I also happen to be firmly of the opinion that Carole, her mother, would be a chiefly instigating, toxic adviser behind the scenes with regards the Cambridges’ response to Meghan. Catherine, The Black Queen has always been the dominant partner in her marriage to the hapless, dolt, HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is an emotionally juvenile, spiteful boor as a result of his parents’ loveless marriage and divorce; William has also never recovered from his mother’s death, which he considers murder. The Black Death entered south-western England in Summer 1348 and by all accounts struck Bristol with shocking force. Naturally, totally unaware, he simply shifted from one seat to the other and remained seated as his new wife entered the landau. Long had I forgotten how beautiful it used to make me feel when Merlin would look at me exactly with the same magical glow and twinkle in his eyes. For, HRH Princess Michael of Kent, the person who matters is not HM The Queen – we have no idea how HM The Queen is perceived by senior royals, though, there are obvious factions who see HM The Queen as having overstayed her tenure. Just imagine if Meghan were Jewish and HRH Princess Michael of Kent had shown up wearing a swastika to The Queen’s Christmas Lunch in 2017 at Buckingham Palace; there would have been outrage across the globe and there is positively no way that she would not have been banned from the wedding. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a black skirt with a large white spotty print. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are among the United Kingdom's most important ambassadors. The way that this man looked at this woman with open love for her, was the most soul-warming adage imaginable. Meghan’s essence twin is an artisan and the task companion a warrior. Also, both Diana & Meghan were/are emotionally centred artisan souls who would have found it virtually impossible to stay the course when subjected to the campaigns that each uniquely met in the way of Camilla and Diana, and now Meghan and Catherine, The Black Queen. Meghan is a member of entity one, cadre six, greater cadre 7, pod 418 — she is an entity mate of both her spouse, HRH Prince Henry of Wales with whom she shares 20 past lives and also an obvious entity mate of Her Majesty, The Queen. (Getty Images) Yahoo Lifestyle is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. Eventually, along came siblings Rio, Penina and Isha with legal professional, like Pandora, Hyacinth Fitzroy-McIlroy. Henry’s primary chief feature is arrogance and the secondary stubbornness. She is no more aristocratic than the paucity of nacre sliding down her orangutan breasts are decidedly Poundland fare. Both on either side of that path with the kids divided between them. Dec. 23, 2013— -- Emma McQuiston is about to make history, and it's not because of her fairytale castle wedding this past June to Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, which included 355 guests, a staff of almost 200 and a magician. Though I wanted to take an Advil, I knew that copious amounts of champagne to follow would preclude doing so. To say the least, Lady Kamasutra aka Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex is ably qualified to ever keep her husband engaged both physically, emotionally and intellectually. She is a 9 and like females with 9 energy body, Catherine, The Black Queen is possessed of a spiteful, malicious, sadistic disposition. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9406373/Duchess-Camb… Diana like every artisan was a shrewd strategist who was always three steps ahead of her enemy. Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex was nothing short of Arthurian as she entered St. George’s Chapel alone. After moving through the gorgeous boughs of white roses and peonies, Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex was then met by and escorted by HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, a man with whom one always enjoys the most august dream encounters. Of course, the reason for that being, is that they are both exactly the same soul age and both are living their third life at that level. And what glorious music it was too. I thought that at least one of the female singers in the front row was a priest soul, along with the choir leader; if not a priest, she definitely would have strong priestly makeup in her casting. "Of course it should be irrelevant.". Buy It Now. Lady Colin Campbell 17.8.1949 Ox 8.7.3 = 9. In Black Tudors the importance of the church is discussed at great length. With a pre-eminent position in the peerage of England, the duchess … Michael: Yes, this scholar is at the mid-level of the mature soul cycle — third life thereat. For instance, Windsor Castle in past life dreams where there is much wood fire smoke, horse