Analyst Nikola Mikovic discusses the geopolitics of Belarus and its position between Washington/Brussels and Moscow. John Feffer: North Korea and the Geopolitics of Crazy #066 from Geopolitics & Empire on Podchaser, aired Saturday, 11th November 2017. I sat down this morning with Hrvoje Moric of the Geopolitics and Empire podcast for a 20 minute chat about recent events in Syria and the machinations of the Trump White House. DONATE VIA BTC. DONATE TO GEOPOLITICS & EMPIRE. Geopolitics & Empire Geopolitics Emp The #USArmy wants to increase its presence in the #Arctic region and create new units capable of operating there. Search for more papers by this author. Through geopolitics we attempt to analyze and predict the actions and decisions of nations, or other forms of political power, by means of their geographical characteristics and location in the world. or listen to it directly on Soundcloud: Remember to subscribe to me on YouTube and turn on … He is an international security analyst based in Nigeria who specializes in security diplomacy, geopolitics, global system transformation, conflict, and peace. Will Lukashenko choose a side or continue to walk the high wire between the two? Search for more papers by this author By late July, most rich countries had brought their covid-19 infection rates down far below their initial peaks. Abstract Critique is about challenging the taken for granted categories in scholarly and political discourse. Interviews with experts, academics, journalists and government officials on international affairs. Amrita Chhachhi. Geopolitics as a determinant of foreign policy focuses on the size the location the natural resources and the typography of states. Geopolitics of the Arctic and Antarctic #093. Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon #131 Dr. Francis Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped. 10.2k members in the PoliticsPeopleTwitter community. Best Podcast of its Kind “Often goes beyond the Overton window of mainstream media/podcasts. Linda Herrera. The term geopolitics is of a Swedish origin. ED – popular memes on the site The US Empire Has Up to 1,000 Military Bases in 80 Countries. Reddit - Geopolitics . Author John Feffer discusses the history and geopolitics of North Korea, diplomatic solutions to the crisis and the worst-case scenario of world war. The British (and the Americans) have always tried to understand European geopolitics through a British (or American) lens as a struggle between the Anglophone and the Continental. Geopolitics & Empire is Underrated “I love the diversity of guests on the show, in my opinion Geopolitics and Empire is underrated.” ★★★★★ in CastBox by Marco C. on May 22, 2019. 1945 to 2017: CFR members in key positions of the American Empire Click to enlarge German news magazine Der Spiegel once described the CFR as the “most influential private institution of the United States and the Western world” and a “politburo of capitalism”. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Messenger Reddit LinkedIn Email 0 Shares. The term connotes romantic images of Rome and Britain at their heights. He could easily get out of them, but he would be charged nonetheless. Politics on twitter The central idea of geopolitics is that geography—along with demography and economics—is the determining factor of any nation's relations. Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds and we believe it important to hear a multitude of opinions. March 8, 2019 Geopolitics101 5 Comments. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and University of South Florida, USA. He is also the Director of the British Syrian Society. Geopolitics, Military Industrial Complex, Nazism & Zionism. 55 talking about this. #154. Empire, Geopolitics and Development. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog Geopolitics is focused on the relationship between politics and territory. Britain foolishly miscalculated, twice, and joined a completely unnecessary war, losing empire and global hegemony in the process. Nikola Mikovic: Belarus Between Washington, Brussels & Moscow, Time to Pick a Side? We will be discussing the war in Syria, the US and European foreign policy of regime change, the media propaganda that enables it, and what we can expect to see in the future. For him, in order to perceive a state better and look into its core, what matters is: demo-politics along with ethno-politics, pleto-politics, psycho-politics on one side and on another is: ecopolitics with emperopolitics, autarchopolitics and economopolitics. Posted on Jun 4, 2020 by Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute in Podcast | Dr. Robert Woodberry discusses his groundbreaking work pointing to how “ Western modernity is profoundly shaped by religious factors and i n particular, that … Reddit; Wechat; Abstract. Podcast: The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast is joined by Ovigwe Eguegu. Geopolitics & Empire Podcast The Heartland About Podcast The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast conducts interviews with high-profile guests on geopolitics and international affairs seeking to gain insight from experts on both the left and the right as to the true nature of current events. Click here: Reddit geopolitics. Klaus Dodds: Scramble for the Poles? The word geopolitics points to the interface between two distinct ontological realms and scientific disciplines, geography, and politics. Those elements are given to states they are not manmade, they are unchangeable and slowly changes. Introduction . It was coined in 1899, by Rudolf Kjellen. Scholars of every major empire and nation have weighed in on the subject, ... perhaps the most pragmatic and even scientific is what is known as geopolitics. Geopolitics & Empire About Youtuber Geopolitics & Empire conducts interviews with high-profile guests on geopolitics and global affairs seeking to combat false narratives and provide objective analysis to the extent possible. Rothschild’s $100 Trillion Empire November 7, 2013 Geopolitics101 5 Comments Although the real significance of these assets is just the same as the value of the paper they are printed on, still the damage inflicted upon the masses, of which the fiat financial system serves as the control mechanism to the access of all the essentials for one’s survival, is immensely immeasurable. The woeful state of education in the U.S., dominated by British empiricism and testing, means that few actually learn the real history of the U.S. The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast conducts interviews with high-profile guests on geopolitics and international affairs seeking to gain insight from experts on both the left and the right as to the true nature of current events. Browse Geopolitics news, research and analysis from The Conversation Frequency about 1 post per month. Podcast: This is the Geopolitics and Empire podcast, and we’re talking to retired British diplomat and ambassador to Bahrain and Syria, Peter Ford. Empire refers to a grouping of territories under one common authority. Senior lecturer in Women, Gender and Development at the Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands Search for more papers by this author. Abstract: This paper mainly discusses the development of geopolitics.Five main topics are discussed which are the future of state and state system, the US grand strategy: an American empire or the end of the US hegemony, Russia and the West: a new cold war, China: peaceful rising, and the … Nikola looks at the energy play and examines the allegations of the … Professor of geopolitics Klaus Dodds explains the ‘Scramble for the Poles’ and how elements of stagecraft and triumphant geopolitics are used by countries such as Canada, China, and Russia to gain currency in order to better assert themselves in the Arctic and Antarctic. As … Show Notes Til… In reality it was always about German expansion in the east. Senior lecturer at at the Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands. Although nowadays it’s more applicable than ever, the term has peculiarly disappeared from the political lexicon. Geopolitics of Estonia: Know your opponent (The Art of War, Sun Tzu) The territory of Estonia consists of a mainland and 1,500 islands in the Baltic Sea covering a total of 45,227 km2 with a humid continental climate and 50 meters average elevation. Robert Woodberry: Empire & the Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy. Replying to @Geopolitics Emp Because $168 Trillion in national debt isn't enough. DONATE VIA ETH. Amrita Chhachhi. How did the Ottoman Empire find itself in ww1, who waged war on what fronts, what were the Ottoman territories then (as to diffentiate between the words relocation and deportation), which minorities turned on the empire during the war and sacked and pillaged how many eastern villages and killed how many people and what schools and red cross buildings they used as hideouts and HQ, … The Empire is exposed, and badly wounded — but not yet dead, and therefore capable of anything to save itself.