His streams usually go on for around 5 hours and there are on average 35,000 people watching. 2.1M views. yvotop 3w Reply. The streamer broadcasts his live shows several times a week on Twitch, and even though the VoD output on his YouTube channels has dropped significantly in recent years, new clips and compilations of his streams land on the video platform every day. The fact that the interest in MontanaBlack as a person grew more and more is probably also related to his real-life stories. During the live broadcast, Eris commented on the appearance of passing women in a sexist manner, which caused a shitstorm on Twitter. Ruthless (feat. You Must Be Externally Authenticated To Upgrade Yo... How To Play Custom Matchmaking In Fortnite, Where Are The Fortnite Servers Located In Europe, How Long Is A Game Of Fortnite Battle Royale. With increasing success as a creator, fans learned more and more about his past and the interest in his person was so great that he decided to write a book about his life. 21:22 4,195,898 views LACHFLASH! ... Tommy kriegt 2.000€ geschenkt MontanaBlack Instagram .. Galeria Kaufhof soll gegen Instagram-Kanal Galeria Arschgeweih vorgehen. Zusammen mit seinem 11-jährigen Cousin streamt MontanaBlack auf Twitch. These gameplay videos became increasingly popular in the CoD community and MontanaBlack's subscription numbers grew steadily. According to his own information, the conversion and furnishing of his high-end gaming room alone cost around 200,000 euros. Facebook gives people the power to share … According to vormoegensmagazin.de, his estimated fortune is around 1 million euros, although this probably does not include his real estate. 1. MontanaBlack Stories YouTube profile statistics page. Watch live streams and the best highlights across Twitch categories like Just Chatting, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and more. 4:04 0:30. Over time, Twitch became more and more popular among gaming fans and MontanaBlack, who streamed regularly early on, was also increasingly taken with the livestreaming platform, which led to him shifting much of his activity as a creator to Twitch. MontanaBlack (* 2.März 1988 in Buxtehude; bürgerlich Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris; kurz auch Monte) ist ein deutsch-türkischer Webvideoproduzent und Livestreamer, der sich in seinen Auftritten hauptsächlich mit Videospielen, wie z. Seite wählen. 3m Followers, 0 Following, 89 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from GetOnMyLvL (@montanablack) His channel continues to grow steadily and in 2020 alone he recorded a follower increase of 43.7%. SpontanaBlack. He often announces his streams in his Stories on Instagram or on Twitter. B. On these channels you can find mostly entertaining clips from his streams and together "The Crew" and "Real Kevin" come to almost 3 million subscribers. MontanaBlack has mentioned many times that he is a major contributor to both the revenue and rights of the channels. Love Me Lil Tecca • We Love You Tecca. In his real-life stories and his book "From Junkie to YouTuber," he talks about his past and how he became addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teenager. Langganan: Posting Komentar (Atom) Contact Me. Eure Gaming Set UPS Kosten mehr als Bibis Haus - REACT auf eure Zocker Ecken - rewinside - Best movies, newest music, mp3 converter, youtube downloader, free clips He is permanently among the top 50 biggest streamers in the world and on average 35,000 people watch him. HardwareDealz. In this article you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the streamer "MontanaBlack" - have fun. MontanaBlack hat seine Fans mit seinem neuen PC überrascht. Watch Me Play VideoGames. With 3.3 million followers, he is the second largest Twitch streamer in Germany after Knossi.
