Solo DUo Trio Quad Server Rules • Max Three (4) players in a group ... • We support the streamer community as it is a main reason Rust has received so much growth in the past years • Streamers are required to have Streamer Mode Enabled and hide their map if … Running Cent OS and with multiple tier 1 connections. Find trio Rust Servers. Rust; Servers; EU Solo/Duo/Trio 2x; Address: Branch: Public: Tags: Near-Vanilla: Wipe cycle: 1 week: Last wiped: 18 Feb-2 days ago: Current map: Size 4300 / Seed 7564346: Last restart: about 3 hours ago: Intoxicated EU Solo/Duo/Trio 2x. ... Rustige Rust server wipes once a month it is solo duo or trio #1. In order to connect Eclipse x2 Solo-Duo-Trio server you can use direct Steam connection link, or copy console command and paste it in Rust console.. Connect via Steam. save. We care about your experience on Rust, all our staff work tirelessly to constantly improve your time with us. it is limited to Solo, Duo and Trio players. share. Looking for a duo/trio rust [LFG] i have 60-ish hours i understand the basics been a solo for some time need a couple of tms want to grind and get some raids n shi. Posted by 8 hours ago. Pure and simple Vanilla in US with small map & population. Currently looking for a duo partner to finish out the wipe and start the next wipe with. Server Rules. Here you’ll find Duo RUST Base Designs intended for two players to live and work together. Paranoid has been around almost as long as Rust - founded in 2014, we've grown to become one of the top networks in the world, we regularly host over 1500 concurrent players across our network. LFG [LFG] Turrets are limited to … Pure and simple Vanilla in US. I have been looking for some time for a solo/duo or even trio server but they all wipe weekly. AUNZ Upsurge Solo Duo Trio - Rust server located in Australia. I'd prefer you be available late nights (I'm US EST) but I can also devote time throughout the evening and day. 3x No BPs EU. 5x Solo/Duo/Trio US. ... How Rust was made to be played. Welcome to Bloo Lagoon. Vanilla EU Main. No Rust bans allowed. Max Players: 150, Map: Procedural, Version: 2279, Mode: modded - Visit us for more info about AUNZ Upsurge Solo Duo Trio Find trio Rust Servers. 1. These bases are typically small to medium size and have the advantage of being a bit more fortified than a solo base while maintaining low repair and upkeep costs. Only 3 Auto Turrets permitted in each Tool Cupboard range. 3 comments. VAC/Game Bans. Once you press button above, Rust will be launched and try to connect server. Anybody know of any server that are biweekly or even monthly. 1. Vanilla US Main. We have the most detailed server tracking for Rust. Near-vanilla gameplay with 2x rates and no more than 3 players per team. Limited Auto Turrets. What this means for players is a low Ping time, fast loading and no lag. How Rust was made to be played. They are now default BP's. A nice middleground between Vanilla & Heavily Modded. While the Server is Vanilla means this is how Rust was meant to be played. VIP/VIP+/MVP on Vortex 2x | Solo Duo Trio includes only Queue Skip here. Players with VAC or game bans associated with non-Rust games will be banned until the 31st day of their most recent VAC/game ban. All non-component items have been removed. Orion. has rpg gather rates as well #2. spoopy_car. Mar 3, 2017 @ 8:22pm Xteryan server is a solo/duo/trio. The new vanilla Rust experience. Group Limit: 3 Max . The Medium Rusty Solo/Duo/Trio server is a Max 60 player server hosted in a Data Center in NYC. I have almost 1.5k hours, the majority of the BPs for tier 1 and tier 2 already learned on the duo server we'd be playing on. Your favourite servers. ... EU 3x Solo/Duo/Trio. Improved Barrels. We have the most detailed server tracking for Rust. 3 Group Limit | Medium Pop.