The report provided this updated summary of the country's development challenges: "Burkina Faso remains vulnerable to climatic shocks related to changes in rainfall patterns and to fluctuations in the prices of its export commodities on world markets. Klima Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) Daten und Graphen zum Klima und Wetter für Ouagadougou >>Klimatabelle Ouagadougou >>Klimadiagramm für Ouagadougou >>Temperaturverlauf für Ouagadougou >>14 Tage Wetter in Ouagadougou; Klima in Ouagadougou 300m über dem Meerespiegel liegt dieser Ort. Also every two years, the Symposium de sculpture sur granit de Laongo takes place on a site located about 35 kilometres (22 miles) from Ouagadougou, in the province of Oubritenga. [142] According to a 2005 World Health Organization report, an estimated 72.5% of Burkina Faso's girls and women have had female genital mutilation, administered according to traditional rituals. Ein ähnliches Klima herrscht auch in den zentralen Regionen des Landes. McFarland, Daniel Miles and Rupley, Lawrence A. Roy, Christopher D and Wheelock, Thomas G B, This page was last edited on 7 April 2021, at 00:58. The colony had its capital in Bamako. The Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation 200509 (PRRO) was formed to respond to the high levels of malnutrition in Burkina Faso, following the food and nutrition crisis in 2012. [68], Political freedoms are severely restricted in Burkina Faso. Beste Reisezeit Ägypten Klima in Ägypten – Beste Reisezeit. [144] As of 2009[update], studies estimated there were as few as 10 physicians per 100,000 people. Burkina Faso qualified for the 2013 African Cup of Nations in South Africa and reached the final, but then lost to Nigeria 0–1. The northwestern part of present-day Burkina Faso was populated by hunter-gatherers from 14000 BCE to 5000 BCE. [126], A dual priority is to promote innovative, effective and accessible health systems. [165] In response, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) wrote to President Compaoré to request his government investigate the sending of e-mailed death threats to journalists and radio commentators in Burkina Faso who were critical of the government. The referendum was required because the opposition parties in Parliament refused to sanction the proposed text.[77]. Im Dezember und Januar weht der Wüstenwind Harmattan. Der heißeste Monat des Jahres in Gaoua ist der März mit einer durchschnittlichen Tageshöchsttemperatur von 38 Grad. Encountering resistance from trade unions again, Zerbo's government was overthrown in the 1982 coup d'état, led by Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo. 37% des Landes werden als Wiesen-oder Weideland genutzt. Centre, Burkina Faso, 12.37°N 1.53°W, 299m ü.NN . [22], In February 2016 a terrorist attack occurred at the Splendid Hotel and Capuccino café-bar in the centre of Ouagadougou: 30 people died. Colonel Zerbo also encountered resistance from trade unions and was overthrown two years later by Maj. Dr. Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo and the Council of Popular Salvation (CSP) in the 1982 Upper Voltan coup d'état. I subtropiske områder er der tit stor forskel på temperaturen om natten og om dagen. [95], According to the Global Hunger Index, a multidimensional tool used to measure and track a country's hunger levels,[96] Burkina Faso ranked 65 out of 78 countries in 2013. The 1960 constitution provided for election by universal suffrage of a president and a national assembly for five-year terms. Kaboré won the election in the first round of voting, receiving 53.5% of the vote against 29.7% for the second place candidate, Zephirin Diabré. Blaise Compaoré, resulted in a military coup d'état on 4 August 1983. The river's three tributaries are called the Black, White and Red Volta. Their tools, including scrapers, chisels and arrowheads, were discovered in 1973 through archaeological excavations. 7.000 km und eine Breite von ca. [105] The Human Development Index is a measure of quality of life, taking into account three main areas of human development: longevity, education, and economic standard of living. The army remained in power for four years. [160], Attempts to develop an independent press and media in Burkina Faso have been intermittent. In the more rural regions, in the outskirts of Burkina, you would find Dolo, which is drink made from fermented millet.[154]. A relatively dry tropical savanna, the Sahel extends beyond the borders of Burkina Faso, from the Horn of Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, and borders the Sahara to its north and the fertile region of the Sudan to the south. [105], The Country Programme (CP) has two parts: food and nutritional assistance to people with HIV/AIDS, and a school feeding program for all primary schools in the Sahel region. Klima & Klima Burkina Faso. Better nutrition among the two most vulnerable groups, young children and pregnant women, prepares them to be able to respond better in times when food security is compromised, such as in droughts. De fleste tropiske områder har regntider, hvor der falder meget regn på kort tid. WhatsApp. However, only 15% of the population actually speaks French on a regular basis. Die Luftfeuchtigkeit ist sehr hoch, die Trockenzeit