Chicago Fire - S03E08 - Chopper 079. Browse through and read chicago fire fanfiction stories and books. Any and all bad/good ideas are mine alone. 100 331. ... Chicago Fire 198. The event aired on the NBC consecutively in three back-to-back one-hour time slots on October 16, 2019. 21 Oct 2019 à 12:00. Browse through and read chicago fire fanfiction stories and books . Chicago PD - S02E07 - They’ll Have to Go Through Me (3/3) 078. Sign up Log in. 15. It began with "Infection: Part I" of Chicago Fire, continued with "Infection: Part II" of Chicago Med, and then concluded with "Infection: Part III" of Chicago P.D. crossover is going to be a true crossover, meaning members of both casts actually will appear on the counterpart show. ... Chicago PD 370. Roswell 190. Legends of Tomorrow 355. The special event kicks off on Fire's episode "Deathtrap," when Firehouse 51 responds to the scene of a harrowing blaze that endangers the lives of many, including one of their own. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Chicago Fire universe. CSI: New York 331. Just In. Dark Angel 339. This idea came to me when Adam and Jay went undercover. More. Law & Order: SVU - S16E07 - Chicago Crossover (2/3) 077. It … ... Crossover with Chicago PD! This week’s Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Forum. Chicago Fire viewers had already been introduced to Detective Hank Voight when he waged a war of intimidation and harassment against Lt. Matt Casey and his then fiancé Hallie Thomas (Teri Reeves). StarTrek: Other 365. Chicago Fire, PD and Justice's three-way crossover airs this Wednesday on NBC. Chicago PD - S02E06 - Prison Ball 075. Completed July 12, 2018 PoliceLady . Chicago Fire - S03E07 - Nobody Touches Anything (1/3) 076. She is working with her uncle Hank Voight and childhood friend/cousin Erin Lindsay for the CPD intelligence unit. Will mention Med! Chicago Fire/NCIS LA. 074. Add to library 67 Discussion 3. Romance Chicago Med Chicago Pd Chicago Fire Connor Rhodes After returning from her last tour of duty for the Marine Corps, Courtney Voight decided to return to her home town of Chicago Illinois. Chicago Fire/Med/PD : Infection, le crossover qui met Chicago en quarantaine. The final part of the crossover event finds our intelligence unit joined by detectives from New York’s special victims unit to help solve the pedophile ring case. Chicago PD 132. Chicago Fire crossover fanfiction archive. Chicago PD - S02E08 - Assignment of the Year 080. With yet another two-night One Chicago crossover event between Chicago PD and Chicago Fire upon us, One Chicago Center is taking a look back at the five previous crossover events between the two shows to rank them from best to worst based on their importance to the One Chicago franchise and the overall impact they had as stand-alone crossovers.. 5. NUEVO CROSSOVER 2020 chicago fire 8x15 + chicago pd 7x15 'Chicago P.D.' Fringe 197. Hence I really don't have a plan for this story. FanFiction. Hawaii Five-0 331. TV Show crossover fanfiction archives. "Infection" is a three-part fictional crossover event that exists within the Chicago television franchise. All Chicago Fire Crossovers. But of course, nothing goes as planned. 6 commentaires. Warehouse 13 326. Par Aline. Chicago Fire Tweet Partage. Chicago PD Characters; Chicago Med Characters; Jay Halstead Whump; Summary. CHICAGO PD. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the TV Show universe. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the One Chicago characters. Community. Chicago Fire set the plot up and helped introduce the characters of the Chicago PD for the second half of the crossover. Season 2 Episode 7 "They’ll Have to Go Through Me" SVU DETECTIVES TRAVEL TO CHICAGO TO HELP INTELLIGENCE TAKE DOWN A PEDOPHILIA RING AT ITS SOURCE. está dando la bienvenida, de nuevo, a uno de sus policías desaparecidos: Brian Geraghty repetirá su papel como el oficial Sean Roman para un próximo cruce con Chicago Fire.