I even see bagged milk at Costco! And that is some of our favourite fun facts about Canada for today. Some of the highest tides in the world have been recorded in Canada at the Bay of Fundy on the east coast. I always visit your website whenever I’m planning a trip. We’ve seen about 10 in real life. The country’s national parks are massive and 30 national parks in the country are larger than many countries! . I feel really proud of this Canada fact. The country has no official religion and their constitution supports religious freedom. The second largest country in the world by area, Canada is home to more than 2,000 Sons of Norway members. Some fun and (somewhat obscure facts about Canada and Canadian culture). But that’s okay, Canadians keep warm by wearing Tuques. It is bordered by the province of Manitoba to the west, Hudson Bay and James Bay to the north, and Quebec to the east and northeast, and to the south by the US states of (from west to east) Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Smelling bad is illegal. We have been fighting over an island in the Arctic since the 1930s. These forests have contributed to Canada's position as one of the countries with the cleanest air and has contributed significantly to the economy. Tidal power generation is considered a viable renewable energy source. Canada Facts: Fun Facts About Canada. Canadian Flag – Photo by alexindigo #1: Snakes in abundance. They have learned to live with them. But we have also adopted American spelling as well. Here is what we recommend: Need more help planning your trip? Funny Canada Facts. Mount Logan in Yukon is Canada’s tallest mountain. We check the temperature outside in Celcius, but we cook in Fahrenheit. Canada is such an amazing place to live,cant wait to see all this amazing things after this world pandemic, I now feel really homesick. The Trans-Canada Highway is ‘only’ 7’800 kilometres long. Want to know more about Canada? Canada is home to 15 million cows, many of which can be found in the prairie regions of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The country is home to vibrant and culturally rich cities, along with incredible natural wonders. It seems like a strange choice, but the beaver played a large role in building the nation. Steve Lagreca | Dreamstime. His official postal address H0H 0H0 directs to Montreal in Canada to which people send letters from all over the world addressed to Santa Claus. If you are located in Europe use Booking.com and if you are anywhere else use TripAdvisor. Here’s a very unique fact about Canada. Canada has an ongoing dispute with Denmark. Fun and Interesting Facts about St. Lucia, 25 Interesting and Fun Facts About Greece, Fun Facts About Andorra – Tiny Country in the Pyrenees, 17 Fun Independence Day Facts to Celebrate July 4, 25 Best Things to Do in Los Angeles – Hollywood, Hikes, And More, Fine Art Photography Exhibition – Toronto Galleries, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Canada_Highway. Canada Facts. Located in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, it is filled with hiking and cultural experiences. The coastline extends over the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. These illuminating facts about Canada will make you see the country in a whole new way: Canada is home to 26 Sons of Norway lodges. The first national park in Canada was Banff National Park established in 1885. Thanks for sharing. I live in the UK, I was born in the UK but my home will always be Canada. mi. English is spoken throughout most of the country, and French is primarily spoken in Quebec. It was a pleasure to read this, thank you! We can thank Tim Horton’s for this title. He also suggested that this is why his signature look is a red and white suit – the colors of Canada. Yukon is one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada and is located in the northwestern corner of Canada. My next visit to Canada I’ll definitely try Ceasar – with Clamato Juice. The coastline areas have a denser population that other places in Canada. With an area of 9,984,670 square km, it is the world’s second-largest country by total area. When you drink a sour toe cocktail, you have to let the toe touch your lips and then you get t a certificate. We are on the metric system but most people understand a lot of the imperial system and we tend to mix both systems up a lot between measurement and weight. It is located directly on the Ontario Quebec border on the Ottawa River. This cant be a real law…. How Many Countries Are Recognized By The United States. It’s just one of 10 20 Fun Facts About Canada. The facts about food are really funny! Not only attracting tourists thanks to the beautiful and majestic natural scenery, but Canada also impresses many people by the diverse and interesting culture here. To send letters to Santa, children can use this address: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada. We get this one, because on one side of the coin there’s a depiction of a loon – that’s a duck-type thing (a waterfowl, if you want to be picky). So I hear that their air is cleaner than the United States and their subway way cleaner than the New York City subway. Biggest City in Canada: Toronto Highest Mountain: Mount Logan is the highest mountain in … Canada is located in the northern hemisphere and is part of North America. When people accidentally swallow the toe good samaritans donate newly severed toe to drink. In the far north town of Churchill, Manitoba nobody locks their doors to their house or cars in case of a polar bear attack. Ottawa is its capital and Toronto is its largest city. it’s so nice here! These all places to visit that are great when there is come to choose one of them then I would like to choose canada is a great way to drive and more places to see. Canada is a country occupying the north section of North America. There are many interesting facts about Canada, some that may surprise you! We have five official parties represented in the federal government. Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil are the owners and founders of The Planet D. After traveling to 115 countries, on all 7 continents over the past 13 years they have become one of the foremost experts in travel. Canada spans 9 984 670 sq km and comprises 6 time zones. km, 3,855,103 sq. I have some relatives that migrate over there some years ago. I once drove from Brooklyn, New York to Maine in my teenage years without making it to my final destination. While the Canadian Territories are Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. The country’s border with the US is the longest land border in the world. We really do say I’m sorry or sorry often. Sure there are walled cities all around the world, but Quebec is the only one in all of North America. You guys make me feel so proud to be Canadian. First off, there’s the “loonie,” which is a $1CAD coin. Churchill is located in the center of Polar Bear Alley and polar bears walk freely through the town. In fact, Canada is considered the polar Bear Capital of the world. Dog food is tax-deductible in Canada. But there are so many famous Canadians. Today we're going to learn some fun and interesting facts about the country commonly called "The Great White North!" As a fellow Canadian, it’s nice to see you included the part about the Bay Of Fundy. 40% of those people speak European languages and about 56% speak Asian. Being recognized as top travel bloggers and influencers by the likes of Forbes Magazine, the Society of American Travel Writers and USA Today has allowed them to become leaders in their field. Looking to book your next trip? The province of Alberta leads in the production of oil and natural gas in Canada. Measuring 4,600km from north to south, the country... Canada’s wildlife and nature. We personally don’t drink a lot of milk ourselves, but I just recently went over to a friend’s house and she still has her bagged milk in a milk container. (for reference the United States has approximately 35 people per square km.). Canada’s uranium is ranked among the highest grades in the world with its explored and unexplored reserves estimated to contribute significantly to meeting future uranium needs for nuclear power generation. Its unique combination of natural beauty and unusual history makes it a truly magical place. You can find thousands of snakes which slither out of their dens, and pile up on each other, making them look uncountable wires tangled into … It is Canada’s most popular coffee and donut chain. (I thought everyone had braille on money, but only a few other countries do.). Missed Gordon Lightfoot as a famous entertainer. we came into knowledge of cities in Maine such as Kittery and Kennebunkport but never got to where we originally intended, but learned that if we continued driving up the highway which I think at the time was I-95, we would’ve driven right into the Canadian border. Join 10,000 others who get our weekly emails! But there are a few things that set Canadian food apart. Santa Claus is Canadian. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 Territories. My husband’s father is a Canadian citizen and he loves to include such facts in every discussion:) But I didn’t know even a half of things. If anyone gets a chance to visit, you won’t be disappointed . These facts are but a few that people do not know about the country. Three years after the first National Park in the world was established in the United States (Yellowstone National Park). Canada Facts for Kids | Canada Economy Canada is the third largest oil reserve holder after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. English and French are its official languages. 10 Interesting Facts about Canadian Culture. Canadian Life Expectancy – Older … Canada facts Facts about Canada. In fact Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is called the Sour Toe Cocktail. The rest of Canada speaks English, but French is taught in schools and signs in the country are bilingual. One thing I never knew as a child growing up in New York City is Canada is possibly 10 hours or less driving by car away from the Big Apple. Canada has many things going for it. I’m not quite sure what you are talking about, but the Trans Canada highway is 7,821 km. Dairy and beef farming are major economic drivers for some provinces of Canada such as Alberta which has the highest beef production in the country. Canada is the leader in uranium mining. 6. We use both the metric system and the Imperial system. Canadian Life Expectancy – the average life expectancy  is 81 years old. Toronto is Canada’s Largest City with a population of 6.97 million people. One of the most fascinating facts about Canada is that Quebec City is the only city north of Mexico that still has fortified walls. The Provinces of Canada are – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. 