphne weist Anträge ab, um auf den richtigen Kandidaten zu warten, doch langsam entwickeln sich Gefühle zwischen ihr und Simon Basset. The butler examined Simon, recognized immediately that he had the look of the Bassets, and ushered them in. Oh, they all liked her. “I am your son,” he said again, this time a little louder, “and I am not d—”. “Ah, yes,” Anthony said with a slight roll of his eyes, “the Bridgerton method of naming children. “You’re scaring the child.”, Hastings whipped around to face her. “Did you think about that? But I’m certain it’s someone we know.”, Violet crossed her arms. Ah, Gentle Reader, your devoted Author wishes that that were the case amid all large families… Gregory und Hyacinth sind noch kleinere Kinder und beschäftigen sich nicht mit dem Thema Heirat und Liebe, sondern hauptsächlich mit Spielen. Stattdessen setzt sie sich als Ziel, Lady Whistledown zu entlarven. Setting: London, England, The UK. Book one of the Bridgerton series features Daphne Bridgerton, the fourth-eldest sibling. “We are not servants.”. Simon heard Nurse Hopkins breathe a sigh of relief, and something he’d never seen before blossomed in his father’s eyes. “Didn’t you just warn me about society mothers and debutante daughters?”, Anthony laughed. One must pity the viscountess as she seeks advantageous marriages for her brood that she did not produce a single child of more fashionable coloring. He truly did. You can do this. Book 1: The Duke and I. Als das Paar, das das Glück gefunden hat, geben sie den letzten Ball in der Saison, während dem Daphne Simon überzeugen kann, von seinem Schwur Abstand zu nehmen, und sie versöhnen sich. “What have I done to deserve this? Despite being encouraged by his mentor, Lady Danbury, the Duke is determined not to marry and plots with Daphne to secure his bachelordom and her a suitable marriage. There were a number of men she thought might make reasonably good husbands, but the problem was — none of them was interested. “You’re the smartest little boy I know. And now she must do the impossible and convince the handsome rogue that their clever little scheme deserves a slight alteration, and that nothing makes quite as much sense as falling in love…. Bridgerton sei „spannend“ und habe „viele der Plot-Twists, für die Rhimes berühmt“ ist. Simon allowed himself a smile as he remembered both the incident and their subsequent conversation about it. Die von Chris Van Dusen geschaffene und von Shonda Rhimes produzierte Serie basiert auf Julia Quinns gleichnamiger Romanreihe. April 2021 um 21:28 Uhr bearbeitet. “I have a son!” he boomed. 1 History 1.1 Taking Simon In 1.2 Start of the 1813 Season 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Romantic 3.2 Familial 3.3 Friendships 3.4 Professional 4 Career 5 Notes and Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Appearances 8 References Lady Danbury was a dear friend of Simon's mother, Sarah. His companion was none other than Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne’s eldest brother. “I was young.”, “And now you’re a model of mature decorum and respectability?”, “So tell me,” Simon drawled, “how, exactly, am I meant to make your existence that much more peaceful?”, “I assume you plan to take your place in society?”. Gravity might keep the babe inside, Dr. Stubbs explained. Dadurch wurden die Königin, die nicht in den Romanen vorkommt, und andere adlige Figuren, die in den Romanen weiß sind, mit schwarzen Schauspielern besetzt. The duke might look just like his son, but he was certainly no father to him. Whoever this depraved woman is, I doubt she’s one of us. The Bridgerton series started in 2000 with the release of the debut novel in the series, The Duke and I. The fourth of eight siblings in her close-knit family, she has formed friendships with the most eligible young men in London. And she loved her mother, too. The Duke and I was a finalist in the 2001 RITA Awards in the Short Historical category. Still, there are advantages to a family of such consistent looks — there can be no doubt that all eight are of legitimate parentage. “—just like me, I know.” Daphne rested her head on her mother’s shoulder. Nurse gasped.The duke dropped the brush. Shouldn’t he be speaking?”, “Some children take longer than others, your grace. Book Name: The Duke and I (Bridgerton #01) Author: Julia Quinn. Francesca ist durch einen Aufenthalt bei einer Tante während der Staffel fast vollständig abwesend und kehrt erst in der letzten Episode nach London zurück. Marina's wedlock scheme dismays Penelope. The mysterious newspaper had arrived on the doorstep of every member of the ton three months earlier. Als Daphne einmal bemerkt, dass Simon. Mit Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, der eigentlich geschworen hat, nicht zu heiraten, schließt Daphne den Pakt, eine Romanze vorzutäuschen, aus der sich schließlich echte Gefühle entwickeln. Daphne steht als älteste Tochter unter Druck, einen geeigneten Gatten zu finden, und begibt sich das erste Mal auf den Hochzeitsmarkt. “If you’d been doing your job correctly, he” —the duke jabbed an angry finger in Simon’s direction— “would be speaking.”