activity and the fashion are specific to that time frame, the castle always sits on the north bank of the River Thames with the majestic Eton College Chapel lording over the southern bank’s landscape, looking pretty much like Valhalla rising from the mist. Philippa of Hainault was the first Black Queen of England. Indeed, how better to make that lazy broodmare, Catherine, The Black Queen have to work and go tour the predominantly black Commonwealth nations than by stepping down? It does not matter that like a disproportionate number of Caucasian persons born after the mid-1970s, Catherine, The Black Queen is averse to being around blacks, thus it would have been to Catherine, The Black Queen‘s advantage as HM The Queen deemed having the black duchess, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex going on those Commonwealth tours to predominantly black Commonwealth nations which she, Catherine, The Black Queen, still cannot bring herself to undertaking. God when will people like her realise that on this planet melanin trumps blood. Look at William at the 04.00.00 mark on and his interactions with his father, whom he does not even realise, is embarrassed by his behaviour as before all the world’s 2 billion persons onlooking, he openly ridicules the preacher and by extension his brother, his brother’s new wife and her people and culture. duchess england bone china 3 Dessert Plates hunting Scene. Nothing like human society to straitjacket children into rigid social roles. Like Anna in V in the clip above, the Cambridges with their 9 numerological makeup, wanted not to have their dynasty diluted/sullied by the presence of Meghan; she is not fit to be within their realm. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Henry, infinitely more aware than his brother, then gets into the Ascot Landau and does what his brother never did. I cried out anew when with a stride no less confident than Queen Maxima of the Netherlands’, the day she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 as TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were wedded, Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex did an energetic shake of her head as she beamed at her lover, her champion at her warrior-prince. To be sure, it is always good to see two souls with an abiding soul connection, renewing and validating the ties that bind and truly matter. ©2020 Arvin da Brgha. At their core, all racialised persons are cowards. Add to that, HM King Edward VIII was a horse. Both Diana, Princess of Wales and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are artisan souls, who proved unfathomable women, women who proved too powerful to not be threatening. Charlotte was the eighth child of the Prince of Mirow, Germany, Charles Louis Frederick, and his wife, Elisabeth Albertina of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The way that this man slipped into the groove and wind his waist was as groovy as if hearing Marvin Gaye soulfully crooning. As with Catherine, The Black Queen‘s rude dismissal of her husband, the future sovereign, during the taping of the BBC’s A Berry Royal Christmas in 2019, this woman, Catherine, The Black Queen, simply does not give a damn. Diana Frances was first-cast in her cadence and her cadence is fifth in the greater cadence. As Diana deftly illustrated during her interview with Martin Bashir, she was not an airhead and clueless lost soul as she was mistakenly perceived. There is a special magic to the isle of England; it goes without saying that it is vibrationally harmonised with much of the West Indies. C $53.37. Windsor, HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge 21/6/1982 London. At once she was magical, empowered; a queen staking her claim both on history and her throne. Quite rightly, they did the one thing that neither the Cambridges nor the royal rota, which were unrelentingly racially predatory towards Meghan, could have anticipated, they simply exited the stage. ____________________________________________________________________. In the neighbouring village of Bramdean, John Rippon, a black servant to the Earl of Powis, left the large sum of £63 to his fellow servants and others as well as £71 17s 9d … ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ _____________________________________________. There were moments this past March when in certain rooms both at Hampton Court Palace but especially so at Windsor Castle that everything was back to front and I felt what I refer to as being “In-Between” – one does not exactly feel faint but you experience a moment of feeling as though you were vibrationally tuning in between here and elsewhere in time. Camilla’s essence twin is a scholar and the task companion is a warrior. Camilla is in caution mode with a goal of growth. Doria seemed at times to be experiencing