Espaldon | Passed: 10/27/15, Signed into Law: 11/09/15), Public Law 33-85 - An act to amend section 104 of chapter iv of public law 28-68, relative to the land exchange for george toves to provide public access to the ukudu high school site, on an area for area basis, and to not include the land used for a military utility easement. ANNOTATED; AND A NEW § 41003(b) TO (Bill No. ANNOTATED, RELATIVE TO THE GUAM AND (Bill No. Rodriguez, Jr. / T.R. (Bill No. Ada / V.A. INCREASED AUTONOMY TO THE OFFICE OF 284-33 (COR), Sponsor: R.J. Respicio | Passed: 5/3/16, Signed into Law:5/17/16), Public Law 33-157 - An act to add a new § 75125 to chapter 75 of title 21, guam code annotated, relative to designating a portion of lot 5133-1-2, municipality of tamuning, consisting of 1,024± square meters, as a biodiversity conservation easement for the purpose of providing an area for the promotion of biodiversity. All Bills Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez Jr. has authored during the 33rd term in the Legislature of Guam. Blas, Jr. | Passed: 5/29/15, Signed into Law: 6/10/15), Public Law 33-43 - An act to appropriate funds from the fiscal year 2014 fund balance of the tourist attraction fund to the Guam Visitors Bureau for deposit into the Guam Festpac & folklife festival trust account. Deputy Director Mike Liu and his spouse invited by Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Senator Rory J. Respicio, the Members of the 33rd Guam Legislature to attend the Official Opening of the rehabilitated and renovated Guam Legislature Building on the morning of December 22. Ada / M.C. Won Pat, Ed.D. 253-33 (COR), Sponsor: T.C. Torres / F.B. HOMES SO AS TO CONTINUE TO PROMOTE election in accordance with regulations to be Underwood Ph. TOURIST ATTRACTION FUND TO THE GUAM Aguon, Jr. / M.F.Q. OF 2010" AND DIRECTING THE GUAM 189.33 (COR), Sponsor: D.G. Cruz | Passed: 02/16/16, Enacted into Law without the Governor's signature: 02/22/16), Public Law 33-122 - An act to add a new subsection (c) to § 67.412 of article 4, chapter 67 of title 9, Guam Code Annotated, relative to recognizing the successful rehabilitation and treatment of individuals convicted as first offenders in drug cases between 1995 and 2005. Cruz / T. R. Muna Barnes / T. C. Ada / R. J. Respico / F. F. Blas, Jr. | Passed: 2/18/16, Signed into Law: 3/04/16), Public Law 33-136 - An act to add a new § 51309 and to amend § 51303(a) of Article 3 of Chapter 51, Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, Relative to establishing a recycling industry economic stimulus program, and to providing a continuing appropriation for this purpose from the recycling revolving fund revenues. (Bill No. (Bill No. ( Bill No. 235.33 (LS), Sponsor: J.T. 58-33 , Sponsor: J.T. TRANSFERRED TO INSURANCE COMPANIES AS A (Bill No. division 4 of title 10, guam code VIOLENCE STATUTES. CHAPTER 8, TITLE 1, GUAM CODE ANNOTATED, Ada / F.F. (Bill No. COMPLEX COMMISSION. If you do not see the Public Law you are looking for within the following lists, please contact the Clerk of the Legislature or call (671) 472-3465 (Updated: March 1, 2017) 33rd Guam Legislature Public Laws. Ada / F.F. V. Anthony Ada | Passed: 6/17/16, Signed into Law: 6/30/16), Public Law 33-176 - An act to amend section 2 of public law 33-104, relative to extending the payment period for the expired land for the landless contracts; to waive the ten (10) year waiting period prior to the transfer of property for exceptional cases; to provide a waiver for existing residents of affected lots; and to provide for a journal voucher transfer of funds. (Bill No. 164-33 (LS), Sponsor: T.C. Cruz / Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D. T. R. Muña Barnes / R. J. Respicio / (Bill No. CHILD CARE FACILITIES. FUNDS. (Bill No. Muna Barnes | Passed: 2/18/16, Signed into Law: 3/04/16), Public Law 33-128 - An act to amend Section 2 of Public Law 32-114, Relative to authorizing the University of Guam to assign employees to the Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) for up to five (5) years with the retention of University of Guam employee benefits. Ada | Passed: 01/20/16, Signed into Law: 02/03/16), Public Law 33-115 - An act to amend public law 22‐18, relative to deleting from the Government of Guam reserved lands list lot no. (Bill No. Ada | Passed: 11/19/15, Passed into Law: 12/1/15 ), Public Law 33-105 - An act to add a new § 849.10 to article 1 of chapter 8, title 1, Guam Code Annotated, relative to dedicating and naming the Farmers' Market Facility, operated by the Farmer's Cooperative Association of Guam, Inc., as "the Speaker vicente (ben) c. pangelinan Guam Farmers Market: Sagan Lina´la´ i Manaotao Tåno´" after its championing advocate and leading legislative supporter for its establishment. Blas, Jr. / Espaldon / M.C. (Bill No. Torres / F.F. REPEAL AND REENACT CHAPTER 2 OF TITLE 25, 50-33, Sponsor: R.J. Respicio / F.B. Ada / J.T. LICENSES. 133-33 (COR), Sponsor: D.G. CHAPTER 4, TITLE 4, GUAM CODE ANNOTATED, 403-33 (LS), Sponsor: V.A. Underwood, Ph. Rodriguez, Jr. / N. B. Underwood, Ph.D. / M.F.Q. 365-33 (COR), Sponsor: T.C. McCreadie / F.F. (Bill No. Cruz / T. C. Ada / (Bill No. R. J. Respicio / 5173‐1‐R2‐NEW‐R6 IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF Hagåtña, Guam 96910. REZONE THE TRANSFERRED PORTION FROM 2011-02-21 - 2013-01-04. 41-33, Sponsor: B.J.F. Espaldon / R.J. Respicio / T. C. Ada | Passed: 11/19/15, Signed into Law: 12/1/15 ), Public Law 33-102 - An act to amend § 75108 (b) and (g) of chapter 75, title 21, Guam Code Annotated, relative to the establishment of a time frame for payment of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission lease terms, and the permanent waiving of property tax exemptions for surveyed land tracts for applicants. | Passed: 4/2/16, Signed into Law: 4/12/16), Public Law 33-142 - An act to authorize the revenues projected to be or actually collected in excess of the adopted revenues from the General Fund for Fiscal Year 2016 to be used to expidite the payment of tax refunds owing to taxpayers. The bill was introduced upon the recommendation of the 33rd Guam Youth Congress. Aguon, Jr. / B.T. 309-33 (LS) Sponsor: Brant T. McCreadie / (Bill No. Guam Legislature - Public Law Archive. 348-33 (COR), Sponsor: R.J. Respicio | Passed: 12/02/16, Signed into Law: 12/15/16), Public Law 33-213 - AN ACT TO AMEND §§ 3101 AND 3103 OF 222-33 (COR), Sponsor: B.J.F. (Bill No. SUBSTATION. Cruz / T.R. MUNICIPALITY OF MANGILAO, AS A TO THE COMPOSITION OF THE GUAM Ada / J.V. (Bill No. Muña Barnes / R. J. Respicio / D.G. TO THE GUAM ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Cruz / San Nicolas, Passed: 3/20/15, Signed into Law: 4/4/15), Public Law 33-17 - An act to provide for the healthcare professional pay plan category in the Government of Guam Competitive Wage Act of 2014, and reinstate the prior pay plan rate for these positions, and mandate a reassessment of healthcare professionals salary ranges so as to be competitive based upon national standards. 5138‐2‐R3 NEW‐1‐R2, AND LOT NO San Nicolas | Passed: 2/18/16, Signed into Law: 3/04/16), Public Law 33-127 - An act to amend Subsections (a) and (b) of § 12104, Subitem (3) of § 12106(a), and Subsection (b) of § 12107, and to add a new Subsection (d) to § 12104 and a new § 12110, All of Chapter 12, Title 16, Guam Code Annotated; and to amend Subitem (1) of Subsection (a) of § 77135 of Chapter 77, Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, Relative to towing notice requirments, rate regualtion, liens, penalties, and deposit of fines. Report this profile Activity Every JOB deserves RESPECT!! (Bill No. 26-100, relative to removing the time restriction for the Guam Police Department Headquarters, Administrative and other Agency sections to occupy government-owned facilities at Tiyan. (Bill No. (Bill No. (Bill No. SUBSTATION. CONTAINING AN AREA OF 70,000 ± SQUARE Rodriguez, Jr. / T. C. Ada / V. A. Ada / F.B. 228.33 (COR), Sponsor: M. F.Q. 90-33, Sponsor: T.R. Ada | Passed: 12/02/16, Signed into Law: 12/16/16), Public Law 33-211 - AN ACT TO TRANSFER LOT NO. Muna Barnes / J.T. (Bill No. exceed forty‐five million dollars (Bill No. refinance the outstanding loan of the Underwood, Ph.D., Passed: 3/20/15, Signed into Law: 4/1/15), Public Law 33-12 - An act to add a new subsection (c) to §3102, and to ammend 3122 of Chapter 3, Title 3, Guam Code Annotated, relative to allowing for voter pre-registration of persons at least sixteen (16) years of age; and ammending the report of deaths provision. OF TITLE 2, GUAM CODE ANNOTATED, RELATIVE TO ESTABLISHING THE GUAM TAX COMMISSION. Ada | Passed 12/30/16, Signed into Law: 1/9/17), Public Law 33-233 - AN ACT TO APPROPRIATE FUNDS FROM THE PROGRAM. Aguon, Jr. / J.T. (Bill No. 15-33, Sponsor: T.R. 290-33 (COR), Sponsor: T. C. Ada / J.T. Cruz / J.V. San Nicolas / M.C. Won Pat, Ed.D.