. ‎ The bestselling inspiration for the Netflix Original series ‘BRIDGERTON’ “Can there be any greater challenge to London's Ambitious Mamas than an unmarried duke?” -Lady Whistledown's Society Papers, April 1813 By all accounts, Simon Basset is on the verge of proposing to… Benedict is a renowned artist in the series and has painting in art museums and galleries. Marina fasst den Plan, Colin zu verführen, damit er der Vater des Kindes sein kann, doch stattdessen macht er ihr einen Antrag. He studied the feel of his mouth when he spoke correctly, and tried to analyze what went wrong when he didn’t. He had to. “Clearly, I don’t expect him to master any of this anytime soon, but it is never too early to begin a duke’s education.”. Whistledown —as it was now called— was a curious mix of commentary, social news, scathing insult, and the occasional compliment. “Take deep breaths. “They will hunt you down. The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society. Anthony tries to see Siena Rosso, but she’s gone. The first season of the show is all set to focus on the first book in Quinn's series, The Duke And I. The duke mourned for his wife. She tried to think of anything that would smooth over this awful situation. He was trying too hard to get his emotions under control. “Most men would not sound quite so resigned about the prospect of a dukedom.”. Eloise verhindert, dass die Königin Whistledown entlarven kann, von der sie glaubt, es sei die Schneiderin Delacroix; tatsächlich ist es aber Penelope. Always at odds with his father. The door swung open within seconds, and they found themselves being looked down upon by a rather imposing butler. [17] Hanna Huge von findet, dass die Serie eine „quietschbunte Liebesromanmärchenwelt“ darstelle. They all adored her, or so they said, because she was so easy to talk to, and she always seemed to understand how a man felt. “He’s not a moron!” Nurse cried out, throwing her arms around the boy. Although he has not yet deigned to make an appearance at a respectable evening function, the new Duke of Hastings has been spotted several times at White’s.’ ” She paused to take a breath. wegen Geistesgestörtheit aus der Öffentlichkeit zurückgezogen lebt. The duke and duchess's season-ending ball signals a turning point for their marriage — and ushers in changes of fortune and fate to those around them. “Heaven help me, I do.”, Daphne gave her mother a quick peck on the cheek. The birth of Simon Arthur Henry Fitzranulph Basset, Earl Clyvedon, was met with great celebration. She’s the exception that proves the rule. A #1 New York Times Bestseller From #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn comes the story of Daphne Bridgerton, in the first of her beloved Regency-set novels featuring the charming, powerful Bridgerton family, now a series created by Shondaland for Netflix. “Get him out of my sight,” he spat at Nurse Hopkins. As if anyone of breeding would write such wicked lies.”, “Of course she’s one of us,” Daphne said, her brown eyes filling with amusement. Everyone liked her. Book 1: The Duke and I. “I don’t know,” Nurse answered, wringing her hands. Which she might have managed to consider a compliment if he hadn’t proceeded to wander off in search of the latest blond beauty. “Read how that woman has maligned us.”, Daphne calmly set down her embroidery and reached under the end table. But was it really too much to hope for a husband for whom one had at least some affection? Nurse Hopkins straightened and turned slowly around. “Cat got your tongue?”. A proper duke should be imperious and aloof. The eventual winner was The Mistress by Susan Wiggs. Bridgerton settles into its historical romance wheelhouse with a special license to marry, a trousseau, an awkward sex lecture, a gorgeous wedding night, and more. The duke visited Clyvedon from time to time, then returned for good on Simon’s second birthday, ready to take the young lad’s education in hand. Bridgerton season 1, episode 5 is tense and steamy as everything the story has worked for previously leads to a pivotal moment that will change the remaining chapters of the series. A period drama set in England in the early-1800s, the eight books follow the Bridgerton family and all the ups-and-downs of their high society lives and romances. If he couldn’t be the son his father wanted, then by God, he’d be the exact opposite…. “Nonsense,” Hastings replied condescendingly. [19] Nach einem Monat soll sie von 82 Millionen Haushalten gesehen worden sein und damit