WATCH - Senator Kyrsten Sinema Enthusiastically Votes Against $15 Minimum Wage Law. CATO is a crossword puzzle answer that we have spotted over 20 times. The shorts revolve around on the comical French police officer, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the protagonist of the Pink Panther films. Kyrsten Sinema. RELATED: The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts Of All Time After some courteous catching up, Dreyfus' hopes for release go pear-shaped following a series of madcap accidents involving a broken picnic bench, a rake to the face, and a sucker-arrow that once again sends Dreyfus careening over the cliff into insanity! Michael Saltzman's drafts and Len Blum's first draft indicate Clouseau has recovered the Pink Panther in the past, but Blum's first draft opens with an "origin" sequence (similar to TRAIL's flashbacks) with baby Jacques dropped on his head. File photograph of Burt Kwouk, best known for playing Inspector Clouseau’s manservant Cato in the Pink Panther films, who has died aged 85. The Inspector is a series of theatrical cartoons produced between 1965 and 1969 by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises and released through United Artists. Sidekick: Cato's role is largely confined to Clouseau's apartment in most of the films, but he becomes this outright in the second half of Revenge. Directed by Bud Yorkin. Clouseau: Because I'm taller than you are, you fool! Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Return of the Pink Panther. Inspector Clouseau: Now, this time I'm going to stand on your shoulders! Cato appears in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and, to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, in the Pink Panther movies--and Kato was The Green Hornet's valet. He was best known for playing Cato Fong, Inspector Clouseau's manservant, in the Pink Panther film series. Cato: What good will that do? Inspector Clouseau shows up to visit Dreyfus and put in a good word on his behalf. Cato Fong is Clouseau's Chinese manservant, trained to attack him regularly to keep him alert and skilled in martial arts. 2:26. Burt Kwouk, best known for playing Inspector Clouseau's manservant Cato Fong in the Pink Panther films, has died aged 85. Inspector Jacques Clouseau. File photograph: PA Wire Shout! Clouseau's butler Cato features prominently in this episode, as does Chief Inspector Dreyfus, who in the end winds up in a lunatic asylum while Clouseau … 0:32. for your PII. ; Missing Trailer Scene: The teaser trailer features Inspector Clouseau using the glass breaking device he got from Agent 006.This scene is not in the final film. Burt Kwouk - Wikipedia Lom was perhaps best known for his portrayal of Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus, Inspector Clouseau 's long-suffering superior in several of Blake Edwards ' Pink Panther films, beginning with the second movie in the series, A Shot in the Dark (1964). Inspector Clouseau … Try defining CATO with Google. Inspector Clouseau is back...and he's a bigger fool than anyone gives him the credits for.taglines Inspector Jacques Clouseau ([ʒak klu.zo]) is a fictional character in Blake Edwards's farcical The Pink Panther series. Development Hell: The reboot was in the works since the turn of the millennium. Burt Kwouk, who was best known for playing Inspector Clouseau's manservant Cato in the Pink Panther films, has d • Millions of … The murder-mystery story is interesting and there is plenty of humour. Jacques Clouseau tries to take advantage of his "death" and goes under cover with Cato to find out who tried to assassinate him. # inspector clouseau # internet # true # steve martin # pink panther # pink panther movie # episode 15 # cbs # cbs all access # paramount # inspector gadget # october # calendar # movies # pink # surprised # looking # watching # spongebob squarepants # season 1 # episode 6 # mermaid man and barnacle boy Clouseau is a P.I. Novelisation. One of the greatest comedy films of all time. Thereafter it was the theme for the “Inspector” cartoons. Siege Engines: In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Inspector Clouseau is accidentally propelled up and through a castle window by a catapult. Factory. Burt Kwouk, who was best known for playing Inspector Clouseau's manservant Cato in the Pink Panther films, dies aged 85. Like Cato, Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus makes his first