Sports Festival Arc Provisional Hero License Exam Arc Remedial Course Arc U.A. Origin Series: My Hero Academia. Mar 23, 2020 - ↳ sero hanta icons. 1 of Lightweight . Mixtape //Hanta Sero x reader Fanfiction ~Character info~ Name: Y/N Yamada Family: Naguisa Shinomiya and Takao Shinomiya (deceased parents), Hizashi Yamada (Adoptive Father) Birthday: December 19th Sex/Gender: Female (doesn't need to be both-) Quirk: Musical manipulation. Apparently everyone's favorite Latino! AND BOY OH BOY HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT 1 comment. SoundCloud Sero Yagami Yato Audios by ☆꧁༒☬SIMPlyAGhost☬༒꧂☆ published on 2020-11-24T05:50:13Z. August 3rd. Close. nsfw. And he had been showing signs that he might present as an Alpha. Send to Friend. Hanta Sero. 1. But somehow, the tape hero managed to get his girlfriend to get just as … {wc: 1870} pairings- sero hanta x reader tags- SUGGESTIVE ONESHOT, mentions of sex, nothing explicit but be warned, fluffy bf sero, like I want boyfriend sero, pls, gimme a/n - thank you for requesting this, I had a really fun time writing it, and even though it took a while to put out I hope you enjoy it :) masterlist WARNING: SLIGHT NSFW, nothing … 69w. nsfw. High quality Sero Hanta gifts and merchandise. July 28th « » Log in or sign up. 8. Sort by. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; … Besides, you're my girlfriend and I care for you. Hanta Sero is Class 1-A's tape dispenser. My Hero Academia BuruBuruzu Mascot!!! Yay! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Lightweight. Share. Zodiac Sign: Leo. Age: 16. Stream Sero Yagami Yato Audios, a playlist by ☆꧁༒☬SIMPlyAGhost☬༒꧂☆ from desktop or your mobile device. Sports Festival Arc Vs. Maybe Sero can help them find their inspiration, or be it. … Arc U.A. song: 8teen - khalid. I'm Hanta Sero Age: 16 Quirk: Tape elbows Birthday: July 28th Hero name: Cellophane Crush: I don't have one B') #Coolguyscryto. level 1. -Sero_Hanta-Scratcher Joined 2 months, 3 weeks ago Japan. Let's just say that does not work well for him. Happy one more year of existence and closer to inevitable demise to best office supplies guy! He’s got a nice smile, nice hair, nice taste in style! Happy motherfuckin birthday to my fave! Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. A/N: i believe in sero supremacy!!! And, I’m not letting you ride a taxi, drunk and alone.” Sero gives you a small glance before looking straight ahead, hands gripping the wheel of his father's car and when it … The baby of the group was now old enough to drink, so naturally, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari had planned a night out at the bar with the birthday boy, Bakugo, and (Y/n). 1. The user is able to reproduce different melodies that provoke different effects, … Oct 14, 2019 - ↳ sero hanta icons. even if I’m a day late . Saved from sero week 2018 sero hanta bnha day seven nsfw serokami bnha nsfw. How Well Do You Know Hanta Sero? 15 Do you think Sero is attractive? Well yes!!! by Kwaziix Follow. (c) Manga Studio Ex5 Hanta Sero (Line Art) Explore • Art • Drawings • Manga Illustration.. Add. 1. I kinda miss him, ngl. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Misc Quirk Apprehension Test Arc Battle Trial Arc U.A. hide. Sunnete. Happy Birthday, Sero Hanta!!! Discover (and save!) Overview Gallery Synopsis Relationships U.S.J. Dec 29, 2018 - Feel free to use it. Sero Hanta comes from a big family where they all have the same love language, physical contact. Hero Killer Arc Final Exams Arc Forest Training Camp … Yea he isn’t … Hanta Sero Shota Aizawa Kai Chisaki ... No, it was to celebrate Kirishima's twentieth birthday. My Favorite Things:') What I've been doing. School Festival Arc Joint Training Arc Endeavor Agency Arc Paranormal Liberation War Arc Character Pages Extras Omakes Smash!! FIRSTly. sero hanta birthday edits (2/2) happy birthday to my tape boy uwu I love him so much, he is my favorite bnha character (and monoma ksks), he is underrated and deserves all the love in the world, love u little boy uwu.-ac | casualsusan (sc). 1 Ships 1.1 Het 1.2 Slash 1.3 Friendships 2 Personality 3 KamiSero 3.1 General Audiences 3.1.1 Title 3.2 Teen And Up 3.2.1 Title 4 Lightweight AU 4.1 Lightweight 4.2 Bad Customers 4.3 Bakudan 5 SeroMina 5.1 General Audiences 5.1.1 Title 5.2 Teen And Up 5.2.1 Title 6 SerOcha 6.1 General Audiences 6.1.1 Title 6.2 Teen And Up 6.2.1 Title 7 Site … 88% Upvoted. 