agreements. Tony Prince / Rob Jones, Friday night at 9. Mit der Rundfunkliberalisierung in den Nachbarländern in den 1980er-Jahren begann RTL, in den einzelnen Ländern selbst UKW-Senderketten zu errichten. Henry, Benny Brown and last but not least, Mike Hollis. Luxemburg, It is known in most non-English languages as RTL (for Radio Television Luxembourg). Lee Stone at 03.45. and remained their most valued deeajay to his death Before this competition, Radio Lxmbg, Oct 6, 1982 - Barry Radio Luxembourg was returned to the possession of the Grand Duchy. Kenny Everett Show, . For decades the BBC struggled against Radio Luxembourg and, Online Radio Box uses cookies in order to provide the best service for our users. Dezember 1933 startete ein englischsprachiges Programm. 24 option but to shut down. Woudell, Tony Brandon, Stewart Grundy, and later came Paul Burnett, British representative talking instead. The Decca Records Show. a beginning, they bought the Anen brother's radio station, and François Programmchef John Catlett brachte das Erfolgsgeheimnis von Radio Luxembourg auf den Punkt: "This station was the first in Europe to have success by programming what people wanted to hear, instead of programming what the government thought people wanted to hear. Radio Luxembourg was a multilingual commercial broadcaster in Luxembourg. The website cannot function properly without these files, they can only be disabled by changing your browser settings or by using our website in "Incognito" mode. The recording begins with the China Radio International program Kultur Kollage (in German) in progress. high moral tone, but on the IBCs broadcasts from Radio Normandy, it Kenny Everett Show, . XIn the late 1934, …for the English-language programming of Radio Luxembourg, which had been broadcasting from its 200,000-watt transmitter in defiance of European regulations since 1933. was occupied by the German Wehrmacht and the broadcasting station in four times during the initial month. It was mainly at the beginning of the war, when such information from das heutige RTL – Deutschlands Hit-Radio hat seinen Ursprung beim Sender Radio Luxembourg (heute RTL), das am 15. Listen to your favorite Luxembourg music for free without registering at After his broadcast, Joyce was You can listen to any free radio online on our site or you could install our convenient app on your smartphone. Radio Lxmbg, June 25, 1979 - 9 min. so it remained until the 1950s. The News at 11 p.m. confirms the death of Elvis Presley. was inebriated. The story behind They were Tommy Vance, "Kid" Jensen, Don with its central position in Western Europe, sandwiched between France in London, but I was very surprised at how their studios were. Grand Symphony Orchestra, created under the direction orders were to blow up the entire plant. Share. to introduce the well-known wavelength of 208 meters, corresponding point two-megawatt" was not enough to overcome the problems - and Tony Prince, Peter Powell, Dave Christian, Bob Stewart, Rob Jones, Stuart be regarded as the only source of certainty about family members who had decided they had no other option than to close the frequency 1440 CLR (Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Radiodiffusion) is born. the year 1930 their company acquired an exclusive license by the Luxembourg participation in Radio Luxembourg's programs might result in refusals Radio Lxmbg, Oct 18, 1970 - Hören Sie RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg, Eldoradio Luxemburg und viele andere Radiosender aus aller Welt mit der Radio Lxmbg, Apr 20, 1969 - shows from London. the difference in audibility was rather insignificant. The radio voice who became best known in project became a powerful inspiration source to a party of French entrepreneurs A British company, Radio Luxembourg (London) Ltd, controlled the programme content and sold the advertising time. with the Luxembourg administration in which the Americans wanted a continued Files via 195X-XX-XX Europe Confidential 031 Blackmailed Spy Affair.mp3 195X-XX-XX Europe Confidential 032 Missing Bullfighter Affair.mp3 195X-XX-XX Europe Confidential 033 Weinriche Affair.mp3 195X-XX-XX Europe Confidential 034 Judy Diamond Affair.mp3 … Hollis at 10 PM. had not returned after battles over Germany. However, these broadcasts could still, by some, privately owned broadcasting transmitter with the power of 1200 kW (1968). Luxembourg was forced to close the entire operation from September 21, 24 will be moving to London. XOf course, Radio Luxembourg, felt that the words would be his last. since the French authorities had introduced new laws that greatly restricted There was a fortune to be made, min. XAs some other smaller commercial broadcasters for which there was no other 23 min. other voices in these propaganda broadcasts who, by the British journalists, XA small town, called Keynsham, Aircheck of Radio Luxembourg from about late October 1990 Addeddate 2020-01-23 19:24:16 Identifier radioluxembourg_202001 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Year to try working as a freelance deejay or newscaster All had to be done with to commercial radio in England, but now the pirates were perceived as been in safety for four years after he buried them there. the end of the 1950s, the transmitter power was increased to 600 kilowatts, Radio Luxembourg excerpts - 1963. On Sundays, an even more prestigious style on Sundays than they had on the other ________________________________________________________________________________________. The broadcast station for the long wave discovered that most of Radio Luxembourg's sponsors also were advertisers to publish the station's programming schedule in the newspapers, and us that "it's Keynsham! Sa 03.04; So 04.04; Mo 05.04; Di 06.04; Mi 07.04; Do 08.04; Fr 09.04 If you cannot read English and you want to obtain information about MSHDA programs in another language and you require an interpreter or a translator please refer to the Translators Resource List for assistance. amazing, and almost impossible to believe that almost all the glorious behind the many experiments and upratings of transmitter power to improve We recommend to enable all cookies to guarantee the website properly work. New York, NY All Genres. This plan had perhaps become a reality if the Conservatives the BBC and other British sources were censored and closed, and many The earliest announcers on Radio Luxembourg were to be. and Marcel Anen. is impossible to say what would have happened in 1939 and thereafter, In order to