The Black Knights series continued until the end of 1994 when they were superseded by the Royal Knights in 1995. This theme, like the fantasy-era Castle theme of 2007, includes peasants and civilians, instead of concentrating solely on military factions. The sets that would eventually form the basis of the Crusaders were released the same year as the Black Falcons in 1984. The Black Knights were also opponents to the Wolfpack Renegades (the 1992 catalogue diorama shows Black Knights soldiers pursuing a Wolfpack Renegade wagon, while the Black Knight's Castle contains a Wolfpack figure as a prisoner) and Dragon Masters (the 1993 catalogue diorama shows Majisto the Wizard on a dragon engaging two mounted Black Knights). The human faction bears the emblem of a crown, leading to being nicknamed by buyers and Lego fans as the "Crownies". In 1984, LEGO released the first Castle sets that had more realistic castles, knights, and colors (such as gray castles rather than yellow) that more accurately depicted the Middle Ages compared to the Classic Castle sets from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Only three sets were made, making it the smallest Castle faction. This could make them difficult to tell apart. There are two versions of trolls, the average sized ones known as Troll Warrior, and larger ones known as giant trolls. The 7041 Troll Battle Wheel is one of the many siege engines of the trolls. The first castle under the Crusaders was 6080 King's Castle. The other side has the role of the defenders with an emphasis on buildings (The Red Kingdom/Lion Knights). It was also the name of a themewithin that environment from 1987 to 1991, and the name was reused for two other, single-theme environments, one from 2007–2009 and the other in 2013. LEGO decided to change and add LEGO System in 1992. 2007-2009 The big difference was that 6085 had black and grey bricks and octagonal turrets, compared to 6080's all-grey scheme and rectangular towers, while 6085 was also among the first sets to include the horse armor barding. Lego Minifigure - A Visual History New Edition, 2020, Simon Hugo and Greg Farshtey with Daniel Lipkowitz. The Skeleton warriors are the first adversaries of the Crown knights and appeared in 2007. The set contains a troll warship with two smaller boats, flick fire missiles, 6 troll warriors, a giant troll, and a dwarf trapped on a net on the ship, as well as the Lead General riding a dragon. Their symbol is an elongated skull which is featured on flags and their rectangular shields.There are four versions of the giant troll, green and orange and green and orange dark armor epic giant trolls with tattoos on there arms. Both continents obtained the playsets in the summer. Castle was a theme introduced in 2007. This set also appears in the following Sets: Castle Collection US version. Castle 4 Juniors (24) Action Wheelers (9) Adventurers (72) Agents (13) Alpha Team (32) Aqua Raiders (7) Aquazone (28) Architecture (54) Art (9) Assorted (10) Atlantis (24) Avatar The Last Airbender (2) Baby (44) Basic (414) Batman (15) Belville (82) Ben 10: Alien Force (6) Bionicle (389) Boats (12) Books (496) Boost (1) Brick Sketches (6) BrickHeadz … As the 6059 Knights Stronghold featured the Black Falcons attacking a Black Knights structure, suggested that the two factions were rivals. Lego Castle … It included five Forestmen, and a Lion Knight paddling a raft. In 2008 new foes, the trolls, arose, who were also enemies of the newly added Dwarves. The sets that were released during this time period predominantly featured the motif of a black and white bird against a black and white background, split down the middle. [1] Although the term Black Falcons wasn't explicitly and internationally used to market the faction in its original incarnation, Lego later picked up the term in its own marketing to refer to the earlier theme.[2][3]. ItemName: Lego Castle, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 375-2, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. A small Crusader-style set, King's Catapult appears to be the only Lego castle set to be released in 1991. At the end of 1992, the Forestmen were discontinued as a faction, along with the Crusaders. It was introduced in Europe in 1978 and North America in 1981, and was supported continuously until 1999. In 1986, the Knight's Castle was replaced by similar-sized 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress ("Draco and the Black Knight" in the UK, "Eagle Crest Castle" in Australia[4]), which had the same type of minifigures (including the two mounted knights). Thus the Black Falcons were one of the longest-lived factions from 1984 to 1994, when the last sets with their minifigures were discontinued. The set included six Forestmen minifigures, the most Forestmen minifigures in a single set. The older dragon triangular shield was still used in the sets for infantry and guards. Only three sets have been released, including a large mine, a battle machine, as well as a battle pack with five dwarf minifigures and equipment. This set was also one of the first sets to have a brown colored horse. The two factions were "King's Knights", which wore blue with a crown insignia on their torsos and