3 … And I will not surprise if someone says that passengers of MH370 Flight came back. Lost Pan American Plane Landed After 37 Years, Riddle of Flight 914; Fact Check: Various stories spread over internet space claim to present the Mysterious Riddle of Flight 914. An incident of time travel happened to have taken place in the year 1955 which took the entire nation by storm. The controller – trying not to make the situation worse – informed the pilot about the current time. Everything went smoothly. Pan American Airways Flight 914. Accordingly, a Pan American Flight 914 took off from New York in 1955, Vanished and then the Plane landed in Caracas in 1985 – after 37 years. According to Annex 13 of the International Civil Aviation Organization, an aircraft is considered to be missing "when the official search has been terminated and the wreckage has not been located". Juan was baffled. der pan american flug 914 hob 1955 ab und landete 37 jahre später, ist es wahr? For 27+ years, the Pan Am Historical Foundation has preserved & promoted Pan American Airways and its pioneering contributions to 20th-century aviation. This list of missing aircraft includes aircraft that have disappeared and whose locations are unknown. Am 8. Answer Save. The mystery of disappearing of flight 914. der pan american flug 914 hob 1955 ab und landete 37 jahre später, ist es wahr? Follow @panamhistory on social media and Panam.org on Facebook. Interestingly enough, after knowing the date and time, the baffled pilots decided to take off once again despite people at the control room warning them to not do so. Just The Beginning “We are Pan American Airways flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of [four] and 57 passengers.” Somehow, the flight had managed to travel 1,800 km – in the wrong direction. On July 2nd, 1955 in New York the Pan American flight 914 took off towards Miami. He began to ask the pilot some very pertinent questions. PanAm.org includes Pan Am history articles, Pan Am clipper names, aviation photos, aviation video, Pan Am calendar, membership, and Pan Am tours & events. Update 2: Thanks, now I understand and know that we shouldn't believe a report without resources for us with exactly. On July 2, 1955, Flight 914 of Pan American flew from New York to Florida at its scheduled time, there were 57 people on the plane during that time.Everything was perfectly fine and no one thought that this journey was going to be 37 years long. Bei dem Absturz kamen alle 81 Insassen ums Leben. Riddle Flight 914 The Plane Disappeared In 1955, Landed After 37 Years. But 3 hours later when the plane was … Was Flight 914 real, and did it actually disappear in July 1955? Dezember 1963 stürzte eine Boeing 707-121 auf dem Pan-Am-Flug 214 über dem US-amerikanischen Bundesstaat Maryland ab, nachdem ein Blitz das Flugzeug getroffen und die Treibstoffgase in einem Tragflächentank zur Explosion gebracht hatte. Pan American flight 914 had landed 1100 kilometers away from its destination. via History: Time Travel or a Mystery ?