Tom's aggressive nature during the challenges and in camp life made Visayas consider throwing a challenge to get rid of him before the merge. Josie chose Toni to reunite with Mindanao, and Annalize chose Katinka for Luzon. She chose Werner. if (result == true) { He confesses that he is coming into the game to play hard, cause chaos and initiate as many blindsides as possible. Werner decided to let the alliance choose who would get voted out to lay low. Jeanne, Katinka, and Werner saw comfort with new tribal lines, while Toni and PK sought to protect Mindanao Strong by cutting potential strategic threats. Tom tried to berate PK for being drunk from the reward, but PK was not having any of it. PK is in tip-top physical shape due to his experience as an MMA fighter but underneath this competitive appearance is a player who is a strategic thinker too. Meanwhile, the women's alliance started to feel alienated by PK and Tevin's constant paranoia around camp. At Tribal Council, PK explained to Nico that the alliance was unbreakable due to people constantly approaching Werner after any discussion, and that any final 3 talk had Werner and Katinka mentioned as a means to get people to change their minds. Ultimately Ace sided with Chané and Tom over his initial ally, Josie, to help take out Seamus before he got the chance to betray the physical players in the tribe. Back at camp, Tevin was confident that Mindanao was going to stick together and send Josie home, and re-iterated the fact at Tribal Council. During the Survivor auction, PK was offered an advantage over a meal he bid on, but he refused, and Katinka bought an advantage instead. Age: 28 On Day 38, for winning the final immunity challenge, Jeanne also earned the power to eliminate one of the jurors. Knowing that she was down in numbers, Palesa searched and found a clue to a hidden immunity idol while foraging for food with Ace, the same clue that Werner had found over at Mindanao stating that the idol would be hidden at a future challenge. Werner won the challenge. He is a people person who has been playing the hypothetical game in his head for four years since he entered Survivor SA in 2014 but didn't make the cut. [2] This season also featured a tribe swap during which a third tribe was introduced alongside the original two starting tribes (as first seen in Survivor: Cambodia), a Tribal Council vote to swap members on two tribes (as seen in the 2016 season of Australian Survivor) and a vote to remove a jury member (as first seen in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng). Mindanao placed first and Visayas placed second, sending the new Luzon tribe to Tribal Council. Marriage Boot Camp returns to Vuzu and new and returning shows drop on Netflix. } Vusi tore into Tom about having a childish and selfish behaviour that permeated throughout the season. However, Survivor: South Africa (which I’ll refer to as S:SA moving forward) stays incredibly faithful to the show you are used to seeing. This season incorporated several format changes and twists from international editions. Survivor South Africa season 6 episode 10 Survivor South Africa is a South African version of the global reality competition Survivor created by Charlie Parsons, in which contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete for cash and other prizes. Josie and Ace were left as the minority in the new Luzon tribe, while Toni was happy that Jeanne was still unaware of how close she was to leaving last night, so that she could be a number in the new Luzon. Survivor South Africa is a South African reality game show based on the popular … At Tribal Council, PK and Toni highlighted that Werner was on a free ride to win, suggesting players like Katinka weren't aware that their game would not be respected by the jury, yet again Jeanne defended the alliance's gameplay of safe voting can work for certain players. Instead of voting out players, the two losing tribes unknowingly voted to send a member to the other tribe, who in turn brought another tribemate with them. Pheko "PK" Phetoe is a mining technician who carries the South African flag with him at all times. At camp, Marthunis took charge with building the shelter. New! Back at camp, Ace and Josie were desperate to find the new Luzon idol. She believes that being a student of the game is going to be her biggest strength in the series, as well as the fact that she practiced how to make fire with a flint before heading to the island. Survivor South Africa: Philippines is the sixth season of the South African version of Survivor. Tevin was adamant that Josie had to leave, as the numbers leading up to merge were getting too tight for his liking. $('div.rating span:first-child').html(res); After a rough Final Tribal Council, with Vusi sticking to his word of voting against Tom, a 6-1 vote saw Tom's perseverance rewarded over Jeanne's strategic luck and him being declared the Ultimate Survivor. At Mindanao, PK's paranoia of an all-woman's alliance led by Jeanne and Stacey-Lee was getting on the nerves of Tevin, leaving the two women feeling on the bottom when they felt that Marthunis should there instead. Tevin Naidu Occupation: Admin Clerk She chose Werner. Visayas won the challenge, sending both Luzon and Mindanao to a