New European Bauhaus Conference – 22 and 23 April 2021 BEDA President to sit on NEB Panel Discussion. The New European Bauhaus invites you to a conversation about the places we live in and our relationship with natural environments, beyond the built space. – BEDA Design Forum 2021. Today, the Commission launched the design phase of the New European Bauhaus initiative, announced by President von der Leyen in her 2020 State of the Union address. The New European Bauhaus is a creative initiative, breaking down boundaries between science and technology, art, culture and social inclusion, to allow design to find solutions for everyday problems. The objective of the third phase – 'dissemination', is to spread the ideas and concepts defining the New European Bauhaus via new projects, networking and sharing of knowledge, in Europe and beyond. Murphy has since done tours where he performed full Bauhaus sets and last year he toured with David J in Oceania and Europe, playing the entirety of … And as in nature, the cycle repeats itself. The missions will seek to fulfil the Commission President’s vision for the citizens of Europe to be able to feel the tangible benefits of a new way of living in order to serve the planet as enshrined in the Green Deal. A new European Bauhaus reanimates the modernist pretension to govern the aesthetics and define the standards of a good life. In the 1920’s, the Bauhaus movement brought to European society a new approach into arts and technology with the development of a new … In 2020 the EU Commission launched the “ New European Bauhaus ”, which aims to engage and involve more European citizens in creating a climate-neutral, sustainable European continent by 2050. New european bauhaus commission launches design phase. Credit Line. The band was originally named Bauhaus 1919 in reference to the first operating year of the German art school Bauhaus, although they shortened the name within a year of formation. About the Project. The European Commission’s first conference of the New European Bauhaus will take place over two days on 22 and 23 April 2021.. BEDA’s Member will seek to stimulate discussions across Europe which can bring together voices from across these disciplines and areas of professional practice. The first edition will offer prizes for existing initiatives, “concrete illustrations of the values we wish to enshrine in the NEB but which are already there in buildings, practices and methods”. Our news gives you an insight into our support of EU policy and highlights the scientific research carried out everyday within the European Commission. The representation among all these actors at the regional, national and international levels is very diverse. Das neue Europäische Bauhaus ist eine kreative interdisziplinäre Initiative, die einen Ort der Begegnung schaffen soll, wo an der Schnittstelle von Kunst, Kultur, sozialer Inklusion, Wissenschaft und Technologie künftige Lebensweisen gestaltet werden. In response to a question comparing the New European Bauhaus with the original Bauhaus, Commissioner Ferreira expressed the view that the today, the final outcome is more challenging and more interesting than simply fulfilling the mantra of ‘form follows function’. These are sustainability, aesthetics – which brings with it the clear focus on the quality of interventions, and inclusion, which itself includes affordability, accessibility and the capacity of people to be part of it – especially those citizens without exceptional resources. The website also offers a brief toolkit to support the conversations and workshops. October 26, 2020, 8:14 am. The first of these is that the Commission is working in new ways, adopting a design-led approach to co-creation, where the exact outcome of the process remains unclear. Because stakeholder involvement from all walks of life is crucial to success of the initiative, the Commission has announced that it will also establish a high level round table of 12 – 15 individuals from various backgrounds and fields of expertise, in order to facilitate a dynamic exchange of views across creativity, technology, urbanism and design, along with expertise related to the social sciences. Primary Navigation. The hypothetical European Bauhaus would be a new cultural movement born, much like the original Bauhaus, out of a “co-creation space where … Commissioner Gabriel spoke of the need for the Commission to stimulate creativity and uptake for the design phase. Commissioner Gabriel in her opening remarks at the Press Conference, pointed out, “The end objective is to transform our reality in a sustainable way that implicates the whole of society”. Various. As a multinational and multicultural research centre, we collaborate with over a thousand partners worldwide. The New European Bauhaus, which takes its name from the hugely influential German design school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, will be … The NEB has been the subject of numerous discussions within the BEDA Board, the BEDA 2020 Design Forum and the ongoing BEDA Open Door Dialogues for BEDA Members since it was first announced by the Commission President in September 2020. Later editions of the prize will promote new ideas and new thinking. “A unique opportunity to say that design matters in shaping the how, the where and the way we live.” Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms. ‘The Commission needs to plant the seeds’, Commissioner Elisa Ferreira indicated that the design phase is needed to create some ‘seeds on the ground’ in order to stimulate and achieve some roots. A unique opportunity for BEDA Members to play their part. On a mission to illuminate the connection between style and benefit in the green transformation of Europe. "Every movement has its own look and feel. Our research topics give a deeper insight into that support of EU policy, while you can also discover the unique laboratories and facilities where our scientists work. Let's discover beautiful, sustainable and inclusive ways of … The European Commission has called for an “innovative and aesthetic” approach to fully realize the Green New Deal in people’s lives. Connecting the project back to its core goals she stated. She reminded the audience that both our concept of form and our concept of function have dramatically changed and are continuing to evolve in the light of technological developments and the urgent needs of the planet. Furthermore, the Commission will organise complementary workshops and events across diverse Member States as they are clear that the initiative will only be a success if as many people as possible take part. The New European Bauhaus seeks to become a bridge between art, science, technology and design as well