Agravaine survives the initial attack and realises Merlin must be Emrys, the sorcerer Morgana has dreamt of. He injured Arthur with a blade hidden inside Myror's lance but Arthur returned to the field so as not to forfeit the tournament. Morgana, however, had a change of heart as Uther apologised to her for ordering Tom's execution. Arthur offered Kara a reprieve from her death sentence at Merlin's urging if she repented her crimes, but she was blinded by her beliefs and saw Arthur as no better than Uther. Here Merlin reveals his magic and throws aside Agravaine and his men. Helios (portrayed by Terrence Maynard) was a warlord from the southern kingdoms who helped Morgana to overthrow Camelot in episodes 11-13 of series 4. During the subsequent raid on Camelot, Gwaine and his other allies are knighted by Arthur around the Round Table in recognition of their service to Camelot, Gwaine commenting before the battle that, even if they have no chance of victory, he wouldn't miss this fight for anything. However Mordred soon comes face to face with Arthur and attempts to kill him, however Arthur manages to kill Mordred. Balinor brought the dragon to Camelot, but they were then betrayed and Uther imprisoned the creature in the caverns beneath the city. She stumbles through a forest and falls unconscious. King Olaf (portrayed by Mark Lewis Jones) is the ruler of a kingdom neighboring Camelot. RCA-Bakouma : braquage de 7 véhicules humanitaires Publié le 06.04.2021 In the episode "Lancelot du Lac", Morgana brings Lancelot back from the dead when she hears that Arthur intends to marry Gwen. Uther knew he was her father, but did not tell anybody this secret for at least 20 years. ("Sweet Dreams"). He began "The Great Purge", which led to a near extinction of sorcerers in the realm. She then took Sefa to court and she confessed to being a traitor. She whispers that she thought she'd lost Arthur, her open affection surprising him slightly. But Elyan does have clues to where Gawain is; at Morgana's new hideout, Ruadan's castle. She named the girl Morgause, gave her a bracelet bearing the mark of the house of Gorlois, then gave her to Gaius to smuggle out of Camelot. The Sidhe's possession had various side-effects in Elena, such as clumsiness and uncouth behavior. This is a list of characters in the BBC fantasy drama television series Merlin. Sigan then left Cedric's body and attempted to possess Merlin's, but was then trapped back in the jewel that had been his previous prison. After Camelot was secured, Agravaine led a group of warriors in pursuit of Arthur and Merlin, who were fleeing to Ealdor. Mordred allies himself with Morgana by revealing to her the true identity of Emrys: Merlin. Mordred's Sword is then forged in the breath of the White Dragon Aithusa. Anhora set a variety of 'tests' for the prince, the second of which Arthur failed when he 'killed' a thief for insulting his pride and honour. Merlin is understandably drawn in by Borden's news, and promises to help him. Fortunately, Merlin is able to clear Gwen of this crime by using an aging spell to give himself the appearance of an elderly sorcerer who enchanted both Gwen and Arthur to cause chaos in Camelot, the two subsequently agreeing to keep their feelings secret until Arthur is king and can change the laws that currently prevent them from being together. Guinevere figured it must have been Sefa who had betrayed them and Sefa confessed to the crime, being sentenced to death by Gwen in the absence of Arthur. She was believed to have been trained in the ways of the priestesses, explaining her strong and skillful magical abilities, which ultimately made her a deadly enemy to Camelot. In the aftermath of the battle, Uther reluctantly considered restoring Lancelot's knighthood, but the man refused the honor, since he did not wish to take full credit for destroying the griffin when Merlin's contribution was so critical. After reuniting with a sizable force that included a large number of knights, including Leon and Percival, Arthur led them all, along with Merlin, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde in an invasion of the castle. When Merlin spoke with him about his use of magic, he explained that his father had been a sorcerer himself, but had never used his magic out of fear. As Merlin looks on hopefully, the Great Dragon flew in an obvious rage, subsequently attacking Camelot at night for the next three days in revenge. In the episode, "Love in the Time of Dragons", it was revealed that she and Gaius were more than very close friends before the Great Purge due to their shared interests, and were even engaged to be married. In the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, however Arthur then stabs him dead. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf. Merlin races to his side when learns this and kills Nimueh, inadvertently restoring the balance. At this time, Arthur was again thoroughly demoralized by the betrayal of a family member. Merlin then spilled the blood held in the Cup of Life which destroyed the immortal army. She ultimately fled, leaving Arthur once again in control of Camelot. Three years later, Gwaine and Percival led a garrison north to Ruadan's castle. King Arthur is poisoned by a mysterious culprit and Gwen tells Camelot that Merlin is responsible. Dragoon is seen as an enemy of Camelot, but has more than once allied with Prince Arthur in order to fulfill a plan. He rides to Camlann, the site of the battle between Camelot and the Saxons, and under the disguise of Dragoon the Great uses magic never before seen to aid Camelot's victory. Arthur's stance on the subject of magic was also explored in the second season. He also appears to be very formal, a state of affairs Arthur is not used to from Merlin. Around this time, Gwen started to regain faith in Arthur's feelings for her, and was left heartbroken when she saw Arthur with Vivian. However Morgana does not accept defeat so easily. Leon subsequently returned to Camelot with his fellow 'Knights of the Round Table'. During the Great Purge, Uther contacted Balinor to express his desire to make peace with the Great Dragon. Although Gwaine faced execution when he fought with a thug who was posing as Sir Oswald to kill Arthur, Arthur's willingness to vouch for Gwaine's nobility of heart convinced Uther to lift the threat of execution to simple banishment, Gwaine admitting to Merlin before his departure that Arthur wasn't like other nobles, and commented to Gwen that he understood why she had turned him down after he heard her talking about Arthur. It is unknown if he was good at sword fighting, but it is assumed that this would be the case since he appeared to lead from the front. Edwin attempted to kill Gaius using flames, likely an attempt to mirror the flames Gaius had consigned Edwin's parents to, but Merlin appeared and stopped him. Dragoon The Great is one of the two characters whom Merlin uses as a disguise (the other being The Dolma). On another occasion, in "The Beginning of the End", Arthur assisted Merlin in helping to free a Druid boy and returning him to his people (unknowing that the boy was actually Mordred, the person destined to one day kill him). Morgana's Saxon Army prepares to attack the forces of Camelot at Camlann, Mordred is sent to lead part of the army through a secret pass to attack Camelot's forces. As the final battle begins, Merlin encounters the Ghost of his Father and with his guidance, regains his magic. Arthur Pendragon (portrayed by Bradley James) was the king of Camelot and formerly the prince. Because of this confession, Uther reluctantly sentenced Gaius to death. Gwaine soon became a prominent member of the round table, assisting the King and Merlin on a number of quests. Although his magical abilities are limited when compared to Merlin's, his greater experience is nevertheless of great benefit to Merlin, as he learns how to control and refine his abilities, while his knowledge of other such topics as mythology and medicine commonly provide Merlin and his friends with vital information in dealing with the current threat. Continuing with his story that he had left Camelot before the tournament, he pretended to have killed Myror during an ambush on the way back. Somehow, the two manage to escape, and a now mentally-unstable Morgana is now more than ever dedicated to destroy the Pendragons and Camelot. Odin abducts Nemeth's King Rodor and Morgana uses Princess Mithian to infiltrate Camelot. He then shows huge respect to Lancelot, telling him that he will be the greatest of all Camelot's knights. Gilli recognised that his father had disdained magic not out of fear of his power, but out of fear of its ability to corrupt. Devenez membre, Nouveau sur Boursorama ? He was released by the spirit when Arthur returned to the site of the Druid resting place and swore that he would do everything he could to prevent another massacre, even promising to give the Druids "the respect they deserved". As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Tristan runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Isolde. When Nimueh poisoned the city's water supply, he fell victim to the magical plague which had killed many others. In "Beauty and the Beast, Part Two", the fake Catrina utilized the enchantment she held over Uther even further, creating a rift between him and Arthur and even persuading him to disinherit his son and leave her as next in line for the throne. Merlin, Arthur, and a patrol of knights are heading to Ismere, where Morgana has been capturing patrols of knights to help her find the diamere - a key to all knowledge which will help her learn of 'Arthur's Bane'. Thus, the Great Dragon's prophecy of Mordred and Morgana 'uniting in evil' finally comes to pass. In the episode, "The Sins of the Father", Arthur voiced the thought that it was possible that not all magic users were evil when Merlin cautioned him not to trust the sorceress, Morgause, too quickly. Nimueh (portrayed by Michelle Ryan) was an antagonistic, yet beautiful witch. Due to his powers as a Dragonlord, Merlin is able to hatch her, and her status as a White Dragon is taken as a sign of good fortune by Kilgarragh. He took the realm by force and ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his people. Gwaine saw somebody going along the tunnels and he followed them. Percival arrived too late to save him, having broken free of his bindings after hearing Gwaine's screams. Merlin sees a young man (who at the moment does not recognise) kill Arthur. While she resided with him and his fellow Druids, Aglain encouraged Morgana not to fear herself and her emerging abilities, telling her that magic was not evil and not something Uther should hate. his servant, Finna also dies protecting the identity of Emrys (Merlin). In the subsequent