Their description of it is very similar to that of a Wraith. Fortunately, the Poros came and drove the prisoners back allowing the team to retreat to the Jumper. When the Wraith began to feed on someone, Weir ordered Dr. Carson Beckett to pull her out. (SGA: "Irresistible"), On a mission to an unnamed planet, she and her team were attacked by the villagers. She then dials Atlantis and the team along with Eldon escape the planet. von Alexander Weigelt. Rachel LuttrellLani Gelera as Wraith Queen Steelflower. She became disoriented and bedridden by the echolocation of the Flagisallus. She and the team woke up in a cage and Ronon Dex remembered having come to his planet as a Runner. Nachdem das Stargate Atlantis Team bereits zum wiederholten Mal auf einer Mission von den grausamen Wraith überrascht wurde, macht sich Misstrauen breit. (SGA: "Home"), During a trip to the mainland with Major John Sheppard, they discovered a storm approaching Atlantis. Following the revelation of Queen Death, Teyla resumed her role as Steelflower, Todd's Queen to help him gain support against Queen Death. (SGA: "Rising"), While enjoying some down time, Major John Sheppard tried to explain to her the game of football. Teyla escapes through the ship's Stargate to the Milky Way Alpha Site just before Sheppard detonates a Nuclear warhead he sneaked on board the Hive, destroying it and saving the Earth. When the Wraith headed for one of the Naquadah generators, her team was able to cut them off and kill them. When they returned to the Genii homeworld and Cowen tried to double-cross them, she drew her weapon but was not forced to fire as Cowen surrendered when two Jumpers decloaked. The next day, Ronon successfully tracks a female Wraith into a cave. When twelve more Hives reached Atlantis, Sheppard and McKay came up with a plan to cloak the city. On their way back to the Stargate, their Jumper was shot down by the prisoners. Phoebus entered the room and held her at gunpoint. She, Sheppard and Ronon left to kill it. Sheppard has him divert power to the Drone weapons and fires at the cruiser. She and Ronon Dex went to search for them but were evaded by Phoebus, the consciousness in Weir, and Ronon decided to search for Thalan, the consciousness in Sheppard, because he knows how he thinks but doesn't have a clue how she thinks. Lt. Dies erinnert an Jack O’Neillaus Stargate SG-1. After that was accomplished, she joined the rest of the expedition returning to Atlantis. (SGA: "Legacy"). Once she was alone with Ronon, she attacked him and knocked him unconscious. Colonel John Sheppard. She is the daughter of Tagan and Torren Emmagan. Er misstraut Autoritäten und lässt sich von seinem Gefühl und seinem stark ausgeprägten Sinn für Moral leiten. Since this was discovered, she has been able to make contact with Wraith minds on occasion, with varying degrees of success. Season 4. (SGA: "Echoes"), When the team encountered Lucius Lavin again, Ronon Dex took up Lucius' offer to hit him and almost broke his hand on his Personal shield emitter. Eldon, the prisoner who designed the explosives and was assigned by Torrell to help Dr. Rodney McKay fix the Jumper, offered to free them if they take him with them. Colonel John Sheppard are away. They were successful and able to capture Steve. Once on station, she began to sense a Wraith presence. Beiträge über Teyla von ShaharJones und mella68. While fleeing back to the ship, Major John Sheppard was attacked by an Iratus bug. While walking back to her quarters, she saw a vision of a Lantean woman. She was left in charge while they were gone. While Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Während der Belagerung von Atlantis durch die Genii, treten sich die beiden im Zweikampf gegenüber. They are captured and restrained by the leader Torrell. While travelling off-world to check in on an outpost, Teyla and the doctor end up fighting for their lives against an unknown enemy. They made it to the Jumper safely and they returned to Atlantis. (SGA: "Progeny"), When Lt. They grabbed weapons and headed back to the planet but it had already been culled. John takes Teyla to the beach on a well-deserved vacation. Fortunately, this was all an illusion created by the inhabitants of the planet and she never left Pegasus. While McKay and the scientists worked in the control room she paired with Ronon Dex and Lt. This alerted the Wraith to their presence and Tyrus was shot with a Wraith stunner. Colonel John Sheppard's team, the team landed their Puddle Jumper on the penal island on the planet Olesia. When they discovered the Quindosim Chamber, she entered the chamber with the rest of the team while Lt. Aiden Ford stayed above ground. (SGA: "Suspicion"), When her team's Puddle Jumper crashed on M7G-677, she stayed in the village with Major John Sheppard while Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Aiden Ford searched for the Electromagnetic field generator the Ancients left on the planet. Friction in "Suspicion" causes the Athosians to leave Atlantis and settle on the mainland. (SGA: "The Gift", "The Siege, Part 1", "Submersion"), Teyla's leadership qualities are very respected in Atlantis and she is often considered the unofficial third-in-command of Atlantis and has on occasion been left in charge when both the current leader of the expedition and Lt. With Teyla's help, Todd was able to gain a small fleet to stand against Queen Death while Teyla gained