also your mobile or tablet. 1.5M views. Jay Critch) Lil Tjay, Jay Critch • True 2 Myself. In his streams on Twitch, he plays video games, watches YouTube videos, or chats with his community. Watch Me Play VideoGames. Viele Fans werden das „Oof“ vermissen. These videos were not so much about gambling, but about Marcel's past in youth and young adulthood. 16:03 4,840,405 views 5000€ an kleine Fortnite Streamer Spenden | SpontanaBlack. The overarching trademark of MontanaBlack is probably his direct and authentic manner, which he shows during his streams and videos. MontanaBlack reagiert auf CRINGE TikToks MontanaBlack Reaktion - Richtiger Kevin. In 2019, the documentary "OBEN INNA SÜD - DIE DOKUMENTATION" appeared on Knossi's channel, in which Knossi visits MontanaBlack in his home and explored the city and the most formative places of his youth together with him, following the traces of his past. The book sold over 100,000 copies and was Spiegel's number 1 bestseller for weeks, which was appropriately recognized by the publisher in the form of a gold award. MontanaBlack Stories 178 642. MontanaBlack PSN Name. “He was young, and he always told me different ideas of what he wanted to do. Hugo . ENDLICH!! He celebrated this during a livestream and uploaded the corresponding video to his YouTube channel. According to sullygone.com, his top games include CoD: Warzone, Fortnite, FIFA 21, Pummel Party & Fall Guys. In addition to his activities on Twitch, Eris also runs two successful YouTube channels. The main channel, "MontanaBlack", became a vlog channel over time, where he shared real-life stories and vlogs from vacations or room tours in the first few years. “He was young, and he always told me different ideas of what he wanted to do. Lustiger Stream mit TOMMY MontanaBlack Highlights. 3m Followers, 0 Following, 89 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from GetOnMyLvL (@montanablack) Eris celebrated relatively early successes with his YouTube channel. 32:48 1,978,892 views MontanaBlack reagiert auf KuchenTV "Cannabis ist KEIN Brokkoli" MontanaBlack Reaktion - Die Crew. In "From Junkie to YouTuber" he talks in great detail about how he came to use drugs, how he lived on the streets, how he kept his head above water with small criminal offenses, and how he cheated his grandparents to get money for drugs. Montanablack montanablack fortnite name Instagram Tagged In Deskgram. Montanablack Twitch Subs sich als Spieler Montanablack Twitch Subs der Plattform nicht zurechtfindet, poker spielen. For example, MontanaBlack traveled to Los Angeles with ViscaBarca, Dner and MarcelScorpion. Already in the past you could MontanaBlack often watch him with his 12 year old Cousin Tommy on Twitch streamed. 16:41. 23k Likes, 371 Comments - Montanablack Fanpage (@montanablack.fanpage__) on Instagram: “Markiere einen Freund mit dem du in den Club gehst _____ Um keine neuen…” In this entertaining documentary you get a picture of Marcel Eris as a person and how he grew up. MontanaBlack ist ein deutscher Webvideoproduzent und Livestreamer, der sich in seinen Auftritten hauptsächlich mit Videospielen, wie z. 190K views. 240 Aufrufe 25 Tsd. + Packs für ZUSCHAUER öffnen #2 | MontanaBlack Highlights. MontanaBlack gehört zu den zehn beliebtesten. Kuss auf die Nuss. Marcel Eris was born and raised in the northern German city of Buxtehude. Redaktion - 4. Besides his two channels, Monte is also involved in the channels "Echter Kevin" & "Die Crew", which are not directly operated by him, but are fed with his content. Ninja streams live on Twitch! MontanaBlack baut High End Zockerhöhle in seinem neuen Haus! Immer schön aktiv bleiben:)Impressum:Montanablack (Marcel Eris)c/o Das Kontor BüroserviceWinterhuder Weg Stock HamburgE-Mail. Later, MontanaBlack apologized and explicitly pointed out that he does not want to spread racist ideas in any way and that he did not mouth the phrase with racist intent. 16.03.2021; FORTNITE SEASON 6 … Dieses Mal spielen er und sein 11 jähriger Cousin Tommy eine gemeinsame Runde Fortnite. 4. 3. Juli 2020 noch eine Wette bei. MontanaBlack: Nazi-Vorwürfe gegen Twitch-Streamer wegen 88 im Namen. In his videos, he mainly deals with video games such as Fortnite, FIFA, Mario Kart or Call of Duty. Hamburg, Deutschland – MontanaBlack* zeigte sich bereits öfters mit seinem Cousin Tommy in diversen Livestream auf Twitch*. ZUSCHAUER Setups mit Tommy BEWERTEN! If you add up all sources of income (YouTube, Twitch, advertising deals, rental income, merch sales, etc. He was able to amass a considerable fortune with his profession as a creator and, in addition to several properties that he rents out, owns his own house, which he finally moved into at the end of 2020 after an extensive remodeling campaign. MontanaBlack Marcel Eris wird zu MontanaBlack und MontanaBlack zu Deutschlands erfolgreichstem Gaming-Streamer mit Millionen Fans auf YouTube und Twitch. As a result, his sometimes controversial statements and actions are regularly hotly debated in the relevant tabloid media as well as on social media. 