How do you live stream niche sports in the Austrian alps? Pop on your headphones to enjoy the journey! The importance of offering reliable and secure public and private cloud based services is something SES is continuing to build upon. So why does SES think MEO is the right path for its maritime customers? In June 2004, New Skies Satellites was sold to The Blackstone Group for US$956 million. SES S.A. is a Luxembourgish satellite and terrestrial telecommunications network provider supplying video and data connectivity worldwide to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators, governments and institutions. SES has signed an agreement with Pivotel to build a new satellite ground station at the Pivotel teleport in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. SES has unveiled the results of its annual Satellite Monitor survey, which reveals a steady increase in the penetration of satellite TV across Africa.. Exciting news! We provide reliable and secure satellite and ground communications solutions. Stock analysis for SES SA (SESG:EN Paris) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile. Satellites deliver the real time data essential to government operations. SES New Skies. Start reimagining your success story today. We push for breakthroughs in connectivity and their impact for people worldwide. According to an April 8 announcement by the Virginia Economic Development A new SES-55 GEO satellite has entered into European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), ensuring long-term service and enabling a range of performance improvements. These include the well-known European Astra TV satellites, the O3b data satellite Luxembourg Government and SES Launch Second Phase of Satellite-enabled SATMED Telemedicine Project, SES Team Spotlight: Mourad Ouaret on Developing O3b mPOWER Service Automation, SES Cloud Direct: Delivering One-Hop Connectivity from Anywhere for the Multi-Cloud World, SES Announces Total Reach of 361 Million TV Homes Worldwide, Dwi Tunggal Putra and SES Networks Bring High-Speed Broadband to Over 150 Rural Villages in Indonesia, WDR expands HD capacity with SES on ASTRA 19.2 degrees East, SES Extends Long-Term Partnership with Sky, SES Networks to Power Ultimate Guest Connectivity Experience on Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady. In fact, they need to shrink. SES is one of the world's leading satellite owners and operators with over 70 satellites in two different orbits, geostationary orbit and medium Earth orbit. IPTV and terrestrial TV distribution via SES’s satellites grew by a combined three million to 43 million and 21 million homes respectively. Our host meets Ray Sperber - one of the SES engineers behind co-location's initial concept. News zur SES AKTIE und aktueller Realtime-Aktienkurs SES Shareholders Approve All … And how will O3b mPOWER help the team up their game? SES has been nominated for this year’s World Summit on the Information Society Prizes for working with the Government of # Mexico to connect 35 public hospitals across the country amidst the # COVID19 pandemic. Part two of this short series on Satellite Stories podcast explores how SES collaborated with local broadcasters and associations to provide high quality, HD content across Ethiopia. There are 16 operational Astra satellites, the majority in five orbital locations - Astra 19.2°E, Astra 28.2°E, Astra 23.5°E, Astra 5°E, Astra 31.5°E.Astra's principle of "co-location" (several satellites are maintained close to each other, all within a cube with a size … The satellite, which replaces the Inmarsat 4F2, will ensure reliable EGNOS services until 2026. SES is leading the pack, bringing the satellite-based data communications industry into the future. Explore our video broadcast and data connectivity services by industry. In addition to satellite capacity and video services such as content transportation and management, SES also will provide on-the-ground services to ensure the success of the new neighborhood. SES’s local team will train local installers to correctly repoint the satellite dishes of each TV household, making the migration possible. Offering a differentiated Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network, they meet the varied connectivity needs of the video, enterprise, mobility, maritime and government markets. What’s the future role of the TV in your living room? Start reimagining your success story today. Join us in Brazil to see how SES's OU Flex is being used first-hand by broadcasters - and end users - during the Copa America 2019. We provide reliable and secure satellite and ground communications solutions. Commercial World Satellite Business Week Martin Halliwell O3B SES Steve Collar Get the latest SES news and updates from around the world here. Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play View in browser. Learn about the topics and stories that affect us all. The SES satellite fleet will continue to deliver Satmed’s connectivity via the operator's Techcom subsidiary, as the telemedicine project enters a second phase of … How big a difference does screen quality really make? One of the many services SES offers is OU Flex. More on how we’re working with each of our partners below. Europe continues to be the strongest market for SES, with 168 million total households served by the operator, up by one million from 2018, followed by … SES Networks provides managed data services via the recent SES-12 high-throughput satellite (HTS), connecting 150,000 sites in remote parts of the country. SES’s plans to begin flying the new reprogrammable satellites after it launches the mPower satellites, Collar said. Continuing our mini series on O3b mPOWER, today we meet Morten Hansen, VP of Commercial Maritime & Energy Sales at SES. Subscribe on iTunes and listen to the episode now. It's a role which sees him travel the world - finding out what matters most to our customers and seeing first-hand how the solutions SES provide really make a difference. If approved, SES … On this episode Markus Placho, VP of video products at SES, runs us through why and how new video services have reshaped the way SES works, and the way our clients work with us. The new SES-SSi satellite footprint covers much more than Nunavut, enabling connectivity improvements across Canada. And what's all the buzz about with regards to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics being filmed in 8k? On this episode we look into the history of one of SES's geostationary satellites - Astra 1B, launched in 1991. It is positioned at the 67,0° West position thanks to an agreement with the Andean Community to use the Simón Bolivar 2 satellite network. On this episode of Satellite Stories, we discuss why global strategic partnerships are key for growing our cloud-based service offerings - and why more of the services end users are relying upon are based on this mysterious thing called ‘the cloud’. By leveraging SES-12, SES’s biggest geostationary satellite in the region, Teleglobal was able to bridge the digital divide and bring e-government and other essential services to the underserved rural communities of Indonesia. Accessible from the SES website, the tool has just been updated with a suite of features that bring the SES network to life. This time we look at how O3b is being used by governments across the world, and how SES’s new offering, O3b mPOWER, will offer government customers even more flexibility - on private and public networks - when it comes to staying connected. How Does Orbital Altitude Affect Satellite Network Performance? Uncover what drives SES, the world's only multi-orbit satellite player. Martin Feahnrich, Panasonic’s standardisation manager, explains how television tech has, and will continue to change. Satellites deliver the real time data essential to government operations. How do you make sure millions of football fans can watch their team play without having a golden ticket to the game? SES partners with Collins Aerospace to launch LuxStream; a service which enables the business jet to become an extension of passengers’ home and corporate networks, allowing them to access the same services, applications, and entertainment in the air as they do on the ground—wherever they fly. From employing locals in remote communities to empowering entrepreneurs, our host unveils the real-life stories of working at the world's largest satellite operator. Now with a new specially created platform - Ethiosat is finally enabling local broadcasters to deliver locally produced and focused content, at HD quality to viewers nationwide. SES-10, is a geostationary communications satellite owned and operated by SES S.A. and designed and manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space on the Eurostar E3000 platform. SpaceX . The study on TV reception also shows an increase in SES reach from 33 million African households in 2018 to 35 million households in 2019. We are a global satellite operator with worldwide regional offices. Astra is the brand name for a number of geostationary communication satellites, both individually and as a group, which are owned and operated by SES S.A., a global satellite operator based in Betzdorf, in eastern Luxembourg.The name is also used to describe the pan-European broadcasting system provided by these satellites, the channels carried on them, and even the reception equipment. SES’s online Google Earth satellite tool shows you all of our satellites in orbit so you can compare coverage maps across the globe – all in 3D. Meanwhile, SES told the FCC the purpose of its new MEO filing is to prepare for a third generation of O3b satellites, which would follow the upcoming O3b mPower satellites. In September of 2019, SES announced that it would be working in collaboration with Kythera Space Solutions, a provider of dynamic management systems for next-generation satellite payloads and networks, to develop a software solution called Adaptive Resource Control (ARC). "Applying common sense to number madness" That's how Ricardo Topham, Senior Market & Business Analyst at SES describes his job. Press Release | 31 Mar 2021 Luxembourg Government and SES Launch Second Phase of Satellite-enabled SATMED Telemedicine Project Read more For decades, Ethiopians only had access to unreliable and inconsistent quality television content. In 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Report and Order outlining a plan to clear C-band spectrum to enable the nationwide rollout of 5G mobile services. ... SES satellite app. SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) is a world leading satellite operator who provides reliable and secure satellite communication solutions across the globe. Discover our satellite fleet, coverage and ground infrastructure in our network