| Passed: 12/02/16, Signed into Law: 12/16/16), Public Law 33-195 - AN ACT TO AMEND § 6225 OF ARTICLE 2, Morrison / N. B. Underwood, Ph.D. / J.T. (Bill No. , Sponsor: D.G. ERECTION OF A PACIFIC RADIATION SURVIVORS 386-33 (COR), Sponsor: T.R. N. B. Underwood, Ph.D. | Passed: 5/3/16, Lapsed into Law:5/18/16), Public Law 33-161 - An act to authorize a commercial lease between the department of land management and the dededo payless supermarket for use of a portion of the dededo buffer strip, as specified by § 68901, of article 9, chapter 68, title 21, guam code annotated. T. C. Ada / Cruz | Passed: 12/02/16, Signed into Law: 12/16/16), Public Law 33-204 - AN ACT TO RESERVE A PORTION OF LOT NO. The following list of Public Laws are currently available in electronic format. Cruz / J.V. F.B. (Bill No. Rodriguez, Jr. | Passed: 9/14/16, Signed into Law: 9/26/16), Public Law 33-187 - An act to add a new § 11301.1; repeal subsections (b) and (c) of § 11306; and repeal § 11306.1, all of article 3, chapter 11, title 7, Guam Code Annotated, relative to the statute of limitations in cases involving child sexual abuse. / Baylor University. Blas, Jr. / T. R. Muña Barnes / V. A. Ada / J.V. Underwood, Ph.D., Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D., R.J. Respicio, Passed: 2/20/15, Signed into Law: 2/25/15), Public Law 33-06 - An act to amend Section 2 of Public Law No. (Bill No. Muna Barnes | Passed: 9/3/15, Signed into Law: 9/15/15), Public Law 33-68 - An act to amend § 40128(f) of article 1, chapter 40 of title 5, Guam Code Annotated, relative to allowing municipal planning councils to review projects proposed to the Guam Land Use Commission (GLUC); and to authorize the Director of the Department of Land Management to include the Mayors in the GLUC zoning and construction forms. Torres / B.J.F. Won Pat, Ed.D. (Bill No. WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT; AND TO Annotated, relative to custody and Muna Barnes / J.V. Senator and Legislative Secretary of the 35th Guam Legislature. Rodriguez, Jr., Signed into Law: 9/07/15), Public Law 33-66 - An act for making approprations for the operation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government of Guam for Fiscal Year Ending September 10, 2016; Making other appropriations; and establishing miscellaneous and administrative provisions (Bill No. Muña Barnes / J.T. (Bill No. 96-33, Sponsor: M.f.Q. Ada | Passed: 4/2/16, Lapsed into Law: 4/16/16 ), Public Law 33-148 - An act to add new §§ 1122 and 1123 to chapter 1, a new subsection (b) to § 3102 and a new subsection (1) to § 3102(c) of chapter 3; and to amend § 2103(c) of chapter 2; §§ 3108, 3110(b), 3121(f), 3123, 3124, 3126 and 3127, all of chapter 3; § 4102 of chapter 4; § 7116(a) of chapter 7; § 9126 of chapter 9; and § 15402 of article 4, chapter 15, all of title 3, guam code annotated, relative to clarifying the guam election code. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Blas, Jr. / T.C. F. B. Aguon, Jr. / ANNOTATED, RELATIVE TO ESTABLISHING THE Espaldon | Passed: 2/18/16, Signed into Law: 3/04/16), Public Law 33-125 - An act to amend § 85.10 of Chapter 85, Title 9, Guam Code Annotated, relative to the composition of the Guam Parole Board. OF STRANGULATION IN GUAM'S ASSAULT AND RELATIVE TO EMPLOYEE LEAVE FOR PARENTAL SCHOOLCHILDREN. 61-33, Sponsor: B.J.F. Cruz / T.R. division 3 of title 7, Guam Code Won Pat Ed.D. REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE 118-33 (COR), Sponsor: T.R. Muña Barnes / B.T. reporting of departures to the judicial council and on the world wide web. 194-33 (LS), Sponsor: T.C. McCreadie / Morrison / V. A. Ada / Blas, Jr. / J.V. Cruz | Passed: 12/02/16, Signed into Law: 12/16/16), Public Law 33-192 - AN ACT TO UPDATE THE INTERNATIONAL FIRE Cruz F.B. T. R. Muña Barnes / 23-33, Sponsor: M.C. Torres | Passed: 12/02/16, Signed into Law: 12/16/16), Public Law 33-212 - AN ACT TO TRANSFER LOT NO. McCreadie / T.R. / R.J. Respicio / T.R. 285-33 (COR), Sponsor: F.B. | Passed: 9/3/15, Signed into Law: 9/15/15), Public Law 33-70 - An act to amend section 3(b) and section 9(a) of Public Law 21-14, relative to authorizing i maga’låhen guåhan to sell lot no.