Choose Which Clip You Want To Stitch. There’s now a ‘Bridgerton’ musical shaping up on TikTok It gets at the heart of the angst and romance of Netflix's big hit. Read more: 'Bridgerton' director says actors were monitored by country-house staff during sex scenes to make sure they weren't breaking furniture A source close to Netflix told Insider that some filming locations for the two series are the same. The One Arm Lift challenge has been taking over TikTok and it’s the perfect challenge for couples. That'll take you to your camera and it'll look just … "Bridgerton" inspires a "Regencycore" or "royalty core" fashion trend on TikTok. By Alexander Kacala. It's hard to keep up with all the TikTok trends and challenges, but when Miley Cyrus gets involved you know it's one to pay attention to.. Last week, users started posting videos with the caption "If Miley Cyrus comments on this video, I'll do x". Home » TikTok » Bridgerton The Musical Has Taken Over TikTok Thanks To This Singer-Songwriter. It won’t only make you giggle, but it will also train your muscles. A 12-year-old boy from Colorado became brain dead after reportedly participating in a TikTok "blackout challenge," which dares individuals to attempt to choke themselves until losing consciousness. Shoot Your "Now" Video. More than two million people tuned into that particular video, which has led Barlow to keep the so-called Bridgerton musical going on TikTok. Shoot Your “Now” Video. “We were obsessed with the show. The Netflix hit "Bridgerton" inspired two TikTok users to write a bunch of original songs. A lot of the comments under the TikTok video took particular notice of the framed photographs on either side of the fireplace. Niamh Curran examines the unlikely viral success of “TikTok musical” Bridgerton the Musical – inspired by the smash hit Netflix show – and questions how the social media platform may leave a lasting legacy in theatre. Bridgerton, the Regency-era TV smash that sparked a virtual water-cooler moment for period drama fans, is now firing the imaginations of musical theatre devotees on TikTok.. Bridgerton the Musical: does the fate of the stage lie in the hands of TikTok? Bridgerton: The Musical Is Brewing on TikTok and We're Already Obsessed Some TikTok users have taken their love of the new Netflix hit Bridgerton to a whole new level and there are songs to prove it. Jan. 29, 2021, 5:38 PM UTC / Source: TMRW. Following the overwelling response to ’Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical’, the Shondaland breakout series ’Bridgerton’ seems to be next. Fans of Netflix's most-watched original series are flocking to content like the then-and-now "Bridgerton" TikTok challenge. Fans of the popular Netflix period drama are dressing up in high-society regency era fashions. Liam Daniel / Netflix. TikTok users and Bridgerton: The Musical creators Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear spoke to Today about how their social media show came together. And Kourtney Kardashian called Travis Barker her boyfriend during a TikTok challenge posted on … It's so good, Netflix shared the TikTok of Abigail duetting with singer and actor Nick Daly, writing: "Absolutely blown away by the Bridgerton musical playing out on TikTok. The challenge sees people comparing things like getting ready, flirting and gossiping in the 1800s to doing those same things today, with users stitching Netflix's clips of Bridgerton to their own, and people have … News. Read more tiktok news, headlines, stories, photos, and videos from Inside Edition. Their friendship has certainly flourished into something more. Of course, as soon as the 'Malibu' singer found out, she logged onto TikTok and started replying. The 'Bridgerton' Effect On TikTok - 02/16/2021. Bridgerton has been a huge hit with viewers since landing on Netflix in December, so of course it already has it's own viral TikTok challenge. Millions of … January 21, 2021 by Kelsie Gibson. Toggle navigation. “This is not a game”: Aurora parents speak out after TikTok “blackout challenge” sends child to ER Joshua Haileyesus is in Children’s Hospital Colorado in critical condition Like many other dangerous TikTok trends (see: Skull Breaker Challenge or Blue Whale Challenge) this new challenge forces people to complete a life-threatening task with possibly fatal results. If you're new to the stitching tool in TikTok, it's where you can take up to... 2. If you’re new to the stitching tool in TikTok, it’s where you can take up to... 2. Forget Facebook — which, along with side partings and Harry Potter, is apparently “for olds”. Abigail Barlow is taking TikTok by storm thanks to her incredible idea of a Bridgerton musical.. They even started doing livestreams on TikTok and Instagram documenting their songwriting process, allowing “Bridgerton: The Musical” enthusiasts to have even more of an input. How To Do The ‘Bridgerton’ Challenge On TikTok & Let The Gossip Begin 1. TikTok users are being encouraged to report any accounts participating the challenge immediately. And now people all over TikTok have been inspired by modiste Madame Delacroix's creations. Not long after the Netflix Regency romance premiered on Christmas, two young songwriters asked on TikTok: "Ok but what if Bridgerton was a musical?" Don't miss any of Inside Edition's tiktok coverage. Jan 14, 2021, 12:26 pm Internet Culture . Just two weeks after Barlow’s initial TikTok, she and Bear are now hunkering down to finish orchestrating their songs and craft more tracks for a full-fledge Bridgerton musical. "Bridgerton," Netflix 's latest heady romance series, premiered on December 25 and is still making waves online. Dear "Bridgerton" fans, I have some terrible news: Regé-Jean Page will not be returning to our screens as Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, in season two. The trend uses the Time Warp Scan Effect on TikTok to make a normal photo look like an exquisite painting. Choose Which Clip You Want To Stitch. If you’re like us, you’ve become obsessed with all things Bridgerton! How To Do The 'Bridgerton' Challenge On TikTok & Let The Gossip Begin 1. TikTok and Bridgerton? The Renaissance challenge has everyone on TikTok swooning over artfully crafted selfies. Though Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke may be the stars of the show, the elaborately designed Regency-era costumes, delicate fabrics and elegant silhouettes are definitely scene-stealers. What a dreamy combination. TikTok is the social media of choice right now if you’re young and cool. Watch Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's Bridgerton TikTok Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Re-Create a Bridgerton Scene, and It's Flawless, My Dear. TikTok challenge has teens abusing Benadryl in order to hallucinate 'Benadryl challenge' reportedly led to death of 15-year-old girl; Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel reacts.