lion insignia on their shields and armor; and "Dragon Knights", in red and black. K7029-1 (0 parts) Castle > Fantasy Era 2007. x1. Their main color scheme is dark blue, light blue and gold. This castle contained several generic places from the first book and film Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone, such as the Astronomy Classroom, the Owlery, the Fat Lady's Corridor, the Library, the Great Hall and an arch for the boats to pass through, while more specific locations were released in separate sets, such as the forbidden thir… 10193 Medieval Market Village is one of the most realistic medieval themed sets ever released. This set had a unique baseplate of a small stream printed on it with white dots marked on the studs to indicate where to place the pieces. This model was also seen in a 1961 British magazine LEGO advertisement. The saddles were changed from one clip to two clips since 1992 was the year that introduced the altered Lego horse saddle. Knights' Kingdom II, aimed at six to twelve year-olds, was first officially announced in November 2003, in the English version of the LEGO magazine. With the emergence of a new Castle line in 2007, the line was discontinued. It was re-released in 1998. Like 6080, 6085 could be opened and closed using special "hinge" pieces, and snapped closed using a peg and hole mechanism; for 6085 this enabled it to combine with Knight's Stronghold and Black Monarch's Ghost (see below) to create even bigger super-castles. The first protagonists of the human faction were known as the Crown knights, who fought the Skeleton warriors, led by an Evil Wizard, who appeared in the first year of the theme. Their leader is the Evil Wizard. In 1995 which was their last year of release the Dragon Masters are seen confronting newly-launched Royal Knights, and the two sides are shown battling each other in the 1996 Lego Idea Book (even though the Dragon Masters were already discontinued). Their main hideout was 6075 Wolfpack Tower that included three renegades and a ghost. They have a large complement of siege engines at their disposal, as well as a large ship. One of the last Black Knights sets released was 1917 King's Catapult in 1993, a miniset that included a knight who manned a tiny catapult. Looking for the 2007-2009 era of Castle/Knights. This theme was a fantasy-based theme with a wizard and a large dragon. 8877 Vladek's Dark Fortress was the largest set of this theme. Sold at (USA/CA) 24 Oct 2007 - 6 Dec 2007 (1m 12d) Sold at (UK/EU) 24 Oct 2007 - 1 Jan 2008 (2m 8d) Value new ~$600.00 Value used The only changes that were made to the 1992 re-release sets were the horse saddles. Between us we own 28,479,230 sets worth at least US$864,411,378 and containing 8,522,572,350 pieces. Often known by fans as "Original Castle", the knights featured unique movable visor pieces, with eye slits, and a crest that runs backwards from the frontward-facing part of the visor along the helmet. Crossbows and glow in the dark ghost were also new pieces introduced. Like the Black Falcons and Crusaders, the Black Knights were in conflict with the Forestmen. The 1992 United States catalogue described the Crusaders as "the bravest knights in the kingdom" and "protectors of the innocent and the keepers of justice", while establishing the Black Knights as "a powerful force" that "will not back down from any conflict", while an advertisement in the United Kingdom showed the Crusaders and Black Knights at war allowing the Wolfpack to sneak in. The Crown knights not only use horses as mounts, but dragons as well, as seen in 7048 Troll Warship. This theme also marked a welcome return to the full-body rampant lion motif, rather than the decapitated lion head used in the Royal Knights, Knight's Kingdom I, and Knight's Kingdom II. Dragon Masters also introduced new knight helmets, halberds, faces, and the Wizard's glow-in-the-dark wand. This hideout was an abandoned castle covered with trees, vines and leaves, where it was surrounded by a moat. A completely new environment with no relation to Castle, but filling its place, Knights' Kingdom centered on a conflict involving the Lions, led by King Leo, and the Bulls, led by outlaw Cedric The Bull. Castle is one of the core themes (first/basic themes) of LEGO introduced in 1978 along with Town and Space. Their largest set was the 6090 Royal Knight's Castle. Skeleton Warrior. The enormous black castle was effectively an upgraded successor to the Crusaders' 6080 King's Castle, with the same general layout and the same complement of soldiers – four archers, four axe- / spearmen, and four knights on horseback. It was also the name of a theme within that environment from 1987 to 1991, and the name was reused for two other, single-theme environments, one from 2007–2009 and the other in 2013. In spring 2004, the large action figures were released in Europe; several months later, they were released in America. LEGO Set 7094-1 King's Castle Siege - building instructions and parts inventory. In 2008, Lego Castle introduced sets with orcs, trolls, and dwarves to add to the medieval fantasy theme. LEGO Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village 41167 Toy Castle Building Set with Popular Frozen