While Clinton and Uche were drawn to each other early on, … Are you still the one? We had a very good connection in terms of how we got to know each other and we could speak to each other without even talking. But we still talk every day and that’s a really good friend of mine,”, Max & Kari: Max had a connection with Justin on the show, but they were a confirmed ‘no match.’ Instead, it turned out that Max’s perfect match was Kari — and they are NOT on good terms, and it’s because Kari pursued Justin after Max and Justin split. Paige & Remy: Paige and Remy found out they were a confirmed ‘no match’ in the truth booth (his perfect match was Amber, while Paige’s was Jenna). “It became more exhausting to ignore the calls. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Are You the One just wrapped its eighth season. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2zdcMEpCXR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. “After the no-match I realized I cared about him and that he was sad and hurting about this, and it made me sad and realized I cared!” Paige explained. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1FRn88JDfs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. Things were super up and down between the two, but they seemed to always come back to each other. “But on the last night, before the final match-up ceremony, Kai and I sat down and had a conversation and Kai kind of broke up with me.”, Kai got a chance to explain his side, and said, “Danny is incredible. By the looks of their Instagram accounts, it doesn’t look like Danny and Kai are friends anymore. “I was thinking that Kai and I live in the same city, and it would be cool if we could pursue a connection and things were going well,” Danny explained. report. Adam from Are You The One… Check out an adorable Instagram post of them above. Although Amber and Remy and Paige and Jenna were declared a perfect match on the show, the two couples have broken up after the show. So keep watching us! So, despite being a perfect match, the two have separated but reportedly remain friends. I found out she was my match and that was that. I don’t give a s***.”, He later added, “Kari and I never really got along. is an MTV reality show that attempts to help people find their perfect matches. If the cast members manage to spot the correct pairings, they can win a cash prize of $1 million. | MTV - YouTube. I sat Danny down and told him that there were things in my personal lie that I didn’t want to drag him into and I know that Danny absolutely deserves the world and I could not give him when he deserves and I know that.”. “I called the hotel phone, she answered, I found out they hooked up. 'Are You The One?' Are You the One Season 8 … The show brings together an even-numbered group of people (this season had 16) and puts them in a house. With sixteen cast members on the show, every person was a romantic option, making the game increasingly more difficult. Although Amber and Remy and Paige and Jenna were declared a perfect match on the show, the two couples have broken up after the show. Various cast members from season eight of Are You The One? I’m done with it.”, Brandon & Aasha: Brandon and Aasha were the first confirmed perfect match on the show, but it doesn’t look like their relationship progressed after their time in the honeymoon suite. The sexually fluid cast correctly guessed all eight perfect matches correctly during the Sept. 9 finale, but not all of the couples worked out. That’s not my cup of tea. No f***ing way [there’s a chance of it]. I was kind of f***ed up at the time. “Justin, maybe two weeks ago, [hit me up] saying — I see why you’re my perfect match more and more every day…oh NO!!! The MTV stars got married in October 2014 and soon after welcomed a … Well, let’s find out which couple is still together, who are friends and who don’t talk anymore! Throughout the competition, they have to live under one roof and suit up with those they share the best connection with. Some couples, like Curtis Hadzicki and Jenni Knapmiller from season two, were not a perfect match on TV but are still together years later. Paige and Remy pursued a relationship post-finale, however, it fizzled out and the two are not together anymore. I would murder [him]. hide. So we just don’t know. “In the house, it could’ve gotten to the point where we got romantic, but in the honeymoon suite, we were like….f*** this s***, what happened!? Just wondering which couples are still together, from their own seasons or cross seasons? Kari and Max were declared a perfect pair and the two believed they balanced each other out. Click to Subscribe to Our HollywoodLife Daily Newsletter, Paris Jackson Then & Now: See Michael’s Only Daughter Through The Years On 