The English programmes of Radio Luxembourg started in 1933 and on 2nd July 1951 moved from long wave to its … Although the reception faded in and out, especially in the summer months. The English Service was announcing "Radio Luxembourg is Planet Earth's biggest commercial radio station." It was during the 70's that my interest in the charts started, so much so that I started to keep a record of the charts every week from mid 1972 to 1980. Was a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the early 70's, until he started to develop Multiple Sclerosis. Presented a popular Sunday show. Then: Long-running Radio Luxembourg DJ with a passion for classic rock and soul music. The record programmes, brought to you by each label in turn or by various shampoo and chocolate manufacturers, were very different from the American-style output of the “pirates” but still very cool. The Radio Luxembourg tape. From the late 1970s until well into the 1980's, was on Radio Luxembourg 208 - during which time his broadcasts regularly made efforts to increase people's awareness of MS. However things were already changing as the arrival of ITV was beginning to seriously impact on Luxembourg's advertising revenue and some of their most popular presenters were beginning to jump ship for lucrative television roles. Tony had his own programme on Radio Luxembourg and very popular it was too. The 1970s. By the 1960s, Radio Luxembourg, Your Station of the Stars, had embraced popular music in a way that even early BBC Radio 1 would never manage. Tommy Vance 'TV on the radio' appeared on many TV and Radio programmes over the years. Luxembourg in turn moved to unfettered pop music with its team of big six DJs in the early 1970s and, with a new general manager, carved a fresh position of influence with music fans. The music fanatic in communist Czechoslovakia and the Radio Luxembourg DJ – an unlikely friendship. Founder of Radio Caroline, the pirate radio station that captured the spirit of the swinging 60s Bob was the longest serving presenter at Luxembourg, which he joined in 1969 after working at Radio Caroline. By the time i was listening in the early 80's some consider it's hey day was already past. Mark Wesley started his career on the offshore radio station Radio Essex in the 1960s but is best remembered working at Radio Luxembourg throughout the 1970s where he was a bit of a pin up! He joined 208 in 1971 and was on the station until 1981. Former Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline broadcaster Bob Stewart has died. Left the station in 1975 and joined Radio Victory in Portsmouth. In the early 1960s, music fans weren’t exactly spoilt for choice with their selection of radio stations. Download Share Jan Šesták was a music-obsessed mega-fan of Radio Luxembourg, tuning in every evening, despite the risks, in communist Czechoslovakia. Possibly recorded at Advision Studios sometime around the late sixties, these are five Radio Luxembourg jingles. Download this stock image: BBC DJ 'The Baron' at Radio Manchester in the early days of the station. Maurice James Christopher Cole (25 December 1944 – 4 April 1995), better known as Listen to RADIO LUXEMBOURG - Top 20 of May 1978 - Keith Fordyce - 23-5-1983 by Stuart Busby - UNITED DJS for free. Tommy Vance later moved on to Pirate Radio London and then to Radio Luxembourg before presenting his popular 'Pop Club' on the BBC World service. He was the last original Radio 1 DJ to still be broadcasting on the station. STATION: FREQUENCY: SHOW: DJ: TIME: DATE: TAPE … There were two primary broadcasting stations to choose from – the BBC, and Radio Luxembourg. When Tony made up his mind to stop broadcasting' he along with a number of people put together' Disco Mix Club' which became very popular during its early days and has grown and grown since those early times' with many of its member going on become so of the worlds best producers / music mixers. Radio Luxembourg Top 30 Show Presented by Tony (The Royal Ruler) Prince 8th May 1983 Radio Luxembourg was without doubt one of my favorite stations of all time. Today Mark is settled in Saffron Walden and has turned his hand to writing thriller novels Listen to the best DJs and radio presenters in the world for free. Disc Jockey. Here you will find tapes of radio luxembourg shows and other great radio shows from stations like atlantic 252, radio nova and radio caroline, there will also be some audio files added. Radio DJ Johnnie Walker recalls ‘terrifying, emotional and exhilarating’ moment Radio Caroline launched in Essex The 72-year-old told how he was sitting at the helm of Radio