1 day ago. H-he’s very cute! Tags. His 18th birthday was only a few days after her's. 7h in General. … Sero Hanta. Anime Characters Fictional Characters My Hero Academia Manga Boku No Hero Academy The Last Airbender Me Me Me … words: 5.2k. Jeremy Mell 20,387 views. Hanta's elbows look and function like tape dispensers, from where he can fire lengths of tape that stick to anything he aims at. ~General Info~ Full name: Sero Hanta Japanese name: 瀬呂範太 Hero Name: Cellophane Age: 1 69 haha nice Birthday: July 28th Hero Name: Cellophane Height: 5'9" Quirk: Tape High key Pansexual lmao the aesthetic was a strugg. neitkend. pairing: hanta sero x reader. 1 Introduction; 2 Personality; 3 History (My Hero Academia ) 4 War of Discoveries(Prologue) … May 3, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Nejire Hado. Does Hanta Sero like you? SeroHanta_MHA hasn't favorited any projects . - Duration: 2:04. And well...his elbows are actually kinda cute hehe... He’s very attractive.... -///-No. 2:04. Jan 3, 2020 - ↳ sero hanta icons. We respect women here, If Mineta touches one of … ♡ (19/O7/28) ⇉ like ir reblog if you save/use. my classmates told me to join ;-; う あ 高い . Birthday: 28th July. Sero Hanta is a Dork; U.A. Posted by 1 day ago. Midoriya Izuku is terribly drunk at a restaurant where old high school classmates work. When is Sero's Birthday? y-yes! Feel free to use it. The amount of tape Hanta is able to generate in a single instance isn't unlimited, but it's still plentiful enough for him to successfully utilize for various offensive, defensive and movement purposes, making his Quirk surprisingly versatile. Height: 177 cm. By 0Melon-pan0 Ongoing - Updated 3 days ago Embed Story ... Naguisa Shinomiya and Takao Shinomiya (deceased parents), Hizashi Yamada (Adoptive Father) Birthday: December 19th Sex/Gender: Female (doesn't need to be both-) Quirk: Musical manipulation. Following View all-_ShotoxTodoroki_- … Boku no Hero Academia - TH. YourWaifu. Bakusquad threw the loud blondie a surprise birthday party in his dorm. (Happy birthday, precious child!!) Sero's Small Fanfic Corner Donny_Donuts. Sooooooo it’s Sero birthday! About me ¡Hola chicos! #bnha #bokunohero #bokunoheroacademia #hanta #hantasero #hantaseroxreader #mha #myhero #myheroacademia #sero #serohanta #serohantaxreadere #seroxreader |Happy Birthday| 6.4K 182 261. by Kwaziix. Share. Share via Email Report Story Promoted stories. Title: Taping Hero: Cellophane. Chapter 3: Birthday P(rank)arty Notes: A super secret fan club is working on … Residence. I hope Cece will make some more of him in the future. ° 。• happy birthday baby! Favorite Things: Oranges, Soy products, Things that seem healthy for you. Language: English Words: 2,149 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 11 Kudos: 278 Bookmarks: 34 Hits: 4418 ; i'm at loss for words by flightlesscrow Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia General Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; M/M; Complete Work; 01 Aug 2017. Keep reading . Status: Alive. I dunno why I decided it made sense to celebrate like this but here we are!!! Oh and turns out he's completely in love with his best friend. ♡ (19/O7/28) ⇉ like ir reblog if you save/use. [It's Sero's birthday and Kaminari is his present.] >\\\< his elbows are ewwwwwwww. Hanta Sero Fumikage Tokoyami Mei Hatsume ... Birthday: 7/28. save. Affiliations: U.A High School, Traveling Strike Force. Continue reading next part. {Happy Birthday Sero Hanta - Imagine} Iniciado em 28/07/2018 00:23 Atualizada em 28/07/2018 00:26 Idioma Português Visualizações 459 Favoritos 111 Comentários 9 Listas de Leitura 43 Palavras 855 Concluído Sim Categorias Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Personagens Hanta Sero, Itsuka Kendo, Neito Monoma, Personagens Originais Tags Angel_kuroneko, Fluffy, Hanta Sero, Imagine, … June 6th. Did I mention he’s FUNNY!!! Contains tracks. @sero-week Day 7: Surprise Party / Free Day. clips: comp.squad. Share via Email Report Story Send. What I'm working on. ° 。