dauert im Süden nur 2 bis 3 Monate. Mit einer installierten Leistung von nur 285 Megawatt sind in Burkina Faso drei Millionen Haushalte ohne Strom. The government was continuing to get financial aid and loans to finance the debt. It consists mostly of rearing livestock. It is the only language for laws, administration and courts. In terms of training and equipment, the regular Army is believed to be neglected in relation to the élite Regiment of Presidential Security (French: Régiment de la Sécurité Présidentielle – RSP). A legal framework regarding licensing, bank activities, organizational and capital requirements, inspections and sanctions (all applicable to all countries of the Union) is in place, having been reformed significantly in 1999. Wetterextreme wie Hitzewellen mit Dürren und katastrophale Überschwemmungen wechseln sich immer häufiger ab. Predominantly farmers, the Mossi kingdom is led by the Mogho Naba, whose court is in Ouagadougou.[129]. The data here is an estimation for the year 2005 produced by the International Monetary Fund in April 2005. ©WetterKontor GmbH. Colonel Zerbo established the Military Committee of Recovery for National Progress as the supreme governmental authority, thus eradicating the 1977 constitution. Intl Food Policy Res Inst, 2010", "Famines are a Thing of the Past: Food Security Trends in Northern Burkina Faso", "Burkina Faso: Programme Overview: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)", "Burkina Faso launches Sahel region's largest solar power plant", United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Web. Die Regenzeit und Trockenzeit wechselt sich in Burkina Faso regelmäßig ab. It is a biennial event which takes place every two years in Bobo Dioulasso, the second-largest city in the country. Klima Analyse. A revision in the organization of French Overseas Territories had begun with the passage of the Basic Law (Loi Cadre) of 23 July 1956. [75], In 2015, Kaboré promised to revise the 1991 constitution. The Voltaic Mossi make up about one-half of the population. To complement the national research policy, the government has prepared a National Strategy to Popularize Technologies, Inventions and Innovations (2012) and a National Innovation Strategy (2014). In 1998, Burkina Faso hosted the Africa Cup of Nations for which the Omnisport Stadium in Bobo-Dioulasso was built. The Republic of Upper Volta (French: République de Haute-Volta) was established on 11 December 1958 as a self-governing colony within the French Community. Informationen über Durchschnittstemperaturen, Regentage, Sonnenstunden und Wassertemperaturen. Lions, leopards and buffalo can also be found here, including the dwarf or red buffalo, a smaller reddish-brown animal which looks like a fierce kind of short-legged cow. In 2018, the under-five mortality rate and the infant mortality rate was 76 per 1000 live births. The country has few natural resources and a weak industrial base. Sie wechseln sich ab mit einzelnen Bäumen. The country owes its former name of Upper Volta to three rivers which cross it: the Black Volta (or Mouhoun), the White Volta (Nakambé) and the Red Volta (Nazinon). The government of Burkina Faso's 2006 census reported that 60.5% of the population practice Islam, and that the majority of this group belong to the Sunni branch,[137][138] while a small minority adheres to Shia Islam. Diese Menschen aus dem krisengeschüttelten Mali müssen ebenfalls mit Lebensmitteln und Gütern des täglichen Bedarfs versorgt werden. [109] Lastly, the third component of this project focuses on institutional development and capacity building. Die Regenzeit dauert etwa von Mai/Juni bis September/Oktober. Gold production increased 32% in 2011 at six gold mine sites, making Burkina Faso the fourth-largest gold producer in Africa, after South Africa, Mali and Ghana. Later in the day, the military dissolved all government institutions and imposed a curfew.[53]. [101] Malnutrition is especially common in women and children, with large amounts of the population suffering from stunted growth and micronutrient deficiencies such as anemia. Burkina Faso has a larger number of elephants than many countries in West Africa. Full independence from France was received in 1960.[39]. Hier ist es sehr trocken und es wachsen vor allem Gräser und Akazien. [162][163], Since the death of Norbert Zongo, several protests regarding the Zongo investigation and treatment of journalists have been prevented or dispersed by government police and security forces. Much of the crafts produced are for the country's growing tourist industry. In ihrem Gebiet verzahnen sich die Wanderwege der Nomaden mit ihren Viehherden und die Hirseanbauflä… In April 2007, popular radio reggae host Karim Sama, whose programs feature reggae songs interspersed with critical commentary on alleged government injustice and corruption, received several death threats. The national team is nicknamed "Les Etalons" ("the Stallions") in reference to the legendary horse of Princess Yennenga. [55] In November 2014 opposition parties, civil-society groups and religious leaders adopted a plan for a transitional authority to guide Burkina Faso to elections. The provinces of Kmoandjari, Tapoa, Kompienga, and Gourma in East Region due to crime and terrorism".[89].