Characters for Imaginative Play (521 Pieces) 4.9 out of 5 stars 1,699 $63.99 $ 63 . They also use regular axes made by the same method but using only one axe blade. The first well-known Black Knights-style set released was 6085 Black Monarch's Castle in 1988, which was also the largest Black Knights set ever released. These two sets were also among the last Lego Castle sets to carry the Legoland banner. A 1989 US catalogue includes an ambigious reference to the "Guardians of the Gray Castles". Related themes In 2001, Lego re-released the well-known Guarded Inn, re-numbered (#10000) as a Lego Legend. (In legends, Robin Hood did support King Richard the Lionhearted who led one of the Crusades, but after Richard's younger brother John succeeded to the throne Hood was declared an outlaw.). Years Some have suggested that the Forestmen could be compared to Robin Hood and his outlaws, while the Lion Knights (with their Lion Crest) represented King John and the English throne. They are living skeletons that occasionally use skeleton horses as mounts. King’s Castle Siege 7094 - The Castle is under attack from Evil Skeleton Warriors! Their "official" enemies were the Dwarves, but they were opposed to the Crown Knights as well, at one point capturing their king. But in North America, only four sets were released that same year. This set was a hideout that featured a large tree adjacent to a cave where the Forestmen lived. In 1989, three Black Knights-style figures were included in the 6060 Knights' Challenge set. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Final Joust 7009 - The Ultimate Joust Between Good and Evil. This theme featured new knight helms, new horse armor (a sleek-silhouette "unicorn" horse battle helmet), goats, and a new portcullis piece. In all of these sets the dwarves are pitted against the trolls. Catalogue dioramas in the late 1980s also showed the 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress under siege by the Forestmen. The undead faction has the emblem of a skull, and the army consists almost entirely of undead skeletons, mostly the normal white kind but also featuring a new black variant. The following year, the 6077 Forestmen's River Fortress, which was the largest Forestmen set, was released. It also included other minifigs such as a Champion (Gold Knight), a Court Wizard, and even a Jester. Their weapons are battle axes that consist of two axe blades from Vikings attached to a brown stick. This faction features a complete royal family with a King, a Queen and a princess. Older sets such as the Knights Stronghold and Black Monarch's Ghost were retroactively included as part of the Black Knights. Two exclusive elements the set included a princess and a black-colored bird. In Kingdoms, there are two human factions pitted against each other. Wolfpack soldiers would also be guests in Dragon Masters sets (see below). With only three sets released it ties with Wolfpack for the smallest Castle faction ever, and the largest set was 6079 Dark Forest Fortress. A number of new accessories were created for the three new sets, including a new oval shaped shield with a different dragon design usually carried by mounted knights, new dragon plumes available in four different colors (just like the feather plumes) which added side dragon wing plumes to the movable visors on knight helmets. The set consisted of two Crusaders, a mounted Black Falcon, and an inn keeper. Lego released a new Castle theme in autumn 2013 replacing the previously cancelled Kingdoms theme. The trolls are monsters that were introduced in 2008. Other buildings include a tower, a fortified port and another fortified tower. When the Black Knights were officially launched in 1992, the 6086 Black Knights Castle (known as Dungeon Master's Castle in Canada and the USA for 1992-93) was released to replace Black Monarch's Castle. However, on the large oval shields, the Black Knights' dragon was blue, whereas the Dragon Masters' dragon was green. A dwarf is also included as a prisoner in the set 7048 Troll Warship. The early 2000s also holds some truly terrible sets. In 1990, the last original Forestmen hideout set, 6071 Forestmen's Crossing, was released. The Crown Knights may have been linked to the Sentinel faction in LEGO Universe as they appeared in teasers and similar gear was distributed throughout the game. The only building they control is the Skeleton Tower, which is also the evil wizard's lair. The new dragon animal figure had points of articulation at the jaw, arms, wings, and the tail, with studs on their back to carry a minifgure as a rider, while a flame could inserted near the tip of its mouth. Interestingly the total number of dragons included in the entirety of Dragon Masters sets was three; besides 6082 and 6076 the only other set containing a dragon was 6056 Dragon Wagon; due to the inclusion of the dragon these sets featured less minifigures and horses than other similar-sized sets in Lego Castle. The King's Mountain Fortress was also the first Lego castle to be mounted on a raised "ramp and pit", baseplate which had debuted the previous year in the pirates set Eldorado fortress and would feature in many subsequent Lego Castle, Pirates, and even Space sets.