rapture during points in the ceremony. Sharon Osbourne said Duchess Meghan 'ain't Black' in resurfaced clip. Catherine’s essence twin is a warrior and the task companion a scholar, her husband, HRH Prince William Duke of Cambridge. Coming from wealth, her mother is a British socialite, and her father is an Oxford University-educated Nigerian oil tycoon. Without doubt, no one wore a more stylish hat than did Camilla, HRH Duchess of Cornwall. She has a confidence which befits her knowledge of her place in dynastic history but she also has a focus which betrays her being a warrior soul in perseverance mode. He is the wizard of Windsor, as he is always smoothly scripted, the moment he goes off piste, it readily reveals what a weak, petty and clueless dolt he is. Meghan’s primary chief feature is self-deprecation and the secondary of mild impatience. William’s entity is four, cadre one, greater cadre 6, pod 208. Whilst many came and went past the tomb of HM King Charles I whose art collection retrospective at the Royal Academy ranks among my favourite exhibitions, there stood George and Amal Clooney holding court; at one point, they were joined by the dashing Dan Snow with his statuesque wife and sister to the very eligible Duke of Westminster who is godfather to HRH Prince George of Cambridge, who looked smart in his Blues and Royals uniform as page boy which smartly matched those worn by both his father HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his uncle the groom, HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex. Duchess (also known as Duchess of Loughborough) is a large cream-coloured tender engine that works on the Mainland. He, of course, died young of a then unknown illness but which had to do with dysentery. As if it were not moving to watch, Diana, Princess of Wales’ older sister, Lady Jane Fellowes who gave a reading during the service, there was she bobbing and dancing whilst enjoying the gospel music. I had a really visceral response to seeing the bullet that felled Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson; he, of course, has a storied connection to Nevis. Be that as it may, both the royal rota journalists and their racist hateful fans would readily conclude that in a bid to garner sympathy, Meghan actually presented the brooch to HRH Princess Michael of Kent and asked her to wear it to HM The Queen’s 2017 Buckingham Palace lunch, with the senior Kent princess not having any idea of the brooch’s racially offensive symbology. As such she was the matriarch of the House of Tudor. "You become part of a long line that goes back and will hopefully continue. American Duchess Historical Footwear exclusively manufactures our own unique and varied line of reproduction 18th Century shoes, Regency boots, Victorian button boots, Edwardian Shoes, and 1920's, 1930s, and 1940s shoes. Now here they are, of choice, he an older soul (fifth-level mature warrior — fourth life thereat) she (mid-cycle mature artisan — third life thereat); there is nothing that this formidable team cannot accomplish. The estate is also a venue for conferences and weddings. _____________________________________________________________________________, Please visit my other site: https://dreampoetica.com/. I love that, ‘this little light of mine’ was recently played on the Sussexes’ Instagram account. Remarkably, that portrait will stand the test of time to best illumine the dark, sinister and sadistic persona which lies beneath the façade of Catherine, The Black Queen as she beguiles the blind in the here and now. The Duchess made an appearance at the National Football Museum in Manchester, England, with Prince William in a sophisticated blue-and-pink checkered Erdem coat, pairing the cover-up with a black lace blouse, a pair of navy blue suede pumps, a small black clutch, and gold-and-pearl earrings. Theirs are very tight, limited circles and exes are likely to be, in some cases, godparents. Straight away, I was reminded of all the times to that point – once every weekend for at least the first 18 months after their marriage, you simply cannot capture everything on one viewing – that I had looked at the Royal Wedding of TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and how much they rowed on the way back to Buckingham Palace during the imperial state landau carriage ride, as well as how utterly dismissive of him Catherine, The Black Queen, was whilst standing on the palace balcony. Like Mr. Curry’s grandstanding, there was also a moment that left me disquieted. As a result, as is always the case when happening on a place where I have been before and had past-life dreams thereof, I am always mildly surprised to find that the waking state reality is a 180° reversal of the past-life perspective from the most lucid dreams of questing to previous lives. Sharon