1. Antarctica, Russia, and Greenland are colder. The coldest temperatures Dave and I have faced were -43C somewhere on the Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba. Plus, Canada has a 99% literacy rate. Wow! Canada’s Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau. I drove to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire before reaching Maine. Find More Facts About Canada. Canada works on a Parliamentary System that has been inherited from England. It is widely believed Santa Claus is from Canada. The two countries battle it out by leaving a bottle of Canadian rye whiskey or on the Danish side, leaving a bottle of Danish schnapps to stake their claim. Canada uses the British English system meaning we spell things like Color with a “u” Colour, and our theaters and Meters are spelled “re” – theatre, metre. One of the most fun facts about Canada is this one! 10 Fun Facts about Canada. The country is the largest in North America with the highest number of lakes in the world, has over 70% of the world’s crude bitumen, has the world’s longest coastline, and it is home to the world’s most apologetic citizens. The land of hockey, maple syrup, bloody nice people and a whole host of fairly accurate stereotypes, this is 101 Facts About Canada! It is interesting to know that there are about 21% of people in Canada who speak a foreign language as mother tongue. From weird traditions to wacky places to visit, you can find lots of funny tidbits about Canadian culture. Published November 17 2016. When you visit the province, enjoy Newfoundland hospitality at the bar and be sure to Kiss the Cod! Famous Canadian celebrities include Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, James Cameron, Jim Carrey, Celine... Fun Geography Facts about Canada. But not many people know of Lacrosse. Canada has a total area of 9.9 million sq. Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. If you enjoyed all of these Canada facts, save this post to Pinterest for more future fun! Canada: geography and landscape. The lowest recorded temperature in Canada was in Snag, Yukon Territories at -63C. 2. Canada is the number 1 donut consumer in the world.. We only have 30-million people in Canada, but we eat 1-billion... 2. More than 50% of the population has a post-secondary education. We weigh and buy our food by the kilogram but we weigh ourselves in pounds. Canadians follow speed limits and measure length in metres, but we measure our height in feet. The high tides are attributed to the spring tide, tidal resonance, and very low atmospheric pressure. Let me explain. Fun Facts About Canada 1. Maple Leaf – The maple leaf is definitely identified with our country. Flights: Start planning your trip by finding the best flight deals on Skyscanner, Book your Hotel: Find the best prices on hotels with these two providers. Canada is an urbanized country with 82% of the population living in cities, especially in the southern regions. 145 Weird, Fun and Interesting Facts About Canada Famous Canadians. 30 Weird Facts About Canada That Prove It's The Most Interesting Country Ever The True North strong and crazy. Fun Facts about Canada’s Geography and Geology Canada is the second-largest country in the world. As of March 2019, the population of Ontario … It is bordered by the Northwest Territories to the east, by British Columbia to the south, and by the US state of Alaska to the west, and it extends northward above the Arctic Circle to the Beaufort Sea. Thank you. Quebec is one of the oldest city’s in North America dating back to 1608 when it was founded by Samuel de Champlain. After the attack on Pearl Harbor during WW2, Canada declared war on Japan before the U.S. did. It is illegal to carry a product designed for personal protection against a human attack, according to the Criminal Code. Total Population: 37,067,011. In Dawson City Yukon, there is a cocktail where people drink whiskey with a human toe inside. It really helped me to know a lot about Canada .There are many intresting facts about Canada which are new to me like Canada has more number of lakes and world largest fresh water lakes island is also situated there and most recently they legalised cannabis also.Any way most facts are intresting and i love this a lot. Canada Winter Activities You Just Cannot Miss! 1. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021 worldatlas.com. Most people in Canada live within 200km from the border of the United States. February 17, 2019. and touches the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic oceans (which is why its motto, “from sea to sea” is quite appropriate), making it the … The Beaver became the national symbol of Canada in 1975. The country’s border with the US is the longest land border in the world. Canada seems to like weird names for towns and cities and a trip around the country will prove it to be true.On the east coast, there is a town called Dildo and in the West, there is a place called Sexsmith in Alberta and Stoner in British Columbia. I live in Nova Scotia very close to the bay. Its so funny! The Bay of Fundy. It sounds funny, but Maple Syrup is big business. Keep reading to find out more surprising facts about Canada. , I love this . 