. “Sexy selfies” do particularly well, according to our interviewees, once again underlining the gendered dimension of Instagram interactions. This expanded notion of affordances brings in the mutual expectations and norms that are central to the interaction order as conceptualized by Goffman. Calvyn Justus(@calvynjustus) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. We introduce Instagram as a data source for use by scholars in urban studies and neighboring disciplines and propose ways to operationalize key concepts in the study of cities. displaces politics or analysis.”. Instagram is only one among many sites where feminisms are being mobilized and enacted. My modeling agent has advised me to not to post anything that men could find aggressive or wouldn’t like. Lean Library can solve it. . Therefore, vulnerability has to be performed using an aspirational aesthetic register in a way that is consistent with the image cultivated on the platform (Figure 7): Of course, it’s heavily curated still, but that’s Insta. . Instagram’s self-presentation incentives and pressures taught users to treat their profiles as a form of social or aesthetic capital to be protected from expressions that may be seen as unpopular or strange. 35 talking about this. Because profile work is always conducted in relation to contextual norms and becomes especially laborious when the user deviates from them, Nika has to “try to be really proud about bad quality photos, or Insta-stories [videos posted to Instagram that disappear after 24 hours], because you always kind of strive to this high quality.” As illustrated by Nika’s efforts, resisting the powerful desires produced and alluring social rewards posited by Instagram necessitates an inner battle. No wonder, then, that Instagram feminism has not developed a shared critical account of the emotional and aesthetic labor required by self-branding or the competitive ways of relating social media promotes: it tends to downplay the numerous hidden injuries of profile work in order to reap its benefits. 2018-jan-26 - 11.2k Likes, 222 Comments - Justus Frederic Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on Instagram: “Werbung | I usually don’t upload pictures where I’m not sure with the posing; everything has to…” Emergent feminist visibilities are filtered in this dual sense. Their follower counts ranged from 300 to over 70,000. In this way, we broadened the range of interviewees beyond the initial population of north-western European urbanites, and also included more widely known users whose feminist affiliation is more broadly recognized. Maintaining an Instagram presence requires a great deal of reflexivity and self-regulation, but depending on their positionality, feminist sensibilities and self-projects, our respondents developed a variety of strategies. We have two complete prize packs to be won and they’ll be drawn at 4pm WST on Tuesday 2nd October & announced on this original post so get your entries in pronto. However, the platform is undeniably part of the current cultural moment, reflecting and shaping its aesthetics and sociality. Utilize SocialBlade.com to check your Instagram Stats and Instagram Followers while tracking your progress. To answer these questions and understand how feminist sensibilities transfer to and circulate in social media like Instagram, we propose the concept of filtering that emerged from our aforementioned empirical analysis. Trivia. In order to cultivate an agreeable self-brand, she has had to stay silent about feminist issues close to her heart that might offend onlookers or “scare off” clients. We further shared a draft of this article with interviewees whose images we included in the article in order to confirm that they approved of how we discuss their images and the potential for identifiability they afford (despite pseudonymization). Billy received an MS in biology from Arkansas State University in 1989. Choose your favorite justus designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Weaponized femininity: Ida’s Instagram post. They see a person who . We then lay out how we collected and analyzed our data before discussing how our interviewees engage in filtering practices. We then recruited 13 additional interviewees via snowball sampling (i.e. . While Instagram’s affordances technically allow posting text-based interventions, shared imaginations about the platform as predominantly photographic, person-centered, and aspirational constrained our interviewees’ feminist expressions. SocialBlade is a premiere Instagram community where you can chat with other Instagram … Most often interviewees authenticate their self-presentation practices with recourse to affects and feelings: their posts represent moments they have truly enjoyed and achievements they are sincerely proud of. this is extremely close to my heart. “As a woman of color, I’ve felt the need to take myself seriously and present my accomplishments [on Instagram] in a way that’s going to enhance the image of me as successful and good at what I do” (Ajda). . Also the recipient of a John Mayer cosign, West’s style of guitar is athletic and extremely contemporary, but always melodic and … Feminists using Instagram feel incentivized to make use of its material and imagined affordances and play according to the rules of its interaction order, but they also want to challenge patriarchal norms and unrealistic ideals that prevail on and off the platform. The concept enriches current research on how online environments shape, limit, and erase digital feminist cultures (Fotopoulou, 2016; Jurasz and Barker, 2019 ; Keller, 2019; Olszanowski, 2014; Pruchniewska, 2019; Shaw, 2014) by illustrating how users’ structurally and technically conditioned judgments regarding what to display, augment, and