The Alum Cave Trail is a 2.7-mile loop around the northeastern portion of Audra State Park and is made up of two parts: the Upper Alum Cave Trail and the Lower Alum Cave Trail. History of Attila (a.k.a. Alum Cave Trail (ACT) is the most popular of the five trails up to Mount LeConte. Located at the southwest corner of the county (Lewis Twp), a small community cropped up in the 1850s either just outside or inside a large cave known as Alum Cave. The clear, clean water of the Middle Fork River and the rock overhang of the Alum Cave offer picture-perfect backdrops. The Epsom Salts Manufacturing Company was established at Alum Cave back in 1838 where they mined Epsom salt from the cave. Because it’s the shortest at five miles, people think it will be the easiest. Alum Cave has an interesting history. If you take Alum Cave Trail past the “cave” all the way up to Mt. Even at 9AM, family groups were heading to play in the creek. The mountain people used the Epsom salt found in the area to dye homespun clothing a reddish brown. Battle of Burg Hill. History of Alum Cave; Armstrong School. Wrong! Ft. single family home built in 2008 that sold on 10/31/2018. It lasted until 1900 or so and consisted of a hotel, house of ill-repute, post office, saloon and cave-based homes. The full loop is on relatively level ground, making it perfect for beginners and families. Poor Do) Sneed’s History of Attila; Bainbridge. LeConte, you are looking at a strenuous hike at 11 miles round- trip with an elevation gain of roughly 2700ft. Alum Cave has an incredibly rich history here in the Smoky Mountains. Enjoy an easy stroll to Arch Rock along a well-marked trail that is accompanied by the soothing sound of a flowing creek. Thick hardwood forest lines the path, but clearings—especially at Alum Cave itself—offer excellent views of the surrounding mountains. The Confederate occupation of Gatlinburg ended in December of 1863 when two Union forces marched into town to drive out Thomas’s Legion. Hiking to Alum Cave itself is not bad at 2.3 miles (4.6 miles RT) from the parking lot with an elevation gain of 1100 ft roughly and will take you about 2-3 hours RT. This park is an ideal destination for families who enjoy the outdoors. Each year, visitors are drawn to the natural beauty of the Middle Fork and its surroundings, which offers opportunities for hiking, camping and family picnics. The Confederate forces occupied Gatlinburg, set up a fort on Burg Hill, and began mining saltpeter from Alum Cave. History of Armstrong School; Back to the top. ALUM CAVE: Clay Co. Locals would also use the salts from Alum Cave to add pigment to their clothes, which would give them a reddish brown color. History of the Village of Africa; Sneed’s History of Africa; Alleghany. Sneed’s History of Alleghany; Alum Cave. Alum Cave is actually located after one third of the trail, so if you only want to go there and back, its more or less a 3h roundtrip. Hike a trail full of history of scenic views! Attila. See also; Search Google for "Alum Cave" Google Earth Placemark; Alum Cave Trail - … From 1838-1854 the Epsom Salts Manufacturing Company mined the cave for Epsom salts. View 36 photos for 1402 Alum Cave Cv, Sevierville, TN 37862 a 3 bed, 4 bath, 5,083 Sq. During the Civil War soldiers mined the cave for saltpeter, which was used to produce gunpowder. The Alum Cave Trail crisscrosses Alum Cave Creek, passes under Arch Rock, and then clambers up the mountainside to the namesake Alum Cave Bluffs. The first mile or so of Alum Cave Trail is almost flat and wide. 12H 2 O.Other alums are named after the monovalent ion, such as sodium alum and ammonium alum. The trail to Alum Cave Bluffs is rich in history AND packs a mean punch of beautiful scenery. This part of the trail is a moderate hike with a slight rise in elevation.