The guy is unstoppable! It is the sequel to Scary Movie and the second film in the Scary Movie film series. Marlon would eventually go on to produce a similar horror-themed parody, A Haunted House, and its sequel, both starring himself. … Blair starred in The Exorcist (1973) and Barrymore starred in Charlie's Angels (2000), which were parodied in this movie. Paris Hilton. Gratz 4 the idea!!! Community See All. Scary movie 2 part 1 deutsch What!? They use Cindy and her friends as test subjects. This afternoon, I finally watched this movie through from beginning to end. Charlton Heston has also turned down the James Woods part. A year after disposing of the body of a man they accidentally killed, a group of dumb teenagers are stalked by a bumbling serial killer. 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Worldwide, it grossed $141.2 million. It is the sequel to Scary Movie and the second film in the Scary Movie film series. [3][11], On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 15% based on 109 reviews, with an average rating of 3.38/10. 1:47. N/A. Contact Scary Movie 2 Parrot on Messenger. Deutsch Español Português Français NetflixReleases; Movies; Scary Movie 2 (2001) Scary Movie 2 (2001) 5.3 Netflix rating: 5.3 ... Is Scary Movie 2 on Netflix United States? 1:48. The film stars Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Shawn Wayans, and Marlon Wayans (all reprising their roles from the first film, despite their characters having seemingly been killed off), as well as Tim Curry, Tori Spelling, Chris Elliott, Chris Masterson, Kathleen Robertson, David Cross, and James Woods. 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After paying a trip to the bathroom, the men attempt to drive Hugh's ghost out, but the exorcism does not go as planned. PremiereFR. Out of the first four Scary Movie films, this was the least successful to date, until the fifth film was released twelve years later. The site's critical consensus reads, "Instead of being funny, this gross-out sequel plays like a sloppy, rushed-out product. Create. Cindy then uses a collection of random objects in the room to produce a Caterpillar 2-Ton tractor and escapes the freezer. Written by So my rating? JESUS VS. CHARLES DARWIN!!!!!!! At the mansion, Cindy encounters a foul-mouthed parrot and Hanson (Chris Elliott), the caretaker with a badly malformed hand. 0:45. [10], In North America, the film grossed $71.3 million. - We Lied." TMDb: 6.3/10 4,733 votes. 6.3. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. They sit down for dinner, but soon lose their appetite due to Hanson's repulsive antics, such as licking the turkey, and sticking his hands in all the food. Drew Barrymore and Linda Blair are the only two actresses to appear in movies parodied by Scary Movie (2000) and this movie. You think Adolf pwned, Smile Pretty The crew only had a couple of minutes each day, Break Iron and/or manganese can cause unpleasant taste and, Furry Vengeance Lets start hows your mom? See more of Scary Movie 2 Parrot on Facebook. It tries to smoke him (and succeeds, much to Shorty's enjoyment as he states: 'I'm getting as high as a motherfucker! Cindy and Brenda get tagged by a socially maladjusted girl, Alex (Tori Spelling). Several years ago at the Voorhees House, Mrs. Voorhees (Veronica Cartwright) is hosting a party when her daughter, Megan Voorhees (Natasha Lyonne), enters the music room and starts peeing massively after saying \"You suck.\" It turns out she is possessed and two priests, Father McFeely (James Woods) and Father Harris (Andy Richter) arrive to drive the demon out. [5] Marlon Brando was originally cast as Father McFeely and completed one day of filming before he had to leave the production due to illness. My vote: Charlie Sheen vs Neil Patrick Harris. Download this stock image: TIM CURRY SCARY MOVIE 2; SCARIER MOVIE (2001) - EFBC06 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Because Miramax had not greenlit this sequel until the massive box office success of the original, the film faced a punishing production schedule that involved coming up with a script and tearing through production and post-production in a total of less than 9 months, roughly half the average time for all those steps to be completed on a standard Hollywood production in 2000–2001. Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) and his charming paraplegic assistant, Dwight Hartman (David Cross), plan to study the paranormal activity at a local haunted mansion called Hell House. The film is a sequel to Scary Movie. You know what.I did not laugh once. Ray, still confused about his sexuality, has two new male friends, Tommy (James DeBello) and Buddy (Christopher Masterson). Later, the group is joined by newcomer hottie Theo (Kathleen Robertson). Scary Movie 2 is a 2001 American comedy horror film. Several 1990s films and TV shows are also spoofed, and the script primarily follows the plot of slasher films Scream (1996) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). The film is the last in the series to feature the involvement of stars Marlon and Shawn Wayans, and director Keenen Ivory Wayans. You think Adolf pwned the Dark Lord of the Universe!? I feel for them sometimes it s like they don t have a place in the world. 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Scary Movie 2 on IMDb Scary Movie 2 (2001) is available on Netflix United States. Create a free website or blog at I stress high places with you, Impostor I take out the BluRay disc and am studying it and, Miami vice music mix Mindful of burgeoning digital, An American Carol This CD is every bit as good as what Ive, Fear House By clicking the Sign up using Facebook or Sign up, Raise your voice songs violin Think about it, Beauty and the beast the enchanted christmas part 1 hd, Double Jeopardy Rest assured its still coming, and even, Dead and gone t. i ft justin timberlake official music video, Merlin and the Book of Beasts About the quote : Lyrics from, Scary movie 2 part 1 deutsch What!? No More Sequels - Honest! Natasha Lyonne, Kathleen Robertson, Marlon Wayans, Chris Elliott, Anna Faris, Andy Richter, and Shawn Wayans in Scary Movie 2 (2001) People Natasha Lyonne, Kathleen Robertson, Marlon Wayans, Chris Elliott, Anna Faris, Andy Richter, Shawn Wayans. 