Osbourne said Duchess Meghan 'ain't Black' in resurfaced clip. Firstly, as Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, she was the cousin of King Henry VI and mother of King Henry VII. Pricing and availability are subject to change. All Rights Reserved. C $12.69. When was HRH Prince Henry ever reported to have been rude and disproving of Catherine Middleton because she was not a suitable spousal candidate for a royal and his much-loved brother? The school tweeted: “As part of our work on Black History Month, Year 3/4 wrote to HRH the Duchess of Sussex and posted a selection. Nonetheless, I threw a tantrum and got to wear my shorts after having my naked bottom spanked – therein lay the seed of my crop and riding boot fetishistic sex. __________________________________________. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. In two short years, the Cambridges managed to have reset the fairy story to better reflect their sense of what a fairy story should be. By the time that Meghan came along, Catherine, The Black Queen had morphed into the unpleasant aspects of her nineness and comfortably secured in her role in history and within the Windsor dynasty as future Queen Consort and future Queen Mother to HRH Prince George – should William predecease her. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Selfishly, he is then observed shoving Catherine, The Black Queen‘s, beautiful Alexander McQueen gown out of the way and off his uniform. In between fussing with the catered fare, I caught a glimpse of George and Amal Clooney looking like the power couple that they are. Rising at 0300, I was up and ready, making the first teas as guests soon thereafter began arriving for the 0400 starts of the live broadcasts. Remembrance Sunday is a royal affair in England. Windsor, HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex 15/9/1984 London, England. When sat, Catherine, The Black Queen makes a point of turning directly to speak with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex behind her whilst being sure to never look in the Sussexes’ direction. Pay close attention to minutes 1:14 through 2:05. I could never have dreamt or hoped for this or let myself. Another reason where both Camilla and Catherine, The Black Queen were destined to succeed in their campaigns against their perceived biggest threats is seen in all four royal women’s body-types, their centreing plus primary needs. Camilla’s primary needs are: exchange, freedom and power. "It's been a positive thing just to show that, you know, hopefully race doesn't need to determine who you are, what you're like or where you need to be," McQuiston, 27, told ABC News' "20/20" in her first American television interview. This has always been her MO. Moreover, I was hosting, in my art-filled home, a right English royal wedding breakfast: six different teas, smoked salmon, scones, Johnny cakes (a West Indian variation on scones) champagne, jams including, of course, guava jams. Who was “Princess Pushy,” HRH Princess Michael of Kent taking orders from? Every black person knew this was coming. If for a nanosecond you think that race has nothing to do with how Meghan was treated within the royal households, the print media and British society at large then you sadly have failed to realise that fairy stories are not real. Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate both attended Remembrance Day services Sunday with other members of … *These Michael Overleaves were channelled in early September, 1997 just after Diana’s death by Sarah J. Like the Tudor matriarch of her prior incarnation, Meghan is a survivor and is abundantly gifted to shine brighter and soar higher above those who know nothing but hatefulness. Even if HRH Prince Henry of Wales had wedded Cressida Bonas, Catherine, The Black Queen‘s reaction to her would have been the same. 9 persons are incredibly insecure. Alas, I drank fresh-squeeze orange juice and lots of water. Here’s to a strong woman, a strong black woman, a mother, self-made careerist, humanitarian, a feminist and someone who would never settle for being bullied by anyone possessed of 9 in their numerological makeup. In response, HM The Queen quite rightly sabotaged William’s future reign by stripping Harry of his military titles, which William had hoped, like being the Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth, the Sussexes would retain so that he and Catherine could avoid having to deal with all those black people, though, they are always eager to visit, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and of all places Bhutan. Even if Meghan were to have objected to her presence, she would clearly have been overruled and was. END. The Black Queen, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge with a nine energy body with primary need of power does