joint Tribal Council. Due to a deadlocked tie after two rounds of voting to vote out either Annalize or Josie, the non-tied contestants—Ace, Chané, Neil, Palesa, Tom, and Vusi—drew rocks to resolve the vote; Neil picked the white rock and was therefore eliminated. He desperately tried to dissuade PK from making a big move too soon before the merge, but it fell on deaf ears, sending the doctor packing. itemId: 2557, At Tribal Council, the tribe's frustrations with Marthunis was let out in the air, having his ethics and motives being criticized by Jeanne. After the surprise shuffle vote at Tribal Council, Annalize and Josie both felt nothing had changed as being the only original Luzon on each tribe, though both Luzon and Mindanao were now openly planning for the eventual merge. Toni won immunity. On Day 39, the jury berated both Jeanne and Tom for their gameplay leading up to the Final Tribal Council. Watch Survivor South Africa S06E01, PART 2 - Kmicick on Dailymotion The previous Tribal Council revealed to Werner and the majority alliance that Toni had finally realized that the original Mindanao alliance is dead, and that her days are numbered without flipping people from the majority. With no more idols or advantages left in the game, Werner stated at Tribal Council that he felt vulnerable for the first time in a while and tried to paint a target on Annalize's social game. Age: 29 But deep down she reveals that she is a softie who forms emotional ties easily. After two rounds of voting, Tribal Council remained tied. It was the fourth season hosted by Nico Panagio, and was produced by Afrokaans Film & Television. Tom Swartz (winner) Occupation: Business Analyst () { Occupation: Radio Presenter Morale sunk lower for Luzon returning after a fourth loss; the Big 5 had decided that Josie should be voted off next over Palesa. Annalize declared that she had cut ties with her original Luzon members. Both Annalize and Josie expressed the fact that they were the likely people to leave as neither were original Mindanao, with Tevin expressing that original tribal unity was more important as the Visayas tribe would be their main priority at the merge. } At Tribal Council, PK's loyalty was put to the test, with Chané and Vusi pointing out that there was a kingpin in the Blue Blood alliance that was dictating the game. As Werner accumulated power, the women in his alliance started to turn on him. With Nico Panagio, Gena Alkana, Vel Bodiba, Ashleigh Bryant. At Tribal Council, Neil revealed to Nico of the chaos of the last 24 hours since the immunity challenge loss, with both Seamus and Ace expressing their concerns of dull strategic gameplay from the tribe and which alliance to vote with respectively. Two alliances were forming with Jeanne and Stacey-Lee in the middle; a Day 1 alliance with Tevin, PK and Toni, and an all-girls alliance with Murishca, Toni, and Katinka, while Werner and Marthunis were left on the outs of either alliance. Chané Mynhardt At Luzon, Werner approached Annalize about the possibility of removing Jeanne and forming a bond to the end, with her not committing to his plans. Age: 34 When it came to voting, Palesa finally played her idol, which encouraged a skeptical PK to play his newly found idol, to the shock of the entire tribe and jury. Occupation: HR Executive rd.attr('id','0_0'); Ace believes that his strengths include his versatility to roll with the punches and his people skills, while his weaknesses include finding it difficult to say no to people. Luzon voted out Josie who brought Toni with her to Mindanao; Mindanao voted out Annalize who brought Katinka with her to Luzon. At Mindanao, Tevin felt Josie's intellect and beauty would be a distraction for him, and that he'd need to get rid of her before it would be too late. After reward, he confronted Tom with his behaviour at camp alienating the women, with the original Mindanao women siding with Tom over PK. Tom was then surprised with the task to exile two players from the rest of the tribe. step: 1, A tribe expansion saw Mindanao acquire majority over the original two tribes, while a third tribe called Visayas saw Tom, Chané, Palesa, and Vusi in an uneasy truce from their original Luzon days. The tension at Mindanao had gotten to a point where parts of the tribe felt that they needed to throw the Immunity challenge in order to get rid of either Marthunis or Jeanne. tvsa.RemoveFromFavourites(4,2557, function(result) { Tom played his idol, while Palesa did not, and Murishca's indecisiveness caused the warring factions to send her home instead. Tom won the challenge and chose to share reward with Jeanne and Werner, as a thank you for the protection they have given to Tom throughout the merge and to formulate a final three. From: Durban At Tribal Council, PK laid out the pecking order that Werner was kingpin, with Jeanne, Katinka, and Annalize as the final 4, with Tom as a number and Toni and himself on the outs with Chané and Palesa. However, Werner decided to shock the tribe and jury by playing his idol on Jeanne. Toni enjoys a good laugh and admits to having a naughty sense of humour, but if provoked, she will not shy away from confrontation and speaking her mind as she can't help but wear her heart on her sleeve. His skills include