Caroline, aboard the MV Mi Amigo on August 13 1967, seconds before the official criminalisation of pirate stations became official. Growing up in the 70's the station for listening to the top 30 chart music was Radio Luxembourg. The pirates talked a full-blooded language, even … Bob was the longest serving presenter at Luxembourg, which he joined in 1969 after working at Radio Caroline. A blue plaque was unveiled yesterday in Mayfair, London, to celebrate almost 60 years of Radio Luxembourg broadcasting to the British public with DJ Timmy Mallett attending. This first team was the beginning of a succession of other ex-offshore DJs and management staff who joined Radio Luxembourg during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Follow Stuart Busby - UNITED DJS to never miss another show. Tributes from friends and former colleagues have been paid to Bob Stewart after it was reported today that he had died. John Peel OBE passed away on 26 October, 2004, aged 65. United DJs is marking the 70th anniversary of the first chart show to be heard by listeners in the United Kingdom broadcast by Radio Luxembourg.The concept of chart shows almost didn’t happen. Radio Caroline DJ Carl Mitchell 'The Weird Beard' who returned to America in the 1970s, passed away in New York in 1991. - 2BH3559 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. His fellow DJ Tony Prince was a programme director at Radio Luxembourg and in 1982 he encouraged Henry to make public his condition. Tommy also joined the exclusive band of ex pirate Djs who joined the BBC when Radio 1 started up in 1967 his show was called 'Top Gear' where he remained until the early 1970s when he left to join London's Capital Radio. The English service of Radio Luxembourg tells the story of its own 40 year history in this programme, written & produced by Rodney Collins, compiled & edited by Alan Bailey and presented by ex Radio Caroline North DJ, Bob Stewart and ex Radio London and RNI DJ, Duncan Johnson. Includes Manchester model Sue Dexter(Dester) from the Sheelah Wilson Agency. Published on March 28, 2019 - 9:25 pm. If you would like to trade with any of the below please contact Martin Clarke. 1973 saw the launch of a new idea - the Radio One Roadshow. Length of audio 28:59. Radio Luxembourg memories & more. So the DJ's spoke of "Radio Luxembourg 1440" as well as "208". HOLD Noun - cavity in a ship below deck where cargo is stowed. Tony Prince on stage, photo: archive of Tony Prince. Radio Luxembourg went the way of all things and passed on eventually, and it turns out no-one kept a record of their charts. It was better than Radio Luxembourg, which only played records in part, and whose DJs seemed emasculated. Tony Prince was a top DJ on the Europe-wide station, … Former Radio Luxembourg DJ Bob Stewart has died. BBC’s Radio Light was a relatively simple affair, hosted by “presenters,” rather than people you could call DJs or … The final Radio Luxembourg episode sees DMC’s Tony Prince back in Luxembourg with his DJ colleagues, friends and fans recounting some of the memories that made this radio station the most unique in the history of broadcasting. Radio Luxembourg made a household name of Essex DJ Mark Wesley in the 1970s, spinning the discs alongside Paul Burnett, Kid Jensen, Peter Powell and Steve Wright. But i'd disagree. Some fans did though, and posted them online, but with some years missing, including 1971 1972 and parts of 1973. This involved the DJs touring the seaside resorts of the UK, setting up their equipment in a public place, and playing records at people. The memories may sound quite unbelievable or an exaggeration of the facts but every word and every tale is true. Other Radio One DJs of the era included Terry Wogan, Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, Kenny Everett, Jimmy Saville and John Peel. The news incorporated the parent company's name as Bob Stewart's voiceover announced,"RTL 208 News Headlines, compiled in London." Many of his Radio Luxembourg broadcasts were made with his wife, Ollie Henry. Radio Luxembourg's all time peak of daily listeners was in 1955 with an average of 8.9 million. In the Radio 1 25th anniversary book published in 1992, Peel cited Freeman as his favourite DJ of all time (though he had earlier described Johnnie Walker as the best DJ Radio 1 had employed in an article he wrote for The Times on the station's 15th anniversary). In the days before UK pirate radio in the mid 1960s, the only way to hear broadcasts of pop music was to listen to the evening programmes starting at 7pm from Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres medium wave.