as a bridge between generations. The New European Bauhaus is a creative initiative, breaking down boundaries between science and technology, art, culture and social inclusion. Mar 15, 2021 11:00 As Commissioner Gabriel stated, “We need new thinking new ideas and new impetus…. Good design can improve lives. As planning for the New European Bauhaus commences (entailing five Bauhaus projects that look at art, culture and design through the lens of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability), MEP Dace Melbarde — former Latvian Culture minister — suggested that as a society we need less consumption rather than more production. With the intention that over time the NEB should be relevant for all regions and all territories, Commissioner Ferreira stated her view that Cohesion policy is a natural partner of the initiative, citing the example that Cohesion already provides a well-established framework for sustainable urban development. This is the beginning of an innovative co-design process. Having recognised the value of the project, with its links to … This design phase will lead to the opening of calls for proposals in autumn this year to bring to life New European Bauhaus ideas in at least five places in EU Member States, through the use of EU funds at national and regional level. BEDA is not only focused on the valuable contribution that BEDA Members across Europe will bring to the co-creation process for the New European Bauhaus initiative. The Commission needs to think of itself as a gardener in a fertile ecosystem helping the organic growth of a transformational project.”, The second unique factor is that the co-design phase is intended to be truly cross disciplinary with the involvement not only of the usual players. On January 18 the European Commission launched a brand new initiative, the New European Bauhaus. Through focus on design, sustainability and investment, the New European Bauhaus aims to be an intersectional project that transforms environmental, economic, and cultural goals for Europe. The NEB has been the subject of numerous discussions within the BEDA Board, the BEDA 2020 Design Forum and the ongoing BEDA Open Door Dialogues for BEDA Members since it was first announced by the Commission President in September 2020. It will kick-off a systemic change. It calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, convening a space of encounter to design future ways of living, situated at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology. The survey indicated BEDA Members’ willing and active support across the three phases of the New European Bauhaus project – design, delivery and diffusion. We wish to encourage stakeholders to encourage exchange beyond the usual circles for new ideas.”. It seeks to mobilise society to reflect on the way we wish to live in future. With it, the EC taps into a key European cultural and industrial experience – the Walter Gropius project of a “school that could provide artistic guidance to industry, trade and the crafts” (1919), seeking inspiration for implementing the … 6,950 Followers, 80 Following, 53 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from New European Bauhaus (@neweuropeanbauhaus) Winners will be identified through their participation in the design phase via the website as well as via referrals from the Commission’s key partners. Extending the New European Bauhaus. new-european-bauhaus Menu Close. The Commission has launched the NEB website as the main portal and capture mechanism for the co-design process. BEDA also welcomes the opportunity to work closely with the Commission team on an ongoing basis, to further support their work as they move through the analysis phase and subsequently work on developing the key missions which will arise out of the identified insights and clarify what is needed next. Launched in January 2021, the New European Bauhaus is an environmental, economic and cultural project, aiming to combine design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment in order to help deliver the European Green Deal. The EU commission gathers concrete insights and ideas for its investments during the co-design phase in Spring 2021. BEDA has a connected network of over 45 design association members across Europe. The Commission is therefore calling for cross-discipline responses from a diverse universe of designers, architects, artists, students, creative thinkers, university researchers, technologists and engineers. Collection UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, Hammer Museum. “A cultural project that bears fruit for the whole of Europe.” Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. All BEDA’s members are driven by a strong belief in the value of design to both economy and society. The core values of the New European Bauhaus are … The new European Bauhaus movement now emerges as a bridge between science and art, technology and culture. It has designed a process to listen to a huge number of contributors from diverse backgrounds across Europe. On the dedicated website launched today, artists, designers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, architects, students, and all interested people can share examples of inspiring achievements for the New European Bauhaus, their ideas about how it should be shaped and how it should evolve, as well as their concerns and challenges. As BEDA President I am happy to commit BEDA to further evolve its engagement in order to best serve Europe through design.”, Copyright 2019 © All Rights Reserved, New European Bauhaus Conference – 22 and 23 April 2021, Launch of the new European Innovation Council, Date for the diary! October 2020. Like the first Bauhaus did. The New Bauhaus is about bringing the European Green Deal closer to people's minds and homes. From Bauhaus Drucke Neue Europäische Graphik Medium. Organisations that want to put more effort into their engagement in this process can become 'Partners of the New European Bauhaus,' by responding to the call on the website. The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is an initiative of the European Commission Joint Research Unit. It is a platform for experimentation fostering collaboration across thinkers to accelerate the green transformation by combining sustainability and aesthetics. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, emphasised the three core values that lie at the heart of the New European Bauhaus. “The New European Bauhaus movement is intended to be a bridge between the world of science and technology and the world of art and culture.” According to the Commission, the core values of the New European Bauhaus are sustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness.