He uses his abilities to preform the man chores and tasks of The Nest, and to catch any unwanted pests that he finds trespassing. Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! The Butler is a tall slender humanoid but is constantly hunched over with his arms locked behind his back by cuffs. The Lair. The Butler will throw a wide variety of objects at The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, including but not limited to vases, clocks, washing machines, dryers, laundry carts, jugs of detergent, boxes, tea pots, and chandeliers. They turn off one of the TV's and quickly make their way to a chair. Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. The Butler 2 — Very Little Nightmares OST. After a few more trials, the child reaches a room filled with pipes blowing deadly steam. The child then makes their way to the back of the room and obtains a key. Reconnect with your … When traveling through rooms, he will make the lights flicker. The Butler The Butler's role in the Nest when talking in terms of enslavement are unknown. In the room to the right there’s a Nome hiding under the desk, but you can’t catch it just yet. The Girl quickly hides inside a laundry box and sneaks back into the ironing room to retrieve a key while the Butler is preoccupied with the laundry. The Butler Middle-aged When he doesn't find anything, he leaves. After that, quickly run to the next room without getting caught by Butler. EZcosplay.com offer finest quality Little Nightmares 2 Mono Halloween Cosplay Costume and other related cosplay accessories in low price. If you were looking for nothing, congrats, you found it. The Girl sits down in an empty chair and blends with the dolls, which successfully tricks the Butler who leaves the room with the door open, allowing the Girl to progress. They next make their way to an area filled with various potted plants and wooden monkey bars planted over them. Follow A rewrite of Little Nightmares as Mono and Six face the perils of their adventure once more but with an odd addition of emotion. Seeing as how The Craftsman's feet are broken and backwards, and The Butler's hands are locked in a brace, it's heavily implied that The Pretender enslaved them. When he is coming in, the child jumps into an already filled bin and escapes behind his back while he is distracted with the clothes. More than that, he seems to be taking care of her dolls as well, positioning them in particular rooms to make it seem as though they were participating in watching TV or eating dinner. The Butler is the second inhabitant/antagonist of the Nest in Very Little Nightmares. Here the Girl turns on a washing machine which alerts the Butler to it. Hobby Once they're about to solve this area's puzzle, The Butler will arrive and attempt to stop them. On the way down, the child will make a path … He can see and hear just fine so revealing your location to him will cause him to throw various objects at high speed towards the raincoat girl, killing her instantly. Europe The Girl watches from atop a wood plank, high enough so as not to be spotted by the Butler, who eerily floats through the corridor before demonstrating his telekinesis by opening a door using only his mind. He's an employee on the Maw with abnormally long arms, which he uses to look around and climb. Species In here, The Butler will be ironing a piece of clothing. The Bullies | Living Hands | The Patients | The Viewers | Flesh Walls, Little Nightmares Comic Series Like other monstrous humanoids that we see in the Little Nightmares series, The Butler won't give up until his target is eliminated. Leeches | The Eyes | Shoe Monster | Shadow Kids, Very Little Nightmares Little Nightmares Song Part 2 "Six" — Rockit Gaming. Six • The Runaway Kid • The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat • Mono, The Janitor • The Twin Chefs • The Guests • The Granny • The Craftsman • The Butler • The Hunter • The Teacher • The Doctor, The Boy in Green • The Refugee Boy • The Long-Haired Girl • The Humpback Girl • The Bandaged Kid • The Ferryman • The Refugee Boy's younger sister • The North Wind • The boy who got tall • The boy who got forked • The boy who got strong • Mirror Monster • The Toddler • The Girl With Pigtails • The Fat Kid • Ghost • Black children, The Hanging Man • The Lunch Lady • The Mail Recipient, Leeches • The Eyes • Shoe Monster • Shadow Kids • Dump Monster • The Bullies • The Patients • The Living Hands • The Viewers • The Flesh Walls, Rats • Shadow Six • The Hunter's victims • Glitching Remains • Moths, grubs, and mites. Nomes: 3; Statues: 2; Head up the stairs in the background and through the first door on the right (instead of continuing up the third flight of stairs. Once they do, The Butler will enter the room and pack the wet clothing into a bin. The child will need to sneak behind The Butler in every instance where his back is turned, hiding in the driers while The Butler loads the wet clothes from one side of the room ton a drier near the other. In a last minute attempt to stop them, The Butler will throw a box into the hole. Their faces appear to be actually masks, and their true skin underneath is possibly gray or blue. The Hunter | The Teacher | The Doctor | The Thin Man Male Six (LITTLE NIGHTMARES SONG Part 2 ) — Rockit Gaming. The child begins making her way down the cliff while The Pretender chases after her. Während ihres Aufstieges begegnet Six d… For Little Nightmares on the Xbox One, Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109. Toronto, Ontario. The Girl is able to cause a distraction by burning some clothes with a spare iron and sneaks past the Butler into a laundry room. But moreover it thinks outside the box. He uses his abilities to preform the man chores and tasks of The Nest, and to catch any unwanted pests that he finds trespassing. Butler The Butler is very dedicated to his work, always seen working and doing chores for The Pretender. Most of these descriptions are symbolic.) He can see and hear just fine so revealing your location to him will cause him to throw various objects at high speed towards the raincoat girl, killing her instantly. The Butler's last encounter has him ambushing the Girl as she makes for the mansion's exit. Die Hauptfigur in Little Nightmares ist ein kleines Mädchen/kleiner Junge namens Six, welches im sogenannten Schlund gefangen gehalten wird. Little Nightmares - The Lair. So if I am thinking of animals, I should do the same. Voice actor The Little Nightmares franchise presents a grim shadow-filled adventure. He is in charge of capturing and enslaving children in a prison part of the Maw. He won't be seen for a very long while after this. Little nightmares is a series of the cute, bizarre, and terrible. However, using a pipe system, she's able to blast hot steam onto the Butler which stuns him long enough for her to escape. Other information The irritated Butler then drops a heavy box down the chute with her, in the hopes of crushing her with it. Later, in a different laundry room, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat has to hide inside open washing machines to stealth past the Butler who is still managing laundry. He is a Butler whom has telekinetic abilities. https://littlenightmares.fandom.com/wiki/The_Butler?oldid=14603, The Butler's various chores in the Nest includes ironing clothes, laundry, serving tea and tending to. Physical description Log in Sign up. He then explores the room from left to right in an attempt to find who caused the TV to turn off. There are SO many possibilities for the Little Nightmare's universe, SO many scenarios- I simply cannot decide what to write. He lurks in the lower part of The Maw, tending to it's many rooms. Very Little Nightmares The Butler will catch the child in the TV room if they hide anywhere other than the lone doll chair. Download skin now! Go through the first laundry room to the … His ears and nose are pointed while his scalp is balding with a few strands of hair remaining. The Butler is the secondary antagonist in the mobile puzzle game: "Very Little Nightmares". The Butler isn't seen for a while after this until the child reaches a room where they will have to crawl across a thin plank of wood in order to make it to the other side of the room. verylittlenightmares littlenightmaresthebutler littlenightmares littlenightmaresfanart. The child proceeds to turn on an iron behind him in order to make a distraction. He is also persistent as he will chase down both Six and the raincoat girl through the garden in the game's finale. The Janitor | The Twin Chefs | The Guests | The Lady | The Granny Little Nightmares Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Evil-doer The Twin Chefs are obese, bulbous creatures. Type of Villain Killing pests He appears as a stand-alone character in Little Nightmares Comics, and the main protagonist of Little Nightmares II. To get started, climb onto the ironing board, put the iron on the shirt and turn it on. He is a deformed humanoid that creates dolls for The Pretender. The Butler appears to have aging caucasian, a button-up blackish-grey coat with tails and a pinkish inside, a white undershirt, a balding head with a few brown strands combed across it, a pointed nose, tube socks, and black does. Traveling through the vents will lead to a room filled with clocks. Very Little Nightmares This is where The Butler is first seen, he floats from the right end of the room to the left. You may notice the key, but you won’t be able to pick it up right away. 5 Comments. 20 Favourites. While they are doing this, The Butler can be seen below them unloading a box with a doll inside of it, which he takes to the next room. Little Misfortune. The Butler is shown to be reckless as he will not hesitate to throw valuable artifacts or appliances to kill the girl. The Minecraft Skin, The Butler from very little nightmares, was posted by Springi. #little-nightmares-the-butler. Old Friends Anew (Little Nightmares 2 OST) — Tobias Lilja. The Butler is a very dangerous enemy as his telekinetic powers allow him to kill The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat without having to make physical contact with her. Status After passing many more puzzle-filled rooms, the child will eventually crawl through a vent that leads to the first part of the laundry room. The Butler is not seen for some time until after completing a coat hanger puzzle, where he appears ironing clothes. If the child turns around during the final chase at the beginning, The Butler will throw a lantern at them. Powers/Skills The child will first go the wrong way to make The Butler drop a toilet in front of them which was blocking the monkey bars. The Janitor appears as an incapacitated male deprived of eyesight. His most notable features are his minuscule legs, making him a dawdling adversary, arms protracted beyond proportions, enabling him to reach farther than his associates, his deficiency of a suitable torso, giving