conceal—together with algorithms that likewise value and rank content—produce and circulate a certain kind of feminist imagery and imaginary. I want to break this idea of what a stylish, fashionable person is. She is interested in the social and cultural life of data and algorithms, most notably the ways in which they become a part of social media users’ lived experience and potentially an object of contestation. The self-presentational scripts of influencer and selfie culture are informed by cultural ideals of beauty, prosperity, and social distinction (Marwick, 2015), and seem to promote an objectifying relationship vis-à-vis one’s body (see Abidin, 2016: 12). Many of our interviewees defined their feminism in opposition to White, neoliberal, commodified, or “gender-critical” feminisms. Thus, the distinct interaction orders observable on different online platforms emerge in dynamic interplay between technical features and user activity. So, it’s important not to exclude yourself. I wouldn’t say feminism really stopped me from posting things, I actually posted more. Users must, then, both strategically and emotionally navigate the cross-pressures associated with social media like Instagram—such as balancing personal self-representation goals with the potential shame of “stepping out of line” in the eyes of one’s imagined audience or the desire to enhance one’s job prospects by self-branding (cf. Figures 4 and 5. The original Coming to America is a comedy classic for sure but is the sequel worth your time? To marginally increase her self-presentation bandwidth, Maya has to engage in at least twice the profile work: she has to switch between two accounts, choose, edit, and publish more images, and manage two online personae instead of just one. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Must Continue! However, even then, expressing dissenting opinions resulted in social sanctions—as experienced first-hand by Ajda. Uitermark works as a professor of Urban Geography at the University of Amsterdam and is affiliated with the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research as well as the Center for Urban Studies. Four interviewees identified as LGBTQ, with two of them identifying as non-binary, all others as female. The email address and/or password entered does not match our records, please check and try again. She had lost feminist friends after starting a meme page that satirized White Instagram feminists for what she perceived as a lack of understanding of their positionality and a failure to articulate real political-economic goals. I always say—it’s kind of a joke—“I lure them in with my butt, grab them, and put feminism in their head.”. Empowerment has a lot to do with it. This site uses cookies. It authenticates one’s curated profile and increases its relatability—a key trope and indeed requirement of successful social media self-branding (cf. These include but are not limited to: the close matching between online self-branding and competitive individualism; how the attention economy of visual social media teaches women to sexualize their bodies in order to gain visibility and acclaim; and what it means for feminism to be rehearsed on and through commercial platforms. selfies rather than group photos or landscapes). Fearing reputational damage and loss of face in front of their audiences, our interviewees—often reluctantly—suppressed expressions that could cause audience members discomfort. . Rather than filtering something out, filtering here works to augment and even enhance feminist self-projects. Before Fame. Decided to continue my podcast series. The things that I’m insecure about, I don’t post. Minute deviations: Picture of the same occasion on Maya’s “fabulous life” (left) versus “real life” (right) account. Interviewees articulated a blend of previous feminist waves’ thematics that is characteristic of digital feminisms: a focus on individual empowerment while withholding judgment of other women’s practices associated with the third wave mixed with interest in collective action associated with the second wave (Pruchniewska 2019: 1366). How, then, do feminists negotiate the often gendered norms that prevail on Instagram, while pursuing the desires and social rewards posited by the platform? As a result, they begin to think of Instagram as a means of building a visual, audience-oriented portfolio of what one does, has, and is—assessed according to platform-specific aesthetic and affective ideals and norms. We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. Justus, baron von Liebig, German chemist who made significant contributions to the analysis of organic compounds, the organization of laboratory-based chemistry education, and the application of chemistry to biology (biochemistry) and agriculture. Prügl, 2015), which have rendered feminism compatible with heteronormative displays on the one hand and the pursuit of individual success and self-entrepreneurship on the other. John Justus Jr. was the son of John Justus Sr. His mother's name is not known His name was spelled Justis in early documents. Annette had a similar trajectory. And it makes for a feminism, or an activism, that is so centered on your own body, and not your thoughts, always. Acknowledging these at times overlapping, at times frictional dimensions, our discussion seeks to do justice to the diverse ways in which feminisms are mobilized and enacted among Instagram feminists. . Feminist self-presentation and empowerment become entwined with aspirational and often highly individualistic identity construction practices. Justus Denied is a rock band from a small town in Oklahoma. . Feb 6, 2019 - 6,601 Likes, 120 Comments - Justus Frederic Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on Instagram: “Werbung | Different brands, different colors, different fabrics, different shapes and also…” Another way to navigate these contradictory longings—from the pleasure of individual self-enhancement to the desire for radically honest sharing as an expression of one’s feminist identity and politics—is to have different accounts for each type of performance. She recounts calling out a popular dating site that asked its users for their skin color: The website actually responded like, ‘We’re so sorry, we’re going to change it.’ And I was like, it was a little bit of power there. Ich bin Justus. photoshopping one’s body or “fishing likes”) are condemned. Uitermark has a long-standing interest in how political contestation shapes cities and how cities, in turn, shape social conflict. 126.2k Followers, 4 Following, 173 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Justus (@justus_original) It's gonna be an adventure for all of us. Watch Queue Queue. Joel Justus has risen from the ranks of player to high school coach to assistant at Kentucky all before the age of 40. What accounts for the specific articulations—the enhancements and amplifications on the one hand and the avoidances and trivializations on the other—of feminist politics on Instagram? We create corporate identities, websites and infographics with clever concepts and original ideas. It’s important for me to have the courage to post some things—like more revealing photos—and not be afraid of what people will say. While the sensibilities and audiences are varied, subtractive filtering invariably involves respecting the interaction order and, hence, the power relations it incorporates. Instead of shying away [from femininity], I reclaimed it. These connotations undoubtedly owe to both postfeminism (Gill, 2007) and neoliberal feminism (cf. 1.8m Followers, 273 Following, 1,523 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @robertoljustus All content in this area was uploaded by Justus Uitermark on Jul 06, 2016 ... provided the original author and source are. Members of _ can log in with their society credentials below, Laura Savolainen, Justus Uitermark, and John D. Boy, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (. Moreover, the concept of filtering contributes to problematizations of the seeming espousal of feminism in media culture (Banet-Weiser, 2018; Banet-Weiser et al., 2019; Gill, 2016) by empirically detailing how social media dynamics favor and reinforce some feminist sensibilities over others, disguising productive tensions and even contradictions between them. Join www.restrictedrepublic.com now and you heard us right…14 Days, on us, to check it out absolutely for FREE!! Users in smaller and more conservative cities were aware of their local followers’ suspicion toward feminism and left-wing politics, and found it nearly impossible to express their political views on social media. 286 likes. As Gill and Orgad (2017: 31) write regarding the “feeling rules” of contemporary feminism, “a general atmosphere of assertiveness . Our 25 interviewees consume Instagram content daily, while active posting ranges from daily to monthly. St Justus was the first bishop of Rochester, sent by St Augustine of Canterbury to establish a cathedral at the other end of the kingdom of Kent in AD604. All social media users filter their expressions, hiding and augmenting aspects of themselves in accordance with contextual standards. Social media affordances and practices have been adopted for diverse kinds of feminist expression and activism (Keller, 2015; Myles, 2019; Pruchniewska, 2019; Rentschler and Thrift, 2015). The selves cultivated on Instagram by most of our interviewees are notably agreeable and consensual (Figure 1), crafted to avoid causing negative reactions in audience members. Table 1 contains additional background information on the interviewees and their Instagram presence. This product could help you, Accessing resources off campus can be a challenge. St Justus was the first bishop of Rochester, sent by St Augustine of Canterbury to establish a cathedral at the other end of the kingdom of Kent in AD604. He married Elizabeth Thomas in South Carolina before moving to what is now the Henderson County area of North Carolina. michaeldresbach Michael Dresbach. Users retain the copyright over the original content they post to Instagram. Watch Queue Queue Queue . Liebig was the son of a pigment and chemical Thirteen interviewees gave repeated, explicit, informed consent to reproduce their public Instagram posts in the article. Sometimes filtering works in a “subtractive” manner: it requires users to hold back and downplay what otherwise would be an active part of their self-projects. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions. This is technically my first complete cover of any song, and I am extremely glad that it is this song. . having interviewees recommend additional people to talk to). To better understand the pushes and pulls that condition filtering, it is illustrative to consider the only person we interviewed who wants to pursue alternatives without making compromises. Now available on Roku, Apple, Android or Amazon apps! Taking credit: Josefien’s Instagram post. It has been a rapid rise, but one that was very well justified with his resume and accomplishments. This video is unavailable. While our interviewees pay heed to expectations, their posts often appear to suggest otherwise (Figure 2). As users observe, follow, and are followed by others, they adapt self-presentation strategies according to the new inputs they receive. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Be sure to like and share the page! Moreover, while social media technologies, neoliberal policies, and the enterprising self frequently go hand in hand (Mirowski, 2014: 112), neoliberal dispositions are reflexively adopted, negotiated, or resisted, not deterministically personified (Scharff, 2016, see also Pruchniewska, 2018). Maya’s case illustrates a recurring pattern. I hope my rendition of this does justice (justus) to it, and I hope it inspires, touches calms you the same way that it has with me Sexy selfies, posting about one’s accomplishments, and performed “realness” not only work well on the platform, but were understood by many as feminist and empowering practices in their own right. As suggested, filtering practices often result from the need to resolve these sorts of contradictions. He is particularly interested in how different kinds of environments mediate conflict and cooperation. My favorites are mixed media and miniatures. Many felt a desire to “build an audience” or be “discovered” by other Instagram users. The interview questions explored the users’ feminist views. Figure 1. Dogpound ! Ida’s weaponized femininity bore fruit. We argue that these filtering practices aim at resolving contradictions between dissonant self-presentation goals, self-improvement, and protecting the self. Because even “very minor mishaps” (Goffman, 1956: 56) risk violating the interaction order—that is, the ceremonial ground rules of interaction “upon which the maintenance of ‘self’ depends” (Rawls, 1987: 140)—impression management must be rehearsed reflexively, with caution and foresight. Postfeminism represents women as playful and knowing: not only targets of a gaze, but actively and confidently gazing back—or, indeed, commanding their audience’s stare. Although asserting that girls should do “whatever the fuck they want,” in practice, they censor images or views that might be disruptive. We introduce Instagram as a data source for use by scholars in urban studies and neighboring disciplines and propose ways to operationalize key concepts in the study of cities. Lifestyle enclaves in the Instagram city? Although our sample of interviewees is not representative, it reflects “the diversity and shifting nature of various feminisms and the fluidity of their boundaries” (Prügl, 2015: 615). This clashes with the demand for authenticity, which is strongly felt by our interviewees: we found that feminist sensibilities often manifest as a desire to be radically honest on Instagram. John D. Boy and Justus Uitermark. The consensual self: A picture of Lotte’s Instagram profile. . I love my body, but would never post my fat belly—I’d post my curvy thighs. Rochester Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day – 4 x 1-day routes. I volunteer at The ReUse Market in Boise, Idaho, a thrift store for art supplies. As our analysis shows, taken together, these filtering practices shape the feminist politics, imaginaries, and subjectivities that are cultivated on and communicated through the platform. Statista, 2020), the platform is important for the apparent transformation of feminism from a “repudiated identity among young women” into “a desirable, stylish and decidedly fashionable one” (Gill, 2016: 611). Feb 6, 2019 - 6,601 Likes, 120 Comments - Justus Frederic Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on Instagram: “Werbung | Different brands, different colors, different fabrics, different shapes and also…” The ethos of social media self-production turns out to be highly compatible with a branded, hyper-confident, and corporeal mode of activism. FundingThe author(s) disclosed receipt of the following financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article: We gratefully acknowledge funding from the ODYCCEUS project, financed through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program (grant agreement no. We create corporate identities, websites and infographics with clever concepts and original ideas. We found that feminist Instagram users often made compromises for the latter, leading them to adopt the strategy of minute deviations: in order to keep the aspirational self and the social capital of their curated profile intact, they challenged gendered ideals and norms, but only moderately. I struggle with Instagram as a platform a lot. The balancing act of articulating feminist critiques while respecting the valuations mediated by Instagram leads Erika to adopt a strategy of minute deviations: she figures in her posts but attempts to call attention to radical ideas and decenter herself (Figure 10). Grupa Justus jest liderem w świadczeniu kompleksowych usług ochrony. Social Media + Society 2020 6: 3. Some society journals require you to create a personal profile, then activate your society account, You are adding the following journals to your email alerts, Did you struggle to get access to this article? Laura Savolainen is a doctoral candidate at the Consumer Society Research Centre, the University of Helsinki. Challenging and confirming expectations: Image by Maya. Social Media + Society 2020 6: 3. Ida is a proponent of weaponized femininity: she understands markers of normative femininity as resources to be mobilized in the fight against patriarchy. Justus (died on 10 November between 627 and 631) was the fourth Archbishop of Canterbury.He was sent from Italy to England by Pope Gregory the Great, on a mission to Christianize the Anglo-Saxons from their native paganism, probably arriving with the second group of missionaries despatched in 601.Justus became the first Bishop of Rochester in 604, and attended a church council in Paris in 614. In what follows, we first develop our concept of filtering, tracing the value of dramaturgical perspectives for the study of digital feminism. Selfies—which demonstrate commitment to the interaction order of social media by literally presenting the audience with a face to be saved—receive the highest levels of engagement.