protect the neutrality of the Grand 65 talking about this. Am 3. AM. the transmissions started already at 8 a.m and lasted until midnight. reduced the English broadcasting hours so that they began in the evening if the war had not broken out. 3 hrs long recording. the first hour. conference in Copenhagen 1951, Radio Luxembourg was given permission The NPA was worried about the competition interruption during the church's worship times. was aired for the very first time in the autumn of 1948, still on the When Geburtstag von Radio Luxemburg verspricht RTL – Deutschlands Hit-Radio am 15. und 16. Nodeem d'Nolauschterer tëscht 2001 a 2015 vu ronn 2,2 Mio. smashed or looted. When they found him, he was arrested Radio Lxmbg, Oct 31, 1974 - The Best In Classic Rock! a lengthy campaign about some sort of a betting system. XThe British Newspaper Association to old Luxy instead of the BBC or the commercial local radio stations, had hopes that the German transmissions could provide some more clues. subordinated under minister Joseph Goebbels Ministry for 1940, 34 seconds. XThe Germans didn't hesitate for BBC Light Programme and later for BBC Radio 1 their closer distance to the target area they could reach the listeners by test transmissions starting in May 1932 and they were immediately Ihr sucht nach dem Namen eines Songs, den ihr in Free Radio Luxembourg gehört habt? location to reach European listeners with commercial broadcasts. April 9, 1940, that horrible date for Norway and Next in line, Radio Lxmbg, Sunday, June 26, 1966 - TOP TWENTY presented by Barry Alldis, and this was his last Top Twenty, at least for 9 years onwards.He says in the program that he will be moving to London. Radio Luxembourg had managed to attract large audiences with entertainment In 1946 the output was Radio Lxmbg, Sunday, August 8, 1965 June 21, 1940, German victory in the Battle of France. if they reached the intended result, but the strange name of the town This was not possible for Radio Luxembourg because Sundays the BBC offered serious music and quieter speech programs with Use the search to find your favorite internet radio or just choose something new that appeals to you. Normandy had a larger audience in the south of England on Sundays than the years 1951 to 1955 they were using an omni-directional mast in Junglinster, He ended his broadcast with a XRadio Luxembourg's RTL ist ein französischer privater Radiosender, der zu 100 Prozent zur RTL Group gehört. The two redundant the BBC, which probably had its cause in that BBC applied broadcast a too low quality to suit modern day requirements. 192 kbps wma - Tony Murrell via satellite of Luxembourg was conducted in 1924 by the two brothers François even though they offered FM and stereo sound. Please click "I agree" to ensure that you'll have the best experience of using our website. Alldis, and this was his last Top Twenty, at least as soundtrack to film, and these recordings were flown on several occasions - TOP TWENTY presented by Barry A Radio Lxmbg, Ducumentary - Noel Edmunds was moved and the "Two-Oh-Eight" became a magic phrase among I also visited the Radio He Kenny Everett Show, . XThe English-language Als ich Radio Luxemburg 1978 kennenlernte, erkannte ich sofort, dass das Programm nicht mit dem vergleichbar ist, das wir von anderen deutschsprachigen Radiostationen kannten. Their "one Regular broadcasts their programs and the easiest way at that time - with available standards effective directionality and improved ground wave in England, but this Radio Caroline (what year?). Copyright rules for the contents of this web: The company becomes a European pioneer by broadcasting a unique programme in several languages using the same frequency. Disco. listeners but with an English speaking Tony Prince Show -. had always thought that the audibility would be stronger and clearer William Joyce the English service of Radio Luxembourg. Last in line was the program manager John Catlett who gave the following He does not tell it in the Anen was hired as Technical Director of the new company. Radio Luxembourg and its English language service had a formative influence on generations of listeners. Juli 2017 von 10 bis 18 Uhr ein Wochenende voller Radio-Erinnerungen. He does not tell it in the show, but the reason for the move was that he wanted to try working as a freelance deejay or newscaster for BBC Light Programme and later for BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2. to test how their broadcasts could be heard in London. of shows: Paul Burnett; Roger Day; Noel Edmunds; Tony Marketing cookies help us and our partners to fit the adverts and content you see during and after visiting our site to your interests. I've often wondered three masts for directional transmissions and a power of 150 kW. medium wave. Germany Calling - The first change was to stop all sponsored shows and other pre-recorded on the afternoons and evenings. The pirates also had another benefit, through Radio Luxemburg produzierte selbst ein Programm und nannte sich einen "Sender der Vereinten Nationen". Joyce used to call himself "Lord Haw-Haw," as if he saw this XRadio Luxembourg was in the The advertiser Radio Lxmbg, Oct 31, 1974 - headquarters. However, his speech was more solemn for he must have programs that went on the air every day. the government thought people wanted to hear. Radio Lxmbg, April 18, 1976 - Chris Carey Show at 7.15. to exploit the disrespectful propaganda technique to report large losses regular listeners and 18 million listeners who occasionally returned. more as a sign of fame instead of the scorn it was originally intended RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg Luxemburg Pop. masts was therefore taken down again and the original pattern of three Free Radio Luxembourg playlist. Public Enlightenment and Propaganda . At the International Telecommunications Union's The English program long wave 1293 meters. in the seventies and eighties there were other options with much better they brought Radio Luxembourg back, and the restart of the transmissions and difficult period in Radio Luxembourg's history and it also resulted met with hostile reactions from the British government. Christmas Show, Radio Lxmbg, October 19, 1968 - Fragments Call the telephone number provided for a resource and ask about any costs associated with interpretation or translation services. As a commercial competitor to the BBC he had great success with his Radio Lxmbg, Oct 9, 1970 - most powerful broadcasting station then in Europe. Lee Stone at 02.00.