the deception that his appendages are connected to an ordinary pair of legs suitable for a 3-foot human being. Some time later, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat finds a long room filled with seated dolls facing an active television, which the girl switches off. All of this changed when he accompanied a girl named Six on a journey to the Signal Tower. He wears a dark grey tuxedo with matching shoes. None Age Erik Killmonger (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Headlined Villain - William "Wild Bill" Wharton, https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/The_Butler_(Very_Little_Nightmares)?oldid=4222654. Image details. View, comment, download and edit little nightmare Minecraft skins. Dump Monster, Little Nightmares 2 Later, after making their way through the dinning room, they will reach a room filled with dolls facing various TVs. As you progress on your journey, explore the most disturbing dollhouse offering a prison to escape from and a playground full of secrets to discover. The Girl is finally able to barricade against the Butler inside a shed, with Six still outside, and escapes through a hatch. They each wear a white smock, an apron, a chef's hat, and brown shoes. Little Nightmares Occupation Your wiki has been migrated to a new Fandom domain. Recent Top. Little Nightmares Fanart Spooky Games. Most likely, he is preforming without pay, although it seems that he has the ability to leave if he wants as he was able to go out the front door during his final interaction with the runaway child. They will exit a room next to the exit, and once they see the child, he will try to drop a chandelier on top of them. The Butler first being seen and making electronics flicker. Appearances He will turn around and have his back turned towards the exit that the child will proceed to exit through. (Disclaimer, I have nothing against these these species. 447 Views. This is a one-shot book for different AUs, different play outs for scenarios, some canon compliant, some canon divergent, hell, even the character's personalities can vary wildly depending on what I feel like writing! He is a Butler whom has telekinetic abilities. Alive Unknown He does not appear to have any deformity but his eyes are constantly closed and has a permanent smile on his face. It is unspecified who exactly his "mistress" is. Head up: This story is going to have spoilers from the first and second game, along with that there is going to be a lot of references to SuperHorrorBro's theories and the lore of the game from all three games and the comic series+ official wiki. He will chase the young protagonist using his long hands if he catches them wandering in his territory. Once the child arrives, she turns around and screams. 2:35. The Butler trying to crush the raincoat girl with a chandelier. The Butler is a very dangerous enemy as his telekinetic powers allow him to kill the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat without having to make physical contact with her. It's highly possible that The Pretender forced The Craftsman to kidnap children, murder them, and turn them into dolls. Biographical information He will go so far as to smash objects on top of them in order to kill them, not worrying about the reproductions of on the said object. Unknown It is unknown how Six evaded the Butler after this. The Butler is shown to be reckless as he will not hesitate to throw valuable artifacts or appliances to kill the girl. End Of The Hal — Little Nightmares 2 OST. This turns out to be The Pretender, sitting on a white bench with the doll torn in half lying on the ground in front of her. Gender Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once they make their way to the fourth part of the room they will unlock a door leave through it. All LITTLE NIGHTMARES Videogames | BANDAI NAMCO Ent. Relatives She's able to open it but the sound alerts the Butler once more. 4:27. The Craftsman | The Butler | The Pretender Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Mirror Monster | The Ferryman | The North Wind. Mar 24, 2021 - Explore Nicole \(^.^)/'s board "Little Nightmares", followed by 932 people on Pinterest. The Butler is first seen shortly after The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat escapes from a box in the elevator. The Butler's hands are imprisoned inside of a golden case with a giant lock on the top of it. While at first glance it looks like he has an uneven blindfold, his skin has actually collapsed, baring the top of his skul… His head is always bowed to his Mistress, but his patience for grubby little creatures who dare to skitter across his path is… lacking. Crimes They tend to be frightened easily due to their intensely skittish nature, however a hug may cheer them up. Indie Games. The child first runs past giant white statues of hands. Both the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat and Six have to work together to bypass various gates and obstacles while avoiding the Butler's many attempts to crush and impede them with falling objects. Little Nightmares The Butler. This will have no effect. They will again make their way to the third part of the room where The Butler is now loading clothes into the driers. 3:42. Origin The Butler comes in levitating a tea pot in front of his head and turns the TV back on. Goals To preform various chores in The NestTo kill The Child in the Raincoat (dependent) Six is a Perentie/Goanna Monitor Lizard: Cold-Blooded, Cunning, highly unpredictable, ravenous, and exceedingly brutal hunters. 