Mexico is perhaps the best destination in the world for an introduction to cave diving. Recommended Level: Beginner Mexico is perhaps the best destination in the world for an introduction to cave diving. Recommended Level: Advanced I also haven’t been to Banco Chinchorro yet, but I’ve dived with XTC Dive Center in Xcalak, Mexico locally, and they run tours to Banco Chinchorro. In general, they say scuba diving in Mexico is “the best along the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya coastal areas”, where the Yucatan Peninsula meets the quiet, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. However, adventurous divers can take advantage of the annual migration by getting in the water with these predators. The 8 Best Places to Dive in Mexico Socorro (of the Revillagigedo Islands) The Revillagigedo Islands consists of few volcanic peaks that poke up from an underwater mountain range. Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya and Costa Maya. It is certainly a challenge from finding a dive center that has the permits to getting out there, but it is most certainly worth it. The sheer variety of dive sites in Mexico makes it one of the best diving destinations in the world. Other operators lower their cages and allow divers to float half-way outside the cage for a no barred view of these giant sharks. Seeing as Cozumel is home to some of the best dive sites in the world, we have chosen to create a whole post dedicated to diving in this area, so stay tuned to read all about the amazing dive locations that this island and the surrounding reefs have to offer. People from all over the world have second homes along this bay because of the tranquility it offers. When to Go: December to April. 10 Reasons You Should Go Scuba Diving in Baja California. Best way to know everything we can offer is to contact us and we can call you whenever you’re available. Everyone is so nice. While liveaboard diving is popular in Mexico pacific coast, Baja California, resort and dive center based diving is what you will find in Cancún, Cozumel, and the Mayan Rivera. This is certainly not a spot to be missed by any diver. Between the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Caribbean and a freshwater cave system, it holds thousands of dive sites to explore, including everything from shark encounters to pristine reefs and manta cleaning stations. The barrier reef in Belize is one of the largest in the world. As well as diving, I am also a freelance writer and a professional baker, with my own recipe blog Jennifer's Cakes. Get up close and personal with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen and cage dive with great white sharks in Guadalupe. This is due to its system of flooded freshwater caves, locally called cenotes. In English, Dos Ojos means ‘two-eyes’ and refers to these two neighboring Cenotes, which connect into one very large cavern zone. Some of the best diving in Mexico can be found in this area, including the amazing Banco Chincorro. Scuba divers and snorkelers find this breathtaking coral garden and all of the colorful tropical fish that call it home one of the best beaches in Mexico to explore. They have wonderful local dive masters who speak perfect english, and have been diving there for ever. Top 5 Dive Sites Of The US Virgin Islands, Top 6 Dive Sites In New South Wales, Australia, Activists Want The Maldives To Keep Its Prohibition On Shark Killing, Private Charters Now Available with Nautilus Dive Adventures, Volivoli Beach Resort Unveils New Dive Sites, The Wayne Hasson Legacy Scholarship Has Been Launched. No one quite knows why they are here but some theorize it has to do with their birthing rituals and others believe it has to do with the freshwater waterflow from the cenotes. Huge stalagmites, stalactites, and columns pierce through the water providing endless wonder and adventure. The normally clear water conditions add to its mystique, making it a perennial favorite among liveaboard guests. Take a huge stride off the platform and you enter the cool world of the Cenote. THE WORLD\'S LARGEST COMMUNITY DEDICATED TO FREEDIVING, SCUBA DIVING AND SPEARFISHING. Diving in Belize is one of the best in the Americas with famous diving spots such as Ambergris Caye and famous dives such as the Great Blue Hole and the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico's Caribbean coast offer some of the best diving experiences you could hope for. Anytime I’m in Cozumel I’m diving with Salty Endeavors ( ). We recommend that you use a Suunto Dive Computer when diving one of these dive sites. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, and Isla Mujeres is perhaps the best place in the world to get in the water with these creatures. Dive Type: Shore/Snorkel Some scientists believe that this region annually boasts the largest congregations of whale sharks at any one time. Do you do private snorkel/Dive trips? Mexico Has It All. The original cave diving exploration of the whole cave system within the Riviera Maya began through these cenotes. If you are diving, don’t forget to pack a snorkel as many winter time tours also boast whale shark sightings. In contrast with the mainland resorts, Cozumel offers a more relaxed and laid back feel. And if you time it right, the waters around Mexico present some of the best wildlife viewing anywhere. It is located on the highway to the Mayan ruins in Coba just outside the city of Tulum. Dive Type: Reef Dos Ojos is one of the most famous and most often visited cavern dive sites out of the Rivera Maya’s Cenotes. Recommended Level: No Scuba Experience Required Cozumel & Riviera Maya, Mexico Excellent Drift Diving, Beautiful Corals & Diverse Marine Life! Ask any local diver for their top dive site in Cozumel, and they’re bound to tell you to head for the Palancar Reef sites. Best Diving Sites In Mexico. Some operators place their cages on the surface and don’t require scuba experience. The one-tank dive on Cancun's local reefs does not require full certification, and all equipment is provided for you. The crystal clear, blue waters of the Caribbean are certainly hard to beat and offer idyllic conditions for both advanced and beginner scuba divers. Recommended Level: Intermediate to Advanced Diving since I was 13 years old, I am currently a rescue diver working towards my Dive Master qualification. This large Cenote is one of the most popular diving and snorkeling sites in the Riviera Maya. While there are sites up and down the coast, the best sites can be found Los Cabos and nearby Cabos Pulmo. Yucatan Peninsula. Cave Diving in Mexico is the best option for all of those scuba divers who are attracted to the bowels of the Earth. email…[email protected]. Get a taste of the scuba diving Tulum experience by watching our introductory video to see the cenote dives for yourself. The cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula have become a popular cliff diving destination. The Gran Cenote and Dos Ojos seem most favorited and great for snorkeling, swimming and just the adventure of it. Recently named a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Revillagigedo Islands are located 240 miles (390 kilometers) off the Baja Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. Once you reach this magical site, you will find a huge parking area and a staircase leading to this large, crescent-shaped Cenote. It is one of those dive sites where the sheer beauty can be intensely overwhelming for divers. A large Peninsula dividing the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez, the Baja Peninsula offers some fantastic sites for those interested in scuba diving in Mexico. Along with South Africa, California and Australia, Isla Guadalupe in Mexico is one of the four best places to dive with great white sharks. It is the darker of the two and leads to an air-filled bat cave where there is little light penetration. Cabo Pulmo & Cabos San Lucas, Baja California; Cozumel Island; Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula ♥ Belize. This is when the most gorgeous light streams into the cenotes, so underwater photographers dive then for striking images. Dive Type: Pinnacle/Blue Water However, over the past decade, many divers have chosen to stay in the Riviera Maya to explore Mexico’s hidden dive spots. Second, they act as catalysts for new coral growth. This unbelievable coral atoll is found off the coast of Costa Maya, not far from the border between Mexico and Belize. Sea of Cortez. The diving in Mexico is rich and diverse – from dramatic pinnacles surrounded by large pelagics in the Revillagigedos to gentle drifts dives over the coral gardens of Cozumel, from cage diving with great white sharks to exploring mysterious and beautiful freshwater caves hidden in dense jungle Here are our choice of the top sites… 1) COZUMEL Dive Type: Reef/Wall/Drift These four sites are located to the southeast of the island. However, if you boat just 20 minutes out into the port, the Gulf of Mexico's clear blue-green waters shine through and offer some of the best scuba diving in Mexico. In Akumal visit the akumal dive shop, they have been there since the 70s and provide an excelent service. The atoll covers 300 square miles (800 square kilometers), is protected by a Biosphere Reserve and is home to wrecks, drift dives and colorful reefs. What dive operation is recommended in Cozumel that’s not affiliated with a resort? You have entered an incorrect email address! Both snorkelers and scuba divers are welcome. Here, you can enjoy world-class diving destinations such as Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. You can try Grand Cozumel Diving ( ISSN 1469-865X | Copyright © 1996 - 2021 limited. One series of sites stands out above the rest. Best Sites For Cenote Diving Tulum Mexico. During this all-day adventure, learn the basics of scuba in a resort pool and then move to your first open-water dive. You can find out more at Sloping rivers of sand divide sections of the wall and you will frequently see larger pelagic species, given that the reef is located in the middle of a sandy plain. Cenote Dos Ojos, Yucatan. Dive Type: Cage The blue, warm, clear waters of the Caribbean are truly hard to beat and offer paradise conditions for beginners and advanced scuba divers alike. (VIDEO) (Video not showing clearly? With less that 1% being above water, this atoll has been witness to almost 200 wrecks, which date back to the 16th century. The Boiler is perhaps the most predictable site in the Socorro Islands for manta ray sightings with five or more regularly seen. You are likely to see turtles, barracuda, lobsters, stingrays and nursing sharks. Dolphins, Galapagos sharks silvertips and humpback whales are not uncommon here, but this is also a good place to spot tiger sharks, and to keep your eye on them lest they get too close! First, they relieve some of the pressure placed on the area’s other coral reefs by creating a secondary attraction for snorkelers and scuba divers. From the spectacular corals, sponges, sea fans and a myriad of macro-invertebrates that cover this wall, you will certainly not be disappointed on this dive. Five Best Places to Scuba Dive in Mexico 1. When to Go: December to April. ... Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa. Simply Scuba counts down five of some of the most unique diving destinations that Mexico has to offer. You might get a glimpse of mackerels, jacks, snapper, eagle rays, mobula rays, cownose rays and, with any luck, scalloped hammerhead sharks or silky sharks. Not only is it hard to get to, it benefits from its remote location as well as requires special permits from the Mexican Federal Government in order to access this beautiful location. It is the gateway for diving in the Yucatan region (Tulum, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and the … Recommended Level: Beginner Both of these destinations are worth the long trip out to these isolated islands. Due to the high water temperature, diving in Mexico is possible all year round: With 21 to 28 degrees, it is thoroughly pleasant under water. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There, I had the opportunity to dive through a halocline. Read our full guide to Puerto Vallarta diving. Meanwhile, over on the other coast, you’ll find the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Cave Diving in Mexico. For ease, the country can be broken down into three zones: Yucatan, Baja and Pacific. Off the coast of Tulum and Akumal are beautiful dive sites, which not only have excellent visibility but also are only a short 5 minutes boat ride off the coast. The best diving in Mexico is dotted around the country so your arrival airport depends largely on where you want to dive. Our Mexican dive resorts offer the opportunity to explore the MUSA, an underwater contemporary museum of art consisting of over 500 life-size sculptures. The combination of beauty laid back environments, warm, crystal clear waters and phenomenal marine life makes this place a divers haven. LOS CABOS. Coral pinnacles rise from a sandy bottom which slopes slowly down to a drop-off. 2. Magical shipwrecks, atmospheric caves, a vast network of freshwater cenotes, and the world’s second-largest barrier reef, diving along Mexico’s … In general, divers say that the best diving in Mexico is found along the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya areas, where the Yucatan Peninsula meets the calm, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you are planning a trip to Mexico in the near or distant future, then here are some of the top dive sites that should not be missed…. Eagle rays and nurse sharks make the occasional appearance. Mexico is actually renowned all around the world for the diving opportunities that are offered. Show Prices . Without a doubt, these kind of specialities are capable of taking your diving experience to a new level. These are the five best regions for scuba diving in Mexico. The article should have been called “Top 10 dive sites of Yucatan”. Your options for exploring them range from standard half-day fun dives to epic … Best diving in Mexico. Then, they were placed underwater for two purposes. Every year dozens of these large sharks arrive to the sandy shallows just offshore. That is Aquarium I and II on the west side of the atoll where you’ll find gorgeous examples of black coral, brain coral and huge barrel sponges. This gorgeous island is not far from Cancun, but the shallow site known as “Afuera” is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Isla Mujeres. One of the best cenotes to dive in Mexico is El Pit Cenote, which is found just 3 kilometers down the road from the entrance to Cenote Dos Ojos. There are hundreds of different dive sites in Mexico. Diving in underwater cenote at Yucatan Peninsula. “ This property is on one of Mexico’s best beaches and situated just next to Miroma Adventures, meaning it’s only a short walk to scuba diving, fishing, jet skis, camel rides, catamaran and more. Recommended Level: Advanced Dive vacations in Mexico are perfect for those looking for shark diving and cenote specialties. This is it! Diving Resorts in Mexico: Find 57562 traveller reviews, candid photos, and the top ranked Diving Resorts in Mexico on Tripadvisor. Punta Tosca on the island's west coast is another dive site which delivers much of what makes Socorro the best diving in Mexico. The owners, Didier and Martine,... Phocea Mexico - Cozumel Sea of Cortez Beach Club. To the majority of scuba divers, Mexico is known as a diving hub with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and most importantly unparalleled dive sites. In general, divers say that the best diving in Mexico is found along the... Banco Chinchorro. Learn how your comment data is processed. When to Go: November to May.