appearance in A Shot in the Dark. CATO is a crossword puzzle answer. Images and sound clips. Unfortunately, Cato takes these instructions far too seriously, repeatedly ambushing Clouseau in his own house, with hilarious results. The fight scene with Kato. Browse and share the top Inspector Clouseau GIFs from 2020 on Gfycat. Most of the time he takes Clouseau absolutely seriously, unquestioningly following orders and even joining ill-advised missions. (from Revenge of the Pink Panther, 1978) The Pink Panther Collection: Revenge Of The Pink Panther (1978) - Clip: Inspector Clouseau And Cato. This is 141 pages long and has 31 chapters. Over the course of a few films, Clouseau drives Dreyfus insane. A novelisation was written by Frank Waldman, and published in 1976. Inspector Jacques Clouseau ([ʒak klu.zo]) is a fictional character in Blake Edwards 's farcical The Pink Panther series. Cast the Runner-Up: Kevin Kline was a candidate to play Inspector Clouseau. In most of the films, he was played by Peter Sellers, with one film in which he was played by Alan Arkin and one in which he was played by an uncredited Roger Moore (both after Sellers sudden death). Dreyfus is cursed to be the only one who can see the emperor has no clothes -- specifically, he can tell Clouseau is a complete idiot who only "solves" cases accidentally, and who causes widespread damage for no gain. Revenge of the Pink Panther is a 1978 comedy film in which Chief Inspector Clouseau attempts find out who attempted to assassinate him.. Like Inspector Clouseau, the film climaxes in Switzerland. There are related answers (shown below). Fun. The speculation about an African-American Cato is just that. This film introduced many of the most famous elements of The Pink Panther film series such as the karate fights with Cato and Clouseau’s disgruntled boss Commissioner Dreyfus. It searches git commits -- source code and commit messages -- for undesirable text patterns, such as passwords, ssh keys and personal identifiable information. He is portrayed by Peter Sellers in the original series, and also by Alan Arkin in the 1968 film Inspector Clouseau and, in a cameo, by Roger Moore (credited as Turk Thrust II) in the 1983 film Curse of the Pink Panther. Clouseau is a silly git repo inspector. The Return of the Pink Panther is a 1975 film about Inspector Jacques Clouseau and his attempts to again catch the notorious Phantom (Sir Charles Lytton), who this time has stolen the famous Pink Panther diamond from the Lugash Museum. Answer: CATO. He wound up playing Inspector Dreyfus. Trending. Cato was written a bit shakily. What is Clouseau? A string of robberies has occurred in Britain and it's up to Inspector Clouseau to catch the criminal. Inspector Clouseau and Cato try to break in. In the meantime, we also meet Cato Fong (Burt Kwouk), Clouseau's Chinese manservant who - on Clouseau's orders - keeps springing surprise martial arts attacks on him. With Alan Arkin, Frank Finlay, Delia Boccardo, Barry Foster. Cato is also a 21st century Hunger Games name, which could do more to spur its popularity than all its past history. Clouseau has given Cato instructions to attack him without warning when it is least expected, so that Clouseau may sharpen his senses and martial arts skills. Not now Cato! In the Inspector animated shorts, Deux-Deux fills this role. First appearance: The Pink Panther (1963) Appearances: All Panther films except Son of the Pink Panther (not counting picture cameo); Jacques Clouseau is a clumsy, incompetent, but zealous policeman and detective who speaks English—with a ludicrous French accent—while other characters speak English, often with their own accents. He seems to believe his employer IS a genius detective. Some news reports refer to this as a remake/update. The Fight scene from Return of the Pink Panther Kato hiding in the refrigerator attacks Clouseau More to come.. Disguises Films Lines Scenes Home Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (formerly Inspector) aka Pink Panther is a fictional detective in Blake Edwards's Pink Panther series. Cato and Clouseau fight in slow motion for the first time, repeating the stunt in 'Strikes Again' and 'Revenge'. Once Clouseau's death has been announced, the former Chief Inspector, Charles Dreyfus, feels much, much better and is released from the mental hospital. Directed by Blake Edwards.Written by Frank Waldman, Ron Clark, and Blake Edwards. Clouseau.