People have been getting angrier and angrier but the presiding officer was still refusing to let them vote, saying he had not received instructions from the authorities to open the polling station. Minimum nighttime temperature: 13 degrees Celsius. Some of those still employed have been reduced to walking up to 20km to their work-places, as they can no longer afford the bus fares. Harare: As Zimbabwe's elections take place, BBC News Online provides regular reports from around the country. The opposition has said the election cannot be described as free and fair. The young were voting for the first time and all looked enthusiastic. Mr Tsvangirai will cast his vote in Harare on Sunday to coincide with his 50th birthday. ''The people know what to do in the event the election is stolen,'' he has said without elaborating. According to the Registrar-General, Tobaiwa Mudede, only 205,000 votes had been gathered in Harare by midday on Sunday. Who we are, what we do and organisational news. UV: Extreme; Friday 16 April. Maximum daytime temperature: 25 degrees Celsius; UV: Very high; Tuesday 13 April. deal with any disorder. Itt található az ország adminisztrációs, kereskedelmi és gazdasági központja. ''If they don't we are going to undress at State House,'' said one woman. For best viewing experience of this website, please enable JavaScript. UV: Extreme; Wednesday 14 April. Please choose your location from the nearest places to : Today. "You In this industrial city, people want jobs rather than the land promised by President Robert Mugabe and the thousands made redundant generally blame the government. He said the party's executive would meet to decide what to do next but said they sought no confrontation with the state - which is what they believed Zanu-PF wanted. In September 2019, it was announced that Evans would be the new lead weather presenter for BBC North West Tonight. Time/General; Weather . Many of them are only too happy to see the back of these sometimes violent elections. Enough is enough. the vote. Maximum daytime temperature: 26 degrees Celsius; Frustration over long queues and delays in voting greeted thousands of voters in Harare again as polling stations reopened on the second day of Zimbabwe's fiercely contested presidential elections. All times are CAT (Africa/Harare, GMT +0200) unless otherwise stated. In the same week the minimum temperature will be 12℃ or 54℉ on Thursday 4 th February at around 6 am.. UV: Very high; How accurate did you find our forecast today? He added that they estimated more than 360,000 - predominantly MDC supporters - had been denied the right to vote in Harare and Chitungwiza alone. But it was indeed a refreshing sight to see both ruling party and opposition supporters stand side by side in peace thanks to a ban on wearing party regalia to the polling stations. Sunrise: 06:05; Sunset: 17:45. Maximum daytime temperature: 26 degrees Celsius; Long queues resulted from an almost 50% reduction in the number of polling stations in urban areas which are strongholds of the opposition. '', In the constituencies and wards I visited, the number of polling stations has been reduced. Sunny. Harare Zimbabwe fővárosa és egyben legnépesebb városa is. UV: Extreme; Saturday 17 April. ''I came yesterday, but I never got anywhere near the gate. We are tired of lies. People in offices look dejected and although there is some anger, at the moment people are still taking in the news. she said, adding that Friday should be declared a public holiday so that they can celebrate victory. There has been a great deal of confusion at polling stations in Harare on Monday morning, after voting was extended into an unscheduled third day. Support your business with world-leading science and technology. The wish of the people should be respected. "We give our money to the government but where is it going?'' Since there is no news yet, they hang up sounding very Zimbabweans are waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the country's most fiercely contested poll since independence in 1980. would Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Harare, Zimbabwe with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and The mood in Harare is gloomy since it has become clear that President Robert Mugabe has secured more than 50% of the votes cast. Even if the queue is 100 km long, I will wait. From Harare: 'The shoes that got away' 6 February 08 08:20 GMT. But he left journalists in no doubt that the MDC believed the election had been stolen from them. it The government does not care.''. Looking at the weather in Harar, Ethiopia over the week, the maximum temperature will be 30℃ (or 85℉) on Friday 5 th February at around 3 pm. Match scorecard Zimbabwe celebrate another Bangladesh wicket on Sunday. Esther (not her real name), 28, a professional living and working in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, is writing a regular diary on the challenges of leading a normal life. "The wish of the people should be respected. round the clock counting the ballot papers. Another added: ''I will do that if it gets to that. In Highfields, President Robert Mugabe cast his vote at Kudzanayi primary school where he predicted victory. We put it on record that this is a political issue that has to be resolved politically by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe," he said. Links to more Africa stories are at the foot of the page. In a couple of the other large suburbs, Dzivarasekwa and Kuwadzana, some are being allowed to vote, but other polling stations have remained shut. Minimum nighttime temperature: 13 degrees Celsius. Weather for the week in Harar, Ethiopia. "We find ouselves unable to endorse the election of President Robert Mugabe. ''We are used to queuing for sugar, mealie-meal, salt and everything. This is about one-quarter of the voters registered in Harare and about half the number that voted in parliamentary elections in June 2000. The government tactic of restricting the number of votes in opposition strongholds likely to vote for Morgan Tsvangirai seems to be continuing. The ruling party has