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Create New Account. Scary Movie 2. The guy is unstoppable! Scary Movie 2. Megan insults McFeely's mother and he shoots her in the head. 1:38. Scary Movie 2 (2001) Soundtracks (21) Hello Dolly Written by Jerry Herman Performed by Veronica Cartwright (uncredited) Used by permission of Edwin H. Morris & Company, a division of MPL Communications, Inc. (ASCAP) Shake Ya Ass Written by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Mystikal (as Michael Tyler) Used by permission of EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP) & EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI); … Cindy acts as bait to lure Kane into a device that will destroy him. Its one of my favorite battles. Abe did put up a good fight, but no one beats Chuck Norris not even in a fictitious rap battle! Epic Rap Battle Of History OWNZ!!!!!! Where the original film was mainly based on the slasher films of the 1990s, Scary Movie 2 parodies an array of supernatural and haunted house films from various decades, including The Haunting (1999), The Exorcist (1973), The Amityville Horror (1979), Poltergeist (1982), The Legend of Hell House (1973), House on Haunted Hill (both the 1959 and 1999 versions), and The Changeling (1980). Hugh Kane's invisible ghost has sex with Alex in her bedroom, and quickly leaves afterwards, since Alex shows signs of wanting to marry Huey. Buddy and Cindy get locked in the walk-in freezer. Shorty smokes weed often, do… 2000 2000-07-07 . During a formal dinner party, where everyone is singing “Shake Ya Ass”, she emerges in her nightdress, saying “you suck” before proceeding to urinate profusely on the floor. Scary Movie 2 (2001) 150 of 151. 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Four teens are tricked by Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) into visiting a … The sequel to Scary Movie begins with a parody of The Exorcist, in which Megan Voorhees (Natasha Lyonne), is possessed and two priests, Father McFeely (James Woods) and Father Harris (Andy Richter), must drive the demon out. Paris Hilton and Carter Reum engaged. Se nu online Following on the heels of popular teen-scream horror movies, with uproarious comedy and biting satire. Yes! A weed-monster rolls Shorty into a joint. [7] Scary Movie 3 ' s general parodies are of The Ring and Signs. 1,673 people like this. 57. paris hilton vs niki out of big brother. ( Log Out /  1,663 people follow this. They made cameos in Scream (1996), which was parodied in Scary Movie. And one last thing plz oh plz scary movie 2 part 1 deutsch plz make some i just loved them. After Dwight equips the teens with weapons that can injure their spectral enemy, they are pursued throughout the mansion, Alex attempts to win Huey's love, but is killed by Crane's ghost. DO CHARLIE SHEEN VS MOAMMAR KADAFI!!!!!! Snooki Vs. Martha Stewart are u a mind reader scary movie 2 part 1 deutsch i just thought of that! A teenage girl named Megan Voorhees (Natasha Lyonne) becomes possessed by the spirit of Hugh Kane (Richard Moll), the house's previous owner. A teenage girl named Megan Voorhees (Natasha Lyonne) becomes possessed by the spirit of Hugh Kane (Richard Moll), the house's previous owner. Scary Movie 2 Sign up now to find fans of your favorite movies and shows! R 1 hr 23 min Jul 4th, 2001 Comedy. Vodkaster. However, the exorcism does not go as planned and a chain of Exor… Cindy, Brenda, and Theo team up to fight the Kane-possessed Hanson using moves taken from Charlie's Angels, but ultimately wind up defeated. Instead of a brain, there is a small man rapping (Beetlejuice) inside. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. or. Forgot account? A toy clown (Suli McCullough) attempts to kill Ray, but in a strange turn of events, the clown doll gets raped by Ray instead. Scary Movie Original titel: Scary Movie ( Film ) Scary Movie 07 July 2000. About See All +61 2 9481 1111 . When Cindy tries to tell the professor, he dismisses it, and sends Theo to take Cindy to bed, while hinting the girls should start “experimenting.” Later, while Cindy is possessed by Huey Kane's wife, Cindy almost has sex with Oldman. Shorty tends to act crazy and laugh like a maniac. The next morning, Oldman tells Dwight no one is leaving the house, despite the attacks, and claims he is “this close to getting laid.” Dwight is given the only keys to get out of the house, and told to give them to nobody. Public Figure. Scary Movie 2 ' s primary target is The Haunting, while the rest of the film contains traces of The Exorcist, What Lies Beneath, Poltergeist, Titanic, The Amityville Horror, Hollow Man, and Charlie's Angels. Two months later, Cindy and Buddy are in a relationship. I was so ecstatic, The Lovely Bones Following the preview of the Mini Cooper, Pirates of the caribbean dead man’s chest soundtrack, Extreme dating 2004 Un? Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. While the direction of the film lacks any sense and is just one contrived mess in my view. After everyone vomits on each other, and one of the priests shows signs of pedophilia towards the girl, Megan insults Father McFeely's mother. With Anna Faris, Jon Abrahams, Marlon Wayans, Carmen Electra. [8][9] It was later released on Blu-ray a decade later on September 20, 2011, after Lionsgate purchased Miramax and Dimension Films's catalogues. Titles Scary Movie 2. '), but gets distracted by munchies and lets him escape. Log In. Scary Movie 2 is an American comedy movie.It is a parody of a horror movie.It is directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans.It stars Anna Faris Regina Hall, Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans.It was released to mixed reviews on July 7, 2001.