battle to reclaim Camelot, Morgause was defeated by the combined magic of Gaius and Merlin, the latter of whom threw her against a column which rendered her unconscious. When Merlin finds food, he doesn't need to be asked twice to take it; Arthur on the other hand is puzzled why somebody would just leave dead rabbits lying around ... and they both trigger a trap. Uther is critically wounded, and Merlin attempts to heal him with magic, but is unsuccessful, as unbeknownst to him, Morgana and Agravaine have placed a necklace on Uther to make Merlin's magic harmful. Presumably in the years that followed, Lancelot traveled throughout Albion. As an adult, Edwin returned to Camelot, seeking revenge on Gaius and Uther. After Mordred's appearance in "The Witch's Quickening," he disappears and he is not seen again until series 5, seven years later. Myror pulled out the blade again so Merlin used magic to cut a strap on his armour/saddle, distracting him so that Arthur could win, killing him. Arthur was enraged and even attacked Lancelot before ordering the both of them imprisoned. Grunhilda (portrayed by Miriam Margolyes) was a pixie who served as the nanny to Princess Elena, a changeling child who had been 'implanted' with a Sidhe when she was an infant, knowing that Elena's father, Lord Godwyn, would eventually seek to strengthen the ties between his kingdom and Camelot with a marriage between Elena and Arthur, and seeking to place a Sidhe queen on Camelot's throne. Sir William of Daira (portrayed by Alex Price) is a knight who comes to Camelot for a jousting tournament. A dying Morgana is taken to Gaius' chambers where he reveals to a devastated Uther that Morgana has fractured her cranium, and she may die soon. In return for the water, the Fisher King asked that Merlin give him the Eye of the Phoenix, the Eye draining the Fisher King's last dregs of life and granting him the death he had sought for so long. Not long after, Percival swore allegiance to Arthur and aids him in the subsequent attempt to retake Camelot, stating that Arthur's enemies were his enemies. Upon unleashing the Dorocha, Morgana is warned by the Gatekeeper of the Spirit World that Emrys will be her doom. Mordred (portrayed by Asa Butterfield and Alexander Vlahos) was a Druid, whose master Cerdan is executed on Uther's orders. However, her plan was more complex, for she spares him- but requires him to travel to her domain and face another challenge, at a later date (which he accepts, despite Uther's adamant refusal); she also implies she knew his mother, the late Ygraine- which only serves to make Arthur more willing to seek her out again. As per her plan, she defeated him and spared his life after extracting a promise that he would accept a different challenge from her. Her singing put the entire royal court into an enchanted sleep except Merlin, and he stopped her from killing Arthur by causing a chandelier to fall on her body. Also, despite his politeness and decorum, George is very prideful and this leads him to be rather sensitive to any criticism (positive or negative) over his work, which is evident by the way he appeared to be hurt when Arthur refused his assistance, or the conceited glare he gives to Merlin when Arthur praised his capabilities. Gaius and Uther speak about Morgause in very confusing and cryptic terms, but what is clear is that she and Morgana are related, and both men fear knowledge and information she may possess. He appeared to not care much about his kingdom as he was willing to leave it when he wanted more land. Lancelot, however, was not permitted to rest in peace. Osgar (portrayed by Andrew Tiernan) was a sorcerer who had killed one of the King's knights, Sir Ranulph (se5 ep5). Then, while Uther was incapacitated, Morgause invaded Camelot with the army of her ally, Cenred, a king of a neighboring kingdom. Grettir (portrayed by Warwick Davis) When Agravaine succeeds in passsing plans of Camelot's siege tunnels to Morgana, Morgana visits Helios' camp and passes the plans to her ally in preparation for their invasion of Camelot. Uther dies, making Arthur the king. Although Gwen was briefly reunited with Lancelot, she now appears more secure in her relationship with Arthur, kissing him before he departed for the raid on Camelot, the two sharing another kiss in the courtyard after the battle when Gwen rode into Camelot alongside the new Knights of the Round Table. Though initially doubtful, Arthur trusted Merlin enough to try and did pull the sword free, proving his worthiness and providing him with the boost of confidence needed to retake Camelot. Recherchez parmi les 37 452 catalogues et brochures techniques disponibles sur NauticExpo. When his family was killed by bandits, he swore to become a skilled swordsman to fight against tyranny and save other families from suffering the same fate as his own. Merlin returns to Camelot, helping win a battle against an opposing army in league with Morgause. Morgana abducts Guinevere and imprisons her in the Dark Tower, where the evil sorceress begins to emotionally torture the Queen against her friends. Three years later, Sir Gawain's garrison goes missing, and Elyan arrives back from the search party disappointed, with no sign of Gawain, Percival or any of the men. In The Wicked Day, Odin sends The Gleeman to assassinate Arthur. He hunted Arthur in the tunnels, but was baited into chasing Merlin towards a dead end. Upon