save. Hallo! Please, see the index of most common words at the bottom of this page to access other parts of the frequency list. I want longer word lists! Words 1-100 | 101-200 | 201-300 | 301-400 | 401-500 1. der / die…Read more › Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Nouns are used a lot in German, second only to verbs. I decide to accept only the most popular translation with the addition of perhaps (usually) one or two more if that German noun is commonly used to refer to those words in English. For every lesson, a list of vocabulary is provided for easy reference and bolstered with plenty of examples of how each word is used in a sentence. ), Welcher Sport haben Sie besser, das Hockey oder den Golf? In addition, the dictionary contains much supplemental information that students and instructors will find useful. You could say, “My father is a supervisor, and my mother is a clerk,” or “Mein Vater ist Vorgesetzte und meine Mutter ist Angestellte.”, Was für einen Apfel haben Sie gern? The articles der (masculine), die (feminine) and das (neutral) all mean “the,” while the articles ein or einemean “a.” Nouns always take the same article, unless they’re plural; plural nouns alw… German nouns have a grammatical gender, as in many related Indo-European languages. See also: Lessons from the Top German verbs list & Top 500 German words. This page continues the list of most common German words along with their English translation. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn German with real-world videos. Hovering over or tapping on any word in the subtitles will automatically pause the video and instantly display its meaning. It was dropped later due to changes in EU regulations, but still, just knowing it ever existed might make the idea of learning German nouns in general seem scary. Most Used German words 201-300 By just opening this article, you’ve become a learner of German. 100% Upvoted. If you wanted to say, “Here is my Uncle Tom and Aunt Theresa” in German, you would say, “Hier sind mein Onkel Tom und meine Tante Theresa.”, Similarly, you would say, “Sie ist meine Schwester” if you wanted to say, “She is my sister.”, In German, “Ich putze die Dusche” means, “I clean the shower.”, To say, “He sits in the chair,” you would use der Stuhl to say, “Er sitzt auf dem Stuhl.”, Do you take the bus to work? ), Haben Sie meine Krawatte gesehen? 1000 Most Common German Words. Translated into English. All Rights Reserved. By using real-life videos, the content is kept fresh and current. Some, such as wurst and pumpernickel, retain German connotations, while others, such as lager and hamburger, retain none. It can be a bit like finding the tail of a snake and the head of another, but practice a few and you will get the hang of it! Test, Build Your Vocabulary with These 100 German Nouns, Hi, What’s Up, and Beyond: How to Say Hello In German, How to Say I Love You in German – Romantic Word List, The Best German Quotes To Spice Up Your Conversations, Have Fun Learning With These 10 German YouTube Channels, How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day in German. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons, Prost! This is our fun list for German – a list of the most frequent words ending with -ieren. report. This chart is an alphabetical list of 50 commonly used German verbs. Most common German verbs . FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. You might say, “I like red apples,” or “Ich habe rote Äpfel gern.” It’s always good to eat your fruits and veggies! Imagine a word that is 63 letters long. The good news is: There are guidelines which will make it easier to choose between them. Includes pronunciations for the top 100 words! When starting to learn German, it is always a good idea to memorize the most common words first. Learn the most common 1000 German words. Thanks. Examples of this include der Freund (friend), die Stadt (city), der Ball (ball) and die Freiheit (freedom). by wevahlkamp11, Oct. 2010. Some German compound nouns can be comprised of many, many nouns. German words are like chemical elements. The best way to learn German is by letting go and allowing your subconscious to do all the work. German nouns are also declined (change form) depending on their grammatical case (their function in a sentence) and whether they … 7 Sites That Make It Possible for Beginners and Up, Dive In! Hello, I'm preparing for B1 exam. So start here and do your best to memorize as many as you can! Learn common German nouns in more depth with FluentU. By Julia Lewman / Learn German / December 10, 2018. My Teacher. and er (3rd person sing.) The first thing you need to understand is that it is not related to the perceived gender of the noun it is attached to. Click here to get a copy. Stem-changing verbs are shown with their du (2nd person sing.) German Resources Mobile App Grammar Bank. Sometimes it forms what looks like a Kuddelmuddel (confusion, muddle) and can look and sound a bit funny. German 100 Most Frequent Nouns. Second, common German nouns that you are actually likely to use in everyday speech are often pretty short (and definitely shorter than the word above). best. German Feminine Nouns. A similar ranking for spoken German would be quite different. How to Improve Your German Accent with Audio Clips, How to Hear Real German Conversations, Anywhere (with English Translations! Most verbs which have this ending are masculine. Verbs liven up any conversation, and you'll need it for just about any conversation you want to have. The sooner you can learn these, the better. I may also accept some common synonyms. The next time you are reading, see what compound nouns you can find. The word die Groβschachanlage means “giant chess board.”. (3) Nouns can be singular or plural, just like in English. For instance, I … Sudden... Do you often feel lonely and sad? Click to Rate "Hated It" Click to Rate "Didn't Like It" Click to Rate "Liked It" Click to Rate "Really Liked It" Click to Rate "Loved It" 4.00 1; Favorite. This is one of the first questions that you will ask when learning German. As with family and friend nouns, occupations have a masculine and feminine form. You will end up using a lot of the above German nouns in conversations and writing. Top Words in German Writing . The Most Frequent German Words. German Masculine Nouns. Watch authentic media to simultaneously immerse yourself in the German language and build an understanding of the German culture. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Subjects: german nouns . Download: (What kind of apples do you like?). All together, you have “giant-chess-board,” or Groβ-schach-anlage. By the way, the word “Hello” in Germansounds almost the same as it does in English. I use the German Plurals lookup tool. Nouns with this endings are not often seen in German texts. When you look at the above word in English, for example, it seems a lot tamer than the German mouthful. Memorizing the nouns below will give you a good general base of German vocabulary. (Unfortunately, I don’t like either. Simply say, “Ich fahre mit dem Bus in die Arbeit.” (Literally, “I travel with the bus to work,” or more colloquially, “I take the bus to work.”). forms.Only some irregular verbs (but no separable-prefix or modal verbs) have been included in this chart. Learn english to … This way, you have a truly personalized learning experience. (2) Nouns are capitalized, like proper names in English: Freund, Stadt, Ball, Freiheit. Guten Morgen [gu:tən mɔrgən] — Good morning (In German, it’s used before midday) 1. most commonly used words in German. 100+ Common German Phrases and Expressions to Sound Like a Native Speaker. You’re enjoying a nice piece of bread and a coffee at a streetside cafe. (4) Nouns have an article, which denotes their gender: der, die or das. You can look up individual words, or paste in a word list of up to 20 words. Add to folder Flag. Basis of this list was a German text with 8,953,540 characters (1,368,984 words), 7,379,559 … This list ranks the words according to the … Some English terms in column B of the word list have a Russian translation. ). 1000 Most Common German Words. Keep these characteristics in mind as you read, and you will start spotting nouns in no time! Only the most useful translations of German words are supplied–the ones that I needed during the five years of reading the German press. This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you Note: This list was originally based on an older source, but has been updated and is still reasonably accurate. Discover some of the best here! You’re enjoying a nice piece of bread and a coffee at a streetside cafe. most commonly used words in German. ), Ich habe leider beide nicht gern. Learning the common German words you can easily boost your German skills. Do you live auf dem Land (in the country) or in der Stadt (in the city)?… You get a table of plurals that you can print. Gender . By now, you should have learned the first 300 most frequent German words. Here are a few things to know about German nouns that can help you spot them as you read or listen: (1) Nouns are a person, location, object or concept. This is a list of the 1,000 most commonly spoken German words. Sort by . Nouns are easy to spot in German sentences. Core Vocabulary for Learners, which lists the 4034 (!) 7 Fab Sites That Are Serving ‘Em Up, Fool the Locals! Core Vocabulary for Learners, which lists the 4034 (!) (Have you seen my tie? German adjectives and their opposites: Here you have a overview of the most important German adjectives with English translations, accompanied by their opposite meanings. Their plural forms are formed with "-e" or "-en". Topics cover a lot of ground as you can see here: Vocabulary and phrases are learned with the help of interactive subtitles and full transcripts. We’ll be doing lots of fun things with this list with posts in the coming weeks. The most common German nouns The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn German and German culture. Most of these words will be recognized by many English speakers; they are commonly used in English contexts. In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. Interesting words you don’t know yet can be added to a to-learn list for later. Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or practice anytime, anywhere on the mobile app for iOS and Android. (What color is your shirt? Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz. It'll even remind you when it’s time to review what you’ve learned. A list of the most commonly spoken German words. (What sport do you like better, hockey or golf? Chances are, you probably won’t encounter a 63-letter-long word in your daily German reading, but you might come across smaller compound German nouns. can take anywhere. ), Ich habe deine Tasche gern. If you wanted to say, “My bird’s name is Perry,” you would say, “Mein Vogel heiβt Perry.”, To say, “I have a brown dog,” you would need to make sure “brown” has the correct adjective ending: “Ich habe einen braunen Hund.”, Welche Farbe hat dein Hemd? German Dictionary Free 100 Most Common Words Free 2000 Most Common Words German Key Phrases Free. In this post we will be looking at the guidlines for die words Guidlines for Feminine Nouns. Question. Third, once you get started with learning the most common German nouns, you will be building up a vessel of knowledge that will accelerate your learning and transport you towards fluency. That might ... It’s a beautiful morning in Hamburg. The dictionary defines gratitude as foll... It’s a beautiful morning in Hamburg. As opposed to English and other European languages, all German nouns must be capitalized. 1/3 to 1/2 of almost any German text consists of these simple and useful words! Let’s look first at what might be considered the basics of any language, but especially in the case of German: nouns and their articles. That may seem longer than all of Germany’s beautiful rivers combined, but its meaning, “law delegating beef label monitoring,” has a decidedly less romantic vibe. You can combine nouns to form one single long word like the example below. The following are the most popular verbs you can use in German, translated to English. Most everyone is familiar with this day, as it is celebrated nearly everywhere the world. Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Password. How to Order a Beer in German Like a Native, Can You Really Learn German Online? FluentU keeps track of the words you’re learning and gives you extra practice with difficult words. Longer German word lists can be generated with Sketch Engine. examples, synonyms and collocations for language learning more » for learners of German. Do you long for romance and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that specia... Congratulations, you’ve joined the club!