das erfolgreichste Seriendebüt von Netflix sein. Ihre Identität wird zum Schluss den Zuschauern enthüllt. Auch den Titeln The Duke and I (The king and I) sowie The Viscount Who Loved Me (The Spy who loved me) merkt man ihre Verwandtschaft zu den entsprechenden Filmtiteln an. Die von Chris Van Dusen geschaffene und von Shonda Rhimes produzierte Serie basiert auf Julia Quinns gleichnamiger Romanreihe. Januar 2021 teilte Netflix mit, die Serie sei von etwa 68 Millionen Haushalten gesehen worden und damit eine der erfolgreichsten Netflix-Serien aller Zeiten; außerdem habe sie in 76 Ländern die Nummer 1 der meistangesehen Inhalte erreicht. Simon’s muscles clenched so hard he started to shake. She remained that way for a month. London was positively addicted to Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers. Books › Literature & Fiction › Women's Fiction Buy new: $4.99. Additional points. “Yes, that’s it,” she said quickly, dropping to her knees and taking her hands in his. And then finally, the moment of truth arrived. Bridgerton is based on the Bridgerton series of romance novels by Julia Quinn. “Actually, what she said was that there could be no doubt that we are all legitimate. ” ‘His grace has resided abroad for six years. “I see you’re still mollycoddling the boy,” came an imperious voice from the doorway. A young, marriageable lady should be amiable...but not too amiable. Not much of it, but there was something there, lurking in the depths; something that gave Simon a whisper of hope. Anthony fordert auf diese Entehrung entweder die Heirat oder ein Duell. Daphne wird aus dem Hause verabschiedet und fährt mit Simon in dessen Schloss. “I take it, then, that you have become something of an eligible gentleman during my time abroad?”, “Not out of any aspirations to the role on my part, I assure you. “Not yet, your grace.”, The duke frowned. A Featured Alternate Selection of the Doubleday Bookclub. The two cut a striking pair, both tall and athletic, with thick dark hair. A young, marriageable lady should be amiable…but not too amiable. What set it apart from any previous society news sheets was that the author actually listed her subjects’ names in full. “Well, whatever the case,” Anthony added, respecting his friend’s privacy by not delving further into what was obviously an uncomfortable topic, “I’m glad to have you back. Daphne und Simon fahren für die Flitterwochen auf das Schloss Clyvedon, wo sie sich um die Angelegenheiten der Pächter kümmern und immer wieder miteinander schlafen. [18], Am 4. Daphne findet durch Briefe heraus, warum Simon geschworen hat, keine Kinder zu bekommen. Simon remained in the center of the room, his arms angry sticks at his side as he took deep breaths. [6] Van Dusen war von der geschichtlichen Debatte, dass Königin Charlotte afrikanische Vorfahren gehabt haben könnte, und der Vorstellung, wie eine gemischtrassige Herkunft der Königin auch den Status anderer People of Color beeinflusst hätte, fasziniert, was dazu führte, dass Hautfarbe und Ethnie Faktoren in der Besetzung waren. “He’s quite unsuitable for a young lady of your years is what he is.”, “Funny how my ‘years,’ as you put it, volley back and forth between being so young that I cannot even meet Anthony’s friends and being so old that you despair of my ever contracting a good marriage.”, “—like my tone, I know.” Daphne grinned. And then the duke got on to the business of raising his son. The duke and duchess's season-ending ball signals a turning point for their marriage — and ushers in changes of fortune and fate to those around them. You can do this, he shouted in his mind. Bridgerton: The Duke and I (Bridgertons Book 1) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. “And I suppose she felt the need to editorialize on that point,” Violet cut in. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It was quickly followed by The Viscount Who Loved Me, An Offer from a Gentleman, and five more books in the series, concluding with the 2006 release of the novel On the Way to the Wedding. “Only because I am inexplicably fond of the old woman. A proper duke should be imperious and aloof. He’d spent his entire life not living up to his father’s expectations; it seemed ridiculous now to try to live up to his name. Blinking, she looked up. The fourth of eight siblings in her close-knit family, she has formed friendships with the most eligible young men in London. [4], Im Juni 2019 wurde als erstes Julie Andrews besetzt in der Funktion der Erzählerin als Stimme von Lady Whistledown. “No one!”. And somehow her encouraging tone made it all the worse. And if anyone can learn to talk properly, I know it’s you.”. How could you have assumed the boy was dead if his father were not in mourning?”, The butler shrugged. You are a Basset. Why don’t you join me?”, Simon raised a dark brow.