23rd Birthday, Missy Elliott, T.I. Amber Martinez and her surprising perfect match speak out after the 'Are You the One?' Paige grew up in a loving household, but growing up in conservative, small-town Texas, there was no one else like her to identify with. Are You The One Season 8. Are You the One Season 8 Episode 12 - Full Episode S8E12. Seasons 1 and 2 of AYTO became available to stream via Netflix on December 1, 2020, and fans can check out season 3 on CBS All Access as well as … Some couples from the show were deemed to not be perfect matches on the show, but they are still … I would say, if you want to know if Basit and I are together or a couple or pursuing our relationship…keep an eye on us! “I will not be with somebody who does not respect me trying to play the game. 0 1 10. comments. However, there’s a catch – The matches are already determined by expert matchmakers based on an undisclosed algorithm. I care very much for Danny. ... Whilst #Zannah were also not a perfect match - these two stayed strong and are still together. Wednesday night saw the Season 7 cast of MTV’s “Are You the One?” reunited for a reunion. But she’s seeing Justin! “Justin and I will have a life long — we fell in love on reality television — so we will have a lifelong friendship, relationship, something there. They now have two children. As of today, the two are not even friends. Asha was a part of the fivesome that involved Jenna, Kylie, Kai, and Jasmine. RELATED: MTV ‘Are You The One?’Season 8 Premiere Date and Sexually Fluid, Non-Binary Cast. Are You the One S8E9 Full Episode. The season 8 cast of Are You the One? returns next month for season 7, giving another batch of 22 singles a chance to find their one true love. As far as Danny and Kai’s relationship is concerned, in the reunion episode, Danny revealed that Kai broke up with him and replying to that, Kai said that his life is pretty messed up and he doesn’t want Danny to suffer because of that. Close. Follow Them on Social Media: @maxgentile and @justinaverypalm “[She’s] one of the people I talk to on the daily,” Jasmine said. In theory, there should be a lot of people who left the show and continued to have a long term relationship. When Asha entered the show, it was evident that she hasn’t come around to play but before committing to anyone, she needed to explore her sexuality and she did. 89% Upvoted. Kylie & Justin: Kylie and Justin were a perfect match, but they are NOT together. Amber Lee Diamond and Ethan Diamond are the only match still together, and they’re actually married with two kids! Which couples from every season are still together? Season 8: Come One, Come All – Kona, Hawaii III. Season 8. “Basit and I have a very clear communication avenue,” Jonathan admitted on the reunion show. But at the same time, can I physically love the guy who’s hurt me multiple times and lives in New York? MTV took a totally new approach with the eighth season of its reality matchmaking show, Are You the One?, by casting the first sexually fluid cast.Season 8 was renamed Are You the One?Come One Come All, and the cast members walked away with a total of $750,000 after the final match-up ceremony.But not everyone managed to make it work with their perfect matches, according to a report … “So we always talk, but we’re not in a relationship. “I actually tried to talk to Justin countless times [on the show] and he would walk away from me,” Kylie said. Season eight premiered on June 26, 2019. Since filming the show, I’ve been to New York City. If we take a closer look at the post-finale updates, Jonathan and Basit, clearly had a connection and at the reunion, Jonathan had said “The matchmakers got it right, so just keep watching us.” However, things fizzled out because of the geographical barriers between them and they broke up but remain friends. Kai also confirmed that he is currently in a relationship, so there’s no hope of him rekindling things with Danny…at least for now! ‘Are You the One?’ or ‘AYTO?’ is a dating reality television series that features several hot and happening boys and girls who are clueless in love but are willing to shoot a shot at finding their perfect matches. I’m going to tell [him] to [his] face that [he’ll] always hold a very special place in my heart. Amber, on the other hand, had declared that she is single. 3 years ago. MTV’s hit love competition series Are You the One? is a reality game show involving 16 singles who live together while participating in challenges, all in the … Aasha and I got each other intellectually. “Aasha and I were like this *crosses fingers*,” Brandon said. However, their equations changed post-show and the two went on to date other people. Are You the One ( 8X1 ) Watch Online. Posted by 2 years ago. However, Paige and Remy have pursued a relationship outside of the show! house right after he and Justin broke up.”