app. SES 7/9 & Telkom 4 | SES 7 | SES 9 | Telkom 4 This satellite is below horizon in Boydton, United States The EIRP values are for Richmond, Virginia, United States Meet the Ethiopian television producers, presenters and viewers all benefiting from using the Ethiosat TV platform. Whether considering the welfare of officers out at sea for months and months, or holidaymakers wanting to share their photos with friends and family back home - SES is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for connectivity aboard. Create an Unparalleled Customer Experience. Personalised passenger experience, watching films in 4k and closing the gap between life on the ground with life in the air... Just a few of the insights offered by Gustavo Nader, head of strategy for Thales InFlyt Experience. How a 12 inch tail-mounted antenna is enabling CEOs, rock stars and heads of state to continue connecting with their online business whilst flying 30,000 feet above ground…. SES is executing on its pronounced growth strategy with the procurement of three new satellites, SES-14, SES-15 and SES-16/GovSat, all to be launched in 2017. Its upcoming satellites with onboard digital processors will be enabling the unprecedented ability to adjust power and spectrum, and manipulate beam quantity, shape and size dynamically utilising real-time data and automation. Keeping cargo crew and cruise passengers connected has become a given, not a luxury. In 1998, Intelsat transferred 5 of its 24 satellites to New Skies Satellites N.V., a Dutch start up company formed by Intelsat to help move Intelsat towards privatisation. Create an Unparalleled Customer Experience. Microsoft is working with SpaceX to provide satellite-powered internet connectivity on Azure. Today, we no longer rely on viewing our favourite TV show live in our living room. Commercial Satellite 2017 Satellite Telecom The satellite operator will invest $17 million to consolidate operations, technology, engineering, and support functions at the new site in Northern Virginia. Published December 2nd, 2009 - 11:22 GMT. We are a global satellite operator with worldwide regional offices. One key feature allows you to view connections between our satellites and teleports with a single click. WASHINGTON — Satellite communications provider SES Government Solutions announced Nov. 30 it was selected by the U.S. Air Force to join the pool … Learn about the topics and stories that affect us all. This time we look at how O3b is being used by governments across the world, and how SES’s new offering, O3b mPOWER, will offer government customers even more flexibility - on private and public networks - … The new satellites will provide replacement capacity for ageing satellites and increase our available capacity. But what role does SES play when it comes to improving connectivity in the clouds? And we discover how the idea of co-location was pivotal in satellite history. This ground station, announced Monday, will support SES’s O3b mPOWER Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) constellation, and will begin operations in the second half of 2021. SES Team Spotlight: Bronnie Fisher Fiely on C-band Earth Station Operator Transitions, SES Shareholders Approve All Resolutions at Annual General Meeting. From Skyping on a ship in Brazil, to dangling from a helicopter basket above the Norwegian Sea, Morten looks at how O3b is used by maritime businesses today and an insight into working out at sea on oil rigs, drilling platforms and vessels. Pop on your headphones and tune in to “Satellite Stories” as our host Kristina Smith-Meyer discusses what matters most to our partners and customers and explores how the services SES provide really make a difference. Uncover what drives SES, the world's only multi-orbit satellite player. Tuesday, we announce an expansion to our work with SES and a new collaboration with SpaceX. Or ensure breaking news can be reported in a remote location asap? SES Orders Four New Satellites from Astrium. Get the latest SES news and updates from around the world here. And what inspired the engineering and technical development behind SES’s upcoming project - O3b mPOWER? SES plans to establish a U.S. operations and technology hub in Bristow, Virginia. From analysing firefighters health data to managing a complex election process in land-locked Burkino Faso. Why is SES investing in MEO over LEO? What does O3b stand for? New satellites promise 10 or 100 times the capacity of their predecessors, but teleports can’t grow 10 or 100-fold. Tune in and find out! We push for breakthroughs in connectivity and their impact on people worldwide. News | SES In this episode, we travel to Addis Ababa to meet local broadcasters, members of the Ethiopian Broadcast Association, trainers empowering local satellite dish installers with the skills they need, and hear first-hand how ordinary Ethiopians are finding work on and off-screen. On this episode we take you on a mountain bike ride, hovercraft racing and a trip to the European Snow Volleyball Championships. BBC iPlayer, Netflix, SkyGo - a handful of online video services we're all likely to have used in the last few months. SES it has ordered its new SES-14 satellite with Airbus Space and Defence, and is scheduled for launch in Q4 2017. Your vote counts and here's how you can support 1. Explore our video broadcast and data connectivity services by industry.