3:40. He is also persistent as he will chase down both Sixand the raincoat girl throu… Seconds later, the Butler enters and investigates the room and switches the television back on. The Butler - Little Nightmares Wiki. After they escape, The Butler will continue to follow them and attempt to drop things on top of them. He appears in level 6, 12, 13, 15, and 17. Players will discover that Little Nightmares blurs the lines between dreams and nightmares as they explore places like the Maw, the Nest, the Pale City and other locations in the Little Nightmares universe in an effort to escape its nightmarish confines. The Girl dodges his attempt to smash her with a chandelier and a long chase ensues. Telekinesis The Butler has a particular hatred for any pest that he spots in the corner of his eye. Unknown 2D fx animator | they/them | commissions closed | contact: strawberryfoxart@gmail.com. He is always very hunched over and has his hands behind his back, which are trapped inside of a golden brace with a key hole on it. See more ideas about nightmare, little nightmares fanart, nightmares art. The Butler makes his final appearance after the child makes their way towards the home's exit. Alias Being one of the only servants we've encountered with paranormal capabilities, we can assume that those who enslaved him are far more powerful than he is. All I have to say about this character is that he must be going through some very serious back pains... And that's just sad :\ The Butler belongs to Tarsier Studios Design belongs to me. You will find yourself in the ironing room, where the Butler will iron the clothes, so try to be as quiet as possible, otherwise he will notice and kill you. Nachdem sie in einem unteren Bereich des Schlunds aufgewacht ist, versucht sie zu entkommen. SO I DECIDED TO WRITE IT ALL! Full Name They quickly jump into the escape hatch in the floor during this distraction. As he has telekinetic powers, he is constantly shown levitating above the ground. Unknown Nov 18, 2020 - Mono originally was a kind and helpful boy who showed compassion to others. After exiting The Craftsman's area, The Child in the Raincoat will proceed to make their way to the vents. 22. They then make their way to the top of the washing machines in the second part of the room, and turn one of them on. Childhood Fears Life Is Strange. Nomes - Little fellows in cone hats who hide themselves among pipes and cracks of The Maw, where eyes can't follow. Because of this, the Butler completely relies on his telekinesis to preform both his tasks but also to walk. Zusätzlich bekommt sie unregelmäßig unersättlichen Hunger. Six wird dabei von ihrer geringen Größe beeinträchtigt und gewöhnliche Gegenstände wie Stühle oder Türen wirken größer und schwerer in Relation zu ihr. The latest Tweets from Anselina BLM ¤ ACAB (@_StrawberryFox_). The child makes one of the pipes point at The Butler, which makes him look away and whimper. The Butler confronting the raincoat girl in the pipes room. At the very end of the game, after escaping The Butler, the child can hear crying coming from around the corner. It is unknown if he caused the bridge to collapse when the child was making their way across it. 2:26. 1:31. They next reach four white pillars, which they try to drop on the child all at once by knocking them over. However, this box is not seen in the following shot as the Girl lands safely in a pile of web sacks. 25. Murder (dependent) The Butler will try to drop each one of these on them individually. Little Nightmares 2 - Ambient — xm1racl3x. Some time later, the Girl finds an escape chute at the end of a set of boiler rooms. It is likely The Pretender or The Pretender's unseen mother. The Craftsman is the first major antagonist that The Child in the Raincoat encounters in the mobile puzzle game: "Very Little Nightmares". The Butler checking the television/screening room. They were once children, until they were turned into their current form by The Lady after they witnessed her "true self." The Butler taking dolls to the dining room. Whenever he passes by electric, it will flicker and become dim. Discover more posts about little-nightmares-the-butler. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is The Butler's last attempt at trying to telekinetically stop the child, but they still follow them until the area around the electric fences. The Thin Man is the main antagonist of the 2021 indie horror video game Little Nightmares 2.A tall, mysterious humanoid entity who is closely linked with the Signal Tower and the televisions across the world, the Thin Man seems to be the apparent cause of the Transmission that has distorted the Pale City, its residents and likely a vast majority of the world. The Janitor is the opening antagonist and first boss in the indie horror game: " Little Nightmares ". The "Runaway Kid" or " Seven" by other fans, is the main protagonist of the Little Nightmares DLC: "Secrets of the Maw", where he ventures through the lower depths of the ship while avoiding monsters like The Granny, Leeches, and The Janitor.Description 1 Appearance 2 Summary 2.1 The Depths 3 Timeline 4 Trivia He has light skin and dark brown hair that seems to be shaggy in some … The Butler is the secondary antagonist in the mobile puzzle game: " Very Little Nightmares ". Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship Paranormal Servant. By G-A-Wolf Watch. Aliases