been sounding confident. ''The opposition party is definitely winning. BBC Weather in association with MeteoGroup. Sunny changing to partly cloudy by early evening. Even people of the status of the prime minister of Britain said the election not only will be won by the opposition but should be won by the opposition,'' said Mr Mugabe. I am a Zimbabwean, born and bred in Zimbabwe. Minimum nighttime temperature: 12 degrees Celsius. The truth must be now known to everybody. State radio said a another day of voting was only being allowed in Harare and nearby Chitungwiza, even though a High Court order on Sunday night said voting should be extended across Zimbabwe because of big queues. are failing to do your job," one angry relative of mine told me. Supporters of Robert Mugabe were eager to cast their votes which would, in their eyes, defeat years of colonial domination by Britain and other western countries. Shops which were once full of high quality goods, either made locally or imported, are now empty and sales staff have lost their jobs. High & Low Weather Summary for the Past Weeks Temperature Humidity Pressure; High: 80 °F (Mar 27, 5:00 pm) … Sunny. Maximum daytime temperature: 25 degrees Celsius; Although authorities said the voting delays were being caused by a surprisingly high turnout, the opposition claims it has been designed by the government to frustrate urban voters who support the opposition. Minimum nighttime temperature: 13 degrees Celsius. One voter complained it had been done deliberately to reduce the number of urban voters ''because they know we are opposition supporters".'. They just have to.''. Sunrise: 06:04; Sunset: 17:48. JavaScript is not enabled on this browser. My vote is my power to express my anger,'' said a middle aged woman. Sun & Moon Today ; Sunrise & Sunset ; Moonrise & Moonset ; Moon Phases ; Eclipses ; Night Sky ; Weather Today Weather Hourly 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) … morning, counting will take a long time given the large voter turnout. ''They are supporters of the opposition and we know they have already prejudged the election. Another young man in Highfields township said he had showed up at the polling station at 0300 but 10 hours later, he still had not voted. They just have to accept it. It's a free country. Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe. At all the polling stations I went to, I was greeted by long and winding queues of voters both young and old. Before people exchange any greetings, the first question on their lips One elderly woman told me before she cast her ballot that she would use her stomach to vote. Weather in Harare, Zimbabwe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Includes dormitory town of Chitungwiza, 20 km south, Mugabe deeply unpopular because of economic decline, Harare and Chitungwiza mayoral polls also on 9-10 March. Sunrise: 06:05; Sunset: 17:46. Maximum temperature yesterday: 73 °F (at 11:00 am) Minimum temperature yesterday: 73 °F (at 11:00 am) Average temperature yesterday: 73 °F. We are tired of lies. See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather. Past Weather in Harare — Graph °F. "It was in these polling stations that the ruling party did so well," he said. ''They have no choice but to respect the will of the people. Another woman I found at Avondale Primary School polling station in Harare where opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai cast his vote this morning, said for her, queuing was nothing new. Everything you need to know about the forecast, and making the most of the weather. Harare Temperature Yesterday. At some polling stations, where people began queuing in the middle of the night, as few as 60 people an hour were able to vote. Sunny. I should be free to express my wishes. I visited a polling station at a primary school in the suburb of Mabvuku, where hundreds of people had been waiting to vote since 0600. The headquarters of the opposition MDC were attacked by a group of Mr Mugabe's supporters earlier this month. Harare 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV Our voting is a mere formality,'' she added. But as for Zimbabweans, he said it was up to the people "to take whatever action they feel they want". Harare Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures. So why should I be scared?". Sunrise: 06:04; Sunset: 17:49. Evans presented weather forecasts across many BBC nations and regions between 2012 and 2015, including BBC London, BBC Reporting Scotland and BBC Spotlight. Maximum daytime temperature: 23 degrees Celsius; But opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has refused to specify what action he would take should he lose. Fifth one-day international, Harare Zimbabwe 185-7 beat Bangladesh 183 by three wickets. This has been crushed by the army, which has been accused of indiscriminately beating up civilians. Menu. Sunny changing to partly cloudy by early evening. Last 2 weeks of weather Sunrise: 06:04; Sunset: 17:48. A young Zimbabwean professional, living and working in Harare, recounts her challenges trying to lead a normal life. Mr Mugabe again accused Britain of supporting the opposition MDC. Near the end of the conference, Mr Tsvangirai said he felt awful and had been hoping to give a victory speech. Mr Mugabe's attempts to blame Zimbabwe's economic decline on sabotage by the West fall on deaf ears. 英国風の街並が並び、標高約1600mの高原の丘にあるため、夏でも平均気温は20度少し程度と涼しい。 2010年の都市的地域の人口は217万人であり、世界第183位である 。 In September 2019, it was announced that Evans would be the new lead weather presenter for BBC North West Tonight. I am back again and even if it takes me a week, I will wait to vote. The latest breakthroughs, research and news from the Met Office. "Zimbabwe will never be a colony again", they insisted in their thousands. The mean minimum temperature will be 14°C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Thursday 8th at 10°C. Results here are expected in another 24 hours as electoral officials work Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe. UV: Low; Monday 12 April. The opposition, of BBC Home > BBC News > Africa.