Our Gallery of pictures will cover as much of Our Clubs history as we can. The club won a few FA Cup games in the following years, including a controversial win over Wrexham — a game which was replayed three times, with the first result overturned due to poor officiating as a result of dissent from Wrexham players. After nearly five years at the helm, he turned to focus on his thriving insurance business, remaining a regular visitor to the club, as well as a club sponsor for the next 35 years! proudest days of his time as chair and as South fan. Starting as young fan accompanying his father, John, to games in the mid 1960’s. £60), 31 Jan - 6 and 17                             (1 winner - This is great. By 1979 he Footballers’ wages were much more modest in those days, particularly at Non-League level, and most players would hold other jobs while playing, even at a young age. Despite this success, the club still failed to secure a place in the Football League and, after their holding company went into liquidation, they moved to Wallasey, reforming as New Brighton FC. It was good as pocket money then, and we were on £4 a win, so you could get £10 a week, which wasn’t bad as I was also an apprentice. £60), 14 March - Two from 1, 2 or 3          (3 winners - £20 each), 07 March - 12 with 7, 16 or 18         (3 winners - £20 each), 28 Feb - Two from 2, 9, 16 or 17      (6 winners - £10 each), 21 Feb - 2 and 16                          That Puskás charity game was a big thing, and Holly Park did have a good following so it was definitely a spectacle.”, The former Liverpool midfielder recalls how he ended up at the club, explaining: “Just prior to going to South Liverpool I was playing for the Blue Union dockers’ club in Garston in the Sunday league. Keep up to date with South via our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram The new stand was generously donated by G&W (UK) to whom we are incredibly grateful for this gesture. John remembers his time at Holly Park fondly. Click here to view LFCNJ Central Monmouth Tryouts 2021-2022. It was probably the first time I’d been there and it was absolutely chocker. ALWAYS POST ORIGINAL THINGS . Sawyer, and relocated to Dingle, just south of the city centre. “It was a big thing for me. (3 winners - £20 each), 04 Oct - 2 with 3 or 4                        (2 winners - £30 each), 27 Sept - 9 with 4, 8 or 15               (3 winners - £20 each), 20 Sept - 14 with 2 or 9                A fella called Gerry Towey said, ‘Would you like a go at playing for South Liverpool’, which back then was a big club in the area — it was a step up. We submitted our application to join the NWCFL for season 2020/21. So, it was all very basic, but you made do with what you had.”. As is common at domestic matches in England, opposing supporters were segregated. So, I jumped at the chance to go training with them when I was probably around 16/17, and that’s how it came about.”. 22 Nov - 12 with 2, 5, 10 or 14           (4 winners - £15 each), 15 Nov - 3 & 5                      The English FA instructed the 2019/20 league season be terminated and that there will be no by The Anfield Wrap | Jun 22, 2016 | Footie | 6 comments. Jimmy Case was around 13 at the time and, being from the area, admitted: “I probably jumped over the fence to watch the game, without paying. Thanks too. stand was hoisted into position in early June. astute appointment of seasoned non-leaguer, Russell Perkins as manager. So they used some of that money to sort it out, which I was made up with as it needed doing.”, John has memories of watching Jimmy play, being from the same area and, being a young lad at the time. 2021 as we returned to lockdown. Peter’s drive in keeping our club alive, was during what was the toughest of financial times, it ensured our survival and that our name lives on today. Though they have no relation to their predecessors, the memories of Puskás, Case, Aldo and Holly Park live on. The new stand was generously donated by G&W (UK) to whom we are incredibly grateful for this gesture. was Club Chairman, a post he held until 1983. Passionate about Liverpool FC? South Liverpool FC. promotion or relegation between leagues at our level. Brilliant original research on the Sth Lpool and African Royal early days, Josh. Happy days and memories at Holly Park, Can remember passing their ground on the train to Lime Street when going to Anfield with me dad in the 80’s, always loved seeing the ground, with the club name in big red letters on a white wall right next to the railway…sadly it is now the transfer stop for John Lennon airport, Liverpool South Parkway…. each), 10 May - Two from 3, 7 or 16    (3 winners - £20 each), 03 May - 3 and 9                    each), 07 June - 12 with 5, 6 or 15             (3 winners - £20 each), 31 May - 3 and 9                              (1 South Liverpool did quite well out of it. Games resume in April including the delayed 2019/20 Pyke Cup Final. My Dad grew up in Garston, and he and my uncles regularly told me about going to see South in the 50s and 60s, and the Blue Union (as somewhere to drink, more than a football club). 6 talking about this. South remain in the West Cheshire League in 2020/21 and will resubmit our application. When I was 8 I started going to Anfield with my friends instead so I missed the onions from then on. are combined for an aggregate result. It was nice to play and get £6 a week, which sounds daft! Under their new alias, the club were able to secure Football League status after several failed attempts, entering Division Three North. During lockdown the tickets may use the Sunday Post Sweepstake results to decide winners as per tickets rules. The official Liverpool FC website. OLSC Buenos Aires da la bienvenida a todos los rojos de Buenos Aires / Argentina y el Cono Sur de venir a compartir con nosotros todas las cosas de LF… Liverpool FC Academy will send two teams to South Africa for the first time to take part in the 2020 Lucky Star Cup later this year. It was then that African Royals FC were rebranded, under the influence of William James Sawyer, with the ambition to one day become a Football League side. What I remember most fondly was there was this big guy who appeared at half time with a huge sizzling tray of fried onions strapped round his waist. Aldo has his own memories of Puskás coming over to Garston. Under 18 & 21 sides along with four Veterans teams and an Over 60's Walking Football show the breadth of our club. Liverpool FC South Sudan Fans Official Page. YARI CANLI) Beşiktaş Fenerbahçe CANLI İZLE; Zirve kızıştı! This new lease of life appeared to do wonders for the club, as they entered their golden years between 1936 and 1939, winning several trophies including three Lancashire Combination titles, three Lancashire Junior Cups, the Liverpool Challenge Cup, the Lancashire Combination Cup and the Welsh Cup. In an attempt to stay afloat, they merged with Cheshire Lines, Aldridge’s former team, in 1992, but this marriage would last only a year. The only place to visit for all your LFC news, videos, history and match information. each), 14 June - 2 with 3, 6 or 9         (3 winners - £20 It was a coal or wood fire, and it heated the water up for the players. LFC International Academy South Africa are excited to announce a series of new dates to their Soccer School programme throughout November and December Build-up. Welcome to the Official Club Website for South Liverpool FC South, formed in 1935, currently play in the West Cheshire League and have junior teams in ages from Under 7 to Under 16. pages. winner - £60), 24 May - 9 with 1, 2, 6, 7 or 16        (5 winners - £12 stand was hoisted into position in early June. Beşiktaş Fenerbahçe derbisi İZLE CANLI; Beşiktaş - Fenerbahçe izle (2. Case moved directly from South Liverpool to Anfield, after being scouted by one of Bill Shankly’s right-hand men. Having survived perhaps their worst financial crisis in 1978, and with the money coming in from the sale of Aldo, there was still an air of positivity at the club. 29 Nov - 1 with 2 or 11                      (2 winners £30 each). The next few decades saw a series of ups and downs, particularly in terms of league position, with the team dipping in and out of the top tier of the Lancashire Combination, but they had arguably their most famous moment as a club in the spring of 1967. Money wasn’t the biggest thing it was just nice to be playing football and getting a few bob for it.”. As with the majority of great stories, this is one that has its fair share of ups and downs, with a scattering of some footballing heroes along the way. 44 talking about this. The game saw South win 3 -2 in an epic game which Peter recalled as one the Click here to view LFCNJ Central Middlesex Tryouts 2021-2022. Required fields are marked *. to all who have continued to support our fundraising efforts. The team plays in the English Premier League. However, they still failed to secure a place in the Football League. South Liverpool FC fixtures tab is showing last 100 Football matches with statistics and win/draw/lose icons. South Liverpool FC were founded in 1935. games, November saw all games stop restarting on 5th December until 2nd January Find LFC football kits, clothing, accessories, fan gear, and more. Liverpool FC International Academy New Jersey. Apranga svečiuose. Click here for LFCNJ South Tryouts for 2021-2022 Season. The official Liverpool FC website. Arsenal ve Liverpool takımları arasındaki maçlar nasıl sonuçlandı, hangi takım daha fazla kazandı? Shortly after, in 1940, Sawyer died in Wallasey, signalling the end of an era for the Non-League club. “It was exciting. But, the organisers were aiming even higher and, after being unsuccessful in their pursuit of Pele, they managed to secure Ferenc