Carl “Alfafa” Switzer August 6, 2020 From 1922 to 1944 Hollywood executive and producer Hal Roach, famous for his part in the Laurel and Hardy films and those by Charlie Chase. Generations of people grew up watching hilarious comedy shorts of these funny young kids back in the 1930s. Of all the kids, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer was a goofy looking kid with freckles, greasy hair and a cowlick. He was a famous childhood actor you may remember as Alfalfa from the little Rascals and Our Gang short films produced by Hal Roach during the 1930s. Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer was the most popular star of the classic Our Gang comedies. He became America’s most loveable nerd. So, who was Carl Switzer? Carl Switzer was born in Paris, Illinois in 1927. But the facts of the Little Rascal’s untimely death have been clouded in Hollywood Babylon myth… until Burt Kearns & Jeff Abraham started digging. WABASH VALLEY P R O F I L E SA series of tributes to hometown heroes who have made a difference.Carl "Alfalfa" Switzerarl Dean Switzer the CtRsubjects,"between was one of1940.most popular c"Littlea ascals appearing as Alfalfa in 65 Our Gang inem shor 1935 and The second oldest son of Fred and Gladys (Shanks) Switzer, Carl was born on East Union St. Switzer began his career as a child actor in the mid-1930s appearing in the Our Gang short subjects series as Alfalfa, one of the series' most popular and best-remembered characters. Eventually, Switzer outgrew the role, going on to play small parts in films & television. by Burt Kearns and Jeff Abraham. The following year, he starred as Alfalfa in the comedy films ‘Gas House Kids Go West’ … Switzer played the role of Freddie Othello in the Christmas film ‘It's a Wonderful Life’ in 1946. Carl Dean Switzer (August 7, 1927 – January 21, 1959) was an American actor, professional dog breeder and hunting guide. He would later become known as "Alfalfa", a character he played on the Hal Roach produced series of film shorts called Our Gang, known later in … Carl Switzer, often known as “Alfalfa” from his peers in The Little Rascals, was arguably one of the most successful and most favored members of the gang. Carl Dean "Alfalfa" Switzer, who was born in Paris, Illinois, on August 7, 1927, is best remembered as "Alfalfa" on The Little Rascals (originally known as Our Gang)--Spanky's skinny, freckle-faced sidekick with the irrepressible cowlick, and off-key singing voice. His trademark off-key singing and straightened stuck-up hair endeared him to a generation of viewers. Carl Dean Switzer (7 de agosto de 1927 – 21 de enero de 1959) fue un actor infantil, criador profesional de perros y guía de caza de nacionalidad estadounidense, conocido por sus actuaciones en los cortometrajes de La Pandilla, en los cuales encarnaba a … The same year, he acted in the movies ‘Gas House Kids´ and ‘Courage of Lassie’. Our Gang's Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer Killed over $50 and a Hunting Dog. Character: Alfalfa Switzer Birthday: August 7, 1927 Place of Birth: Paris, Illinois Date of Death: January 21, 1959 Place of Death: Mission Hills, California First Short: Beginner's Luck Last Short: Kiddie Kure Number of Shorts: 61 History: Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer was lucky to be one of the most famous Little Rascals in the Our Gang series. About Carl "Alfalfa" Dean Switzer. He is best remembered for his role of ‘Alfalfa' in the "Our Gang" series of comedies. Born in Paris, Illinois, he was selected to play the role of ‘Alfalfa' in the "Our … His image has appeared on almost every form of merchandise or memorabilia … Carl Switzer’s career slowly waned. Alfalfa, played by Illinois native Carl Switzer, acted in the show between 1935 & 1940, becoming a fan favorite thanks to his quirky mannerisms and pitchy renditions of popular songs.