cast quite a long sadistic shadow. Perhaps, it is because she takes seriously her role as supreme governor of the Church of England; however, HM The Queen has one weak spot and it played out with the Sussexes treatment in the media as has previously occurred. William like his father Charles was simply not prepared to have someone be more popular than either he or his wife. A family void spontaneity… always on… always staged. In the case of Diana, hers was a fairy story in which both the media and public were vastly invested. That's what you want. This is why no matter how you cut it, Catherine, The Black Duchess is the dominant partner in the Cambridges’ marriage – they, of course, also happen to be task companions, which only adds more texture and complexity to their bond, which is rigid in terms of who gets into their inner circle – they both do have a primary chief feature of stubbornness. Meghan has master numbers of 11 – such persons will always leave their detractors dazed and unaware; they are visionary, bold and decisive… as is Meghan. In real life, the high-society periodicals were even more sordid. However, William and, more importantly, Catherine, The Black Queen could not give a damn; they are the imminent future of the monarchy and they do not care about Meghan or anyone who looks like Meghan. Similarly, Catherine, The Black Queen has considered Meghan, also an artisan soul like Diana, a threat to her power. Look at the way that William ducks down, neurotically rubs his arm and then looks to see if anyone has caught the behaviour, which clearly is never supposed to be observed beyond the walls of either Amner Hall or Kensington Palace. "I think I wouldn't even let myself hope before that this would happen because it's just so surreal. More than that, it does speak to his having inherited his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales’ empathy gene. Their realm is mirrored by the teeming trolls who in the tens of thousands flock to tabloid online outlets to spew their vitriol at this fairy story that should never have been that they, the print media and the Cambridges will stop at nothing to nullify. In driving Meghan away, William and Catherine have threatened to ruin HM The Queen’s proudest legacy, the Commonwealth. Catherine, The Black Queen, is, like Anna, the usurper Queen in the American TV series V – there can be but one queen and Diana her mother on the TV series V had to be slain. While living at Longleat, McQuiston represents the estate and becomes a part of its history. William’s essence twin is a scholar and he has a warrior task companion to whom he is married, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge. Of one thing she is assured, she is now to be the mother of a future sovereign and in time Queen Mother. Royal Wedding HRH Prince Henry & Meghan Markle, 18.5.2018. As the Duchess of Devonshire, she garnered much attention and fame in society during her lifetime. For an artisan soul, this puts Meghan in a league stratospherically above and beyond Catherine, The Black Queen and she would always have greater mass appeal than Catherine, The Black Queen, as a result. What a gorgeous colour and her hat was fabulous. Who were the puppet masters of that emboldened display of venal bigotry? This is good for Catherine, The Black Queen because she simply cannot speak whilst sharing the same stage with Meghan; however, in a society and world where race is everything, Catherine, The Black Queen‘s liability proves an asset. How could Catherine, The Black Queen, not be jealous of Meghan; moreover, what tempers that friction is that Catherine, The Black Queen, is focussed in the intellectual centre as compared to Meghan in the emotional centre. #1981, #2016, #2017, #9, #alexandermcqueen, #amnerhall, #ascotlandau, #ashleyhicks, #battersea, #bbc, #berkshire, #blackamoor, #blacks, #brooch, #buckinghampalace, #bucklebury, #bullying, #camillahrhduchessofcornwall, #camillaparkerbowles, #catherinehrhduchessofcambridge, #caucasian, #chieffeature, #churchofengland, #commonwealthyouthambassador, #cressidabonas, #dianaprincessofwales, #diva, #earlspencer, #eastasians, #eastindians, #edwardgorey, #emotionalcentre, #endeavourfundawards, #facebook, #fairystory, #frogmorecottage, #haidagwai, #harassment, #hmkinggeorgevi, #hmqueenelizabethii, #hmqueenmary, #hrhprinceandrewdukeofyork, #hrhprincecharlesprinceofwales, #hrhprinceedwarddukeofyorkalbany, #hrhprincegeorgeofcambridge, #hrhprincehenrydukeofsussex, #hrhprincemichaelofkent, #hrhprincessmargaret, #hrhprincessmichaelofkent, #hrhprincewilliamdukeofcambridge, #imperialstatelandau, #indiahicks, #israel, #itv, #jamesmatthews, #jews, #kensingtonpalace, #ladycolincampbell, #lilysafra, #london, #lordfrederickwindsor, #lunar, #mansionhouse, #margaretbeaufort, #mariotestino, #mars, #martinbashir, #maudwindsor, #meghanhrhduchessofsussex, #meghanmarkle, #mercury, #middleton, #movingcentre, #muslim, #nationalportraitgallery, #oprah, #paulemsley, #piersmorgan, #pippa, #poundland, #power, #royalascot, #royalhousehold, #royalrota, #royalwedding, #royalwinnipegballetschool, #sadistic, #saturn, #solar, #sophiehrhcountessofwessex, #stpaulscathedral, #stubbornness, #theblackqueen, #thomasmarklesr, #tombradby, #tylerperry, #venus, #westminsterabbey, #whites. Of course, any mother who calls her child ‘Flower’ is a mother who will ever be proud of how her daughter has blossomed into her own woman. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Ever exuberant, it was good to see Sarah, Duchess of York greeting her son-in-law at St. George’s Chapel, though, she did not sit with the royals but across the aisle with the invited guests. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor 6/5/2019 Pig 6.2.5 = 4. Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal; Last edited on 22 January 2019, at 15:56. Look at the 02:07:00 through 02:10:00 minutes, HM The Queen clearly could not have cared less about the Earl Spencer. I also knew him in that 18th century past-life at court when then a countertenor and Merlin, then female, was my accompanist on harpsichord. Michael: This fragment is sixth-level mature scholar – third life thereat. Diana, Princess of Wales had made a handsome success of life and with both TRH Princes William and Henry fully grown and wedded, her work was done. Of noble birth from the Spencer family, married into the Cavendish family, she was the first wife of William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire, and the mother of the 6th Duke of Devonshire. "I didn't predict this would happen at all. Seriously, that Blackamoor brooch last Christmas worn to the Buckingham Palace as Ms. Markle made her debut was as coincidental as if HRH Princess Anne Princess Royal were to have worn a swastika for the inaugural Christmas at Buckingham Palace when Princess No-Calves’ coke-headed son brought along his Jewish wife for the first time. The Duchess of Cambridge was in stylish company at Garter Day on June 17. First Duchess of Sussex, where previously the first Duke of Sussex fervently supported the abolition of slavery, a cessation of the persecution of Jews, now here were these entity mates — HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex and first Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, taking up the noble mantle of HM Queen Victoria’s uncle and HM King George IV’s younger brother, HRH Prince Augustus Frederick to work and help develop the potential of the developing nations of the Commonwealth. All Rights Reserved. Indeed, both Camilla and Catherine, The Black Queen are comrades-in-arms as they both are solid, single-channel roles which preyed on artisan soul threats to their power. Catherine’s entity is four, cadre one, greater cadre 6 pod 208. Both the paedophile and racial predator are white; besides, perpetuating racial animus towards blacks is the most lucrative business venture in media. Both Camilla and Catherine, The Black Queen would perceive their rivals, Diana and Meghan respectively as weak and a nuisance for being focussed in the emotional centre. For now, I am thoroughly besotted by drinking of Dame Hilary Matel’s historical portrait of the Tudor dynasty as I explore book one of her Man Booker Prize winning Tudor trilogy, Wolf Hall. Though technically a commoner, McQuiston had far from humble beginnings. Today’s Duchess of Argyll, now 41, was told by the family’s historian that she had to produce a boy because there were no more males left in the family. Michael: This fragment is a mid-cycle mature artisan in the tradition of the deceased mother-in-law fragment who was Diana, Princess of Wales — third life thereat. “But by the time I got to the end of the corridor I had pulled myself together. Arvin da Brgha. As a warrior, Catherine, The Black Queen, is amply able to fulfil such needs of her husband’s. For all the world to see, the Cambridges rowed on the way home to Buckingham Palace on their wedding day. Finally, the fare catered by Daniel et Daniel arrived at 0459 sharp – I am better at working magic in the bedroom rather than the kitchen, so why sweat it! Oprah’s presence was a none-too-subtle missive, keep up with the racist charades and there will be an Oprah interview. In London, there were over 10,000-20,000 that lived in London during the time of Jane Austen. Pandora my lovely sister was in town with her urbane hubby and overnighted at my place so that they would not have to travel far at 0300. All three of these persons have 9 in their numerology and they are all without exception, as is every person with 9, petty persons who fault-find, will do everything to sabotage or fuck with someone who outshines them.