• happy birthday baby! NSFW under the cut!! However due to moving into the dorms, Sero hasn't hugged anyone in way too long. your own Pins on Pinterest share. [ 12:10 a.m. ] • sero hanta “You didn't have to do this. And I actually made a drawing for his birthday BEFORE 8 pm so y’all better be proud. 20. And now here is Eg Sero . But I don’t judge people on their looks. Vote. ° 。• happy birthday baby! BNHA Iconic Vines REMAKE, starring: SERO HANTA!! He was more easily aggravated by some of their classmates and he made sure that when he was around any of the Omega's that were in the class he tried so hard to keep calm. I have just started simping over Sero so I just finished listening to his audios . What I'm working on. Contents. And he had been showing signs that he might present as an Alpha. Comments: 2 Kudos: 48 Hits: 781. YOU ARE READING. And now to … う put this あ on your profile 高い if you're from U.A Bakusquad! “I wanted to. Occupation: Student, Pro-Hero. Dancing In The Blue~ A Mafia Sero X Listener 18+ || Yagami yato by w€£ni£ :> published on 2020-09-16T15:10:55Z 'Sticky Situation..' A Detective Hero Sero Hanta X … Sero Hanta. Y-yea... h-his smile and personality are cute and awesome! … 11. Cornichon. 108 notes Jul 30th, 2018. ¡Sero aquí! Server and Co-owner of Bakudan. Bounty: Unknown. Heres Sero as an Animal Crossing monkey, a little thicc around the head but eh. Ouirk: Tape. In the fanfic series, Lightweight AU, Kirishima Eijiro is a server and the co-owner of Bakudan with his partner, Bakugo Katsuki. Mixtape //Hanta Sero x reader 192K Reads 6.2K Votes 34 Part Story. Today at 2:58 AM. MHA Boyfriend Scenarios - #1: His Favorite Outfit On You September 2019 My Hero Academia Boyfriend Scenarios -plus ultra Characters in this book: Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou Shouto Todoroki Eijirou Kirishima Denki Kaminari Hanta Sero Tenya Iida Fumikage Tokoyami Neito Monoma Hitoshi Shinsou Tamaki Amajiki Mirio Togata Aug 13, 2019 - Read What you/him wore to the … Shut up gravity is irrelevant . Share via Email Report Story You called up everyone in class 1A to help set up Sero's surprise birthday in a … happy birthday to this sweet tape boy, also shoutout to my angel @study-milk for this idea!!! ♡ (19/O7/28) ⇉ like ir reblog if you save/use. #ccp #ccpedit #bnha #bnhaedit #bokunoheroacademia #bokunoheroacademiaedit #mha #mhaedit … October 16th, 2000. Dorms (My Hero Academia) Todoroki Shouto is Bad at Feelings; Angst and Feels; Monologue; Original Character(s) Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-08-23 Updated: 2020-12-18 Words: 2536 Chapters: 6/? Occupation. Their hair lmao (Season 5 spoilers) Just look at it-Izuku Midoriya Hanta Sero Eijiro Kirishima List of Characters Class 1-A Mashirao Ojiro. Hanta Sero (Line Art) by jezreelian10 on DeviantArt. Home World: Quirk World/Earth. Happy Birthday Sero Hanta พ่อหนุ่ม เทปกาวสุดหล่อ . Really.” You say, fingers fidgeting under the sweater paws of the large hoodie that hung against your body and your skimpy outfit. No Archive Warnings Apply; Kaminari … … New Reading List. (Y/n) was mostly there to keep track of them and make sure they didn't get too drunk. Species: Humans/Quirk User. Kaminari Denki/Sero Hanta (8) Midoriya Izuku/Sero Hanta (5) Sero Hanta/Todoroki Shouto (5) Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku (4) Sero Hanta/Reader (3) Iida Tenya/Sero Hanta (3) Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto (2) Bakugou Katsuki/Todoroki Shouto (2) Include Additional Tags Bottom Sero Hanta (35) Smut (16) Anal Sex (14) Anal Fingering (12) Birthday. Relatives: Unknown. Roommate(s) Bakugou Katsuki; Sero Hanta; Debut. Ch. themes: fake dating, best friends to lovers, characters are in 3rd year. Sero Hanta; Birthday Party; Birthday; Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings; Tsundere Bakugou Katsuki; He's angry but he secretly loves it; Bakusquad; They threw him a birthday party; how cute; i love them; i should be studying; Happy Birthday Katsuki; I love him; Fluff; Katsuki Bakugou Deserves the World; Mina planned all of this; Summary. Yeet yes Sero birthday yes. report. September 18th. (c) Manga Studio Ex5 Hanta Sero (Line Art) Saved by DeviantArt. Shared Projects (2) View all :') by SeroHanta_MHA:') by SeroHanta_MHA; Favorite Projects. best.