17:04. But he has also become very well known for his real-life videos. MontanaBlack & sein Cousin (11) zocken Fortnite! The Action Building game where you team up with other players to build massive forts and battle against hordes of monsters, all while crafting and … Community See All. 14:11. Call of Duty, FIFA und Fortnite beschäftigt. MontanaBlack Stream Highlights. FORTNITE MONTAGE SONGS By dino :3. Kleine Fortnite Streamer Glücklich machen ... 13:47. The Fortnite playerbase, which primarily consists of adolescent children, did not display the reaction to the profoundly tone-deaf in-game event that Epic Games and partner Opus Studious were hoping for. That was something he was passionate about.”. montanablack streams live on Twitch! Zusammen mit seinem Cousin Tommy geht der Streamer im Live-Stream vom 24. MCKY hat wieder PECH! Buxtehude, Deutschland – MontanaBlack* ist seit Jahren unter den Top 10 der größten Twitch-Streamer* in Deutschland und kommt auf ein geschätztes monatliches Einkommen von 130.000€. MontanaBlack is the most famous streamer in Germany and was also the most successful for many years until he was replaced by his buddy Knossi in 2020. Diese ist nicht nur extrem teuer, sondern hat auch noch ein besonderes Feature. Stream mit Tommy & Omi MontanaBlack Highlights - Richtiger Kevin 1:41:16 1,436,599 views Das SALZIGE 12.000€ Team TURNIER in Mario Kart 8 | SpontanaBlack 18:20 4,007,347 views 300 Euro Solo Turnier in Fortnite - SpontanaBlack What followed was his "Everyday in Call of Duty" video series, where he gamed with other gamers and eventually edited the most entertaining moments into 5-15 minute highlight videos. ... FORTNITE *ZERO POINT* LIVE EVENT! 1:57 0:30. MontanaBlack: Nach Kritik an Knossi – Fortnite-Wette mit Cousin im Stream gestartet. Motanablack MontanaBlack: Cousin des Twitch-Streamers mit harter Meinung über Knossi. MontanaBlack: In the footsteps of the streamer – cousin Tommy takes off on Twitch . Der Junge erklärt darin, warum er. Der Todes-Sound von Roblox wird in Zukunft nicht mehr kostenlos sein. 82 songs. 2. Streamer. MontanaBlack is always causing controversy during his livestreams, which is why he has been banned for short or long periods of time. His second channel, however, with which he fully concentrates on the topic of "gaming", continues to be continuously fed with new clips and videos. This was not the first time that MontanaBlack attracted negative attention during a stream - racist comments were already made in 2018, which Twitch also punished with a month's ban in this case. B. Tommy absolut FRECH! Stream mit Tommy & Omi MontanaBlack Highlights - Richtiger Kevin. B. As sales increased, so did the quality of the products, and from then on GetOnMyLvl was no longer marketed directly as merch but rather as a fashion label. MontanaBlack (* March 2, 1988 in Buxtehude), real name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris is a German streamer and web video producer. Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f) MontanaBlack is particularly proud of the success of his book "From Junkie to YouTuber", which stormed the bestseller lists after its release. LIKE?↪ Ich freue mich über jeden Daumen nach oben! He publishes his live streaming videos several times a week on YouTube and Twitch. 2020-07-24 Published Date . MontanaBlack: Nach Kritik an Knossi – Fortnite-Wette mit Cousin im Stream gestartet Zusammen mit seinem Cousin Tommy geht der Streamer im Live-Stream vom 24. PS Plus October 2020 free PS4 games: Dark Souls, Resident Evil 7 for PlayStation Plus? Mit dem Lambo auf Tommy's Geburtstag MontanaBlack Instagram Story. MontanaBlack Instagram Stories! Mal um! Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris was born March 2, 1988 in Buxtehude, Germany. Prev Next Beranda. Call of Duty, FIFA, Mario Kart, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite und Apex Legends beschäftigt. The rest of his channels on YouTube and Twitch have also already surpassed the 1 million mark. He is the best known and most successful content creator in the German-speaking world and has over 8 million followers or subscribers on all streaming & video channels. MontanaBlack (* 2. ihren Streamer in Schutz und nennen solche Aussagen "klassischer Monte". ... 