1-5 Interesting Facts About Canada 1. Located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, this body of water moves 100 billion tons of water through its tides twice daily. Canada has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique sites for travelers to explore. The province of Quebec is the main French-speaking province, but New Brunswick also has a large Francophone population too. I plan to travel here very soon, Love this article! The Rhinoceros Party was a registered party in Canada was found in 1963. Canada Day is celebrated yearly on July 1. Canadians really do Apologize a lot. It is the second largest country in the world by total area (after Russia). Speaking of Quebec, Did you know that Quebec City is the only city in North America that is a walled city. Canada is a highly forested country with the forest covering 31% of the whole country, one of the largest forest cover in the world. But surprise, they were created in Canada! The CN Tower in Toronto was the world’s tallest free-standing structure until 2007. The large concentration of people in urban areas has been linked to the pursuit of higher education and the highly changing economy which is inclined towards the service sector prompting rural to urban migration. The Great Spirit Circle Trails allows people to immerse in Indigenous culture. The mountain is named after Canadian geologist William Edmond Logan. Canada Day is all about spending quality time with friends and family and celebrating this incredible country.. The warming of the Arctic poses challenges to the polar bears which keep migrating outwards in search of suitable temperatures and food. Although the above facts are commonly relayed and understood, did you know the following obscure figures about the "true north, strong and free"? Quebec’s entire historic district, including the ramparts, has since been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Canada is the largest country in the Western hemisphere and the second largest country in the world after Russia and borders only one country, the United States of America. Canada is a huge country. Trudeau is part of the Liberal Party currently in power, with the Conservative Party as the official opposition. Lacrosse is our country’s oldest sport and has its roots in the indigenous community. Right now he is in the middle of his second term and is the head of a minority government. However, increased human activities such as mining, poor land use management have contributed to a decrease in their population. Following our series of interesting facts on South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, we now take a look at Canada and reveal 20 of the country’s most interesting facts. ; Canada @ Wikipedia – Find more Canada facts for kids on the Wikipedia entry for Canada. (Or Toques as it is spelled in English) that is what we call a winter hat. Manitoulin Island, located on Lake Huron, is the largest island in the world to be located on a freshwater lake. Canada is the world’s leading producer of uranium, with deposits particularly plentiful in the central province of Saskatchewan. The population of Canada is 37.06 Million people. Canada’s Official Phone Number – 1-800-O-CANADA. Canada covers a total area of 3.85 million square miles and extends from Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west, and the Arctic Ocean in the north. houses the world’s highest tides. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Population: 36,307,820 Canadian flag. Is this correct? I think the figure in the article might be the total length of highways in the country. Canada’s Immigration Minister declared in 2012 that Santa Claus was indeed a Canadian citizen. – Source 2. The Maple Leaf is prominent on our Canadian Flag, our most notoriously losing hockey team is called the Maple Leafs, the maple leaf is on our penny, and many Canadians used to sew the Maple Leaf on their backpacks. Thanks so much for your time, energy and effort putting these facts together. Most people think these things were invented in America or somewhere else. Canada doesn’t have much of a food identity. It does not, in law, constitute an express or implied admission of fault or liability by the person in connection with that matter. The Best Things to do in Edmonton, Alberta, Things to do in Prince Edward County, Ontario, 15 Best Things to do in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canada is the second largest country in the world. It doesn't. The New Democtratic Party (NDP), Bloc Québécois and Green Party make up the rest of the government. Narcisse Snake Dens conservation area is renowned for the largest concentration of snakes at one place. But it doesn’t mean an expression of sympathy or regret. If you have any interesting facts about Canada, we’d love to hear it! So in exchange for nearly hunting them to extinction, we put them on our nickel as a thank you. Canada has more polar bears than anywhere in the world. Many people believe that Canada owns the North Pole. Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling. At 5,525 miles, including 1,538 miles between Canada and Alaska, it is the world's longest border between two nations. This makes Canada one of the countries with the closest relationship to the species as well as a primary responsibility in their conservation. Even a couple Canadians might be surprised at a few of these babies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Canada_Highway. The border between Canada and the United States is officially known as the International Boundary. Then there’s the “toonie,” which we get less. The island itself has lakes upon it, which also feature islands. Canada has a reindeer population of over 2 million. A few of the more patriotic Canadian celebrities like Drake, Mike Meyers, and Ryan Reynolds are well known Canucks around the world. So get out your notebook and get ready to have your mind blown as you learn these Canada facts right now! In 2012 the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist was national news when someone stole 3000 tons of maple syrup in Quebec valued at $18 million dollars. Canada can claim the world's smallest jail, which is in Ontario. Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly. The country was built on the fur trade, and the beaver was in high demand for its pelt. Canadians are influenced by both Britain and... 3. Map of Canada. Manitoulin Island in Ontario, is the largest fresh freshwater island in the world. Canada’s Capital: Ottawa. Good Article i had fun reading it thanks for sharing we us. One night we will eat Italian, then we’ll order in Thai or Korean and others we’ll be dining on Ethiopian or Indian. Here are 30 Interesting Facts About Canada-Part. Canada is a country occupying the north section of North America. Canada has two official languages, French and English. So no dairy product in Canada contains those hormones. Canada has two official languages. The bears can be spotted in the northern territories, as well as northern extremities of the provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. A lot of Surprising things were Invented in Canada. Manitoulin Island covers an area of 1,068 square miles and has an average elevation of 1,115ft. It is north of the United States and East of Russia with Alaska bordering us to Northwest. It is 5,995 metres high (19,551 ft) and can be found in Kluane National Park and Reserve. To see our full list of weird towns in Canada read 14 Funny City Names in Canada – Plus 6 Strange and Odd Towns. Canada officially got its own national flag on February 15, 1965 — almost 100 years after it became a country (in 1867). After the pandemic, I’d take a break from business to visit Ontario or Quebec. O, Canada. Apology Act – In fact Canadians apologize so much, Canada passed the apology act meaning, you express sympathy or regret. Here are some amazing, fun, and interesting facts about Canada that you might not have known: French and English are the two official languages in Canada. Canada is quirky, Canada is fun and Canada is weird, it’s just the way we like it! This was the norm while growing up and 75% of Canadians still drink their milk out of a bag. Canada’s National Sports are ice hockey and lacrosse – We love hockey so much that obviously it one of our national sports. The lake island is an important tourist destination for camping, boating, and fishing. There are a lot of famous Canadians that you probably didn’t know. General Facts about Canada Here are some more general Canada Facts, such as total population, the official language, Highest mountain, currency, time zone, biggest cities, etc. Annual Births: 389,912 (2017) Life Expectancy Men/Women: 79/83 Years (2017) Immigration to Canada: 320,932 new permanent residents (2016) Larger Map of Canada. It is an amazing place to visit. Interesting Facts about Canada. Maybe you'd like to visit Canada some day, or maybe you already have and some of these facts will be familiar to you. Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO. Here are the details in Wikipedia. Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. People donate toes that have fallen off due to frostbite or other means. 25 Canada Facts and Amazing Canada Superlatives. Canada produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup. It is the second largest country in the world by total area (after Russia ). In Newfoundland, there is a tradition of kissing a dead cod followed by a shot of rum known as Skreech. Canadian Bank Notes have brail on them for the blind. Hopefully someday I might make it there but I’m not counting on it. If you visit Canada for an extended period of time, chances are you’ll be going home apologizing too. Canada Fact Slides – View visual slides with Canada fact. The Ottawa River is one of the premier places in the world for whitewater rafting. It is only 24.3 square meters. Climate change has not helped, either. Santa Claus, who was said to have been awarded Canadian citizenship, is said to live in the Canadian Arctic region from where his global Christmas tours begin. Canada is the Most Educated Country in the World. They always have good things to say about Canada. Canada is a huge country. Canada is cold, but we aren’t the coldest country in the world. Canada is home to the longest street in the world. First the French, and later the English, built up Quebec City’s fortifications between the 17th and the 19th centuries. Canada's capital is Ottawa, and it is home to 883,391 people. Canada Day Facts – Fun Things I Bet You Didn’t Know! In the most cases, Canadian system of education provides students with mixed classes. Updated June 26 2020 at 12:44 PM. General Facts About Canada Total Population in Canada: 37,308,624 as of August 4, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. There is a $2500 fine if you swallow the toe,. Dominant tree species include pine and fir. There's a lot to love about our country, from its glorious landscapes to its diverse population. Yes, we really do put milk in bags. Eul Basa. Toronto is not the capital of the country; While Toronto is the largest city and the first stop for most immigrants, the honour of being the capital of Canada and the seat of the government, is reserved for Ottawa.