Puskás, who only asked that they send him a plane ticket in return. Arsenal ve Liverpool takımları arasındaki tüm karşılaştırmaları Fotomac.com.tr canlı skor sayfasından takip edebilirsiniz. £60), 17 Jan - 9 with 1, 11 or 18               (3 winners - £20 Aldo’s break came when he was spotted playing for South Liverpool, signing for Newport County in the Fourth Division at the age of 20. “I was very young at the time, and my dad took me. All at South pass on our sincere condolences to wife Moira and his family at this sad time. RULES : 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is with great regret that South Liverpool FC learned of the passing of our former Club chairman Peter Hesketh, 66, who died at the end of February 2021. A detailed history of the South Liverpool clubs can be found in "Gone But Not Forgotten", Part 5 p46-59 1898-99 Joined The Combination 1899-00 Joined Lancashire League 1911-12 Joined Lancashire Combination Division Two 1912-13 Lancashire Combination Division Two Champions Promoted to Division One 1921 Folded 1935 New South Liverpool club formed 1935-36 Joined … 2021 as we returned to lockdown. I was earning 40 odd pound a week. each), 17 May - 11 with 2, 4, 5                   (3 winners - £20 South remain in the West Cheshire League in 2020/21 and will resubmit our application. South Liverpool FC. (2 winners  - £30 each), 02 Aug - Two from 2, 5 or 6              (3 winners - £20 each), 26 July - 12 with 1, 4 or 11             (3 winners - £20 each), 19 July - 15 and 16                         (1 winner - THE story of the original South Liverpool FC is one consigned to the history books — a Non-League side with a past as vibrant as the city that housed it. Though they have no relation to their predecessors, the memories of Puskás, Case, Aldo and Holly Park live on. Join us on match days! I looked at him, I was piss-wet through, and I said, ‘Alright’. Keep up to date with South via our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram We await details of allowing spectators to attend games after 12th April 2021. er the FA sanctioned reduced attendances at Grassroot It is with great regret that South Liverpool FC learned of the passing of our former Club chairman Peter Hesketh, 66, who died at the end of February 2021. Nottingham Forest supporters were allocated the South Stands and Spion Kop on the east end, with a combined capacity of 29,800, reached by 60 turnstiles spaced along two sides of the ground. When Wigan were in the Prem, every time Dad saw them on Match of the Day he would say “I remember going to see them against South Liverpool in the Lancashire Combination. Your email address will not be published. OLSC Buenos Aires welcomes all reds from Buenos Aires/Argentina and Southern Cone to come share with us all things LFC. Liverpool touched down in the United States on Tuesday – and were in training in South Bend soon after their arrival. LFC'ye ait futbol tişörtlerini, giysileri, ekipmanları ve daha fazlasını bul.  (2 winners - £30 each), 13 Sept -  12 with 5, 6, 16  or 17      (4 winners - £15 each), 06 Sept - 15 with 5 or 12                 (2 winners - £20 The primary objective of these sessions is to ensure that players develop new techniques to help each and every one become a better footballer. Starting as young fan accompanying his father, John, to games in the mid 1960’s. I’d done about 12 games for South Liverpool, and there was a night match, a really wet horrible night, and I was playing on the wing as a young player, being quite nippy. O último jogo de South Liverpool FC foi contra Bala Town pelo Club Friendly Games, a partida terminou em 1 - 3 (Bala Town venceu a partida). “Also, we used to train underneath the stand on the far side, it was a covered area with steps going back away from the pitch, and we’d run along there, but the steps had worn away so it was treacherous on the health and safety side of things. In September the FA sanctioned reduced attendances at Grassroot   (1 winner - £60), 14 Feb - Two from 6, 10 or 18          (3 winners - £20 each), 07 Feb - 7 and 10                            (1 winner - The South has more of Liverpool’s most expensive streets, with areas such as Childwall, Allerton and Calderstones offering incredible family properties in thriving suburbs. The West Cheshire League divisions will be decided on a shortened format by teams playing each other once, where both league games have already been played, the scores From the Youth Supporters Club onto the adult section, the dwindling fortunes of the club saw him, along with other twenty somethings promoted to the main Board of Director’s in 1977. Once I finished my apprenticeship, Shankly had left the club, but Bob Paisley signed me as a full-time professional.”, John Aldridge was another former Red who was part of the youth team setup at Holly Park, before moving to Newport County in 1979.