genetic memories of the First Mother Osprey, allowing her to learn the true nature of the Wraith and how they came to be. She lost both of them by a young age. She could tell that Sumner did not respect her but Sheppard did. Teyla is forced to deal with the suspicions of the Commander while waiting in a Nebula for Todd's ship to catch up with them. Durch das neue Stargate, ein Sternentor, gelangt ein Forschertrupp zur Pegasus Galaxie, wo sich die legendäre, verschollene Stadt Atlantis befinden soll. Once the Wraith was in the Atlantis brig, she tried to enter his mind to find out what he had done to the city but the Wraith attack her mind and caused her great pain. While Death's mind was powerful, she was undisciplined and inexperienced and Teyla defeated her. (SGA: "Irresponsible"), After Dr. Rodney McKay was zapped by the Ascension machine, he performed the Athosian Memorial Tea ceremony in honor of the anniversary of her father's death. Once on the Hive, she and Tyrus stayed back to free cocooned humans while they download information to the Wraith data storage device. Weitere Ideen zu stargate, stargate atlantis, science fiction serien. An alternate version of Atlantis-1, dead. Beckett came up with a plan to use Iratus bug embryonic stem sells to replace Sheppard's mutating cells. Eventually, the entire Wraith hunting party composed of at least twenty-five individuals was wiped out. Ketutah complied and released her and Lt. She kept in touch with several of her offworld contacts but there was no sign of Lt. Aiden Ford. When the returned, Sgt. When they returned to Atlantis, Sgt. She and the team traveled to a planet with Iratus bugs but they were unable to get close enough to get any eggs without the bugs attacking. Aiden Ford, Samantha Carter | George Hammond | Daniel Jackson | Hank Landry | Vala Mal Doran | Cameron Mitchell | Jack O'Neill | Jonas Quinn | Teal'c, Carson Beckett | Samantha Carter | Ronon Dex | Teyla Emmagan | Aiden Ford | Jennifer Keller | Rodney McKay | John Sheppard | Elizabeth Weir | Richard Woolsey, Chloe Armstrong | Ronald Greer | Tamara Johansen | Nicholas Rush | Matthew Scott | David Telford | Eli Wallace | Camile Wray | Everett Young, aus Stargate Wiki, dem deutschsprachigen Stargate-Lexikon, „Die Rolle von Teyla Emmagan war schwierig zu besetzen. Female 27.04.2019 - Erkunde Mike Ziegenhardts Pinnwand „TEYLA“ auf Pinterest. Biographical information Once in a cell the group managed to escape by using his knives to hit the door controls but they were quickly captured. They discovered a Wraith data storage device and brought it back to Atlantis. She later pilots a Wraith Hive ship to a secret Wraith cloning facility and engages a Queen in mental battle, her own abilities boosted by those of her unborn child, but her baby is nearly killed and she realizes that Sheppard was right to take her off the team. She was later rescued by the clone of Dr. Carson Beckett (who she was shocked to see), but was quickly recaptured by Michael and taken away. Colonel John Sheppard recognized that Lt. Aiden Ford was responsible and took his team and Lorne's team to the planet to search for him. (SGA: "Epiphany"), When Charin fell ill, she and Dr. Carson Beckett traveled to the mainland to perform an exam on her. Insgesamt gab es fünf Staffeln und 100 Episoden. When Queen Death refused to surrender to her, Teyla telepathically killed her though she gave credit to Waterlight. He had a wife and chil… Colonel John Sheppard worked on the outpost to prefect Project Arcturus, she and Ronon Dex embark on a trading mission to Belkan. While in the cell, Kanayo began to experience withdrawal and died. When he said he felt she should not be allow to roam the city unescorted, she slugged him and Sheppard and Ford had to separate them. (SGA: "Underground"), After the discovery of M5S-224's powerful atmosphere, she traveled to Earth with Major John Sheppard to brief Stargate Command on the situation in the Pegasus galaxy. When Sheppard escaped from his quarters, she helped track him down and Ronon stunned him with his Particle magnum. They put on Hazmat suits and are able to find Peterson. Auf Major Sheppards Bitte hin, sich seinem Team anzuschließen, sagt sie zu. On the way to the Jumper, a Wraith Dart came through the gate. (SGA: "Condemned"), On a mission to Doranda the team discovers an Ancient outpost. your own Pins on Pinterest Colonel John Sheppard, Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay boarded the ship to find and rescue her. The characters from the Canadian military science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis … While they were away the Wraith attacked the ruins. Neues Forum Hilfe / Support Tutorials Folge uns Fanshop Sponsor werden. Fortunately, Major General Jack O'Neill was able to manually drain the water but he and Richard Woolsey were captured by the Asurans. After Dr. Rodney McKay got life support functioning, she and Ronon Dex searched the ship and counted the stasis pods. Featuring her native style of dress, Athosian Teyla … Since childhood, Kanaan had realized he was among the few members of his people who possessed Wraith mental abilities. When Halling and several other Athosians were thinking of leaving Atlantis, she convinced them to stay as the investigation would only prove their innocence. She and her team traveled to the planet and discovered a Wraith Lab. She refuses his offer and later escapes with Torren.