11 jähriger Cousin raged in Fortnite | SpontanaBlack. Tommy im Zockerparadies MontanaBlack Instagram Story . montanablack cousin instagram. As the son of a mother of Turkish origin and a German father, he began training as a retail salesman in a DIY store after leaving school. In 2016, three years after the first video, he was able to break the magic 1-million barrier. Call of Duty, FIFA und Fortnite beschäftigt. Montanablack fortnite name Broadcasting 1440 by 1080 fortnite gameplay in pro fortnite mimic spawn qualitat optimiert fur new obs is fortnite streaming zubehor von dessin de fortnite skin banane elgato. 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How To fortnite how to gift skins from locker Access Your Fortnite Eon Items fortnite nocturne In Game Microsoft jetpack fortnite date... 3d fortnite thumbnail holding keyboard Epic Games Fortnite fortnite world cup tournament rules 3d fortnite fortnite funny moments 1 h... fortnite christmas loading screen Fortnite Christmas fortnite offline spielen Season Seven vending machine prices fortnite Update Sp... Coloriage Fortnite Saison 7 Roi Des Glaces, Fortnite V Bucks Generator No Human Verification 2018, How To Be A Better Fortnite Player On Xbox, Fortnite Battle Royale For Windows 10 Free Download. ... MontanaBlack und sein Cousin Tommy haben schon häufiger zusammen ... wenn sie gemeinsam Fortnite gespielt hatten. 364.11K 13.99K 230 501. März in Buxtehude; bürgerlich Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris) ist ein deutscher Webvideoproduzent und Livestreamer, der sich in. New Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Gameplay! Check out this Just Chatting stream from 11 hours ago MontanaBlack88 suggests these streamers. ZUSCHAUER Setups mit Tommy BEWERTEN! MontanaBlack Stream Highlights. Die Crew MontanaBlack SpontanaBlack MontanaBlack 2 Kanal Monte Stream Highlights MontanaBlack Stream Twitch Twitch Highlights MontanaBlack Twitch MontanaBlack Highlights MontanaBlack Lache Best of Livestream Livestream. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIN MEISTER | Business Email: business@papaplatte.de Community See All. ), MontanaBlack should have an average gross monthly income of around 50,000 euros. In the meantime, he is considered a Creator veteran in Germany, owns several properties, including a house in which he lives since the end of 2020, several luxury cars and jewelry worth tens of thousands of euros. The Last of Us 2: Vize-Chef Neil Druckmann von Naughty Dog wurde von IGN gefragt, was Joel für eine Rolle in dem Sequel spielen wird. On "SpontanaBlack" you can find gameplay highlights from the streams as well as gaming videos recorded especially for the channel. Er ist Game-Streamer auf Twitch, YouTuber und Influencer auf Instagram. MontanaBlack & sein Cousin (11) zocken Fortnite! MontanaBlack verkündet vor dem Beginn der Challenge, dass wenn Tommy gewinnt, MontanaBlack ihm 500 Euro gibt. There, up to 100,000 people now watch him 3-5 nights a week as he gambles, chats, reacts to other videos, or talks to other streamers about God and the world. That was something he was passionate about.”. Noticed Lil Mosey • Northsbest (Extended) 2:45 0:30. Primarily, MontanaBlack is on Twitch, where he streams several times a week at irregular intervals and without a schedule. MontanaBlack, real name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris, is a German web video producer, livestreamer and entertainer. He is permanently among the top 50 biggest streamers in the world and on average 35,000 people watch him. Da haben wir mal wieder ein lustiges Video von MontanaBlack! Various gaming videos with eLoTriX or Flyinguwe were already created, while the early vlogs were mainly dedicated to the topic of traveling with his girlfriend at the time, Anna, or trips with other YouTubers. There, in 2013, he uploaded a 5-minute clip titled "My First Video," where he commented on and analyzed recorded and edited Black Ops gameplay after the fact. In December 2020 the Cousin of MontanaBlack, Tommy, now on his first live stream Twitch. „Wo bleibt die Entschuldigung gegenüber den Schwulen, den Lesben, den Transsexuellen und und und?“, fragt Tommy in seinem Video. Im Moment sind 3 der größten Streamer der Welt ohne eine Plattform. During this livestream, he played with the two of them FIFA 21-Streamern EliasN97 and SidneyEweka the battle royale shooter Fortnite. Dabei hat MontanaBlacks Cousin seine Meinung zu Knossi und Glücksspiel abgegeben. Play on Spotify. … Da er zu den Top-Youtubern gehört, können aber auch 3 oder 4€ pro 1000 Aufrufe drin sein MontanaBlack (* 2.März 1988 in Buxtehude; bürgerlich Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris) ist ein deutscher Webvideoproduzent und Livestreamer, der sich in seinen Auftritten hauptsächlich mit Videospielen, wie z. Mal um! MontanaBlack und 11-jähriger Cousin Tommy zusammen im Stream. Montanablack montanablack fortnite name Instagram Tagged In Deskgram fortnite einstellungen zuracksetzen. Der Urheber macht seine Rechte geltend. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Es sind die drei ehemaligen Gesichter von Twitch: Tyler. He is better known as MontanaBlack88, a Twitch streamer and video editor who mainly deals with video games such as FIFA and Fortnite.He also publishes videos several times a week on YouTube. He is a passionate gamer and regularly plays various games with friends and his community, including Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty. These livestreams mostly came about when the family of MontanaBlack the Streamer visited in his apartment in Buxtehude. Over time, his activity shifted from YouTube to Twitch, which resulted in only 5 videos appearing on "MontanaBlack" in 2020. His career obviously fascinates people, and his authentic, unembellished way of telling it is considered extraordinarily entertaining and gripping. Starting with pure gameplay scenes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, his range of content now includes many other categories. Hugo . MontanaBlack's favorite game series is Call of Duty, which means that when a new CoD game comes out, he will play it in his streams. In the meantime, he has an incredible 8 million followers on all channels - and the trend is rising, as you can see from the growth in 2020. MontanaBlack quickly saw the potential to build a brand around himself, which resulted in him marketing his own merchandise under the name "GetOnMyLvl." For example, in September 2020, during an IRL stream on the island of Malta, he behaved so badly that Twitch decided to ban his channel for 33 days. He eventually got his life back on track, started a YouTube channel, and turned his back on drugs and alcohol for good. 40:04 1,167,677 views Mikrofon-Sender ins … 11:59 548,523 views I made Rocket League Players Prove They Can Hit Their Best Goals.. Impressum: ContentView GmbH Erftstraße 1, 50672 Köln Deutschland E-Mail: Vertreten durch: Sebastian Kluge Registergericht: Amtsgericht Köln, HRB 89461 Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE310366292 Especially popular and well clicked are the videos in which Marcel appears in front of the camera together with other YouTubers or plays video games. Januar 2020 // 13:12. - Jeder User hat das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung. Playstation Plus ist die ultimative Mitgliedschaft im Playstation Network NAME MontanaBlack ALTERNATIVNAMEN Eris, Marcel Thomas Andreas (wirklicher Name) KURZBESCHREIBUNG deutsch-türkischer Entertainer, Webvideoproduzent und Livestreamer GEBURTSDATUM 2.März 1988 GEBURTSORT Buxtehud MontanaBlack hält aktuell scheinbar nicht viel … Although his most-used platform is now Twitch, Eris' career began on the video platform YouTube. The down-to-earth streamer from the north sat in front of his audience as if nothing had happened, wearing an undershirt, and talked in a relaxed manner about everything. MontanaBlack und 11-jähriger Cousin Tommy zusammen im Stream. 15:21 3,972,551 views Tommy wirft Wasser zum 3. ️ Packen WIR 10 LIKES? HAT ES DIR GEFALLEN? von | Feb 18, 2021 | Allgemein | 0 Kommentare | Feb 18, 2021 | Allgemein | 0 Kommentare Besides Warzone & Co. he is also active in other games like FIFA or Fortnite. Tommy, so wie der Cousin von Montanablack heißt, eifert in dem Stream seinem älteren Verwandten bereits fleißig nach. Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f) Die Crew. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. There MontanaBlack nothing from the livestream of his Cousins knew he is according to his own statement “almost apostate“. … Wir testen den WISH.com GAMING PC… #GamingSchrott. 116,151 Ansichten. Der Twitch-Streamer MontanaBlack hat seinen jährigen Cousin in einen Live- Stream eingeladen. Even the well-known TV presenter Kai Pflaume made a pilgrimage to Buxtehude in 2020 as part of his documentary series on his YouTube channel to spend a day with Monte. Marcel Eris, welcher im Internet besser bekannt ist als MontanaBlack. According to sullygone.com, his top games include CoD: Warzone, Fortnite, FIFA 21, Pummel Party & Fall Guys.