arriving at Camelot, Merlin is haunted by a voice and finds the source to be the Great Dragon. Morgana, devastated at her army's destruction, her defeated reign and her sister's injuries declares that her crusade against Camelot has just begun before using her magic to escape. Balinor appeared in the "Diamond of the Day, Part One" as a cameo in the Crystal Cave, who gives Merlin strength and courage to find Arthur. Alice (portrayed by Pauline Collins) is a sorceress who lived in Camelot before the Great Purge, possessing a great natural power with a specialty for healing spells. After saving Merlin's life from a rampaging griffin, the warlock promised to help the other man achieve his goal. He held the two of them for two years in an abandoned and long dried up well causing damage to both of their minds and also physically stunting the white dragon's growth. Merlin intervened by heating the dagger in Aredian's hand and in the ensuing scuffle, Aredian fell out of a glass window from a high tower to his death. In the first series, Merlin becomes Arthur's retainer when he saves his life, and learns of the Great Dragon, who informs him of his destiny and advises him when Merlin faces exceptional magic. They found her after repulsing an attack by raiders and returned her to Camelot. Alator uses his magic to attack Morgana when she questions Alator on who Emrys is. He blamed Uther for his sister's death in childbirth and was killed by Uther in a duel to the death. Société Droits réservés. In the next-to-last episode, "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", Arthur was sent on a mission to retrieve the Cup of Life from the Druids, unaware that Morgana and Morgause also sought it to use against Camelot. Once they arrive in Camelot, Mordred exits the castle alive and well, and Merlin realises his mistake - that Arthur refusing to embrace the Old Religion sealed his fate. After the Great Dragon was freed in "The Fires of Idirsholas" and began a series of repeated attacks on Camelot in the second-season finale, Arthur and Merlin went on a desperate search to find Balinor, hoping to convince him to stop the dragon's assault. This causes Arthur to want to prove himself as a person, not just because he is Prince. While working against the kingdom from the outside, Morgause sent her half-sister to serve as a spy and occasional assassin within the royal household itself. This would prove difficult since according to the knight's code of Camelot, only noblemen could become knights. When Arthur was injured trying to save her from the Great Dragon, they shared a tender moment in front of many (although Gaius was the only one who noticed) as Gwen saw to his wound. Tristan (portrayed by Ben Daniels) is the love of Isolde and her fellow smuggler. King Odin (portrayed by Fintan McKeown) is the ruler of a kingdom neighboring Camelot. Although the Dragon can appear callous, such as when he ordered Merlin not to help Morgana and Mordred, he has shown a certain compassion at times, such as when he apologized for his inability to help Merlin save Gaius from the Witchfinder. Percival hears the screams of Gawain's torture and breaks free, only to find Morgana gone and Gawain dying. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". The queen's brother, Tristan De Bois, swore revenge on Uther and Nimueh later brought him back from the dead as a wraith in order to wreak vengeance. The knights went with Arthur on many missions throughout season four. Leon subsequently joined Arthur's makeshift band of knights to launch a final attack on Camelot to rescue Uther, Merlin emptying the Cup of Life and defeating the immortal army while the knights rescued Uther. He first appears as a jousting partner for Arthur in "The Once and Future Queen" but pulls away when the Prince is blinded by light. Despite past problems and outside interference, their relationship continues to flourish. Morgana and Mordred reunite; during a dinner, Morgana flies into a rage when Mordred reveals they had Arthur in their grasp. Arthur comes to Leon's aid, allowing him to escape while Arthur fights Ruadan, but Ruadan almost knocks Arthur out. Arthur entrusted the mission to Elyan to lead a search party for them. Morgana faces Gwen once more, as the two battle. However, Gwen reveals that she will not hang Sefa as she is just trying to capture Ruadan who she will hope will come rescue his daughter. Seemingly at her end, Morgana greets death however the dragon Aithusa arrives and breaths back life into Morgana. Morgana finally comes face to face with Arthur in the throne room, where the two exchange words of bitterness. When he came to, Merlin told him that he had dealt the dragon a mortal blow, when in reality Merlin used his new status as a Dragonlord to command it to cease its attack. She tried to use magic to attack him, but thanks to Merlin sabotaging her power the night before, Morgana was left powerless. Morgana watches on in awe as Aithusa flies away. The spirit used Elyan to try and avenge his death by killing Arthur. Mordred's trademarks are his icy blue glare and green cloak. In the finale episode, "The Last Dragonlord", Arthur was yet again called upon to defend Camelot against overwhelming odds. In the following episode, "Arthur's Bane, Part Two", Sefa is due to be hanged for treason. In the first season and much of the second, Morgana was portrayed as a kind and loyal friend.