. Warning: This story contains spoilers from the finale of Are You the One? The two competed in different seasons of the show, but became friends later, and recently revealed that they started dating in August this year. “We talk all the time. Season 8 of the show went where no dating show has been before: queer castmates, queer couplings, and seemingly limitless options. © 2021 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Still, it was revealed during the reunion that they were together..and that Kareem had cheated on Alivia with Zoe Pugh post-show. “So I took the calls and she would just ramble on for 45 minutes about how bad Justin is and blah blah blah. Although Brandon had a tough time opening up initially, he and Asha connected intellectually and became the first perfect match of the season. I don’t want any part of that. ‘Are You the One’ Season 8 premiered on MTV on June 26, 2019.In spite of its flaws, which include using a computer program to identify one’s life partner, it has enjoyed a steady approval rating since its debut in 2014, especially with the young generation. The matchmakers got it right, so just keep watching us.”, Danny & Kai: While things didn’t work out with Jenna, Kai did find his perfect match in Danny, but they ended things before filming even ended. It was never anything like that.”. “We’ve been together ever since,” she said.”He came over to my place and we’ve spent pretty much every day together ever since.”. For the first time on Are You the One?, all cast members were sexually fluid, with no gender limitations on their potential perfect matches. Are You The One Season 8. 3 years ago. Are You The One Season 8. This season has had a historic amount of hookups, the first fivesome, and the only sexually fluid identifying cast. Cast The longest-lasting couple thus far is Ethan Diamond and Amber Diamond (née Lee) from season one, who were a perfect match on the show. Although Justin and Kylie were a perfect match, they couldn’t connect outside of the show and went separate ways as Kylie claimed Justin didn’t respect her as a person. “I love him to death now. Kai added, “Her and I have talked…we both totally agree that we do not go together. We’re out way too early. Although the show has not been well-received by critics, it has managed to earn a spot in the guilty pleasure binge-watch category and has spawned eight highly popular seasons. season 8 producer ... still have no clue who there perfect match is, EW talked to executive producer Sitarah Pendelton about how the season came together and if the Come One… Can Work, The Young and the Restless Spoilers April 5 – 9. 52:29. 52:30. However, they are not dating after the show. Here’s a rundown of where some of the pairs (including couples who weren’t perfect matches) stand: Jenna & Kai: Jenna and Kai were not a perfect match, but they spent a good portion of the season in a relationship. We’re definitely going to be giving you something juicy, juicy, juicy very soon. ARE YOU THE ONE SEASON 8. Credit ... the six stragglers sat down together to have their most honest conversation yet about what they each want and need in a potential partner. I knew for a fact that I should stop it [with him].” She also admitted that she “friend-zoned” Kai when they left the show. 3 years ago. Are You the One? However, they’re NOT dating. “Once we were released from the pressure of being a match or not a match, it allowed me to open up and be more comfortable about him.”, Paige also revealed that she and Remy were hooking up even after she found out that Jenna was her match, but Jenna was cool with it. It’s not off the table, you know? With $750,000 on the line, the pressure was on for the ‘Are You The One?’ season 8 cast to figure out the remaining three perfect matches during the Sept. 9 finale — and tensions were HIGH. Brandon even said that throughout their time in the honeymoon suite, they had their fingers crossed because they were worried, they would end up fighting. The seasons have featured between eight and eleven couples. Paige and Remy pursued a relationship post-finale, however, it fizzled out and the two are not together anymore. It appears the latest cast wasn’t lucky in love, considering pretty much all of the hot and heavy romances have simmered with passing time. & More Celebs Pray For DMX Amid Hospitalization Report, Over 13,000 People Swear By This Bra Without Underwire For All Day Comfort & Support, ‘RHOSLC’ Cast Had ‘Zero Idea’ About Jen Shah’s Alleged Fraudulent Business: ‘They Still Are Stunned’, True Thompson, 2, & Stormi Webster, 3, Hold Hands & Go For A Stroll In Cute Summer Dresses, Daniel Kaluuya: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Judas & The Black Messiah’ Star & Globes Frontrunner, ‘Space Jam 2’ Trailer: LeBron James Hits The Court With The Toon Squad To Save His Son, Mahalia Jackson: 5 Things To Know About The Gospel Legend At The Center Of Lifetime Movie, Paulina Porizkova Looks Fresh-Faced Showing Off Grey Hair As She Defends Celebs Who Get Botox, 8 Best Waterproof Sunscreens That Will Protect You On Pool & Beach Days, Eva Mendes Lets Daughters Esmeralda, 6, & Amada, 4, Give Her A ‘Head-To-Toe’ Makeover & The Result Is Epic, 6 Running Shorts That Are Just As Good As Lululemon But Cost 1/2 The Price, 13 Stars Dressing Up Their Jeans With Heels: Sofia Vergara, Rihanna & More, Heidi Klum, 47, Wears Just Bikini Bottoms As She Covers Herself While Going For A Dip In Sexy TikTok, Kim Kardashian Shows Off Impressive, Toned Legs In Metallic Mini Skirt In NYC, Halle Berry Snuggles Up To Her Kids Nahla, 13, & Maceo, 7, On The Beach For Cute Family Pic, Natalie Portman, 39, Rocks Daisy Dukes While Running Errands In Australia — See Pic, Mason Disick Puts Mom Kourtney, 41, On Blast For Sharing A Room With Addison Rae, 20, During Sleepovers, Madonna, 62, Wears Nothing & Just Covers Herself With Long Hair In Sexy New Pics, Kim Kardashian Rocks A Bikini As She Snuggles Daughter Chicago, 3 & Hangs With Saint, 5, & Psalm, 1, Girl Scout Thin Mint Almonds Exist — & They're On Sale at Costco, 5 Sex Positions To Turn Up The Heat With A Fiery Aries, These Founders are Proof That Partnering With Your S.O. She slept with Justin the night I called looking for Justin!” He also revealed that Kari and Justin hooked up in the Are you the One? However, out of eight seasons, only four couples remain together. However, in the reunion special, both Asha and Brandon confirmed that although they connect well with each other but not on a romantic level. share. 7 7. Danny deserves better than that. Absolutely not. Which couples from every season are still together? Max & Justin: All you have to do is look at Max and Justin’s Twitter feeds to know that they’re not currently together…and not on the best terms, either. Now in its eighth season, Are You the One? Jasmine and Nour were a perfect match but their clashing personalities fizzled the spark between them. Jasmine & Nour: Jasmine and Nour did NOT get along during part of season 8, but they wound up being a perfect match and became super close. Season: 8 Status: They reconnected, but don’t appear to be a couple based on recent social media activity. I had some lessons to learn.”, Jonathan & Basit: Jonathan was hesitant to start a relationship with Basit on the show, but he eventually let his guard down, and they found out they were a perfect match. That’s how our relationship got built. appeared during a special reunion for AfterBuzz TV on Sept. 12, and they gave us updates on where the perfect matches and other couples from the season stand now that it’s all said and done. Amber, on the other hand, had declared that she is single. Couples That Are Still Together Happy Endings on Are You The One? 59:41. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3SfoRcibwW/ I never wanted any relationship with Kari outside of that.”, However, he said that after the cast flew home, Kari continuously called him to try and reconnect (and he even provided text messages as receipts). Season 8 came to an end with another cast finding all their perfect matches. There is absolutely a part of me that feels so insecure that I’m like…I don’t think I can measure up to the fact that everyone thinks [he’]s such a good guy. save. Christina and Brandon were a no-match couple but their relationship managed to survive during the filming of the series. Jasmine & Nour: Jasmine and Nour did NOT get along during part of season 8, but they wound up being a perfect match and became super close. Archived. I love you, but…I was totally infatuated. I should’ve blocked her, looking back,” Max said. However, they’re NOT dating. season 8 finale. I don’t judge somebody based on what they do, but don’t lie to me about stuff.” She also revealed that she’s pissed after finding out that a Justin/Kari hookup went down, and said that both Kari AND Justin have been hitting her up since filming ended. Have news, pics or video on a breaking news story? I don’t want any sort of relationship with Kari after she hooked up with Justin in the hotel [after the show],” Max explained. We are figuring our lives out. As a result, she learned to suppress her sexuality. Mikala Thomas and Joe Torgerson are one of the couples who are currently together; however, they did not start with the same season. Kari showed up later with receipts of her own, and made it clear that these two are absolutely not in a relationship — or even friends, for that matter!