fishing, hunting, building shelter and making fire, but how will he fair in the social game? Occupation: Medical Doctor Tevin is a Survivor boffin who has watched every season of every franchise – sometimes watching individual seasons up to 15 times. var lnkAddFavourite = $('#lnkAddFavourite'); That left Katinka and PK back at the Araw beach to relax and bond. Eighteen castaways were marooned in the Philippines and split into their tribes on a Bangka. Chané and Tom were not eligible to vote in the second round of voting. Tom kept apologizing for his actions around camp life, but highlighted his loyalty to Werner throughout the merge as his biggest strength, with Palesa acknowledging that despite the growing target on his back Tom still made it to the end. Survivor South Africa: Philippines is the sixth season of the South African reality competition show Survivor South Africa. The morning after, Tom expressed his desire to get rid of Ace for flipping on the Big 5 alliance as soon as possible. Marthunis caught a glimpse of Werner's actions from the sit-out bench. Tevin plans to do a lot of lying on the island, as he feels that the only way to play a successful social and strategic game is to have his competitors eating out of the palm of his hand. This season also provided the first instance on the South African franchise of rock draw tie-breaker at Tribal Council. They had the afternoon while the former Mindanao members were sleeping for Ace to dig, and Josie to keep watch. Katinka won immunity. Werner used Marthunis' attempt of organizing the tribe's shelter construction to look for a hidden immunity idol or clue without anyone else bothering him. With Toni moving back to Mindanao, Werner grew paranoid about his position in Luzon. Stunned by the previous vote, Jeanne was grateful for Werner saving her game with the immunity idol. The winner of the Final Immunity Challenge was also awarded the power to eliminate one of the jury members. From: Port Elizabeth From: Cape Town Age: 24 Palesa secretly read the clue she acquired at the shuffle pointing out that there was a hidden immunity idol placed at Tribal Council itself, giving her the option to get it the next time she visits, or save the location for later. Begeertes Teasers - April 2021. A re-vote occurred to the disbelief of the Big 5, which ended in deadlock. Ace continued to dig once everyone was awake under the guise that he was building a tunnel from the fireplace to under the shelter for heat insulation, to the former Mindanao members' confused annoyance. The Castaways Adrian "Ace" Chetty - a graphic designer from Johannesburg - might be familiar to some as M-Net's "Wild Card" winner after outlasting seven other wannabe Survivor castaways through gruelling challenges over the course of three days to cinch himself a spot on the series. Tom, Neil, and Josie all tried to talk to Ace over Night 2 and Day 3 about how his decision would impact his game. } A charming all-rounder who is physically strong and also loves a good puzzle, Vusi's downfall could be his impatience with people who come across as disingenuous or fake, as he is bound to encounter these traits in a game like Survivor. At Mindanao, the tribe's frustration with Marthunis' erratic behaviour was reaching a breaking point, with Marthunis himself noticing he was backing himself into a corner he couldn't get out of. Josie admits that her biggest weakness is getting bored easily, which could result in a lack of patience with others – not ideal for the social aspect of this competition. The morning after Tribal Council, Josie resolved herself to continue looking for the idol on the new Luzon beach, feeling the pressure of being the last original Luzon member in the tribe. While viewers described season 7 of M-Net Survivor SA as not only thrilling but the toughest in the show’s history, it was Bentele who was able to outwit, outplay and outlast 20 castaways in a series of grueling challenges. Age: 25 Josie and Annalize were indeed voted out, however, Nico informed the two that they were swapping tribes instead of leaving and would select another tribe member to join their new tribe. Werner Joubert if (result == true) { On Day 10, Ace and Josie saw a clue on the shelter they won that there was an idol in the sand between the shelter and the fireplace. A community for Survivor superfans to discuss the world's greatest game: Survivor South Africa which returns in 2020 for Season 8! Palesa Tau The two in exile discovered an extra vote that Toni decided that the two of them must share among themselves. } Both Annalize and Katinka felt alienated by being around the three men, Marthunis, PK, and Tevin, but Annalize strove to make camp life comfortable with her catering background. Katinka started to step up in the strategic discussions around camp, and approaching Werner and Annalize about taking out Jeanne if push comes to shove. The jury was mostly able to set aside differences to respect Tom's scrambling underdog game more so than Jeanne's quietly hesitant strategic game, resulting in a victory for Tom by a vote of 6-1. tvsa.GetUserRating(2, 2557, function (result) { PK was getting restless being under Tevin's thumb since Day 1 and offered Toni the option of getting rid of Tevin now and not after merge.